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6. Vertical scroll recent post

Vertical scroll recent post

Vertical scroll recent post plugin scroll the recent post title in the widget, the post scroll from bottom to top vertically. This is the best and fashionable way to show all the latest post to user. No coding language knowledge required to setup this plugin. Activate the plugin and drag and drop the widget into the sidebar. We have optional option to choose the particular category and order by option to scroll.

Features of this plugin

  • Scroll recent post.
  • Option to set number of post to scroll.
  • Scrolling so it occupies less space.
  • Option to choose category.
  • Option to select order.

Live demo available on sidebar. Want to scroll the recent user comments instead of recent post? Use my vertical scroll recent comments wordpress plugin to scroll the recent comment in the widget.

Plugin configuration

Method 1

Drag and drop the widget: Go to widget page under appearance tab, Drag and drop vertical scroll recent post widget into your side bar. It’s very easy.

Method 2

Add directly in the theme: Use this code, <?php if (function_exists (vsrp)) vsrp (); ?> to add the gallery to your Theme files.

Want to scroll the recent registered users instead of recent post? Use my vertical scroll recent registered user wordpress plugin to scroll the registered users in the widget.

Installation instruction

Method 1

  • Download the plugin vertical-scroll-recent-post.zip from download location.
  • Unpack the vertical-scroll-recent-post.zip file
  • Extract the /vertical-scroll-recent-post/ folder.
  • Drop the vertical-scroll-recent-post folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.
  • In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  • You should see your new vertical scroll recent post plug-in listed.
  • To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Method 2

  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Search vertical scroll recent post plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ link.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Method 3

  • Download the plugin vertical-scroll-recent-post.zip from download location.
  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word press admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Upload the available vertical-scroll-recent-post.zip file and click install now.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Admin setting page

  • Each title height in scroll: This is the height the single title, this field is required to smooth scroll.
  • Display number of post at the same time in scroll: This field is to display no of post title at the same time in the front end.
  • Enter max number of post to scroll: This is to fetch number of post title from database to display.
  • Enter Categories: This field is to filter the post category (Category IDs, separated by commas.).
  • Enter Orderbys: This field is to display the post order in front end.  (Example: ID/author/rand/date/category).
  • Enter order: Display order (descending/ascending).

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Where to update the plugin setting?

Dashboard → Settings → Vertical scroll recent post

Q2. How to update number of recent posts to scroll?

In the setting page we have option to update this number.

Q3. How many number of recent posts title will display at same time?

In default it will show 5. In the setting page we have option to update this number.

Q4. Why only few characters display in scroll title?

In default it will show only 50 character. In the setting page we have option to update this number.

Download link


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  1. Hi there. Thanks for these awesome plugins! Curious if I can have the Vertical Recent Posts Scroller show the associated featured image (thumbnail) as well? Or were I can configure it to show excerpts and such. Thanks!

  2. Hi Gopi.
    I can’t see the posts scrolling after the Plugin installed. Perhaps somethings wrong in K2 theme?
    thanks for your great works.

    • I think in your page some more java script plugin or slidshow is there, so it crash each other, if possible send me the link, we will check.

      • I have your scroller implemented here on my homepage. It’s great and exactly what I want, however, I’m too am wanting this to slow down. Is this implemented yet? Is there a place to specify this in the .js or .php files?


    • Yeah … that would be VERY useful. Right now it scrolls past fast enough to distract from the page being viewed. If it could be slowed down to 5-10 seconds between changes my reader on a commercial site would see that other information is available, but not overlook the fact that I want them to call the company to schedule a service call.

      The link I gave is temporary only … good for about a week while I develop the site.

  3. Hi is this plugin supported? I’m having an issue with conflicts I need to get resolved or try and find a different plugin.

  4. Hy! You have the only recent posts plugin, which really displays lastly edited posts. But its hard to customize it, because the Title links are using templates main links css settings, instead of css which is oriented for sidebar widgets.
    I dont have enough kowledge to fix this…
    But yet another question is, ho to add a little image(for example red dot) before title?

  5. installed vertical-scroll-recent-post on a demo/trial site.
    Wondering if there was a way to control the size of the widget, as well as speed, how many characters are displayed etc.


  6. Really disappointed you didnt answer my question or address the issue I was having with this plugin after it took you two weeks to respond. Clearly this plugin is not supported so I’ll have to find another one to use.

    • At present we don’t have option to display post thumbnail, i ll try this in the next version.
      its very hard to include thumbnail in the scroll , bcos all image size should be in the same size then only it ll scroll smoothly.

      • Dear Gopi,

        I have some opinion about this great plugins, like:-
        1. Title, Post thumbnails, Date, Author, Content excerpt with read more.
        2. General user can change these value by clicking check-box in option area.
        3. .Make a drop-down box in widget area, by this user can select which category they want to scroll.

        Don’t worry about image size while scrolling, i think image size should be same when it scrolling.

        If need any volunteer service, please don’t hesitate to knock me.


    • Give the guy a break, he’s giving you free code and you just expect him to bow down and work for you for free whenever YOUR website is having problems.

      Show some respect.

    • Oh, and the width is controlled by the sidebar whose width is controlled by the themes CSS file. We could also help with that, but it would be illogical to build something that changes the width of the side into a plugin as it would affect every other widget in the sidebar. You either want to do that with care, or not at all unless you do CSS regularly.

  7. Same issue as sgscalese, Bill Canaday, 2010 and vladimir prieto, whenever the widget is put in place all of my internal links stop working. Would love to get this sorted as well as being able to change the speed of the scroll.

    Hope to be able to reuse it soon.

  8. I used your code in a template for the homepage but once it is activated my home page cannot be displayed as a static page but reverts everything underneath back to the blog page. Is it specific to the template I am using or can I fix it somehow I really like the plugin- I am using WordPress 3.0.2 multi user

  9. Hi! I installed your ” Vertical scroll recent post !
    However, it has some bugs!!
    When I click the latest posts, my index page posts wrong!
    My web is chinese version. can you fix it and provide your solution?

  10. Hi nice plugin thx,
    i’ve 4 page of posts. using ur plugin causes changing pages don’t show the other posts, it’s always showing last 10 posts (per page).
    it’s a problem plz help me….

  11. Hi Gopi,

    Cool plugin. It’s only missing one thing, in my opinion: being able to display a little excerpt of the post body, and ideally with an option in the control panel for how many words/characters to display.

    If you have input on how to get this done I would love to know.


  12. I have the last version, the plugin doesn’t take into account my selection of category ID.
    I fill into the ‘Enter Categories’ field the category ID: recipe (category name= Recipes). But all my posts appear.

  13. thanks for this plugin! very useful:-)
    I was wandering, for some reason the scrolling effect on my site isn’t smooth like it is here on your site
    the scroller is on the right, under the calendar.
    i tried to change the hight of the box, the scrolling speed and the font size but no luck.
    another question, is it possible to add the expert or description part of the posts to show up too?
    something like your ‘Continuous announcement scroller’ plugin, only with posts.

    • I saw the given link.. it seems like working fine… if any problem in the scroll u have to change the height of the scroll…

  14. Hi,

    just wondering if this works with WordPress custom posts/listings rather than just standard blog posts?


  15. Hi;

    Is there any way to widen the title display?

    I have my “div.vsrp_div a” set to 350px, but the text cuts out at about 255px. Anything i

  16. Hi;

    Is there any way to widen the title display?

    I have my “div.vsrp_div a” set to 350px, but the text cuts out at about 255px. Anything i can do?


  17. When I activate this plugin it scrolls like it should, but no matter which page I go to, it pulls in the content from the posts rather than the actual page’s content. I would appreciate any help you could give.

  18. Hello, is it possible to show random post instead of recent post ? Can you give me the new code please ?

    Thank you very much, nice work

  19. After I intalled plugin, the post content of category which is I selected to scroll in plugin is displaying in all pages content area..

  20. is there a way i can put the category name in the scrolling part… and i display the latest news for each category. Will really appreciate if you can help.

  21. Hi,firist of all,thanks your for your fantastic plugin.
    I have a question:Dose vsrp show the post time along with the title?????

  22. Q4. Why only few characters display in scroll title?

    In default it will show only 50 character. In the setting page we have option to update this number.

    Why do I not see this option in the settings?

    • Alex,
      I have the same problem that you have but I just solved it.
      1. Open vertical-scroll-recent-post.php file
      2. go to Line 55
      3. you will see this line: $vsrp_post_title = substr($vsrp_post_title, 0, 130);
      4. change (130) to any characters you want it to display.


  23. I installed this plugin – but whenever this plugin is sets for the right sidebar – my pages disappear and it shows only my posts on main page. The function that suppose to pull the pages data is “have_posts” – and it seems to be empty. Does this plugin uses it? clear it in someway?
    It doesn’t happen when it sets for the left sidebar.
    What could be the problem?

    • I found a fix:
      Modify vertical-scroll-recent-post.php:
      replace query_posts with get_posts (line 41 in my version).
      Good luck.

      • This fix worked for me also! Thanks Gil,
        i was having problems when browsing the site, the plugin messed with the page contents replacing it with a list of 10 recent posts.
        Great plugin,

        i look forward how to add the post date next to the post title.. any suggestions?

  24. I have wpml translation running on my site and want to know if there’s a way I can have multiple instances of the widget in my sidebars. As it stands, the widget can only be used once at a time 🙁

    If I can get this to work, I can use the widget logic plugin to specify which widget I want to appear for a specific language.

    Please help!

  25. Hi –
    First of all, thank you for the (potentially) great plug in. I say ‘potentially’ because I also experience the problem of the posts replacing the main content on the page where the plugin is displayed in the sidebar.
    The scrolling and all of the functionality works but unfortunately the posts replacing the main content is a huge problem.
    I tried the ‘fix’ suggested by but that doe not fix it.
    Do you (or anyone) have a solution to this problem by any chance?

  26. Please make it possible to also EXCLUDE categories (by using the minus-sign “-“?), so that posts with that category don’t appear on the website page. It’s too much hassle to name all but one category to show…
    I need to exclude the category “Archive” !!
    Great plugin!
    Thank you!

  27. After activating this plugin it disappears from the available list of plugins at left side so that means it is not re-usable at any other place.

    Please confirm and also pls let me know how can it be re-used at different places e.g. Page Sidebar and Blog Sidebar, both.


  28. Any way to have the scroll direction reversed?

    So that the items scroll down the page instead of up?

    Love the plugins! Thanks for sharing them.

  29. Hi
    How can i add the post content inside the scroll by edit the plugin? (max 100char) or if is possible mail me the instruction

    thx for your work

  30. How do you change the SPEED of the scrolling?
    its moving fairly too fast on certain posts..
    This plugin in nice, but i need to know, how do you configure the speed?!?!!
    Please Help

  31. Hello there,

    We have implemented your Vertical Scroller to our website: http://www.slarc.com.

    However when you hover over it to read the title it keeps scrolling. Is there a way to make it pause when mouse is hovered over the scroller?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated or just automatically added in the next update.

    Thanks for the great plugin!


  32. Is there anyway to add more than one of this plugin on the page – for example – i want a latest news scroll and a latest events scroll on the same page (not sidebar which works perfectly btw thnk u).

  33. >>Q4. Why only few characters display in scroll title?

    >>>In default it will show only 50 character. In the setting page we have option to update this number.

    I’m not able to see this option in the setting page. Why?

  34. Do you want to have also thumbnaiil in scroller?

    1. Go to scroll-post-excerpt.php
    2. Find row with code: $get_permalink = get_permalink($spe_data->ID);
    3. Add new row and write: $get_img = get_the_post_thumbnail($spe_data->ID);
    4. In the row find code starting with “$spe_x = $spe_x”….
    5. All this code replace with this:

    $spe_x = $spe_x . “spe_array[$spe_count] = ‘$spe_post_title$get_img$spe_dp_clean…’; “;

    • Dear,

      Would you please write code exactly plugins format?

      Please keep variable & others same as plugins.


  35. I have implemented your Vertical Scroller to our website.

    Is there a way to make it pause when mouse is hovered over the scroller?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  36. @mr. gopi and everyone : sorry bad english and newbie.. 😀
    is there a way to make height each title based on margin to the text? not each title have same height.. thanks.. 🙂

    • In the admin we have option to arrange the height. We are scrolling the message continuously so we cant set diff diff height for each post.

  37. Anyway to get it to scroll up or down should the user want to?

    I was looking for a scrollABLE plugin and this scrollING just looks great, I would love to use it but my users woud want the option to see previous posts by mouse scrolling instead of watching I’m sure. Any ideas?
    Thanks for your hard work!

  38. plugin is just what i was looking for.

    one issue i am finding, the scroll animation is a bit choppy. It moves the top text up about 3 px, then back down before changing. Seems like a JS setting that can be changed.

    can you advise?

  39. hey… you know how can i make this amazing plugin to show the text from right to left?(rtl instead of ltr)
    like for hebrew/arabic languages?

    • Add the below class in your CSS file

      .vsrp_div {
      font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
      font-style: italic;
      font-weight: bold;

    • Add the below class in your CSS file and add your style for this class.

      .vsrp_div {
      font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
      font-style: italic;
      font-weight: bold;

  40. Hello
    I really need some help figuring out how to get the plugin to work according to the following:

    I have a wordpress mult-site. My client will post new events on the blog of the main site builditbackwards.com. I am using a plugin called http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/autoblog/ which pulls the posts from the main blog and posts them in the other sites on the network.

    Then I use the Vertical Scroll Recent Posts plugin to show these events in the widget area. However, the plugin only pulls in the recent posts one time. If I need to delete or edit an existing post from the main site, it doesn’t update on the other sites.

    How can I get this to work so that if I edit a post or delete it, it will update?


  41. Great work on this!
    As a lot of people were asking about adding the featured image, but not really giving full answers/explanations, I thought I would post the full, modified spe_show function from the scroll-post-excerpt.php file.
    This mods include: a linked, left floated featured image that is sized to 38px by 38px.

    function spe_show()
    global $wpdb;
    $spe_html = “”;
    $spe_x = “”;
    $num_user = get_option(‘spe_select_num_user’);
    $dis_num_user = get_option(‘spe_dis_num_user’);

    $dis_num_height = get_option(‘spe_dis_num_height’);
    $spe_select_categories = get_option(‘spe_select_categories’);
    $spe_select_orderby = get_option(‘spe_select_orderby’);
    $spe_select_order = get_option(‘spe_select_order’);
    $spe_excerpt_length = get_option(‘spe_excerpt_length’);

    $num_user = 5;
    $dis_num_height = 30;
    $dis_num_user = 5;
    $spe_excerpt_length = 150;

    $spe_data = query_posts(‘cat=’.$spe_select_categories.’&orderby=’.$spe_select_orderby.’&order=’.$spe_select_order.’&showposts=’.$num_user);

    if ( ! empty($spe_data) )
    $spe_count = 0;
    foreach ( $spe_data as $spe_data )
    $spe_post_title = trim($spe_data->post_title);
    $spe_post_title = mysql_real_escape_string($spe_post_title);

    $get_permalink = get_permalink($spe_data->ID);
    $get_img = get_the_post_thumbnail($spe_data->ID, array(38,38) );

    $spe_dp_clean = spe_dp_clean($spe_data->post_content, @$spe_excerpt_length);
    $spe_dp_clean = mysql_real_escape_string($spe_dp_clean);

    $dis_height = $dis_num_height.”px”;
    $spe_html = $spe_html . “”;
    $spe_html = $spe_html . “$spe_post_title“;
    $spe_html = $spe_html . “$spe_dp_clean…”;
    $spe_html = $spe_html . “”;

    $spe_x = $spe_x . “spe_array[$spe_count] = ‘$spe_post_title$get_img $spe_dp_clean…’; “;

    $dis_num_height = $dis_num_height + 4;
    if($spe_count >= $dis_num_user)
    $spe_count = $dis_num_user;
    $spe_height = ($dis_num_height * $dis_num_user);
    $spe_count = $spe_count;
    $spe_height = ($spe_count*$dis_num_height);
    $spe_height1 = $dis_num_height.”px”;

    <div style="text-align:left;vertical-align:middle;text-decoration: none;overflow: hidden; position: relative; margin-left: 1px; height: ;” id=”spe_Holder”>

    var spe_array = new Array();
    var spe_obj = ”;
    var spe_scrollPos = ”;
    var spe_numScrolls = ”;
    var spe_heightOfElm = ”; // Height of each element (px)
    var spe_numberOfElm = ”;
    var spe_scrollOn = ‘true’;
    function spe_createscroll()

    spe_obj = document.getElementById(‘spe_Holder’);
    spe_obj.style.height = (spe_numberOfElm * spe_heightOfElm) + ‘px’; // Set height of DIV


    echo "No data available!”;

    • Add this class definition in your CSS file. also you can update this class.

      .vsrp_div {
      font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
      font-style: italic;
      font-weight: bold;

  42. Hi, this plugin was working great on my site, however after updating wordpress the comments no longer scroll, could you please help me resolve the problem?

    I tried re-installing the plugin but it didn’t work.

  43. Your plugin does not support multiple instances. How can I enable this feature? My website is in two languages and I need to have two instances of the widget.

  44. Hello!
    Thanks for your work!

    Just wondering whether this widget could be used in only one sidebar?
    After I drag it into a sidebar, it got missing from the widget list, so I can;t add it to another sidebar.

    Besides, when I install it by add the code to my template, the scroll window works good but the title is just missing. How should I add it back?


  45. hallow, i have installed the plugin and activated, i can see the heading but post are not scrolling, i saw the someone TANGO had the same problem…
    Yes my theme has image scroll at the header, a hard coded one, not plugin, is that the problem…?
    it is in localhost, how can I solve the issue…?!

  46. Working with this great plugin. Please tell me how to add “post date” to the end of the permalink as it scrolls up.

    thank you for the plugin and any help you may be able to provide.

  47. Hi,

    How can I adjust the layout of the plugin? I currently only see plain text and no border or other decoration. I also don’t see a CSS file and there is also no cusomization option in the settings menu. How to solve this?

    Thanks in advance

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