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Scrolling down popup plugin

Scrolling down popup plugin create the popup window with drop in scrolling effect. With this plugin we can confirm that particular content on your page gets attention to user.  To display important announcement, an advertisement, or a promotional offer we can use this plugin.

Features of this plugin

  • Simple popup plugin.
  • Easy customization.
  • Scrollable popup effect.
  • Session option to display popup once per session.

Click here to refresh the page to see the popup window again. Check out the  similar popup window plugins WordPress popup, Cool fade popup.

Installation instruction

Method 1

  • Download the plugin scrolling-down-popup-plugin.zip from the download location.
  • Unpack the *.zip file and extract the / scrolling-down-popup-plugin/ folder.
  • Drop the scrolling-down-popup-plugin folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.
  • In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  • You should see your new scrolling down popup plugin plug-in listed.
  • To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Method 2

  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Search scrolling down popup plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ link.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Method 3

  • Download the plugin scrolling-down-popup-plugin.zip from download location.
  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Upload the available scrolling-down-popup-plugin.zip file and click install now.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin configuration

Option 1: Do you want to add the popup to particular pages or posts?

Then use the short code option. Copy the popup short code from the admin content management page and add that code into your pages or posts.

Option 2: Do you want to display the popup into all the pages in the website?

1. Copy the given PHP code and paste it in the “header.php” or  “footer.php” or “sidebar.php” file.

PHP code from version 1.0 to 5.0

<?php if (function_exists (Scrolling_Down_Popup)) Scrolling_Down_Popup(); ?>

PHP code from version 6.0 onwards

<?php SDPopup(RANDOM); ?>

<?php SDPopup(1); ?>

2. Go to admin popup setting page.

3. Configure the popup display page “Popup display setting :”

  • Update “On Homepage” to “YES” if you want to display the popup on home page.
  • Update “On Posts” to “YES” if you want to display the popup on all posts.
  • Update “On Pages” to “YES” if you want to display the popup on all pages.
  • Update “On Search” to “YES” if you want to display the popup on search pages.
  • Update “On Archives” to “YES” if you want to display the popup on all archives pages.

4. Configure the popup content “Display popup content :” (For version 1.0 to 5.0 )

  • Enter the short code for the particular content to display that same content into all the popup.
  • Enter RANDOM if you want to display the random popup content.

4. For version 6.0 onwards

We have option to pass the popup id with in the method.

Example : <?php SDPopup(1); ?>

Plugin short code

Short code from version 1.0 to 3.0


Short code from version 4.0 onwards

[scroll-down-popup id="1"]

Admin pages

Content management page :
Dashboard → Settings → Scrolling Down Popup → Click Content management button

Popup setting page :
Dashboard → Settings → Scrolling Down Popup → Click Popup setting button

Content management page form details

Popup Window Width:  Enter the width of the popup window, this is mandatory field. (Ex: 300)

Position (Left Space):  Enter the required left side space. (Ex: 500). Click here to see the screens.

Position (Top Space): Enter the required top space. (Ex: 200). Click here to see the screens.

Scrolling Speed: Enter the scrolling speed. (Ex: 15)

Popup Window Border: Enter the popup window border as per example. (Ex: 2px solid #666)

Popup Window Close Button Position: Enter the close button position. (Ex: left-top/right-top/left-bottom/right-bottom)

Popup Window Background Color: Enter the background color of the popup window as per example. (Ex: #FFFFFF)

Popup Window Font: Enter the popup window font style as per example. (Ex: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif)

Video tutorial

Video tutorial

Download location


GopiThis is the demo for Scrolling down popup plugin. using this plugin you can add this popup window into your wordpress website. this unblockable popup window you can add your ads, special information, offers and announcements. Close this popup and read the article you can easily configure this plugin in your wordpress website. its very simple. please feel free to post you comments and feedback.


  1. Short code from version 1.0 to 3.0

    Short code : [SCROLL-DOWN-POPUP:1]

    Short code from version 4.0 onwards

    [scroll-down-popup id=”1″]

    In the admin content management page you can find the short code for each popup content

  2. Hello this is just the kind of plugin that I am looking for. I have one question. Is it possible to have this popup show by manually clicking on a link. Can you hyperlink this popup to appear by clicking on a word or image? That would be awesome if you can make it do that as well. Thanks.

  3. This is perfect! Thanks so much for responding to my question about your other plugin by writing this plugin. You’ve done a brilliant job with this.

  4. Hi,
    I installed it and it was working fine before.

    But now somehow the program doesnt work anymore. I deleted it and installed it again, but still the same.

    When I click on settings/scrolling down popup

    I only see:

    Display mode (global setting):
    <script type=

    any ideas?

  5. I added a video from Youtube as a drop down popup, but when you click out, the sound still plays, can you tell me how to make this stop the sound when you click out? or else you have to pause the video and then click out and i think most people will just click out and then the sound will continue to play.
    any help is appreciated.

  6. Hi,
    Nice plugin. I have little problem please help me.
    I copy adsense code/google+1 into content management text box both appears in popup, problem is when close button is clicked only popup window disappears but ad or google+1 remain on page. Can you tell me how to solve this problem???

  7. So in looking at the latest update to your plugin all you have in the changelog is tested up to 3.4. Since there is no 3.4 version of wordpress and I can see many commits you have done to the plugin how are we supposed to know what you have changed to help us make the decision to upgrade or not? Is it going to break something we have set up? How would we know if you aren’t telling what you have changed?

  8. Hello Gopi,

    you’ve really great plugins! I appreciate your work and my question about this plugin: Is it possible to use it as an exit popup?


  9. Great plugin! Works great out of the box! Just wondering, though: Is there any way to get the popup to display only on the default WordPress login page? I’ve tried several methods and can’t get it to work. If it’s not possible, no big deal, just seeing if it can be done. THANKS!

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful plugin. However when the window pops out it just freezes to where it appears. So my concern is, is there any way that when the window appears, it stays at the center and scrollable?

    I look forward to see your reply. Thank you very much. =)


  11. hi,

    I try to put the popup message on the home page, but it is not successful. I follow the instruction, and in the setting, I put the short code as well. But once I press “update setting” the short code id number gone. Do you know what is the reason?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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