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Email posts to subscribers

The aim of this plugin is One Time Configuration and Life Time Newsletter to subscribers. This plugin generate a newsletter with the latest available posts in the blog and send to your subscriber. We can easily schedule the newsletter daily, weekly or monthly. 10 default templates available with this plugin, also admin can create the templates using visual editor.

Plugin Live Demo available on Sidebar. Enter valid email to get demo welcome mail. We don’t send any newsletter to your email.

Main advantage of the plugin

1. Create a HTML newsletter and send manually (Or Schedule) to subscribers.

2. Auto generate a newsletter with latest available posts in the blog and send to your subscribers via cron job.

3. Send notification (newsletter) emails to subscribers when new posts are published.

Plugin Features

  • Subscription box for widget. And short code option for posts and pages.
  • Double opt-in and single opt-in facility for subscriber.
  • Send subscription confirmation mail to user and admin (Optional).
  • Unsubscribe link in the newsletter.
  • Import/Export email address.
  • Support localization or internationalization.
  • Provide links to schedule cron jobs.
  • Options to send newsletter manually.
  • Options to send newsletter via CRON job.
  • Options to check newsletter status and when it was viewed.
  • Tinymce visual editor for newsletter theme creation.
  • Notification emails to subscribers when new posts are published.

Plugin Modules

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are all the steps to do after plugin activation?
Q2. How to setup subscription box widget?
Q3. How to import and export email address to subscriber list?
Q4. How to create/modify the template?
Q5. How to add subscription box in posts?
Q6. How to modify the existing mails content(Opt-in mail, Welcome mail, Admin mails) content?
Q7. How to schedule auto mails (Cron mails)?
Q8. Hosting doesnt support cron jobs?
Q9. How to filter posts category in the newsletter?
Q10. How to configure number of emails send per day?
Q11. How to send newsletter manually?
Q12. Where to check sent mails?
Q13. Is email not working on Email posts to subscribers wordpress plugin?
Q14. How to install and activate on multisite installation blogs?
Q16. How to schedule auto emails in cPanel?
Q17. How to schedule auto emails in Parallels Plesk?
Q18. How to Configure and Send notification emails to subscribers when new posts are published?
Q19. How to Compose & Send static newsletter in this plugin?

Plugin Installation Instruction

Option 1

  • Download the plugin email-posts-to-subscribers.zip from download location.
  • Unpack the *.zip file and extract the email-posts-to-subscribers folder.
  • Drop the folder email-posts-to-subscribers into your wp-content/plugins folder.
  • In word press administration panels, click on Plugins from the menu.
  • You should see your plug-in listed under Inactive plug-in tab.
  • To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Option 2

  • Go to Add New menu under Plugins menu in your WordPress admin.
  • Search Email Posts to Subscribers plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click Install Now link button.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Option 3

  • Download the plugin email-posts-to-subscribers.zip from download location.
  • Go to Add New menu under Plugins menu in your WordPress admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Upload the available email-posts-to-subscribers.zip file and click Install Now
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin Official Page


Download Link


Video Tutorial



  1. Hi there.

    Great plugin! But, I’m trying to change the default colours on your templates, in particular for sub headings within body content. It is a sort of aquatic blue/teal at the moment and I want to change it.

    • At present we don’t have admin option to change the title link color (Only this i hardcoded in PHP). To add color for the title link, Please follow below simple steps.
      1. Open this file : email-posts-to-subscribers\query\newsletter.php
      2. Go to line 66
      $post_title = "<a href='".$post_link."' target='_blank' style=''>".$post_title."</a>";
      3. add your style
      $post_title = "<a href='".$post_link."' target='_blank' style='color:#FF0000'>".$post_title."</a>";
      4. Save the file.

  2. First of all big things for providing this versatile plugin for free, i have a subscriber list of 1000, a test mail to single subscriber goes successfully, but when sending to mass, it shows successfully but no mail is received….

    I tried sending 200 mails at a time, yet no mails delivered in mass…. my hosting is provided by Bluehost

    • Hi Ritu,

      1. How you send mails to 200 emails? cron or manual?
      2. Can you able to see those 200 email id in the Sent Report plugin menu? whenever we send emails, it will display in the Sent Report menu.
      3. Is your server capable to send 200 emails per day?

  3. Hi Gopi,

    I love the concept of your plugin, but it has some things that don’t work just right (or could be improved).

    When I go to the “email posts” tab –> subscribers for the first time, I should have the option to be shown a list of my ALREADY EXISTING USERS on my blog and be able to click some or all of them to receive email from me when new posts are made (on a weekly basis). Right now, I either have to manually add them, or import an entire list of current users that is not really exportable to start with easily.

    Part of my express terms is that members will receive periodic emails from me listing new posts. I do not use your widgets to opt people in, single or double.

    Additionally, when a new member joins, I would have loved to have embedded a prechecked box that says they agree to receive weekly mailings. I could not use your shortcode to accomplish that, and it created a separate form, and that displayed at the top of my registration page.

    So, I would love some way that people are automatically “confirmed” and added to the mailing list.


    • Hi Edgar,

      Thank you for the email.
      Already we have option to display the status of the email. If the status is CONFIRMED you can send email to theme..
      We have double opt-in options. Users click the double optin link from the email only, if they agreed all terms. why we need to have separate checkbox? without double option how can we filter junk/invalid email submission.
      If you have separate form you can easily import emails to this plugin. While your importing the emails to this plugin. you can set all the emails to CONFIRMED status. so that you can schedule the newsletter to theme.
      Now am collecting data’s and plugin experience from folks like you. consolidate all and update the plugin soon.

    • This plugin not support full content. But you can easily increase the excerpt length by updating a single PHP file.

      File: newsletter.php
      Line : 7
      $excerpt_length = 50; (Change this value)

  4. Hi!

    Great plugin but i don’t want to send mails at same time posted them. I need a delay (nervous finger wait) sometime, because there are some cases which i have to edit post again and again, is it possible with your plugin to do it like this?

    Thank you…

  5. First of all well done and thanyou I can see you have put a lot of work into this plugin and I would really like to use it but my website uses customised posts, do you have plans to make changes to cater for customised posts ?

  6. Hi,

    I am using your template. It’s really cool.
    I am just wondering if I can just put the unsubscribe link along with the text in the middle of my content page. Where can I edit that.


  7. H,

    In E-mail post to subsciber plugin,

    The image from the post is croped into 150px* 150px in the e-mail content.

    For Eg: I chose 2 nd template.
    When my image link is retrieved from the post in the ###POSTIMAGE### it is rescaled and cropped. I want to prevent it from cropping the image. Kindly help me to fix this.

    Thanks much aprreciated

  8. Hi, I cannot upload my csv file of emails onto the data base. Can you help please? i want to import data. thanks

  9. i’ve installed your plugin it is fantastic. i’ve a network of blogs in which it could not be used for the networked sub blogs help me to activate correctly

    • Inn default this plugin create table only for the main website. If you want to use this plugin in sub website, you have to create the table manually in your database. Create table script available in the plugin folder (sql). Use that script and create the table with correct table prefix. it should work.

  10. hi
    i install ’email posts to subscribers’ and it’s very simple and useful but i have problem
    how can i create a group of subscribers ?

  11. When I put the setting and I translated to Slovak language (UTF-8). Then not working to confirm subscribers on gmail, yahoo etc. Only its own domain and email is working. How to solve it? Thank you

  12. Congratulations for the excellent work.
    I would ask if it is possible to select a newsletter only posts belonging to a specific category.

    Thank you.

  13. Please disregard my previous question.

    New Question: The subscribe box is only showing properly in the secondary widget are, not the primary widget area. I have it selected for both areas.

  14. Hello, I am trying to add the date to the newsletter subject, but when i add ###date### it doesnt add the date but just writes the text, i assume those tags are ment to be used in the email template, but is there a way to add the actuall date in the email subject?

    thank you

  15. Hi. Plugin works great. But, plugin only includes first 50 words of text from the post. As you can see from the homepage of my site, the intro paragraph on all my posts is roughly 65-75 words. 50 words is too short. Any way to have a template that allows me to adjust the email text to include the full first paragraph (but not more — i.e., I don’t want to include 100 words, as that would take me too far into the post). Can you help?

  16. Hi,

    Great plug in, I am totally new to wordpress and learning fast, and this has been a great find. thank you!

    It is possible to define and select a group of users to whom updates are sent rather than sending new posts to the full list of subscribers every time?

  17. Is it possible to send email only if new articles are posted, instead of sending always the same posts everyday? I am missing some configuration?

    I’ve set a cron job, but every day users are receiving my same post, older than two week.

    Thanks in advance, If I can fix this problem this plugins fits my needs perfectly.

  18. Hello. The page that displays the text on the subscribed successfully page is repeated twice. In Email Post settings in the “text to display after email subscribed successfully” it only shows the text one time, not twice. How can I fix this so when a user clicks on the link to confirm their subscription, the text on the subscribed successfully page, displays it once, not twice. Thank you.

  19. Dear Gopi,

    Thank you for this really great plugin. I’d like to ask you. What is the difference between “Email posts to subscribers” and “Email subscribers” plugin? Should I only use one or could I use both. Basically, I would like to schedule my post notifications, but would not want to send out a full post, only a post excerpt.

    Thank you!

  20. Hello Gopi, thank you for this plug in, unfortunately it says it has been subscribed, but I didn’t receive confirmation email on my test, also I cannot see it in the subscribers list, what have I done wrong? I set the from mailbox correctly, but I don’t receive anything even if i double opt in? many thanks in advance

  21. Same problem, is it possible to get the notification from the other plugin (email-posts) – to this plugin? Than it should work…

  22. Hello Gopi, plugin works fine, and shows everything in preview!!! But in incoming emails there are strange symbols in excerpts and sometimes first post image path has line break so one image is not shown. I think it is related to encoding, but can’t figure out the problem.
    Please help.

  23. The plugin is one of the best out there. Thank you for that.
    I have a problem and I don’t know how I will fix it.
    I put on settings to show 5 last post on the template but I got back 5 same post.
    How I can fix that?

    Thanks in advance

  24. Hi, Gopi

    I really like this plugin. I have also recommended this plugin to my friends,
    I just want to ask that can this plugin send email when custom type post is published.


  25. Hi Gopi,

    The plugin is great!! It runs on the latest wordpress. But I’m having an issue on Double Opt IN. When the client clicks the confirmation link, it will go to the thank you page but for some reason it shows a duplicate thank you message.
    This the message output: “Thank You, You have been successfully subscribed to our Newsletter.Thank You, You have been successfully subscribed to our Newsletter.”
    Any idea?


  26. Hello,

    The Text to display after email subscribed successfully in the Pop up windows displays a double text with same content 2 times. How could I change this option. There should be a problem in the configuration of the plugin. The text i insert in the Backend ist only one time.

  27. HI there

    Firstly great plugin. However im having issue getting cron to work.
    Or rather cron is working fine (running the command as scheduled but not actioning anything.
    Ie no email is sent out. This is also true if I run the command from SSH too.

    Manual send works just fine.

    full command is: (minus the weburl as its a secure site)
    /usr/bin/wget -O – -q http://xxxxxt.co.uk/?elp=cronjob&guid=jbrxil-yqbegp-qojwev-tclfro-tnimwe&page=1

    Can you tell me where I may be going wrong?
    everything appears to be set up correct, cron runs.. and nothing!

  28. I have one big question — why not simply let the user use the same template for posts as in WP?
    Allowing this option would eliminate most of the questions above. Make customization an option.

  29. Hi,
    I am experiencing issues with my subscribers not receiving an email notification when I post. Do you know why that might be? I used to have no problem at all.

  30. Help please. I accidentally deleted the words that goes in the “unsubscribe text in mail” space.

    What goes there?

  31. On the email configuration page, could you please allow me to fill in the exact number of posts I want to appear in each newsletter. You have pre-defined several different numbers (like 6, 10, 12, 15 etc.)

    I like to send all the stories from the past 7 days, which, for example, this week is 13. But I am forced to pick either 12 or 15, which is not right for me.


  32. in your email post plugin, how can i get more then a short description to show for each post in the newsletter, more words, i dont want the full post there?

  33. I have configured email post cron to run every 12 hours, and it is sending emails out just fine.

    However, it keeps sending the same last few posts, and obviously what I want is it to send out details of posts since the last email run or the last email the individual received.

    Have I missed something in the configuration or is this a limitation of the plugin?

  34. Hi, Gopi can you tell me if is possible and how to add html code to make a beautiful email template under the compose area?


  35. Great plugin! My problem is that my web / email host blocks my email as spam,so I’m trying to send it via gmail SMTP instead. Can I do that with this plugin? adding wp SMTP mail plugin doesn’t work for me.

  36. Hi Gopy

    Do you have any plans to split the name field in first name and last name? This way the e-mail content can become more personal.



  37. Hi there,
    Maybe I am being stupid, but I don’t understand how to use the keywords, and I can’t see any reference to them in the FAQs.

  38. Thanks for GR8 Plugin.

    I am using it on my client site for more than 3 years and it is working great.

    Now I have a problem. I need a mailing list opt form at loading of site.
    I used your “popup with fancybox” and few other popup plugins.
    I used shortcode on these plugins [email-posts-subscribers namefield=”YES” desc=””].

    This create the form on popup but wont get submitted. It will always give error ‘Please enter email address.’.

    I think JS is not getting the form data and it treat email as empty field.
    I am sure this is happening because of popup.

    So can you help me on same.

    Ankur Adhikari

  39. Hi,

    This seems perfect for what I want to do. However, I don’t understand which plugin I should use – all I want to do is have subscribers automatically notified when there is a new blog post. My ISP limits how many emails I can send at once, so I will have to use a cron job and the emails will need to be sent out in batches of 50 or so. I can set up cron jobs on my web site host, once I learn how to do it! So which plugin should I use:

    Email posts to subscribers


    Email Subscribers


  40. Hello, great plugin, thanks a lot.
    I want to send a newsletter with 5 posts.
    But I don`t want to use the thumbnails in the list. I want to use the first picture of the post instead.
    Can you help me, how I can do that?
    Greetings, Valerie

  41. Hi,
    what is the correct way to translate the plugin? Every time I translate it, when the new update comes, the translations are lost. Or I’m lost in Translation…

    I’ve tried to make an translation file (.po & .mo) but still I get “Name; Email *; Subscribe” in the widget. Also the jscript does not use translation files, the texts need to be translated directly to code, which is a bit of annoying.

    Otherwise the plugin works ok and is just what I need.

    Matti Remonen

  42. v2.0, using template 9 (single post with full content).

    My post content contains an embeded youtube video. In template preview, everything looks fine. But in the email that’s sent out, the youtube video is missing. Everything else of the blog post shows up ok in the email, the title, the excerpt, the full post text are all ok, only the video is missing. Gmail is my email reader.

  43. Hello,
    when I set the param rand to get random posts it don’t work.
    So, I change the file email-posts-to-subscribers/query/newsletter.php line 47
    $qstring = “posts_per_page=”.$post.”&post_status=publish&category='”.$cat.”‘&orderby=”.$orderby.”&order='”.$order.”‘”;

    I remove the char ‘ from param orderby and now it works.

    I think it can help other users.
    Thanks for the plugin. It is very usefull

  44. I’ve installed and setup this plugin but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m on WP version 4.4.1.

    When I click on the ‘Subscribe’ tab, on the client’s web site, I enter my email address and click ‘Subscribe’. It doesn’t send me an email, nor am I listed in the subscription list in the WP back office.

  45. I’ve been using this plugin for a while and recently, something changed and it’s no longer working. In the past, it would show how many pages (in increments of 500 people) I have for subscribers and I would manually send 7 pages of my newsletter to them (over 3000 subscribers). Now, it doesn’t list the number of subscriber pages… only a list alphabetically (ABC, DEF, etc…). Whatever upgrade you did is not working and I’m about to lose over 3,000 subscribers.

  46. Hi
    The new update plugin 3.0 don´t let me save the mail configuration in my template. We choose post count to 5 (have 7) and we save, then when we go back have 7 again.

    I try it to create a new mail configuration template, and don´t let me, it´s says “Mail configuration was successfully created. Click here to view the details” but when we go back, it´s not true.. have only the defaut templates and what I have create in the first time…

  47. I use your plugin for Manual newsletters. I send 200 every hour until I am finished. I can’t get the updated version to work for me. When I try to show all the subscribers it crashes. I used to like the different pages that showed 200 at a time. Is it possible to get version 2.0 back so I can reinstall that?

  48. Hi,
    I hope to use your plugin with MemberMouse subscriber–management plugin. I have a WP-User type ‘Customer’ which is made of five Groups who are assigned to the status ‘Customer’ to receive posts by email when their subscription is live.

    Can I edit the PHP of your plugin to send to any WP-User who is a ‘Customer’ (but I could change this to ‘Subscriber’)?

    MemberMouse keeps Subscriber status up-to-date using a cron-job, would I need to use your cron to check who is currently listed as a Customer or Subscriber?


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