Compose & Send Newsletter in email posts to subscribers plugin

Email posts to subscribers plugin have option to compose newsletter. Editor is available in the newsletter compose page. using this editor you can design the newsletter easily. You can add images, infographics, links, content etc and make your newsletters engaging for your subscribers.

How to compose newsletter?

1. Go to your Dashboard -> Email Posts-> Compose Newsletter -> Add New
2. Enter Subject and Content to compose your newsletter.
3. Click on Submit.
4. That’s it. Your newsletter is created successfully.

subscriber view

subscriber view

How to send newsletter?

1. Confirm that you have created newsletter by following above steps.
2. Go to your Dashboard -> Email Posts-> Send Newsletter
3. Select your newsletter subject which you created on Compose Newsletter page.
4. Select Mail Type (If you have lots of email address, we strongly recommend you to use “Send mail via cron job” option to send your newsletters. In this option, plugin will not send a mail immediately instead it will send whenever your cron URL triggered)
5. Select subscribers group which you want to send.
6. Finally click Send Email button to send a newsletters.

subscriber view

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