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3. Jquery Accordion Slideshow Plugin

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Wp anything slider

Wp anything slider plug-in let you to create the sliding slideshow gallery into your posts and pages. In the admin we have Tiny MCE HTML editor to add, update the content. using this HTML editor we can add HTML text and can upload the images and video files. whatever the content you added in the admin, the plug-in will slide it in the front end, so it is named anything slider. also we have four types of sliding direction, you can choose the one you like for the gallery.

Plugin option

  • Four different sliding option.
  • Tiny MCE HTML editor to add the content and images.
  • Option to upload video files.

Live demo

Dummy title

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Dummy title

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Dummy title

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industrys standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Installation instruction

Option 1

  1. Download the plugin wp-anything-slider.zip from download location.
  2. Unpack the zip file and extract the /wp-anything-slider/ folder.
  3. Upload the entire wp-anything-slider folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress dashboard.
  5. Configure the plugin using the plugin menu Wp Anything Slider within the Plugins tab.

Option 2

  1. Download the plugin wp-anything-slider.zip from download location.
  2. Go to Add New menu under Plugins tab in your WordPress admin.
  3. Select upload link (top link menu).
  4. Upload the available wp-anything-slider.zip file and click Install Now.
  5. Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin configuration

Add directly in the theme:

Paste this PHP code <?php wpanything('setting1'); ?> in your theme where you want the announcement to appear.

Short code for posts and pages:

Copy and paste the below given short code into pages or posts to display the news
Short code : [wp-anything-slider setting="SETTING1"]

Plugin configuration

After activated the plugin, go to plugin menu on your WordPress dashboard to manage the news content and to configure the setting,

Dashboard → Settings → Wp Anything Slider

Admin screens

Admin text management

Admin setting configuration

Frequently asked questions

Q) How can I change the display style?

The plug-in have separate CSS file and that css file contain 10 class, each class is for one setting. that is, in the admin we have 10 settings and each settings have individual CSS class which is defined in this style sheet. follow the below link to style it the way you like.

Dashboard → Plugins → Editor → Select wp-anything-slider on the top right drop-down box → Edit the CSS file wp-anything-slider.css the way you like.

Download link



  1. Hello Gopi,

    I see the donation button above but when I run into situations like this I never make one. Why? The plugin works, I see it on other sites however, can’t get it to work for me because of the sketchy instructions. Programmers seem to have this unwritten law they follow. Make a fantastic application but never make it easy for the average Joe to follow. That’s why I never donate. No decent instructions.

  2. Greetings Gopi,

    I am using WordPress 3.3.2, and your slider does not appear to be working. The content is being loaded correctly, but the issues is that the Javascript you have written doesn’t seem to be working – there is no slider effect, all the slider content is simply being listed in regular HTML block.

    I am using it directly in a page template with , but also testing your shortcode within a page.

    Another posibility could be that you are calling in jquery in your plugin, when WordPress now has it in by default?

    Could you please ensure the plugin works in the latest WordPress.


  3. I like Wp anything slider. it ‘s good plungins on wordpress. But if it can be stopped when the mouse is over. It would be Very Good.

    Thanks very much!

  4. Wp Anything Slider has the features I require, is excellent. But it seems not work with wordpress 3.3.2. The text is static, not slide, and even if I put in my sidebar even change the header space … Hopefully there is an update.

    • Carlos, see my post about this (I forgot to click “Reply”, so you should get an email saying I replied to you now 🙂 )

  5. I have figured out the issue (Gopi please make the update to the plugin):

    This plugin is not optimized for WP 3.3.* , the change you need to make is in the core wp-anything-slider.php file. Where it initalizes the slider (it puts in javascript after the insert of the Slider div. First, comment out (or remove) the enqueue script of jquery 1.3.2 (very old jQuery)on line 240.

    Secondly, on lines 73 and 203 you will see this javascript:

    $(function() {
    fx: ”,
    speed: ,

    To make it compatible with WP 3.3.2, change it to the following (only first and last lines are changed):

    (function($) {
    fx: ”,
    speed: ,

    All you are doing is moving the initial $ to inside ‘function()’ inside the brackets. Also, you are adding (jQuery) to the last line between ‘})’ and “;”.

    This will fix the sliding issue.

    The documentation on this slider is HORRIBLE. Could you please indicate how to disable autoplay on hover, add pagination/previous or next buttons, etc. ?

    What I need is for when a video in the slider is playing, the autoplay to stop.. and when the video plays, it slides to the next slide, which it’s video starts playing.

  6. Help me,Please. Wp anything slider in My WEB have Bug, It don’t slide to Page 2 but Page 2 is move to the bottom Page 1.

    I’m trying to set up is “SETTING1” in Page 1 and “SETTING1” in Page 2 but it ‘s page 2 s move to the bottom Page 1.

    or set up is “SETTING1” in Page 1 and “SETTING2” in Page 2 But it’s page 2 is missing.

    My Web is wordpress Version 3.3.2


  7. Hello WAS is working fine for me on latest Wp update
    but as Eric i too wuold like to know if there is a pause and or stop slide possibility.

    • By pause, I mean a rollover pause, not sure if that’s what others are talking about. As for video pause as one person suggests, you can set the timeout, but you’d want to make your videos end a bit before that time. And if things load slow on your site, you may need to add a bit extra cushion. The only possibility is if there was a timeout setting for each individual post. Not sure how difficult that would be or whether it could add more load time to a website (which would be bad).

  8. Hi I am just curious the slides can be clickable to forward to any affiliate product or amazon etc.If its available really a great feature for the conversion.

  9. Hi, I just downloaded and activated your wp anything slide plugin but when I go to the Settings page, all I see is at the top of the screen in large letters is “Wp anything slider”. The rest of the page is completely blank. I have tried different internet browsers with the same results. Please advise. I am running wp 3.1.3. thanks

    • Dear Gopi – great plugin

      as lance asked above in may 2012

      Do you have the PHP that we could install in the code instead of having to paste the snippet on the page?

      Yes. so I would like to use just some php in the template – no snippet
      (this works with the announcement ticker plugin – through which I found all your great plugins)

      this is because I have added more fields in the meta of my template and the shortcode doesnot function when added in those fields – only when in main editing window

      thank you fx

  10. Hello,

    I am using WP 3.3.1
    I have used the sidebar widget but nothing appears to slide.
    It just shows all contents of Setting1 there but no sliding.

    I have made the changes that Eric mentioned but still nothing.

    Can you help?

  11. Hi,

    I would like to use “WP anything Slider”, but there is a conflict with another plugin : “jquery vertical Maga Menu” : when WP anyting Slider is activate, the Menu seems different

    Thanks for Help

    • please disable one JQuery script from your website and test it again.. normally if more then 1 J query JS added in the website, it may conflict each other.

  12. I´m already using anything slider in pages and posts. But how to place in i a text widget in the sidebar (Twentyten theme) ??

  13. Hi, Anthing Slider is a great plugin. i like it very much but now I am having a problem with it. i made a mistake by adding more than 10 announcements – I guess -which made the numbers (No) on the left column in the text management section went up to 15. then I tried deleting a few Number. That’s when it stopped working. The numbers for all announcements were no longer in order. The “SETTING” goes up only to 10, but every time I insert a new announcement, the ‘No’ continues with the previous number. So it went up to 20 and so on.. i guess the no does not match the ‘SETTING’ -that’s why it doesn’t work! What do I do to make this right? I tried uninstalling, but it keeps doing the same thing.

    Please help.

  14. When I used the slider in my post, it was working fine.

    When I put it in the template, it stop sliding.

    I tried different jQuery versions and modifying the plugin the way Eric suggested but nothing made it slide 🙁

  15. I like this slider very much and plan to donate if you can help me with a loading issue.


    I have added two sliders, settings1 & settings2. Settings1 has 7 slides and settings2 has 8 slides. When I refresh the page, the slides disappear partially and will not appear until I click on the navigation tab for that page in the main navigation.

    Also, when a new page is loading, all of the slides appear briefly and it is messy.

    Can you help me resolve this?

    Thanks for a great product!

    • pls first check with 1 slider.. and see the slider CSS class name and your theme CSS class name are same.. if it is same the slider may not work properly..

      • Thank you so much. I removed the styles that were automatically created in the image settings and now the slides are working well. But I am still seeing all slides at once momentarily as the page opens. Is there anything that can be fixed for that?

  16. I was so excited to finally find this slider (after trying out so many others that just didn’t have the right look). If I ultimately use it on my site, I always donate, but I like to make sure I can use it. My issue is that I have several slides and 1 that contains a video, all within Setting 1 slider. However, the slider doesn’t stop to play the video when you click “play”. How can I make this work? I ready where someone said to use the timeout setting but I don’t see how this will work if most of my slides should just slide (and won’t need to be stopped). I just want them to stop at this one and click play. Thanks! I really like this slider and I hope I can make it work.

  17. I have got an error message Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpanything() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpressnew\wp-content\themes\wp-clear\header.php on line 69

  18. When I paste into the header.php it show an error please help me how can I solve this. Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpanything() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpressnew\wp-content\themes\wp-clear\header.php on line 69

  19. I am using a coin-slider JS on my home page and would like to use your slider on my pages. However while the WP anything slider is working fine it has disabled my Coin-Slider. Any ideas on how I can fix this.

  20. Dear admin could you please indicate how to disable autoplay on hover, add pagination/previous or next buttons add to your Plugin?

    • New version available


      JavaScript loaded by using the wp_enqueue_scripts hook (instead of the init hook), This will avoid the JavaScript, Jquery conflict.
      Slight change in the short code, Please find the new short code for your slider.

  21. This plugin is great, but I’d really like to be able to add previous and next buttons and turn auto-play on and off. I noticed this was requested by others. It would be really great if you implemented this.

  22. Ok. So, I have updated the .php as Eric suggested and it has worked for setting 1 but not for the other settings (2-10). Any ideas?

  23. Finally, a slider that’s easy to use. Can you PLEASE add two simple features…

    1) Fade transition option
    2) I REALLY need to have the navigation (forward and back) options. Preferably the little square or circle on the bottom.

    Please let me know when this is done. It’s a requirement for the client I’m building the site for.

    • It’s pretty easy to add Fade as an effect. You can add whatever you want from the Jquery Cycle Plugin.

      Just edit cycle-setting.php and search for the options list, duplicate the line with “ScrollDown” on it and then replaced the instances of ScrollDown on that line with Fade…done.

  24. Hi
    Plugin is really great. Is it possible to create more settings instead of 10 only? I want to post 50 different slides for 50 review pages and i dont know or/and dont understand how to make it.

      • Thank you for very fast answer. Could you tell me where i can update drop-down value?

        Again thanks a lot for hekp as well as for a great selection of very useful tools.

      • Thanks for the tip for this great plugin. The drop-down menu has now more value, but after adding text for a 10+ rows in the text management, the slider settingsmanagement wil not show more than 10 rows. Could you tell me where or what I have to change?

    • Maybe it is possible to add announcement number to shortcode? f.e. [wp-anything-slider setting=”SETTING1 no=”1, 2, 19″] ?

      It would help to create unlimited variations and can be very useful.

  25. After installing this plugin, I’ve discovered it conflicts with another — Form Lightbox — and prevents that one from working. Any idea why, and do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this?

    (Also, for the record, I am casting my vote for some type of navigation arrows to be added in order to move forward and back to next and previous slides.)

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  26. Really like this plugin. Will you add navigation to the plugin or a mouse over pause, if you do that it would be great.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  27. Thanks for such a great plugin and all the effort… yes please add a navigation button in the future (next/previous) …

    Have a great day!

  28. Hi,

    I have two problems. 1. The wp anything slider doesn’t properly load when you first load the site / home page. If you refresh it, it loads properly. How do I fix this?

    2. How do I set up more than one slide show to use / insert on different pages and do I need to download / purchase additional software to do this?

    Many thanks.

  29. Hi,

    I figured out how to do #2 above, but not #1.

    I’m still not sure how to get the slide show to load properly in all browsers [Safari / Windows IE]. This looks very promising.

    Thanks for the guidance in advance.


  30. Hi Gopi,

    It dawned on me that perhaps I am incorrectly describing the problem. The Anywhere slider loads, but shows a slide that is somewhere between 0 – 50 pixels high.

    I hope that helps in diagnosing the problem and thanks in advance for your help.


  31. Hi, i have an static home page where i have to display the post slider, but when i putted the slider code on static home page , not showing the slider only shows the code as content, is it possible to call the plugin on static page please comment on it. By the way its nice plugin for other dynamic pages.

    Thank You

  32. Hi, I am a newbie at WordPress and am using the Modernize Theme by Goodlayers.
    When I install and run Wp anything slider it breaks my functionality for other scripts like
    Accordian and Portfolio Filter…

    I am trying to use Wp anything slider in home page via short code and am running Scroll RSS excerpt in widget on right side bar.

    I have not put in theme because I’m clueless as to where it goes.

    Can you help me get this working without breaking my site.


    P.S. Really do love your plugins 😉

  33. When i use a widget i can add the anyslider only in 1 widget, after that tere is no second button anymore to use in a second widget .

    Using a tekst widget with
    [wp-anything-slider setting=”SETTING1″]

    is not working any a idee??

  34. WOW it’e exactly the plugin i was looking for ! Thanks for that !!

    But it’s not working for me, my 2 slides are just one above each other and their is no rotation .. I didn’t understang why.
    Just before i try the other plugin from you, the one with slide full of text going up, and it was working perfectly. But not that one.

    Do you have some trick to help me ? Thanks a lot for all your plugins !

  35. Hi all.
    Ive been struggling with making the wp-anything-slider work for like a week now.
    I can instert the tag into an article, no problem – BUT, I cannot make it work as a widget.
    When i try to insert wp-anything-slider into the widget sidebar, i get a “There are no options for this widget.” message…
    Anyone knows how to fix this?

  36. I am using this plugin. It works perfectly for defult themes. But when I am using in my customized theme, its not working. For testing I commented all JS and jquery files also but still not working. Kindly suggest me.

  37. Just a suggestion, I found that if you place a .css file in your theme files unless it contains all the css for the slider then it just displays the list of items, maybe include an extra css box in the settings. for the next release. 😀
    great slider and works well by the way, i’m using it on at least 3 or 4 sites.

  38. I am trying to apply css to the whole div, but I can not do it. I see the div id is named “#wp anything slider” .. there is no hyphen or underscore in between each word, does that have anything to do with it? I really am no expert when it comes to CSS. Thank you. I am trying to apply CSS to the widget title, which I successfully did with the cycle text announcement plugin, but can’t seem to do here.

  39. That is definitely the problem the div id not having a hyphen or underscore. I just renamed and applied css to it, and it worked, using google developer tools. I’ve looked in all the plugin files and can not find out where to actually rename the div myself, please explain how to do this. Thank you.

  40. is there a way as mentioned by lance above in may 2012 that we can just enter a php line into the template ( as there is on your announcement ticker plugin)without having to add the shortcode

    this is because I have added some input fields and divs and this is where I want the slider to be and the shortcode doesnt work in the added meta fields input area – only works if I put shortcode in main editing window

    great elegant plugin – i hope I can use it

    thank you fx

  41. Great plugin, but looking for a way to set the order of the slides. Is there any way in the script or the php files to use an order. Or is there any way to edit the slide number so that they are displayed in order created..

    Hope this is clear…



  42. Love this plugin. I’m just wondering if there’s anyway to also include a scroll or a number system to select the various slides.


  43. This site used the theme, TheSource by Elegant Themes. Out of the box it doesn’t accept videos anywhere on the site. I have, however, changed the .ini files so that both sites accept I can at least upload large files including video files up to 100 MB files.

    I’ve uploaded the Anything Slider, activated it and changed the settings but haven’t found how to get it to display. Can you help? Yes, I tried deactivating the default slider via ‘TheSource’ theme options in the admin panel but that didn’t make any difference.
    I’ve followed your config instructions but didn’t have any luck. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m not adding the short code to the correct file. I added into the home.php file. Anything Slider still doesn’t show up.

    The slider you see now is the default slider.

  44. I just can’t place the php code string. It causes problems and my site is not showing. If I want to place sth on main page the code is for example :
    your is . I think it’s wrong. Am I rigt?

  45. I installed the plugin and was able to add and modify setting slides in Text Management but when I click on Setting Management there’s an error that says “No data available” and none of the settings are listed below the setting form.

    How do I get it to work?

  46. I paste the code [wp-anything-slider setting=”SETTING1″] at the beginning of my post ant nothing appear.

    I tried to find where and how I could paste the php code, but after some tries, nothing works. Can you give help please? Thank you

  47. I have the plugin up, installed and sliding…just wondering, like many others, when you’re possibly going to have buttons, scroll arrows and pause on mouse-over added to this plugin?

  48. I had the slider working very well (up scroll). I moved my site to another service provider and now it’s not working. Not sure if there was a wordpress update or not. I’ve checked the text and settings and everything appears to be there. The widget is in a theme sidebar, but when I open the widget all I see is a field to enter the title … no place to define which setting I want to play. This has been working for a long time, so I can’t remember what I had to do to get it to work as a widget in a sidebar. Any ideas?

  49. the slider is acting perfectly – exactly what I want. But I’m using Widget Logic to tell widgets what page to appear on, and Widget Logic isn’t working with this plugin. I should be able to say is_front_page() or is_home(), but no. Is there another way to tell that I only want it in the widget area of the homepage and not on all pages?

  50. i am getting this error.
    $(“#WP-ANYTHING-SETTING1″).cycle is not a function.

    and it is not “sliding ”
    im using version 4

  51. A couple issues
    1. The script is causing a 14 px height in Safari for the WP-ANYTHING-SETTING-1
    2. The divs for ea slider use the same ID of anything
    3. Inconsistent loading – sometimes you have to refresh.

    Any solutions for these issues?


  52. Hello Gopi,

    No doubt it’s a great plugin, like others I have same request, how to add functional navigation button, plus pause on rollover, and pause while a video is being played.

    Everyone asking the same question but I don’t see any answers, So, I had to create a new post


  53. Its nice plugin but there is no control navigation option to like next,previous,pause on hover,if this could be added that will be great

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