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Mail not working on Email Subscribers wordpress plugin?

Mails (Confirmation Mails, Newsletter Mails, Notification Mails) not working on Email Subscribers plugin? Follow the below steps, You can solve yourself easily.

1. Check your mail box spam folder.

Every recipient server is different and may apply different spam filtering criteria for the messages being received. By following some simple steps you can reduce the chance of email being filtered.

a. Don’t use a free email address as your “from” email, instead use email same as your domain name (let’s say your blog is www.gopiplus.com, Your “From” should be admin@gopiplus.com or noreply@gopiplus.com). Option available in General Setting page, to change this from email.
b. In newsletters don’t include links that use link shortening services.
c. Take your time to prepare your HTML newsletters correctly.
d. Check Google details. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/81126?hl=en

2. Check your recipient email status in View Subscribers page.

This plugin send your Newsletters/Notification to the email with Confirmed status. To view subscriber details, go to your plugin admin and click Subscriber menu (Refer Screen). In default it will show only emails start from A, B, C. To view all the emails, click ALL button in the top.

3. Use different recipient to test mails.

Try to send your test newsletter to different recipient (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) and confirm all receipt receiving your newsletter or not.

4. Change your Mail Type in plugin admin.

In plugin Setting admin page we have Mail Type option. Option 1 & 2 is to send mails with default WordPress method wp_mail(). Option 3 & 4 is to send mails with PHP method mail(). Change this mail option and try again.

5. Install any SMTP WP mail plugin.

If all above options are not working, Install any SMTP WP mail plugin to your blog and try again. Lots of free SMTP mail plugins are available in WP directory.

6. Contact your hosting.

If all above options are not working, kindly contact your web hosting support. There may be limit to your server to send bulk mails.


  1. Everything was working perfectly (I send notifications on new posts to around 4000 users) and suddenly it just stopped working today. It didn’t send an email of my last post and I cant send a manual email either. I get no erros and have no idea what’s happening. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi,

    Since fews days (already for 4 posts) I have a problem with sending email to subscribers. So Mail not working on Email Subscribers wordpress plugin does not working.

    It’s work perfectly for my 90 previous posts an no more now !

    I have check practically all steps you recommend in this related topic BUT for some changes (example change PHP email to HTML email) how I can test modification and resent email to subscribers from last 4 posts without rewriting and rewriting posts (already done for one but incompatible for all with links that I have in Facebook or Twitter).

    If you have suggestion, correction et script to update my database to republish post, I will appreciate.

    Best Regards,

  3. Hello,

    I am having trouble with this plug-in sending out email notifications when I have posted a new blog. The “sent” section states an email was sent, but I have my personal email in the subscriber list and no email was sent. It worked great about a month ago, but then just stopped working. I’ve contacted my webhost and we couldn’t find anything wrong on their end.Suzie

    • I’ve had the exact same problem. This plugin is sporadic. It seems to work fine for a small number of email’s but if you try to send out a bulk email to a list of subscribers, it stops working. It will also display the message “Try again later” if you try to opt out after sending out a bulk email… which could be frustrating for the subscribers who wish to opt out. There has to be something better out there!

      • I stand corrected. After contacting my hosting provider, it appears that they do indeed have a limit which explains the sporadic email working/not working. It’s not the plugin. Works as designed. My only complaint would be to somehow identify this through the plugin rather than receiving a message that X emails sent successfully.

  4. I’m confused, I followed the directions on how to set up a notification email to subscribers for a new post, but nobody received one. Nothing in spam either. I notice it says your email should be from your own domain. Why? I don’t have an email associated with my domain, because that costs extra. Why can’t I use hotmail?

  5. This plugin needs a throttling feature for outbound email for sites that are hosted on shared hosting accounts (if you had a private server or virtual private server, you’d know it and be paying for it), because, believe me, ALL shared hosting providers have limits on how much outbound email you can send under their Terms & Conditions. If your installation of this plugin worked and then stopped working, go call your hosting provider, because you’ve been marked a spammer and shut off by their systems, and you must promise never to send so much outbound email at one time again, for them to turn your outbound email back on.

    There is at least one competitor’s plugin, that starts out free, and if you want the throttling feature, then you pay to upgrade it. I do not write plugins, but just have experience going down this rabbit hole.

    This might be model for the authors of this plugin to adopt, because without a throttling feature available, I cannot use this plugin, (which came pre-installed in a website I’m managing).

    Best wishes.

  6. Hi,

    First of all thank you so much for such a wonderful plugin. Everything is working fine except hotmail, nobody able to receive newsletter or sign up confirmation email if they are using hotmail. However if we they use gmail then its working fine.

    Could you please help me out ?

    your help will be greatly appreciated.


  7. Yesterday when I published a post, no email notifications were sent. I have not changed any settings and this worked fine in the past. How do I problem solve?

  8. Hi,

    I have a problem with sending email to admin. So Mail not working on Email admin wordpress plugin does not working. So How do I problem solve?

  9. A developer that I no longer work with installed this plugin on the top opt in on my site. I would like to remove this form or connect it with the same Active Campaign opt in I use on the bottom of my site. That bottom opt in is working. Is there anyway that I can do this within the settings in your plug in. This has been very frustrating for me to figure out.

  10. Hi Gopi,

    Thanks for the great plug-in Email Subscribers.

    I have an issue on the plug-in. There is an error when I click Email Subscriber on the WP menu bar.
    Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘es_admin_option’ not found or invalid function name in /home3/petercwc/public_html/eowner.info/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 503
    I am using version v3.0 and my WP version is

    Please help, thanks.

  11. This plugin works fine for our UK and US blogs on multisite, but not (annoyingly) on the main global site. It’s not on network activation, all of them set up exactly the same but no post updates get sent to subscribers. Please help!!

  12. I am having the same problem with the notifications suddenly not going out. I have tried all the above suggestions but what is SWTP–“Install any SMTP WP mail plugin.”

  13. Hello,
    For Me everything fine, I sent one test a static mail, after that ‘Send Email’ Menu is not loading. Rest all menu loading !!. Any idea, please help.

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