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Information Reel

Information Reel wordpress plugin create the reel type scroll in the website widget. The scroll contain the entered title, image, and description. This is best way to announce your messages to user.

Feature of this plugin

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Easy customization.
  3. Easy scroll setting.
  4. Option to display title with link.
  5. Option to display image in the scroll
  6. Supports localization

Plugin live demo available on the sidebar please have a look, If you like to scroll your latest post please find my another plugin.

Installation Instruction

Method 1

  1. Download the information-reel plugin from download location.
  2. Unpack the *.zip file and extract the /information-reel/ folder.
  3. Drop the information-reel folder into your wp-content/plugins folder.
  4. In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  5. You should see your new information reel plug-in listed under Inactive plug-in tab.
  6. To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Method 2

  1. Go to Add New menu under Plugins tab in your word-press admin.
  2. Search information reel plugin using search option.
  3. Find the plugin and click Install Now link.
  4. Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Method 3

  1. Download the information-reel plugin from download location.
  2. Go to Add New link under Plugins menu in your word-press admin.
  3. Select upload link (top link menu).
  4. Upload the available information-reel.zip file and click Install Now
  5. Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin configuration

1. Drag and drop the widget.

Go to Widgets page under Appearance menu, Drag and drop Information Reel widget into your side bar. It’s very easy.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can we display more announcements at same time?

Yes, it’s scrolling so we can display many at same time.

Q2. Can we display announcement in random order?

Yes, Random option setting available in the widget form.

Q3. Can we arrange the announcement scroll order?

Yes, in the plugin admin page we have option to enter order position.

Q4. Can we hide any announcement temporary?

Yes, in the plugin admin page we have display option YES or NO.

Q5. Can we set expiration for announcement?

Yes, at present (version 7.0) this option is not included. we will add the option soon.

Q6. Why my reel content out of range?

This is because of the Height setting in the widget form. Increase the Height and see the output.

Q7. Why my reel content merge each other?

This is because of the Height setting in the widget form. Increase the height and see the output.

Q8. How many message display at same time?

Option available in the widget form page.

Q9. What is Same Time Display, Text Length, Content Group?

Same Time Display: No of announcement you want to show in the screen at same time.
Text Length: This is to maintain the announcement description text length.
Content group: This is to group the content. Example: if you select GROUP1 in the widget form, in the front-end you will get content from the group GROUP1.

Q10. Plugin admin link?

Administration ==> Settings ==> Information Reel

Q11. Widget setting default form link?

Its available in the widget, Please check below admin screens for for more information.

Screen shots


Video tutorial


Download location



    • 2 Questions:
      Is there a setting for the ‘Information Reel’ to only display on specific pages of your website, or do you have to have it be displayed on all of your web pages?
      Also, what is recommended pixel dimensions for the image url so the picture doesn’t show to big or to small?
      Thank you.

    • Hello, I seem to have problem in getting an image at the left hand side of the message.

      I cannot find the controls for the images.


      David Massey

  1. WOW I love this plugin!!!!
    Thank you you have saved me many hours work.
    I do need one thing, how do I remove the images? I just want text and links.

    Thank you.

  2. Gopi,

    This is great. I´ve been looking for this type of scroll, and this is the best.

    I´m going to install in my future WP site

    Congrats and thanks for sharing, Great work


  3. Hi:

    Like the ease of install and concept. Having a difficult time with the final piece to the puzzle. How to reference the announcements? Your step-by-step instructions stop after install. I assume it is the Fallery Group but am not sure how to configure.

  4. Could you please tell me what is the settings for the demo? The thing is that I deleted the reels which had came with the plug in from the start, and now I can’t make this plug in work !! I use Photobucket for the image storage, and if you could tell me how to use this plugin with the service, please, Please teach me !! Thank you

  5. Hi, just wondering where can you edit the css for this plug-in?

    I’m wanting to change the positioning of it but can’t see the css for it.

  6. hello, I like this plugin so much, I would like to use in my site, but I would like to know if is possible to use unlimited number of times in widgets.

    I would like to use like a small shop. Some shop in my site (post) show their products. So 1 information Reel for 1 post..

    If is possible, can you tell me how??
    thanks in advance

    • At present we have only sidebar widget option for this this plugin. ill try to implement the page short code option in the next version.

      • In my case I do not need to implement it. I only need to be able to use it as many times as I want in widgets, for example, TEXT widget can be use as many times as you want.

        understand what I mean? sorry, my English is very bad. Thanks for your quick response

        • No We can use only once. But i have plane to create option to display different different set of images in the each page.


          Home : One set of images
          Post page : one set of images
          WordPress pages: one set of image
          Search Page : one set of images.

        • This is an absolutely wonderful plugin! Thanks for your work. I thought I had found the PERFECT solution for recommended books on my blog, but, like the user above, I need to be able to create separate instances in multiple widgets so I can have separate lists in each category.

          This seems to be a glaringly obvious feature that would be wonderful to have in future versions. I hope you’re able to include this soon. I would love to be able to use this plugin.

          Thanks again for the great plugins!

  7. Just my 2cents…

    Having a different set of images for Posts, Pages and the Search Page is hardly an upgrade in functionality and doesn’t add any real value at all. If anyone needs to use multiple instances of this plugin it will be to add it to multiple widgets. I would be more than happy to support / donate for this plugin if it had this functionality.

  8. Surely a JavaScript error like this can be remedied! 🙂 This is really a fantastic plugin, it would be a shame not to partner with someone who is able to help you with this conflict to take this to the next level. I do hope you’re able to find a solution to this issue.

  9. sorry if the template does not support widgets how do I display it,,
    what if want to be otomtis call their own data without harys enter first?

  10. I love it. Seems to have overlapping text only for the duration of the scroll, see here: zoli.co (it’s a sandbox site). Is it my setup? Would appreciate any advice.

    • Under Plugins > Editor in the Dashboard, ensure that you’re editing the CAS plugin, and navigate to the second file from the top in the right column (should be a .js file). At the bottom of this file there is a JavaScript statement that tells the plugin how much time (in milliseconds, set as default to ‘2000) it spends on each slide. Change this ‘2000’ number to whatever time span you want.

  11. Hello,

    it is possible to use two different information reels one in the right and the second on the left sidebar?

    Thanks a lot


    • Hi DoK,

      I got frustrated not being able to have multiple instances of this plugin so I actually paid to have one built exactly like it – that you can use an unlimited number of times! 🙂 I’d be happy to share it with you if you’d like to use it. We made some improvements to it as well. There are a few more things I’d like to clean up, but it works great and allows you to have multiple instances with different groups. Feel free to drop me a note at brighttribestuff@gmail.com.

  12. Hi Gopi,

    Thanks for coming back to me. I would like it to still show at least three images in the screen at one time instead of just the one.

  13. when i try to add new image by clicking “Insert Message” it’s not getting added. In the side by it show “No data available”

    Please help

  14. Thanks for great plugin!
    We can use plugin “Widgets on pages” to creat shortcode for any widget.

    @Gopi .R: Plz show me how to set scroll delay to zero

  15. Hi

    When I add one message it’s fine but the second message I add also includes the first message. Your help would be appreciated.

  16. OK. I was trying to add messages without the images, which you can do by just inserting a spcae (click space bar) instead of the image URL. However you get the problem I first posted. With images it works great.

  17. As each message nears the top of the scroll area it stops and then jumps slightly to the top. Is there a way to make this work more smoothly? It would look much nicer.

    Also can you tell me what the settings _blank, _parent, _self, _new are for. It doesn’t seem to make any difference which one I use.

    Thank you.

  18. Hi

    Regarding my posts above. If you don’t know the answers that is fine. I love the plugin. Just let me know so I don’t have to keep checking to see if you have replied.
    Thank you.

    • Increase your height for the smooth scroll…

      Enter target option: The target option attribute specifies where to open the linked document.

  19. Thanks for replying Gopi. Increasing the height doesn’t solve the little jump as the text nears the top of the scroll area though. Thanks again anyway. You could look at my website to see what I mean.

  20. Is there any way you can config so there is no “target link” and no “image title” displayed when it is running?


  21. All I see is “no information available” on website. Your instructions stop at the activate step, so I think there is something missing here. When I add a new item, is there something special about type, or ?? that I am missing?

    • I figured it out. My Fallery name has to be the same as the type name. You might mention this to others for those beginners like me. Thanks for the plug-in!

  22. I really loved the look of this plugin, but we found by exhaustive trial and error that on our moderately busy site (600,000 page views a month) that it just killed the CPU and RAM. RAM would max out completely, while the last attempt to give this plugin a chance ended with load averages of an astonishing 282. Have any other users reported memory / CPU issues?

  23. hello Gopi,
    I’m trying to use this plug-in. Prime Minister install it, I have dragged on the widget on the sidebar. But I am not able to change the settings because when I’m clicking on the small Triangle (similar to drop down arrow) in front of the plug-in name in the sidebar, nothing happens.

    I am using Windows XP, Firefox 5 to access my WordPress page.

    Please guide me to make this work. In case you need any other information from my side then please let me know

  24. some progress,
    this time I used Internet Explorer and when I clicked on the small triangle in front of the name of the plug-in in the sidebar, it showed me some setting parameters.

    However in those settings, it’s not asking/telling/giving the options for the source of entries. So I’m not getting how to change the scrolling content to my content.

    Please guide me

  25. Hi!

    Can you add please these features:

    1. Stop scrolling on mouseover.
    2. Manage time to show each announcement. It is scrolling too fast to read the full announcement. Or make an automatic option based on text lenght.

    Thanks. Great plugin!

  26. Hi, great plugin, thanks!

    I also need the stop on mouseover (and restart on mouseout). It would be great if you provided some advice on how to do this.


  27. This is a great plugin! -thanks again for all the hard work that must have gone into building it. I’m trying to resolve the image flicker/refresh issue in IE. Is there a workaround – it seems Ok in other browsers but IE makes the image flicker when it has to reload.I’ll let you know if I find a solution also

  28. Hello! Love the plugin. Thanks! FYI, It doesn’t appear that the _blank option is working. Your default examples don’t work on my site with this setting and mine don’t work either… the link opens in the same tab in IE9. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!!!

    • If you happen to find a fix for this can you please reply to me at my email address? I didn’t see a way to subscribe to this and not sure how often you check here. Thank you!

  29. Hiya – Just been back to my WordPress dashboard to find that there is an upgrade to Information Reel from 2.0 (as installed) to 4.0. Naturally I wanted to know what had changed… but despite looking around WP published info and on your site I couldn’t find anything about what has been updated. Can I please suggest that you add a small section for each of your great plug-ins that shows what version is current and previous and what was changed from one to the next. It would really help keep us informed. As it stands, I couldn;t even see what version is being downloaded currently. Once again, many thanks for some great plugins !
    p.s. I would still like to know what has been changed between v2 and v4 if you get the chance….. ! 🙂

  30. Hello
    How do you change the scrolling speed? I have changed the javascript from 2000 as suggested but it makes no difference. I can find no other suggestions although the questions seems to have been asked several times.
    Thank you

  31. Site being developed to take over from stbees.org.uk
    I’d love to use the plugin but onlywant itto display on the Home page of a static site. Can’t see how to do that.

  32. Please can someone explain all the fields that need to be filled in? I am new to website design and don’t understand what to do as there are no instructions beyond downloading and activating.

  33. I have the same question as giselle. I am new and can work with HTML, a little, but need some more direction beyond downloading and activating.

  34. in settings- information reel
    top bit is image url = /pic.gif
    next is link url = whatever
    target option- _blank
    next is heading “update”
    next is text (tip, u can use html, paste it in)
    gallery type= widget
    order number- 1eg
    display= yes
    put widget in, play with numbers, mines
    340, 10, 700, widget

  35. Hi – I added this as a widget in the sidebar but I only want to show it on certain pages on my site – is there a way to limit which pages it shows on?

  36. Hi Gopi – LOVE this plugin. I am so relieved because it doesn’t conflict with my current JQuery slider like many similar functionalities.

    Two quick questions.

    1. Any advice on how to slide left to right (instead of top to bottom)? I know it must be in that code in information-reel.js, but just not sure.
    2. Is there any way you can insert an arrow to trigger the movement?


  37. Hi,

    I am using this plugin and it works great except for the links. _blank, _new, _parent and so forth don’t actually do anything. They don’t open in a new window or a new tab. How do I fix this?

  38. Hi Gopi,

    Can this be link to existing post? I really like this link because it has the thumbnail, title and excerpt.

    I hop this can be linked to the posts.

    • In Information Reel plugin you can add your own content to scroll.

      Scroll post excerpt will read the post title and create the scroll.

      Scroll rss excerpt will read the title from the given rss feed and create the scroll.

  39. hi there Admin or Gopi , i see that a year ago that you were planning on adding a shortcode option to post this plugin on a page or post. has that happened yet?
    please advise

      • hi Gopi
        here is a question i asked about News announcement scroll:

        The plugin works fine all i need is to figure out the background color or background image.
        i see posts about it but nothing that tells me where to add the css.

        i checked the files of the plugin in my ftp. i have no idea what folder and line to add or change the css. it is important for me to style the background

        please advise. thank you very much in advance

  40. hello sir! looks like a great plug in, but i’m trying to add it to my Eventor theme, but get the following error:

    Warning: strip_tags() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/content/44/9687444/html/wp-admin/widgets.php on line 225

    not sure how to deal with this, it’s happened on a few other similar plug ins of yours. any ideas? thank you for your work!

  41. I noticed that after I install Information Reel that within minutes I get “No input file specified” instead of my homepage. I read different approaches to solving this problem from moving off Godaddy (not an option) to modifying the .htaccess file (yes, an option), to PHP / WP conflict.

    I’m sure this has come up for you before. I would like to keep Information Reel, but I need a solution to this problem to do so.

    Any ideas or solutions?

  42. Hi
    I must be missing something along the way. The plug was activated and placed into the sidebar however it goes to default not to the recent content on the pages.
    Please let me know how to go about ensuring it is showing my content with the photos in each of those pages.
    I appreciate your help. It is truly one of the better plug in available Great work

  43. Hi, neat plugin. Simple and works, but just wondered if you are planning
    to give an option to control how fast it’s scrolling (pause time interval).
    Oh and you mentioned setting an expiring date is possible but I did not find that option (downloaded from the WP repository).

    With those 2 functionalities added, it’s a perfect plugin!

    Thanks so far

  44. Great widget but I have come accross one issue. When I run SEO on my site after it is installed I get negative points because it doesn’t show an “alt” for the image, it looks like it should but is displays something like al ‘test’ after every image so I’m getting 4 negative SEO points.

    Be great to get an update with a fix, I’m sure it is something simple.


  45. The plugin is great but has a problem, it does not put the “alt” to the images and that is not good for SEO.
    Is there any way to do this?

  46. How do I get the Information Reel to display more than once on my site? Once I’ve used the widget, it gets placed under the settings tab and disappears from the widgets area. And since I’ve already downloaded it and its being used, its displayed as “Installed” in the plugins area. I would like to display it in the Single Posts Sidebar, as well as in the Main Page Sidebar. Thanx.

  47. hi, I really like this plugin, I have only one doubt, can I use this in a bilingual site? I currently use qTranslate, is it possible to put the same information in both languages and that only one appears depending on the language selected by the viewer? Thanks!

  48. The plugin if great !
    Could you please fix target=’_blank’ option 🙂 It does not work. Thanks.
    I did if for me but sure others will be happy to have it fixed too …

  49. http://loudouniwla.org/host/activities/

    Love the plug-in. Was working fine for several moths. Had thumbnail, and text wrapped around it, as it scrolled. Now Image has been enlarged to fill whole space, pixelated, and text smacked on top of the image. I’ve checked my set-up. Everything looks good there. Running WP 3.5.1. Anybody else have this problem? Or a solution?



  50. Great plugin.

    But in version 7.0, the ability to change the text color via HTML in the description is broken.

    I used to be able to have a description like:
    Updated 17 May
    but this no longer works.


    – Tony

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