1. Compose & Send Newsletter in email posts to subscribers plugin

2. Post Notification setting for Email posts to subscribers plugin

3. Email download link wordpress plugin video tutorial

4. Email download link wordpress plugin download link

5. Email download link plugin

Send Email for Email posts to subscribers plugin

This plugin allows you to send newsletter manually (Also auto email schedule available). To send manually go to Send Mail menu in the plugin admin. Select the mail configuration which you created earlier and select mail type. In default it will show email address starting from A, B, C. If you don’t want to mail any particular subscriber(s), you can uncheck the email(s) on this list. After you selected the subscribers, press the Send Mail button.

Send Email

Email sent reports

This plugin offers a new option to view sent newsletter with mail preview and email address. also we have option to check whether your newsletters are being read or not (not 100% accurate).

Sendmail report

Click Optimize Button in this page to delete old records from your database. It will delete all old records except latest 25.

Schedule auto mails


Live Demo



  1. My website uses customised posts, do you have plans to make changes to your ‘Email posts to subscribers plugin’ to cater for customised posts ?

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