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News announcement scroll

News announcement scroll wordpress plug-in create a vertical scroll news widget for your wordpress website, This is same as announcement and vertical scroll news wordpress plugin. announcement and vertical scroll news wordpress plugin disappeared suddenly from wordpress directory, so i have created the same plugin with different name. This is very easy to use, no coding knowledge required to customize this plugin. after activated the plugin, drag and drop the widget into the sidebar.

Features of this plugin

  • Easy installation.
  • Widgets, so you can add pretty much anything.
  • Easy style-override system.
  • Expiration date setup.
  • You can add N number of news; it will scroll one by one at front end (vertical scrolling).
  • You can arrange the scrolling news order. Also you can customize the scroll direction.
  • If you want, you can hide the news temporarily.
  • Short code available for pages and posts.

If any problems occur after plugin upgrade from version 1 to version 2 just deactivate the plugin and activate it again. Go to widget menu and drag and drop the plugin widget into your sidebar.

See live demo on sidebar. Now short code available to add plugin. now we can add this scrolling into pages and posts. if you want to display continuous scrolling use continuous announcement scroller plugin.

To configure

  • Go to News Announcement link under setting menu to add/edit/delete the announcement.
  • Go to widget link under appearance menu, Drag & drop news announcement widget to your desired location in the active sidebar.
  • Go to news announcement link under setting menu and click setting page link here you can customize all the announcement front end styles.

Installation Instruction

Method 1

  • Download the plugin news-announcement-scroll.zip from download location.
  • Unpack the news-announcement-scroll.zip file
  • Extract the /news-announcement-scroll/ folder.
  • Drop the news-announcement-scroll folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.
  • In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  • You should see your new news announcement scroll plug-in listed.
  • To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Method 2

  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Search news announcement scroll plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ link.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Method 3

  • Download the plugin news-announcement-scroll.zip from download location.
  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word press admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Upload the available news-announcement-scroll.zip file and click install now.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin configuration

Drag and drop the widget: Go to widget page under appearance tab, drag and drop News announcement scroll widget into your side bar. It’s very easy.

Add directly in the theme: Use this code, <?php if (function_exists (news_announcement)) news_announcement(); ?> to add the plugin to your theme files.

Add the news in the posts or pages: Copy and paste the given short code into pages or posts.

Short code from version 2.0 to 5.0


Short code from version 6.0 onwards

[news-announcement type="widget"]

Frequently asked questions

Q0. How to enter/update the announcement?

Administration → Settings → News announcement scroll → Text management.

Q1. Can i display more news at same time?

Yes, you can add n number of news, it will display one by one at front end (vertical scrolling).

Q2. Can I change the scroll manner from vertical to horizontal?

No, Only vertical scroll.

Q3. Can i arrange the news scroll order?

Yes, you can order, use display order field to arrange the news scroll order.

Q4. Can i hide the any news temporary?

Yes, change the display order status to OFF.

Q5. Can i change the Slide Direction?

Yes, 0=down-up and 1=up-down.

Q6. Can I display announcement in random order?

Yes, Option available.

Q7. Can i customize the all other appearance style?

Administration → Settings → News announcement scroll → Click gallery setting button.

Q8. Why my news content out of range?

In front end widget area, if you see any news content out of area or invisible, it because of height and width of the widget, so you should arrange width and height of the widget in widget configuration area to good look. In default I have fixed width: 180px and height: 100px.

Q9. Is possible to add this scrolling in to pages or posts?

Yes, we have short option to add the scrolling into posts and pages.

Q10. How to add different set of scroll in the same page?

No, Different set of scroll in the same page/post is not possible. but we can add different set of announcement in different page is possible. below example type is used to group the announcement. this option available in the admin text management page.


Short code from version 2.0 to 5.0



Short code from version 6.0 onwards

[news-announcement type="widget"]

Download link


Other text display plugin

Video tutorial

Video tutorial


  1. Hi,

    Very nice plugin. How do you get the news to scroll continuously like your example?

    And, can I have multiple announcements on my site? I want one in the sidebar with one announcement. And then I want to put another announcement on a specific page I have.

    Thank you, jim

  2. Hello, I installed the News announcement scroll
    but It wont insert any announcements in the database and tells me
    “No Announcement Available in Database! Creat New.”

    what can I do to get announcements inserted? the block shows on my front page, the word announcement shows as well, and i write “no announcement available”, it works and it scrolls, but it wont take any new announcements…how do I add new announcements?
    by the way, the items under settings one of them is showing as blank, i believe the settings one.

    any advice would be appreciated

  3. It would be great if there was a small “next” button or text link that could be used by the visitor to manually scroll up/down the next item as an alternative to the “always scroll”. It’s rather busy to have things scrolling all the time.

  4. Gopi,

    Great plug-in!

    Is there any way to change the line-height to open up the leading? That would be a great addition to the settings.

    Thank you for all your hard work.
    Doug Arnold

  5. Hey Gopi,

    Great job with the plugin…

    Is there any way I can change the colors of the borders or remove it?

    Thank you

  6. I want a box around the News Announcements. You say there is a configure button. I do not see it. Please be more specific.

    Thank you for this! It is exactly what I want!

  7. can i change the look of this plugin? now the news announcement turns out that only show the left and right border while news scrolling from bottom to up, how can i show a full frame of this sidebar?

  8. for some reason when activated, this plugin takes my entire site down with an error. its a great widget when it was working. do you plan on upgrading it / fixing it? or is anyone else having the same problem? thanks.

  9. First of all, thanks for a great plugin. I have a question regarding the size settings. I use your plugin where each announcement is just 1 line, and I would like the cell where the plugin is to be 25px. For some reason I am not able to do that. Is the title taking space even if I have nothing in it? Or do you think it has to do with the Atahualpa theme I use?

  10. the plugin is great but i get “No Announcement Available” scroll though i add the two new announcement under manage page. And mine announcement is showing under News in Manage page. status is Yes and expiring date is 0000-00-00. does it support unicode font?

    • @kamal – You, another person earlier, and myself are having the same problem with the “No Announcement Available” message appearing and when you try to add an announcement and click “insert announcement”.. nothing happens.

      I went into the database for my multi-site setup and could not find the tables. So, I went into the PLUGIN code and extracted the CREATE (and other) statements that SHOULD get executed when activating the plugin. Here they are:

      CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS [$wpdb->prefix]news_announcement (
      `gNews_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      `gNews_text` text NOT NULL,
      `gNews_order` int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
      `gNews_status` char(3) NOT NULL default ‘No’,
      `gNews_date` datetime NOT NULL default ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’,
      PRIMARY KEY (`gNews_id`) );

      ALTER TABLE [$wpdb->prefix]news_announcement ADD `gNews_expiration` DATE NOT NULL;

      ALTER TABLE [$wpdb->prefix]news_announcement CHANGE `gNews_text` `gNews_text` text CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL

      You have to replace “[$wpdb->prefix]” with your WordPress site prefix… for mine it was “wp_25_”

      Once I ran these in database… I was able to add the announcements with no problem and they began displaying on website.

      Hope that helps. If it did… click my profile name, visit my site, and please CLICK SOME ADS!

  11. @harald i used widget. which wordpress version you are using? mine is 3.0. I get “no announcement available” even after adding the announcement

    • I use 3.1 and the Atahualpa 3.5.3 theme. I normally use the code and not the widget, but I just tested the widget as well without any problems. I also used wp-ticker, but that plugin killed the sidebar tabs plugin for me. The only reason I used wp-ticker is because I like that fade effect more than the rolling effect, but it is not that big of a deal.

  12. It would be great if you could insert the announcement posting form in a page so you could make it available to other users with out giving them access to the Dashboard

  13. Hi Gopi, thank you very much for your effort.
    I tested it in 3.1.1 italian… it works fine 🙂

    Is it possible to insert more than one news-scroller, with different set of messages?

    • No.. at present we can use the plugin only one time in the site.. if i try to add more then one time its giving me java script conflict error message. so still am working on this …

  14. is it possible to change the background color or insert image at the back? There is no background settings in settings page of the plugin.

  15. Can someone please tell me the main difference between :

    Announcement and vertical scroll news

    Continuous announcement scroller


    News Announcement scrow


    • Announcement and vertical scroll news & News announcement scroll both same plugin. the first plugin automatically gone from wordpress directory so create same plugin with different name.

      Continuous announcement scroller : in this plugin we can show more then 1 record at a time. this is not possible in the other plugin.

  16. Hi,

    Thanks for a great plugin!!
    Is it possible to change the speed of the news, when they roll in. In crome they are very fast.


  17. The transition is very fast i chrome and ie. That is desturbing. Is there any fix to this bug? I would like my transition to be the same in different browser and also be much slower.


  18. I want to use this plug-in to scroll a page which is already setup. Can I/and where do I put the code to make that work? In the page code?

  19. Thanks for all your efforts creating these plugins.

    I have a secure site and when activating the plugin, I get the messsage of dislaying unsecure material.

    Is there a workaround so that plugin can work with https?

    Thank you.

  20. Hi, thanks for the nice and useful widget!
    is it possible to view the news scroll only in predefined/ selected pages rather than in each and every page (using one of those wordpress templates)? if so, how could this be done?
    thanks! Tom

  21. Hi Gopi/anyone!

    I cannot get the news scroller to work at all. It just comes up as blank (the scroller title is “Testimonials” – at the top of the left hand sidebar):


    I have added 5 test items via the settings page. The widget is 200px wide & 300px high. The font colour is black. So I don’t understand why I see nothing. Please can anyone help? This is driving me mad. Many thanks.


  22. This is a fabulous plugin. My only wish is to be able to have different scrollers for different pages. I’ve seen others request that feature as well. Thank you for your work!

  23. Thanks Gopi for another sweet plugin. And thanks for all the others too!
    Like some others though (@Christina, Jim Wurster, and Alberto Scocco etc) who also need different scrollers for different sections, I was wondering whether, instead of having different scrollers (which throws up the javascript problems) perhaps we could group the actual news announcement items into various categories?
    Then the same scroller plugin could be used (so long as it is only once per page) but different pages could call news items from those categories or group ‘id’?
    Personally I have different sections on my site that are managed by different admins, and they all want to make their own announcements. Anyway. Thanks again and God bless you.

    • Am working on this… creating short code for this plugin…. once we created the short code option. we can add diff set of new in each page..

  24. Thanks Gopi. The shortcode functionality will be great. But it could also be worth tagging the actual messages themselves. If they could be grouped into ‘Announcement Groups’ and tagged as such, then each group (or a few at a time) could be easily pulled in by the various scroll boxes.
    I was looking at your Information Reel plugin (http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2011/04/16/wordpress-plugin-information-reel/) which would work really well with the same database of announcements, as each ‘Announcement Group’ could have it’s own image and or title. Therefore you could choose which groups are relevant to appear together in the scroller, and the group images would help to distinguish the messages from one another.
    Eg a A School website might have several scrollers, onwe of which may be a ‘Class Announcements’ scroller which might display Announcements for all different types of classes, each class with it’s own icon and/or small title.
    If that was possible, it might be worth adding a filter so that the user can filter the announcements by each Class, or several of them (eg by checkboxes), and perhaps also giving an option to saving their settings via a cookie for the next time.
    That would be SOME plugin!!!

    • yes, i already started the plugin modification to add SHORT CODE option.. i hope i will complete with in this week end…

  25. Hi All,

    Now plugin new version 2 available with short code option. with this we can add different set of announcement in each posts/page.

    Thanks & regards

  26. I was using the older vertical news announcement plug-in but it just stopped working at some point. So i upgraded to the new “news announcement scroll” version 1. All the text was re-entered, but i couldn’t get it working on the site – i’d see the headline in the widget area, but none of the news pieces (They were set to “yes”). So i upgraded today to Version 2. Now when i enter new news items, they don’t even appear in the text management area at all (and others still don’t scroll on website). I am using WP 3.1.2. Any suggestions to see both the text behind the scenes and on the website?

  27. I have the same problem as Jennifer. I see there’s a new box that says “type” and I don’t know what to enter there. I went to the config panel and it wants to know “widget type,” and I don’t know what to put there either.

    • The new text box TYPE is to group the news content… for example : if you have 10 records(news) you want to display 5 in one page and another 5 in another page.. use this TYPE text box to group the records(news) ie for first 5 records u use “widget1” in the type and another 5 you use “widget2”. now in the short code you have type option to display news with particular type…

      Simply : if you updated this plugin to new version just deactivate and active the plugin and delete the 2 auto news from the text management page and use “widget” in the type box for all other existing records…

  28. Sorry that was poorly worded – if I wanted to use the php code to insert a scroller using only those with a type “widget 2”, how would I do that?

    • For widget, we have type option on widget setting area.. for short code we have type option on the short code itself..

  29. I wonder if you can answer this. I need two different sets of scrolling announcements (news1, news2) to appear in two different sidebars. I’m using the news announcement widget with no problem. I assigned “news1” as the type, and it scrolls flawlessly. Now I need to get “news2” working. I can insert [NEWS:TYPE=news2] into posts and pages and it scrolls perfectly. But if I try to create a text widget with [NEWS:TYPE=news2], it doesn’t work. My other shortcodes do. If I try to insert it directly into my theme with “php echo do_shortcode(‘[NEWS:TYPE=news2]’); ” it doesn’t work. Again, I can use both methods to display other shortcodes, but not this one.

    Is there something in the code that keeps the widget from working outside of a post or page?

  30. I just downloaded today, and I get no announcement. I checked out what john doe posted and I can’t seem to find what he has posted. i have

    `gNews_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    `gNews_text` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL ,
    `gNews_order` int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
    `gNews_status` VARCHAR(3) NOT NULL default ‘No’,
    `gNews_date` datetime NOT NULL default ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’,
    `gNews_expiration` DATE NOT NULL default ‘0000-00-00’,
    PRIMARY KEY (`gNews_id`) )

    What am I missing?

  31. After update the plugin. If any problem in the announcement display.

    1. Deactivate and activate the plugin.
    2. In the widget setting page we have text box to enter “type” name. just make this box empty. if this is empty the plugin will retrieve all content without any type.

    If still problem?? comment the below line from the page “gAnnounce.php”

    if($gNewsAnnouncementtype “”)
    $sSql = $sSql . ” and gNews_type='”.$gNewsAnnouncementtype.”‘”;

    Watch the video tutorial for more help.

  32. Great and useful plugin!
    For the next version: text editor with buttons such as bold, link, etc.. (like the one in the post writing page) can be very useful! 🙂

  33. Great plugin, but since the last update things got bad. I cannot add or modify my announcements.

    How should I use the new “Widget Type” option? I have no clue and i tried many times, but i cannot get it to work! I don’t see any documentation, nor the instructional video helps abt this issue.

    Pls help!

  34. Thank you for the plugin! Is there any way to add easing to the scroll movement? Also, how can I speed up the scrolling? Thank you!!

  35. Oh and here are some ideas to consider when you upgrade the plugin:
    1. Link shortener cause most blogs have long addresses. You could allow people to use google link shortener, bitly, etc
    2. Having a separate rss feed for the announcements (people would love that)
    3. Also, the different categories option needs to be simplified.
    Overall – 4.9/5!

  36. Hello,
    How can I change the expiration date format?
    I want to change it from YYYY-MM-DD to DD-MM-YYYY.

    How can I change it?

  37. Cute Plugin!

    But is there a way so that editors can modify content instead of only an admin? I can use the ‘members’ plugin to assign additional capabilites to roles… but probably a capability has to be created first?

    Thank you!

  38. Ignore my previous Comment. I fixed it myself in the meantime 🙂

    Thanks for this nice and handy plugin!

  39. Well, I got round it by editing various files, below is an edit to “news-announcement-scroll.php”

    function news_announcement_add_to_menu()
    add_menu_page(‘News announcement scroll’, ‘News scroll’, ‘moderate_comments’, __FILE__, ‘news_announcement_admin_options’ );
    add_menu_page(‘News announcement scroll’, ‘Scroll settings’, ‘moderate_comments’, ‘news-announcement-scroll/setting.php’,” );

    Then look through every php file and change every instance of “options-general” to “admin”

    Very crude I know (I am not a coder), but at least my editor can now change news in this plugin.

    Fantastic plugin Gopi, and thanks for sharing it. 😉

  40. I have same question as Christina. Is there anything that would keep the scroller shortcode from working outside of a page and post. Please see site. I can get the short code to work in all the areas but one area of the theme I need most where short code is showing? Placed the php line in the index.php, page and post but need it to show in a specific area which is not recognizing the short code. Thanks for any and all help

  41. Hi Gopi, thanks for the great plugin.

    Was wondering how to add a scroll bar to the side of the widget so the reader can go backwards if required.

    I also can’t get the plugin to work in a second widget on a separate page.


  42. I noticed a “expires” date, but what about a start date for announcements? I’d like to use them for upcoming birthdays, for example.

  43. Hi I installed this nice plugin but am having the same problem as some of the people above. I can add my news items, but they are not showing. I just get the no announcement text. I’m in Thesis, if that makes any difference. I saw there are some fixes above, but they are over my head. Thanks!

  44. Hi. Thanks so much for the news scroller. We use it all the time and it’s awesome. Just wondering if there’s a bug or if I’m doing something wrong on my end. The left/center/right/ justify setting will not work for us. I have tried all of the settings and my scroller still displays the text centered. Also, is there a way to add this scroller on more than one page? It seems I can only add the widget to one page. Am I missing something? Thanks again! This is a VALUABLE tool to us. 🙂

  45. hi,
    great plugin. Really liking it!

    Q: can I tag more than one type? (like: widget, politics)

    1. Next/prev buttons
    2. Stop on mouse hoover
    3. Upcoming news
    4. Print all news


  46. Hi,
    It would be useful if there was version that can be used with gTranslate, moreover it is easy to do so, because it is only one line of code. In my installation I changed file gAnnounce.php with following line of code:

    $Ann = $Ann . “[”,'”.$data->gNews_text.”‘,”],”;

    was replaced with:

    $Ann = $Ann . “[”,'”. __($data->gNews_text).”‘,”],”;


  47. hi,

    I’m trying to setup this plugin by inserting it into a specific page. I typed the code “[NEWS:TYPE=widget] and it’s display that exact code on my page? What am I doing wrong?

  48. hi, i set the text-align to right, but is stays on the left. it happens only on this specific site (www.hishtakfut.com). how can I solve this?

    PS can I add a border to the news box?


    • You need to change in CSS:
      text-align:right; /* it is currently left! */
      file is:

      I checked it and it works.

  49. Hi,

    Is it possible to change the location of the “plugin admin” and remove it from the settings TAB?
    My goal is that user with editor level will be able to use this plugin without the need for admin privileges

  50. can I put html code in this plugin in order to display affiliate links? If so how.. I used your other plugin Announcement and vertical scroll news but after my site crashed I could not find it any more. So will this plugin work – if not do you have one???

    • When you add html to the message test it adds your website before http://. Your site needs to be dropped so html displays properly. The old Announcement and vertical scroll news did this and worked great… I think I had ver. 7

  51. only “no announcements available” keeps displaying even though i try to create or insert a new announcement. please help, i’m a newbie in wordpress.

    i’d really love to have this plugin work for me. thanx

  52. Love your plugin but want to get rid of the white border. I see this post but don’t understand how to insert. Help?

    Edit the “news-announcement-scroll/gAnnounce/gAnnounce.js”

    find the , add ” style=’border:0;’ .

  53. I like this plugin. I like that it has a big space on the creation/edit box (on text management).. I hope it has an option of continuous scrolling.. The only thing I dont like in the other plugin “Continuous announcement scroller” is that it has one line for editing and I don’t like that fact that all the paragraph is a link. Anyway, hope there would be some more options on this plugin in the future. Good Luck!

  54. Hi,

    Great plugin, I classified the widget under “Mainpage Tab”, however I encountered the following script errors on my website.www.projects.com.sg/wpsite1/

    v_font=’verdana,arial,sans-serif’; v_fontSize=’11px’; v_fontSizeNS4=’11px’; v_fontWeight=’normal’; v_fontColor=’#000000′; v_textDecoration=’none’; v_fontColorHover=’#FFFFFF’;// | won’t work v_textDecorationHover=’none’;// | in Netscape4 v_top=0;// | v_left=0;// | defining v_width=180;// | the box v_height=100;// | v_paddingTop=0; v_paddingLeft=0; v_position=’relative’;// absolute/relative v_timeout=3000;//1000 = 1 second v_slideSpeed=1; v_slideDirection=0;//0=down-up;1=up-down v_pauseOnMouseOver=true;// v2.2+ new below v_slideStep=1;//pixels v_textAlign=’center’;// left/center/right v_textVAlign=’middle’;// top/middle/bottom – won’t work in Netscape4 v_bgColor=’transparent’;

    Please advise.

  55. Great plug in.
    As a suggestion you can control the speed of the scroll by changing “v_slideSpeed=1;” in gAnnounce.php file. The higher the number the slower the movement. I found “v_slideSpeed=12;” to be perfect for what I need and much better than “v_slideSpeed=1;”

  56. Good job!
    Works in Hebrew – out of the box!, unlike many others…

    The announcemnet editor is somewhat limited, however – using the post/page editor + copy/paste makes the difference.


  57. Hello,

    I like the demo, but sadly the plugin does not show 3 messages as shown in the demo. Where and what do I need to edit to make this work?
    Also the Border removement advisory is not precise enough.
    Anyone can help?

    Thanks! Christoph

  58. 🙂 u also can create like this.. how?

    in one records i have created this 3 messages.. actually it display 1 message only.. but i have combined 3 messages into 1 record…

    also u can see information reel plugin… i tink that is u want exactly..

  59. The widget doesn’t seem to allow me to use WordPress conditional tags. If I enter a tag to hide the widget to logged in users (e.g. !is_user_logged_in() ) and hit save, the tag disappears. it just doesn’t save in this particular widget but works fine in all others.

  60. A nice plugin, really like it and was easy to install. However, is there a way I can show more than one news on the front end at one point of time? At the moment, it shows just one.

    Also, any tips on reducing the scroll speed?

    Thanks in advance.

  61. The plugin was working great until I recently wanted to add more announcements (had 3 entered previously and need to add 3 more). With the addition of the Announcement Type requirement, I can’t add new announcements or edit pre-existing announcements.

    Is this 3.3 compliant? Are there others having a similar problem?

    • I’m experiencing the same problem as Melissa, after hitting Save with the appropriate Widget Logic code inserted it wipes the field, leaving it blank. Any suggestions?

  62. I’m experiencing the same problem identified by many others above. The Text Management interface isn’t allowing me to insert new announcements or to edit old announcements. Are you creating a fix? This is a huge problem. Please advise. Love the widget otherwise. Thanks!

    • Although messy and not good CSS practice (better to use external stylesheet), use inline style and place the div for example with style attribute around your news announcment


      Apple iPad 4 now available.

  63. Hi, I noticed when I zoom in and out on this page of the demo you have for this Continuous Announcement Scroller plugin, why does it scroll smoothly, when I don’t zoom in to 100%, it’s jerky in scrolling?

    Let me know

  64. Hi. I’m using your news scroller in my site which is currently under development on my MAMP server. Anyhow, I noticed that the news scroller works really well in Chrome but the scrolling action in Firefox chugs along at a pretty slow rate. Is there a cause for this that I can fix?

  65. hello. i would like to ask if the news scroller can support Right to Left Input of text? For example, for Persian language (farsi), sentences are entered from right to left, unlike English.

    If possible, could you please tell me how to configure it? Thank you!

  66. Hi there, I am having problem to add the widget to the sidebar. It’s stated as ‘There are no options for this widget.’
    It would be grateful if you could help me.

  67. How come the plugin only shows “No Announcement Available”? I have already added the news to the text management but it is still not showing anything.

  68. I want to be able to insert a link in the announcement. I noticed a number of other people asking about this but there is never an answer. Can someone help???

  69. It’s great plugin…

    I use it in my current project. I have cutomize dash board for my client and I dont want to give him access to setting tab.

    Is it possible to change the location of the “plugin menu” and remove it from the under settings TAB?

    or, “Go To Text maasse”btn other place and “Go To Gallery Setting” btn under Setting tab.

    So that user with editor/Author level will be able to use this plugin without the need for admin privileges and admin can only chang the gallery setting.

    Can you help please so I can customige the plugin….

  70. Hi,
    Great plugin. Have everything set up nicely in my sidebar: speed, colour, links to feedback page. The only adjustment I’d like to make is to justify the text so it is squared on both margins (currently it is left aligned)..

    Any clues of where to make the change would be really helpful and much appreciated.

      • Thanks for getting back.

        I have version 8.0 installed, but there is no option for justified text in text management or scroller settings. Do I need to change a value in the continuous-announcement-scroller/setting.js ?

  71. Resolved.

    I found this line in the scroller php file: “text-align:left ….. and changed ‘left’ to ‘justify’ Voila!

    <div style="text-align:left;vertical-align:middle;text-decoration: none;overflow: hidden; position: relative; margin-left: 1px; height: ;” id=”cas_Holder”>

    Thanks again for great plugin.

  72. Hello,
    it is very cool plugin, BUT in all IE versions scrolling too slow. In other browsers it works fine.
    How can I fix it?

  73. Hello Gopi

    Very nice plugin

    I would like to have the news only in the front page. I use Widget Logic to sort widget.

    But with your plugin, widget logic do not work to sort it.

    How i can put the news scroll only in the front page without using the sortcode “[NEWS:TYPE=widget]”

    thanks in advance

  74. I am in the process of setting up my blog and wanted a announcement plugin that is easy to set up and wasn’t totally in your face. All your options are excellent and what really helped was the fact that you provided a demo for each one. Having no “tech” capability whatsoever, I am thankful and admire what you do. Excellent job!

  75. hi,

    this is great plugin works fine in wordpress multi site .But I want to handle data from single table instead of creating multiple tables in multisite. If it is possible let me know how to do this for wordpress multisite and also how announcements willbe distiguish?

  76. Hi,
    Any way to place the plug-in on the right side of a page? I have placed it on the front page of a site and it appears left top. I have tried several HTML commands, but can’t find the correct one to position it elsewhere.


  77. hi there how are you ? nice plugin and im a fan of some of them

    i have already donated couple of times.

    with this plugin its working fine

    all i need is to figure out the background color or background image.
    i see posts about it but nothing that tells me where to add the css.

    i checked the files of the plugin in my ftp. i have no idea what folder and line to add or change the css.

    please advise. thank you very much in advance

  78. hi,
    we are using this plugin and it is realy fantastic.
    One issue we are having is that it is not working together with WPML in oder to have mutilingual support of announcements. I had a support ticket launched with WPML and they have stated “… unfortunately it stores its data in a separate table other than wordpress's default designated tables for storing plugin data i.e _news_announcement table.
    To achieve compatibility of this plugin, we would have to work with the plugin author following a program where we gladly work with all plugin authors to achieve compatibility.
    You could interest the plugin outhor of your plugin by pointing him to it here.
    Could you please try to acchieve compatibility with WPML, it would be appreciated.

  79. How do I change styling of box? I want to remove the gray line that is on top of the text moving in……..and the background color.


  80. Can the background color be changed or set to transparent? I don’t see a style sheet or an option available in “settings.” Thank you!

  81. I’m having a problem with my plugin. I’m trying to update the newsfeed but every change I make isn’t saving and is not showing up in the scroll. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall the plugin? I’m taking this project over from someone else who set it up and I feel like they created settings that make the plugin useless and I want to use it!! Thanks for the help!

  82. Great plugin! Is it possible to filter news announcements by member/non-member status. We would like to keep the announcements together, but only certain items viewable to non-members…members can see all of the announcements. Is that possible?
    Thank you!

  83. I have your plugin working nicely on one of my dev sites but would like to have it validate.

    There is one problem with validation which is spaces in the ID name in the container DIV

    Trying to figure out where to fix this as I’m a stickler for valid code but have not found where.

    Code in question:

    DOCTYPE DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional
    W3C says – value of attribute “id” must be a single token

    This attribute cannot take a space-separated list of words as a value, but only one word (“token”).


  84. Has anyone been able to make this editable by with a lower than admin user role? I would like an editor or contributor be able to add in news stories. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  85. Dude im not too versed with CSS and i want to remove the border. can you please paste what I should “search for” and also “replace with” here REF: Edit the “news-announcement-scroll/gAnnounce/gAnnounce.js”

    I can seem to be able to do the simple :

    “Edit the “news-announcement-scroll/gAnnounce/gAnnounce.js”

    find the , add ” style=’border:0;’ . “

  86. Let me start by saying this plugin does EXACTLY what I needed it to do. It allows me to order my posts in descending order, which is great.

    However, today I entered a news announcement in my WordPress dashboard, and it is not showing up on my website.

    Please look at http://www.kentuckydetective.com, about the middle of the page. I entered an announcement dated 12/7/2012, and it is not showing up at all. The scroll starts with the announcement I entered on 12/5/2012. I have the correct display order on it. Not sure why it’s not showing up.


  87. Hi,
    Everything was working perfectly until I tested a different font size. I changed it to from 11px to 13px and when I updated the site all the posts disappeared! I changed it back to 11px and deactivated and deleted the program and reinstalled and still not working anymore. Im on latest 3.5 wordpress.
    I currently have your continuous plugin installed at the moment to get me over this issue.

    So at the moment it is just showing the Header on the site which I renamed to “News” – is there a bug on latest wordpress?


  88. Thanks Gopi – really like this plugin! Just 2 questions…
    1. Can I change the transition/scroll speed? and
    2. Have you considered putting a text editor widget into the Dashboard area? It would be really cool if I could create quick annoucements on the fly like the QuickPress widget.

  89. The announcements do not scroll anymore. I have about 5 announcements and only one scrolls and remains there forever. I cant figure out what the problem is.

  90. I am using lattest version of WP – 3.5.1 and this plugin version 6 which works fine when used from the widget or inserted as a PHP function on page. However is not added to post/page when included on php file as a short code – [news-announcement type=”widget”].
    I have other plugin which is added to page by adding a short code in page.php which works fine.

  91. Hi, Gopi

    Is it possible to pause the scroll? People have asked if that is possible to take notes, for example. Could you write in a “Pause on hover” command?

    Great plug-in.

    Thank you,

  92. Thanks for creating this plug-in!

    I have a bug to report. When putting in an apostrophe all the text after the apostrophe disappears in the title. Also, I am using Cyber Chimps Eclipse theme, the announcement gets halved horizontally when it is a widget if you remove it from side bars.


  93. We keep hearing the same question but every answer seems to duck the question. How do you change the background color? There seems to be no .css file included. I’ve used a to control the background of the individual announcements, but the edge still leaves a padding or margin of some sort that reveals the old color. Basically, I have what looks like a black box within a grey box.

    Please answer without referring me to some miscellaneous sheet somewhere that we can’t find.

    (P.S. I’m not attacking. This is a great plugin.)

  94. Sorry, but all I get is “No Announcement Available.” I’ve input 4, but none will show up no matter what I do. Can you advise? Thanks!

  95. Never mind my question, I figured it out. The css is the css of my theme, not the plugin. I altered the tbody th and td, as well as the .widget class. Anyone who wants to change the background and so forth should look at the tables in their theme’s css. The rest can be done inline in the plugin options tabs.

  96. Hi,
    I installed the plugin “news annoucement scroll” on my website but perhaps I did not configured it well because it doesn’t work correctly.
    I explain:
    Installation and activation is not a problem. I then stick the small piece of php code in the file named sidebar.php of the theme. (in fact, I did not understand in which file I had to stick it, perhaps it’s for this reason that it doesn’t work!)
    The plugin works but I cannot choose its position in the sidebar, it stays in first position, regardless of the position of other widgets.
    Can you help me please?
    I do not speak fluent English, so in advance I apologize if the message contains some syntactical errors.

    Thank you very much.

  97. hello,
    how can we assign a group (eg widget) in a theme.
    I tried this but it does not work

    This is to use the module in two boxes but with different info

  98. hello, how can we assign a group (eg widget) in a theme. I tried this but it does not work “”
    This is to use the module in two boxes but with different info

  99. Sorry

    hello, how can we assign a group (eg widget) in a theme. I tried this but it does not work “”
    This is to use the module in two boxes but with different info

  100. hello, how can we assign a group (eg widget) in a theme. I tried this but it does not work
    This is to use the module in two boxes but with different info

  101. After upgrading, this widget is working but I cannot add more news. I dezactivated the plugin, reactivated again and the same. It is not saving any “new” news. What can I do ???

  102. No error. Simply, I got your plugin, I have installed it and everithing use to work fine. Couple of weeks ago I have upgraded it (wordpress announced me there is a new version) and now I cannot add any news. I have 8 news, the plugin displays them properly, but when I try to ad a new one, the plugin seems to be ok but it displays ontly the 8 old news.

  103. After upgrading I cannot delete the olds news and the Display order cannot be more that 99, before it was 999. I desactivated the plugin, reactivated and I have 3 news in differents languages that I change entitled because I cannot delete. Please help me. Thank you.

  104. Hi Pupezica & Moineau

    Please send me the error screens. May i know what error your getting when you delete the records? Soon, i will update the MaxLength column for the order text box.

  105. How do I remove the border? I’m not very advanced with code and didn’t understand the “search for ,” reference made in an earlier post.

  106. Hi,

    I cannot delete items at all. This is rather urgent, since my site needs to launch next week. I have tried deactivating and activating, but the generic news items have only doubled — and I can’t delete any of them!!

    When I mouse over “delete” I get this:


    So something is not working in the delete function. Could you please look into this and fix ASAP? Thank you!

  107. Hey Im a newbie but, when its says the configuration Add directly in to the theme using PHP…. code.

    Add directly in the theme: Use this code, to add the plugin to your theme files.

    which file is that exactly

  108. I love the News scroll and have used it for the past 18 months to display quotes from conference attendees on my conference pages. About two weeks ago, I lost my widget context and the scroll began appearing on every single page of my website. No matter what I try with widget context — show only here, don’t show there, hide everywhere, show on these selected pages — the scroll appears everywhere, instead of on the pages I have selected.

    Any ideas…?

    Rick A.
    Pleasanton CA

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