Drupal module Vertical Image Scrolling

Vertical Image Scrolling module will create the vertical scroll image slideshow on your drupal BLOCK LAYOUT. the module will create a slideshow gallery similar to the reel. The images will scroll one by one from bottom to top. Each image slide can be optionally hyperlinked. Options available in BLOCK configuration to set the images in […]

Drupal module horizontal image scrolling

Horizontal image scrolling module display and scroll the images in horizontal style, scroll will start automatically. Slideshow will pause on mouse over. In the admin we have option to enter WIDTH and HEIGHT of the galley. Also we have option to enter image URL. Features of this module 1. Easy to customize.2. Support all browser.3. […]

Drupal module Cycle News Display

Cycle news display drupal module is a simple module to show text with cycle jQuery. You have to configure this module in your drupal block. In the drupal block, it will display one news at a time and cycle the remaining. This module has a separate CSS file to manage the display style. It contains […]

Tiny Carousel Slider Drupal Module

Tiny Carousel Slider is a lightweight carousel image sliding drupal module. This module is using the Tiny Carousel JavaScript jQuery library. It is a lightweight module that gives you an excellent user interface and fast page loading. The sliding interval can be set to slide automatically every given millisecond. Sliding animation time can be set […]

Horizontal Scrolling Announcement Drupal Module

Horizontal Scrolling Announcement drupal module scrolls the content from one end to another end like reel, internally it uses jQuery marquee script to do the action. You can use this module to scroll the text in the drupal block layout. For example, if you want to create scrolling text in breadcrumb you can place this […]

Drop-In Image Slideshow Drupal module

This Drop-In Image Slideshow Drupal module is your regular image slideshow module, except each image is dropped into view. this effect works in all major browsers. The slideshow stops dropping when the mouse is over it. In the admin, we have the option to enter the image folder location, width, and height of the slideshow. […]

Drupal module Continuous Rss Scrolling module

The continuous RSS Scrolling drupal module will create the vertical scrolling text show in the drupal website using the given RSS feed. This will scroll the RSS feed title like reel. The title will scroll one by one in the selected block position. Using this module we can show any RSS feed on our website. […]