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IFrame popup

Iframe popup plugin is specially developed to display any webpage in the popup window using web URL. Iframe popup uses JQuery fancybox extension to display popup in iframe window. This plugin will help you to display popup window easily in your blog. You can easily customize the fancybox popup attributes in the plugin admin page.

Live demo

Live popup will open in 10 second (10 sec after page load). Please refresh the page to view the demo again. It supports all latest browsers versions IE, Firefox, Chrome.

Plugin Feature

  • Lightweight JQuery (fancybox extension).
  • Timeout to open popup.
  • Option to configure once per session.
  • Responsive.

Configuration option

How to show popup in specific page/post?

Use plugin short code to display the popup in specific posts or pages. Just copy and paste the available short code in your post.

Short code 1 : [iframe-popup id="1"]

Short code 2 : [iframe-popup category="Category1"]

If you use the category in the short code, plugin will display one random url in the popup (In the admin you can add more records for the same category, In the front end plugin will display random).

How to show popup in entire website?

Go to widget page and drag and drop the widget IFrame popup into your sidebar, so that popup will display in entire website. (or) Just copy the below PHP code in footer.php file.

<?php iframepopup( $id = "", $category = "" ); ?>

How to show popup only on home page?

Add the below PHP code in your theme footer.php file.

<?php if (is_home()) { iframepopup( $id = "", $category = "" ); } ?>

How to show popup in entire website except home page?

Add the below PHP code in your theme footer.php file.

<?php if (!is_home()) { iframepopup( $id = "", $category = "" ); } ?>

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to display iframe popup window once per session?

Go to Dashboard ==> Settings ==> IFrame popup ==> Setting (Button)

Navigate to above page in the dashboard to configure session option. Here you have option to select session display. Select YES to show popup once per session (Popup never appear again if users navigate to another page)

Q2. What is CATEGORY and ID in the plugin short code?

These two are the options we are using in short code to display the popup. If you want to display any specific popup, use ID in the shot code. If you want to display randomly one popup from the available list, use CATEGORY in the short code.

Go to Dashboard ==> Settings ==> IFrame popup

Navigate to above page in the dashboard to find ID and CATEGORY for your popup.

Q3. How to set/modify popup window size?

While entering popup URL, you have option to select Width (%) and Height (%) of the popup window. In this plugin we use percentage (%) for size, so that popup will work regardless of screen size.

Q4. How to hide/disable popup temporarily?

While entering popup URL, you have option to enter start date and expiration date for the popup window.Popup window will be available only if start date is lesser than equal current date. And expiration date is greater than current date.

Plugin official page


Download location


Video tutorial



  1. Hi,

    There appears to be a bug in the iframe. See my page here

    in FF or Chrome. See in upper right of iframe is three X close buttons. It looks bad.

    Any fix you can tell me?

  2. HI See my website.

    It appears that there is a bug in the iframe. In the upper right of the iframe is three X close buttons.

    Any fix you can tell me?

  3. I intend to use this plugin to open my html5 games. Is possible? But I need to open the popup by click and not automatically? Is there any way to configure this?

  4. Hi Gopi,

    Thanks for the wonderful plugin.

    It works fine on web, but when i open in mobile, my picture got crop, i tried to put width and height 100%, but doesn’t help. Then I tried a jquery fullscreen method, but it still would’t resize to fill the popup box.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks again!!

  5. Hi Gopi,

    Thanks for this amazing plugin,

    I have a question, is that possible to show a wordpress page or post in Popup?

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks again!

  6. Great plugin. I really like the way this loads iFrames, but would like to be able to evoke the modal on any given page by the user clicking a given image or menu item.

    I know that ‘Anything popup’ is meant to do that. But the modals and options in Anything popup are not as elegant as the ‘IFrame Popup’ options.

    Is there some way for me to emulate the appearance of iFrame Popup, AND have the trigger functionality of Anything Popup?

  7. FancyBox script DOES NOT allow iFrame content to be scrolled on tablets.

    Is there a solution ?

  8. I cannot get it to work with Paypal, any suggestions. I have tried multiple links from paypal and the page just shows up blank…

  9. This popup is awesome but it messes my header up. Dont know if the link to my site is available but the images get spread across the whole header and the buttons end up far left.

    Not being a developer I think its possibly something I could change in the header css but not sure? Il probably have a mess but any advice would be helpful.

    Thanks any way the popups superb. If I can get it running … welll cheers

  10. Thanks for the plugin. Is there a way to force window size ? I want to set iframe size to a specific height and width, not a percent…

  11. Hi Gopi,
    Thank you for creating this plugin. I was hoping to get a popup just like the one you created upon clicking a link. is there a shortcode for that?

  12. Thank you for a great plug-in.

    I have two suggestions if I may:
    – Make the session length configurable. By default is a few minutes if I had to guess, but It would be useful to give it 1h / 6h / 1day / 1 week, etc

    – I could not run the plugin along with total cache. The pop-up would show randomly on certain pages disregarding the session setting. Is the plug-in configured to run in a cached environment? If not it would be an amazing feature for a future release.

  13. Is it possible to have the pop-up occur once forever? Or at least as long as the user doesn’t clear their cookies.

    You see, I don’t want the user to be bugged with a popup all the time they come to my web site.


  14. Hi there!

    Anyway to modify position of pop up, looks like this template overlays the top menu over the pop up. I can not find how to edit template. Thanks in advance for your help…Great Plugin!!

  15. I like this plugin, especially for the fact that I can use it to popup iframed information, and other web articles. Which of your plugins would allow me to popup iframed web pages by clicking, rather than on timing? So that the reader gets to a certain spot, there will be a link or button that says “Read More Info” and when they click on it, the popup with the Iframed web page comes up?

  16. First off this is a great plugin so thanks!

    Question: is there a way to make the popup overlay the full website page at 100%?


  17. Php session does not work when site it cached. Set cookie instead?

    I have been trying to get the iframe popup to only show once to a visitor per session, but when my site is cached, the iframe popup keeps showing when the same page is reloaded.

    Is there anyway to use a cookie instead of a php session? Or get this to work when the site is cached?

    Please let me know. Thanks!

  18. Works fine on windows 10 using FF, Chrome, IE etc. Not working properly on my ipad using Safari. Any idea what to do?

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