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Super transition slideshow

Super transition slideshow WordPress plugin is an image slideshow gallery that brings each image into view using 1 of N randomly chosen transitional effects in IE browsers. For other browsers that don’t support these built in effects, a custom fade transition is used instead.

Features of this plugin

  1. Simple slideshow.
  2. Easy installation.
  3. Easy configuration and customization.
  4. Short code available for pages/posts.

Live demo available on the sidebar. Do you want to display the images with description? then use my superb slideshow gallery plugin.

Installation instruction

Method 1

  • Download the plugin super-transition-slideshow.zip from download location.
  • Unpack the super-transition-slideshow.zip file
  • Extract the /super-transition-slideshow/ folder.
  • Drop the “super-transition-slideshow” folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.
  • In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  • You should see your new “super transition slideshow” plug-in listed.
  • To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Method 2

  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Search “super transition slideshow” plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ link.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Method 3

  • Download the plugin super-transition-slideshow.zip from download location.
  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Upload the available super-transition-slideshow.zip file and click install now.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin configuration

Drag and drop the widget : Go to widget page under Appearance tab, Drag and drop Super transition slideshow widget into your side bar.

Short code for pages and posts : copy and paste the given short code into pages or posts.

Short code from version 3.0 to 6.0






Short code from version 6.1 onwards

[super-slideshow dir="dir1"]

[super-slideshow dir="dir2"]

[super-slideshow dir="dir3"]

[super-slideshow dir="dir4"]

[super-slideshow dir="dir0"]

Each short code for 1 directory. totally we can create 5 different slideshow.

Add directly in the theme : Use this PHP code, <?php if (function_exists (sts_show)) sts_show(); ?> to add the gallery into your theme files

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to arrange the width and height of the slideshow?

1. This plug-in will not create any thumbnail of the image.
2. To change or use the fixed width take “super-transition-slideshow.js” file from plug-in directory and go to line 63 and fix the width, see below.
slideHTML+=’<img src=”‘+this.imagearray[index][0]+’” />’
slideHTML+=’<img width=”200″ src=”‘+this.imagearray[index][0]+’” />’
3. And take the “super-transition-slideshow.css” css file from same directory and set the width to “sts_class” class.

Q2. How to change the slide delay time?

Go to ‘Super transition slideshow’ link under SETTING tab to change these settings.

Q3. How to upload my images?

In default this is the image location: wp-content/plugins/super-transition-slideshow/images/
Go to below link to change the image folder location.

Dashboard → Settings → Super transition slideshow

You have to change this folder location to your original location. (Best practice is don’t upload your original image into this default folder instead you change this default path to original path)

Q4. How the slide show manages the order?

The file names are returned in the order in which they are stored by the file system.

Download location


Other slideshow plugins


  1. I am trying to place your slideshow within a page.

    I have cut and pasted the php code…

    …into the page I want it to appear on, using the HTML tab of the text editor, but it does not show up.

    I do not want the slideshow to appear on every page, but only on the homepage, so I don’t want to put it in the sidebar.

    How do I do this?

    Kind Regards

    Adam Lewis

  2. I was able to install it and run but when I upload more pictures to wp-content/plugins/super-transition-slideshow/images/ it shows only blanks on when switching to the new pictures.

  3. hi, i upgraded the plugins, translucent slideshow and super transition. the picture reverted back to the originals, how do i return them to what i had? sincerely, kristina

  4. I’ve implemented this on one page. Now I’m creating the rest of the site and I see that this widget is only available once. Can I add this widget (with the same images) to more than one page with some kind of hack?

    • we can use this plugin in any one way, if you want to use same plugin in more the one location in the same page use my “Excellent transition gallery” plugin, this is XML based plugin so you can use many time in the same page.

  5. So where exactly does the php code need to be placed? Is it pasted in to the WYSIWYG editor (using the HTML tab – like I would for embedding YouTube video) on the page I want the slideshow to appear? Or is it somewhere else? Please help

  6. php code need to pasted in your template php files not editor.

    1. Use this plugin in widget area.
    2. paste the code into desired template php files.

  7. I uploaded per the (very clear, thanks) instructions, but the images are floating to the right and are cut off. I think this might be the theme, but i’m no sure. can you offer any insight? Thanks – Richard

  8. I’m here:


    I found some directions on here to edit the js and css
    files and I did that, and the width and height are in the code
    on the page……

    my problem is that the slide show is scrunching up all skinny(width) in Safari and IE. Please help this is a high traffic site…………thanks in advance!

  9. First thanks for the great widget,

    everything works fine but when I tired to put a 4th jpeg file in the images folder I get this message.

    Server said: Could not create file.

    Error -160: could not start data transfer

    Can you help me out with the problem?

  10. Hi!
    Great plugin, really simple and easy to manage.

    However, I would really like to make the images appear randomly, and I’ve been trying to figure out how and where to tweak the code, but I cant get it to work.

    Really appreciate a solution to this 🙂


    • Hi Gopi, thanks for nice plugin.
      I’ve just same problem like anttech, I’m not able to center the plugin in the sidebar column (it appears on the left side).
      Could you tell me some “istructions” for script?

  11. It could be very interesting to add a random option to show diferent images everytime the web refesh, not always the same order and the same photos.

    Thanx for this fantastic plugin!

  12. Hi,

    The plugin was working fine until I moved the home page into the root directory. I have it pathing correctly to the stylesheet and javascript but it doesn’t show the images. I tried changing the path in the settings page but no luck. Please advise.

  13. Hi,

    I encountered the same problem as elephant sees elephant and Eliza Alys Young. WordPress is accessible through my domain root directory, but actually is located in a subdirectory.
    I only use default directories for sts. Seems like there is a problem in super-transition-slideshow.php, line 22 (supplied argument is not a valid Directory resource). I guess there’s something wrong about the directory paths, but I have no idea where to change it.

    Thank you for your help!

  14. I’ve chaged padding-left’s value; now the widget is centered, the plugin works very fine.
    Thanks, Gopi!

    padding: 0px;



  15. HI Gopi,

    I was trying this other plugin from you to see if in this one then I cycle the slideshow 1 time it could stop in the last slide.

    But is the same situation as in the Superb slideshow.

    Any clue how could I stop the slideshow after 1 cycle in my last slide, instead of the first one??

    Very much appreciated as always 🙂

  16. Is there any way to paste a shortcode into a post or into a TEXT widget to have the slideshow appear right under some text I have in a page?


  17. Hello,

    Love the plugin, yet it seems that the plugin causes the whole site to flash and the below widgets to shoot up and down…any ideas why this is happening?

    • Hi Gopi,

      Your plugins are amazing but I have the same problem as Will here.

      Seems the entire sidebar flashes during the transitions.

      The problem is intermittent but pervasive.

      What can cause this?

      It seems to occur only when viewing the site in chrome.

      Any ideas or insight you could provide is appreciated.

      Thanks so much in advance for your assistance.


  18. Have been trying to find a decent slide show plugin that will work – this looks awesome. Only problem is, I don’t know where to post the code. I don’t have a home.php page. Help!

  19. hello!
    is there any way to do more slideshows with the same plugin?!
    i mean, it would be great to be able to insert more slideshows, with differents images from different folders , within a same website.
    i tryin to find other plugins like your to insert more slideshows, but i just don t find any other that’s so simple to use .

  20. Hi! Great plugin! I have the same problem when changing from eastonems.com/wordpress to just eastonems.com

    Can you tell me what to change and where? I tried to change the following int he php file:

    but that didn’t work

    • note the first “/” this is not required….. ur folder path should start from “wp-content” and end with “/”



      • So I don’t change that directory at all when I redirect my site? How do I get the plugin to work when I redirect to the root directory? I’m not moving the wordpress folder and files, just the index.php

  21. OK I have it semi-working. I reinstalled everything back to original. I changed the Image Directory under Settings to


    and it’s now showing the little broken image box? So I feel like I’m getting close….lol

  22. since i updated to the most recent version v3 (though it may have happened with v2 also), the jpeg files have not been pulled out in order. it seems to be random – is that the case? is there any way i can fix the order the jpegs show in? i have numbered them 1.jpg > 6.jpg

    thanks for a great plugin!

  23. Hi

    Great slide show but where and how can cahnge so that it only has smooth fade. At the moment it has random effect.

    Thank you

  24. Hi Mark,

    In the dashboard “Image directory” text box enter your image folder path.

    How to upload my images?

    In default this is the image location: wp-content/plugins/super-transition-slideshow/images/
    Go to below link to change the image folder location.

    Dashboard → Settings → Super transition slideshow
    You have to change this folder location to your original location. (Best practice is don’t upload your original image into this default folder instead you change this default path to original path)

    More help : http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2010/07/18/super-transition-slideshow/

    Thanks & regards

    always your correct email… to receive reply…

  25. Hello,

    I want to specifiy the slideshow reads from a directory on the server. Because I FTP the pics to the server and I do never use pic upload in posts. How can I do that?

    Thanks & best regards

  26. Why does your program periodically revert to those dumb chinese figurines and other wierd photos? It’s happened now on several installations and it’s very troublesome.

    Please explain why your program does this?

    • don’t upload your original images into this default folder or with in plugin instead you change this default path to your image folder path..

  27. Please help. I am new to WordPress. I have installed the plug in, but don’t know what you mean by original path or location for uploading my images for the sideshow. The images are in my media library. Thanks!

    • OK, You have images in the “media library.”, copy the image location and use it in the plugin.


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