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Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow

Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow plugin lets you showcase images in a horizontal scroll style. Scroll will start automatically. Slideshow will pause on mouse over. Most of the user requested this type of scroll so I have created this plugin.

Features of this plugin

  • Easy to customize.
  • Support all browser.
  • Automatically pauses on mouse over.
  • Short code available for pages and posts.
  • Hyperlink option to each images.
  • Image order option available.
  • Option to set spacing between images.
  • Easy to change the background color of scroll.
  • Supports localization. Plugin *.po file (ihrss.po) available in the languages folder.

Live demo available below, If you want to scroll the images vertically use my vertical scroll image plugin

Plugin live demo

Installation instruction

Method 1

  • Download the plugin Image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.zip from download location.
  • Unpack the *.zip file and extract the / wp-image-slideshow/ folder.
  • Drop the Image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.
  • In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  • You should see your new Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow plug-in listed.
  • To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Method 2

  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Search Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ link.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Method 3

  • Download the plugin Image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.zip from download location.
  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Upload the available Image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.zip file and click install now.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin configuration

Method 1

Drag and Drop the Widget : Go to widget page under Appearance tab, Drag and drop Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow widget into your side bar. its very easy.

Method 2

Add the gallery in the Posts or Pages : Copy and paste the given short code into pages or posts.

Short code Definition :

W : Width of the slideshow.
H : Height of the slideshow.
Speed : Scroller speed.
BGCOLOR : Background color for the slideshow.
GAP : This is pixels gap between each image slideshow.
RANDOM : This option is to retrieve the images in random order.

Short code from for the version 1.0 to 7.0


New short code from the version 8.0 onwards

[ihrss-gallery type="GROUP1" w="600" h="170" speed="1" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" gap="5" random="YES"]

Method 3

Add directly in the theme : Use this code, <?php if (function_exists (Ihrss)) Ihrss(); ?> to add the gallery to your Theme files.


Only website admin and the user have the administrator privilege can see and change the gallery setting and can add, update, delete the plugin images in the website administration area.

Dashboard → Settings → Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to arrange the width & height of the slideshow?
Ans: Go to Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow link under setting menu and change the width & height of the slide show (For widget).
Ans : Option available in the short code (For posts and pages).

Q2. How to change the slideshow speed?
Ans:  Option available on Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow link under setting menu (For widget).
Ans : Option available in the short code (For posts and pages).

Q3. Where to upload my image?
Ans: Option available on Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow link under setting menu there Click image management button.

Q4. How to group the images for different gallery?
Ans: Use TYPE field in the image management area to differentiate the images for different gallery.

Q5. How the slide show manages the order?
Ans: Order option available in the image management area.

Q6. Is possible to load images in the random order?
Ans: Yes, Option available in the gallery setting page. for pages and posts the same option available in the short code.

Q6. How to setup this plugin in WordPress Multi-Site website?
Ans: In default it will create table only on main website. to add the plugin in multi-site please create the table manually in the database. Please check your table prefix before you execute this create query.

Ihrss_path TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_link TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_target VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_title VARCHAR( 500 ) NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_order INT NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_status VARCHAR( 10 ) NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_type VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_extra1 VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_extra2 VARCHAR( 100 ) NOT NULL ,
Ihrss_date datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00' ,
PRIMARY KEY ( Ihrss_id )

Download location



  1. Plugin Short Code:


    W : Width of the slideshow.
    H : Height of the slideshow.
    Speed : Scroller speed.
    BGCOLOR : Background color for the slideshow.
    GAP : This is pixels gap between each image slideshow.
    RANDOM : This option is to retrieve the images in random order.

    • Hello, thank you for an amazing widget!
      Please can you help, how can I change the size of the photos I’m using in this reel? They are too big and you can see only the top of people’s heads scroll past when it’s actually a full body shot!

      Also is there a way to take out the zoom in from top right corner feature and have it strictly as a horizontal reel?

      Thank you for your time.

    • Great plugin – thanks.

      Is there a way to set the size as a % of the page. I’m using WP Twently Twelve theme and have a slideshow on the home page. When viewing on an iPad screen the slider sits across the RHS widgets. Is there some code which will set the slider size as a % of the available page size rather than an absolute value as you have provided.

      Thanks for your help.

        • Interested as well. I am using the plugin within a responsive theme and because I have to set an absolute value for the width my theme doesn’t properly show on a mobile device as I’ve set the width for the scroller to 900px. What it does is squishes the mobile theme into 1/5 of the page. I will happily donate for this functionality.


        • I’ve made it responsive by including it in a DIV and then overiting the CSS with !important tags to width:100% etc.

          Hope it helps, it worked for me.

    • I added the horizontal slide show to my WP site and I’m having problems configuring. When I try and go to delete any of the gallery1 images, it does nothing. I can edit, but not delete. Also, I’m trying to insert the gallery into a page, but it’s not showing up.

      I’m using the new short code for the latest version. Any ideas on why I can’t delete images?

    • I am trying to set up Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow and am coming across an odd issue – the images are displaying vertically or text only…

      The link is http://tastemanagement.com.au/upstream/ you can see the logos in the bottom left corner under ‘Raising Funds For’

      Are you able to give me some advice on how to correct this.

    • Help with adding image to gallery,

      I was trying to add image to gallery by clicking “Go to -> Image management”, which gave me message saying “No data available! use below form to create!”. I filled the form with igmage url,target link and so on then clicked “Insert Messages”, no image was added and just kept giving me same messages “No data available! use below form to create!”. Anything I did wrong in terms of adding image to gallery?


  2. Could yuo please in detail explain how should we make rss xml feed . I have downloaded at wordpress your feed but there is not mine…

  3. I have added the php code above correctly : to my page template. However it is not accessing the images.
    Any reason for this ? Please help as i do like the plugin and it works fine as a widget. Thanks

    • Jesse Z,

      At the bottom of this file –> image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.js

      You’ll see onMouseover=”0″ in a few places. Replace “0” with “copyspeed=IHRSS_SPEED” to nix the pause onMouseover.


  4. Hi, Thanks for this widget slider.
    I would like to have a small adjustment. I tried to do it myself (useless when I work with php/js), so of course need some help here.
    When onClick the URL opens. I set my images to a popup URL and works fine popup and all. The problem is that also and error page come with the message URL not found, which is logical since the popup code, input in the settings of that image, can not find it. Like I said the popup does open correctly.
    So how do I avoid that also the other URL errorpage opens.
    The popup link I use is:
    href=”#” onClick=”MM_openBrWindow(‘popups/popup.htm’,’intel’,’scrollbars=yes,width=300,height=400′)

    Yes without the , does not need that since it is already a URL in the settings href=”#” must be in there, otherwise the popup does not work.

    The script is copied in the header.php:

    In the target I just put anything or 1 blank space.

    Hope I made it clear.

    Thank you and regards, Ron

  5. Hi
    I have a problem with that
    when i fill the image target and …. after that i click on insert message nothing happend 🙁
    i don’t know what should i do
    help me PLZ.

  6. I have multiple galleries/slideshows and they are not rotating through the images assigned to them.

    [HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=Sarah Baron:W=590:H=375:SPEED=1:BGCOLOR=#333:GAP=5:RANDOM=NO]

  7. I’m a bit confused. Can you please help me?

    in Image Management, in field “Enter gallery type (This is to group the images):”, i put GALLERY2

    then in Gallery Setting, in field “Type: “, i put GALLERY2
    same in Gallery Setting, in field “Title: “, i put TESTING

    now i would like to embed the slide show in a page, i paste this code:
    for the field “TYPE” above, what should i put? GALLERY2 or TESTING?

    thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Type is “GALLERY2”

      This type option is to group the images. ex in one page u need to scroll some set of images and another page another set image. so this type use the situation like this.


  8. When I install this plugin, it seems to install just fine. If I look at the DB, I see a table called wp_ihrss_plugin, but it only has one row and each of the fields are ‘null’. When I look at the plugin settings in settings/ihrss and click on the image manager, there’s nothing on the page except the form. When I try to add an image it acts like it accepted it, but nothing appears below like in your screenshots.

    There’s a red box on the top of the image manager page that says:
    No data available! use below form to create!


    • I think there is some problem in table creation on ur database. open the main PHP file from this plugin and execute the table create query manually and see the same admin page. and try to add the content.

      • I am having this same issue with a site hosted on a “Windows Server 2008” PC. I am not sure how you would manually run the query. I tried to find something online to save me bothering you but couldn’t find anything. Do you think you could put into simple language how this is done?

        Thank in advance!

  9. I have set all the images with a _blank target code, but they are opening in the parent window. How can I fix this.

      • Thanks for ur comment. i accept this is bug in the plugin. i update the plugin soon with new version.

        For ur info, just open the main plugin php page. and find the below line. (Can find 2 times in the page)

        $Ihrss_package = $Ihrss_package ."IHRSS_SLIDESRARRAY[$cnt]=' a title="$Ihrss_title" href="$Ihrss_link" rel="nofollow">/a >'; ";

        Add that target option manually(red color text)

        • I found the line that you mentioned, but when I added the changes you suggested, the plugin crashed and deactivated itself. I made some changes to the line and it works perfectly now.

          Here is the line I used.

          $Ihrss_package = $Ihrss_package .”IHRSS_SLIDESRARRAY[$cnt]=’‘; “;

        • $Ihrss_package = $Ihrss_package .”IHRSS_SLIDESRARRAY[$cnt]=’a title=\”$Ihrss_title\” href=\”$Ihrss_link\” target=\”$Ihrss_target\” img alt=\”$Ihrss_title\” src=\”$Ihrss_path\”>/a>’; “;

    • all is working fine now. I added this (target=\”$Ihrss_target\”) to the line you showed me and it now reads the assigned target information for each image.

  10. hello thanks for plug in

    I would like to display image with some description and would like to add left and right arrows so the visitor cold scroll. do you know how can i do it/??

    Another questions, i would like tto be able to do my own sliders plug in, any ideas in how can i start up? thanks 🙂

  11. the images are not sized properly and only part of the image is showing in the scroll bar. What is the correct jpg size?

  12. installed horizontal motion gallery plugin on localhost. Worked beautifully.

    I then installed the plugin on live site and got the following errors:-
    Warning: DOMDocument::load() [domdocument.load]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/ballynah/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/horizontal-motion-gallery/horizontal-motion-gallery.php on line 195

    Warning: DOMDocument::load(http://XXXXXXXXXX/wp/wp-content/plugins/horizontal-motion-gallery/gallery/widget.xml) [domdocument.load]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/XXXXXXXXXX/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/horizontal-motion-gallery/horizontal-motion-gallery.php on line 195

    Warning: DOMDocument::load() [domdocument.load]: I/O warning : failed to load external entity “http://XXXXXXXXXX/wp/wp-content/plugins/horizontal-motion-gallery/gallery/widget.xml” in /home/XXXXXXXXXX/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/horizontal-motion-gallery/horizontal-motion-gallery.php on line 195

    Is there a workaround the server configuration without URL file-server being enabled?

    Great plugin, by the way.

  13. Hi Gopi,

    Great plugin !!

    I would like to check out if the images could be increase to more than 4 ? ie. 5~10 rotating images ?

    How to configure if possible ?


  14. Hi,
    Please help,

    my question is how we can use this gallery meny times in the same page with different selection of images.

    Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

  15. I am a novice, I love so much this plugin, is it possible or any simple way to modify “Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow” so that the width can be increased to 90 to 95 % of the screen width ? I changed the width parameter from default 600 to 760 or 780 from the provided management panel, but no effect. As you can see on my website : http://www.cvandeitbasalto.com, I need it to be widened in order to have better graphical design proportion to my website header design look.

  16. when adding this to a widget it puts the title box above the slideshow. even though iv added no title to the slideshow. is there anyway to remove this?

  17. I have successfully installed the plug-in, but when I try to put the short code into a page nothing appears. It is on a test page and the code that I pasted in is [HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=test:W=600:H=170:SPEED=1:BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF:GAP=5:RANDOM=YES]

    There should be three images that are linked. The test page is: http://animal-ed.com/test-2/

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  18. I have downloaded and installed the plugin. It’s also so far but for me the images with each other not side by side horizontally displays horizontally. So an image will appear above 2 times horizontally and Figure 2 appears below 2 times horizontally. Should be not only the image displays next to each other 1 time each horizontal?

  19. whats the meaning of the different values for target option – it seems to me that there are four different possible values – namely: _blank, _parent, _self and _new
    whats the function of each one? or else:
    if i use the shortcode to show the slideshow in a post what happens, if i use target option _blank, what happens if i user target option _parent and so on
    the same what would be the difference when using the slideshow widget together with each of the target options?

  20. included gallery1 in a post – worked fine
    then included gallery 2 in a second post
    both posts on my page named “home”
    under Post 2 the pictures of gallery1 are to be seen, under post 1 only a emty rectangle
    when klicking on each posts title – seeing only the post everything seems to be correct!
    any suggestions?

  21. Hi. I’m using the shortcode on my home page (home.php) but the shortcode itself is showing, not the gallery. I added the shortcode via to the PHP file, not via WP. The plugin is activated.


    Any ideas what the problem could be?


  22. Hi,
    I love your plugins, I would like to have this plugin (Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow) move like Image vertical reel scroll slideshow. How it moves and stops move and stop without continuing.

    Could you please help.


  23. Regarding this error message:

    No data available! use below form to create!

    It’s likely caused by an uppercase/lowercase mismatch. In image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.php, about line 15

    define(“WP_Ihrss_TABLE”, $wpdb->prefix . “ihrss_plugin”);

    Make sure that the ‘i’ in ‘ihrss_plugin’ matches the fieldname in your database. In my case, it was uppercase in the file, but lowercase name in the database.

    • I’m having trouble with this too… I changed line 15 in image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.php as well to have lowercase “i” in “ihrss_plugin”, but I still have “No data available! use below form to create!”

  24. Hi,

    I used several of your plugin and they are great.This is the first time for using this one but I seem to be having a problem.
    I’m able to change the box etc but the image will not show up. I’ve added them to the image management section and verified the links work. This is my shortcode.


    I created a special folder for the images under wp-content. I’m assuming they don’t have to be in a specific place? I just get a white box. (Right size, just no images)

    Any thoughts? Thanks

        • I’m going to go in and delete the plugin and then reinstall and test it with your images. (I think there were some in there?)

          If that doesn’t work then I’m going to rename my plugin folder and add one plugin back at a time starting with this one. That should help me determine if there is a plugin conflict.

          I’ll report back.

          Hey if anyone else is monitring this, have you have any problems with plugin conflicts?

  25. Ok I found the conflict. it’s the other plugin I’m using from you. The WP Fade In Text News. I’m using that on almost all of my pages. I’ve removed it from the pages that I’m using the Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow but really need both on the page.

    Anything you can do?


        • I have no idea what you mean. I’m not familiar with java-script. (I responded to your email but never heard back)

          Also, how do I make the background transparent? I can change colors, but I need it transparent.

          I really need to get this working soon or I’ll have to start looking for a different plugin. Don’t want to cause I really like this one.

          Thanks for your assistance

  26. Where is the location of the said “option” for changing the width ? When I changed the default 600 to other number ie. 780, the width remained 600.

  27. Hi

    there is sometimes that i see the gallery in my home page
    and on the next day i cant find the gallery there

    why is it?


    • Do u have any special permission to that post?? how ur adding this gallery into home page (Method 2) ?? using short code or PHP code(Method 3)?

  28. i want to put it in my home page and other pages…

    i”m in the index.php where to paste the code?

    and what it to check the output?

    sorry and thanks so musch for your help


  29. How can I make the background transparent? Im able to change colors, but I need to make it transparent. I’ve used transparent but it keeps it white. I’ve looked thru the code but can’t find where to do it.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  30. Hi,I love this plug in! Finally I found it! But is it possible to place a control button on the slideshow? Like a visitor could scroll it to which image he wants? Please help.. 🙁

  31. Hi, I had this plug in working, but deactivated it and then reactivates it and now it doesn’t. Page in question is http://www.colchestertravelplanclub.co.uk/?page_id=455 works ok as a widget but doesn’t appear using the short code on the page.
    I get the following Javascript errors:
    missing ; before statement
    IHRSS_SPEED is not defined

    Would really appreciate some guidance with this.


  32. Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow
    Enter image url:http://www.charlesegornu-art.com/Slideshow/Sm/Celebration.jpg
    Enter target link:#
    Enter target option:none
    ( _blank, _parent, _self, _new )
    Enter image alt text:Celebration
    Enter gallery type (This is to group the images):View My Works
    Display Status: No Display Order:1

    Hello, V nice plugin. Just 2 things I need to sort – I have the above settings but the user can click on each image and a new window opens displaying the page the link was on. How to solve this please?

    Also, I have inbetween some of the images links to the image files. The links are not needed and are not in correct order.

    Here is the site so u can have a look:

  33. Hi,

    I’m trying to increase the gap between the images but when I enter a higher number (than 6) nothing happens. I’m using the shortcode in pages.

    Any ideas as to why it won’t respond?.

    Everything else works fine. Great plugin thanks very much.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    regards, Simon


  34. I did manage to find the CSS to make my background transparent since it didn’t work in the shortcode.

    However I am still have a conflict between this plugin and WP Fade-in Text News. You said earlier to Try to change the java-script function and variable name for any 1 of the plugins but I have no idea how to do that and I really don’t want to mess up what I have working. Change it to what? And where would it be? I’ve looked in both js files under the plugin edit area but I am at a total loss.

    I need to have both working on 2 different pages. Please help.

  35. Hi,

    I’m having trouble in the the GAP between images does not change. This is the shortcode that I’m using.


    I’ve changed it from 10 to 20 to even 50 and there is no change.

    Any suggestions? I really don’t want to have to re-do the images and add additional transparency around them. Thanks in advance.

  36. How could i remove the hyper link for the images? I don’t want my images linked to any where. just only need the images to move horizontally with out any hyper link.

  37. Hey there,

    installed this plugin, worked fine – until I shut my browser.
    Now I can see NOTHING – until i’m logged in again, then the slideshow is shown correctly again.
    What can I do, where’s the problem?

    Thank you for your wonderful plugin!

  38. Sorry, I’m from Germany, think i’d explain it wrong 😛

    The slideshow with images is shown correctly, as long as i’m logged in as admin in WP. when i’m logged out, the slideshow is not visible anymore.

    other persons can’t see the slideshow either.

  39. hi gopi, i tried to fix the reel slideshow but it doesnt work. and the code in ur installation method says add directlu to your theme. i m just wondering whether u could suggest me. on which part of theme. like ctyle.css or header.php. can u pls suggest me would be grateful thanks

  40. Hi there, i see no option anywere to add more images, is it possible to add more than the number of slots supplied?

    Also is it possible to make different galleries?



  41. Dear Gopi,

    we’ve made progress!
    The Slideshow works perfect when used in the sidebar.

    But we still want to use it in a page, not in the sidebar.
    We’ve installed a widget called “add widgets to page” and tried to fool the plugin, but that doesn’t work 🙁

    Do you have any ideas?

  42. i have the same problem – only when i”m logged in i can see the image gallery

    there is an option the have the gallery in html mode?

  43. Hi Gopi, i deleted all the images out of the gallery manager, i dont have the fields to add more images now (the five slots that come with it already) How can i put these back and also add more?

    When i re-install the plugin it still has the same problem as it remembers its settings. I only have image management and gallery setting, is there a menu somewhere i havent seen? as the only other option is to change the code



  44. Hey Gopi,

    I figured out why I kept getting “No data available! use below form to create!”

    Seems like there are two “extra” fields in the SQL tables: “Ihrss_extra1” and “Ihrss_extra2”. They both have “NOT NULL” on them, but the insert queries in the PHP code don’t specify values for them, so we get an error saying that there is no default value for these fields.

    I just set the fields to allow nulls and it now works.

  45. hi gopi,

    I used horizontal plugin for my site http://www.hydertrade.com

    but the sizes of the images are showing in different way,I need to scale the size before uploading or else is there any default value is available,please let me and one more question is I want to name my images,like I want to see the caption below every scrolling image,is there any way..please let me know

    • activate the plugin, add the given php code in the footer.php file and see the output, if no image, check your view source and check the problem…

  46. Love the plugin, however I am having an issue with the GAP setting. It seems to stay at 5 and I’m trying to increase it to 300. I’m using WP 3.2.1
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • I misunderstood what this GAP setting was for. I now realize its the GAP between slide shows, so for that it is working as designed

      Is there any way I can specify a GAP between each image?

  47. Hello,
    I’m struggling to get the Image horizontal reel working on my website – Have tried on top widget in sidebar 2 and on last blog post. Maybe I’m doing something stupid that I don’t see.
    The vertical scroll works well in my heeader.

    Thank you very much in advance if you have time to for a quick check.
    Thanks a lot for all these plugins!

  48. I can’t get images to size properly in the plug in. I have it installed on the website. Your instructions make no sense at all. I’ve uploaded 16 images. Surely there is a video somewhere that shows how to do this step by step.

  49. I’m also having problems with the GAP between images. I’d like to increase it, but it doesn’t matter what value I put in. In the code the value //$Ihrss_imagegap = stripslashes($_POST[‘Ihrss_imagegap’]); is commented out and I believe this has something to do with it.

    var IHRSS_IMGGAP = ” “;

    How do I fix it to include a larger GAP between images and not just the end of the slide show.


  50. Hello, I love this plugin but am having a problem. I have several slideshows I want to add in my sidebars as widgets. However it is only letting me use the Widget option 1 time and it’s not letting me create more than 1 gallery. Am I missing something or is this plugin only capable of doing just 1 gallery?


  51. the Horizontal and Vertical Reel Slideshow in the same sidebar TOTALLY crashed my site. my front end AND my back end..

    Will have to delete the plugin files all together..from the server end.

    Explanation? I am very frustrated..been trying for four days to get a good slider in there. And if it’s not one thing, its another.

    • I’ve pretty much the same question. I just CAN’T let the slider from right to left… =( Could you give us an answer?
      It’s really important. It would be most appreciated!

      • in order to have the it slide from right to left open the image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.js file and CTRL+F +8

        change +8 to -8

        there are 4 instances of +8 that need to be changed, thats all!

  52. Hello, great plug in! Is there a way to use multiple slideshows on a page? I have created 3 galleries, labeled them as such and called them from the shortcode as gallery, 1, 2, 3. Thanks!

  53. Hi Gopi, your plugins are really great. However Im having a hard time adding my own images in the image management. even though Ive tried several times filling up the entire form, everytime I insert it, the message “No data available! use below form to create!” will always appear. What could have been the problem?

  54. When I check my database, the table created was wp_ihrss_plugin. When I look at the php file, the table you created was names WP_Ihrss_TABLE so i tried renaming the table. When I tried adding data to the form. Still it won’t work 🙁

  55. Love your plugin… as does my client!
    Question: I just changed 2 images from Display: Yes to Display: No, but they are still displaying. Tried changing the display order to zero… still displaying. Thought it might be a cache problem so shut down and tried it – still displaying. Tried another browser… still displaying.
    Offending images: Works of Lucio Valverde… and Introduction to Mosaics.
    Do I need to do something besides change the display status? I thought there might be a Setting change, but nothing seems obvious.

  56. whoops… realized I couldn’t leave the ‘live’ site like that, as the event the images link to have been removed. So I changed the gallery for both to something else so they wouldn’t appear for now.
    You can look at the test site to see the situation.

  57. Can this be tweaked so that:

    – images will only slide when the user moves the mouse to the left or right of the screen
    – when an image is clicked, it is shown along with some HTML or a title?


  58. Is there any way to completely remove the title area from the end result? I left the title blank, but it’s blocking off the title area and so looks like it has a blank area above it rather than lining up flush with the other page elements. I used installation method 1. Thanks!

    • Is there any way to completely remove the title area from the end result? I left the title blank, but it’s blocking off the title area and so looks like it has a blank area above it rather than lining up flush with the other page elements.

      Did you ever get an answer to this issue?

  59. Has anyone figured out how to upload images for the slider bar to use? I have no “settings” link under this plugin in the plugin menu, only edit activate/deactivate. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • Brian, It’s under the settings tab, not the plugin tab. Look under settings and you’ll see the Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow.

      • Vicky, thanks for the the reply. Unfortunately I don’t have the Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow tab under the setting tab. I’ve even looked under the available tabs and see nothing that references HRSS. I’ve even tried uninstalling the plug-in and re-installing it. Any idea why it’s not showing up? Thanks

  60. Dear Admin,

    I just tried your plug-in on a temporary page. I would love to get it work, but pictures do not appear on the website: http://www.digimuhely.hu/horizontal-reel/
    Please check to see, what I mean!
    I use shortcode on page: [HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=okostelefon01:W=790:H=300:SPEED=1:BGCOLOR=#F0F0F0:GAP=5:RANDOM=YES]
    Having compared the sourcecode of your site and mine, I realised a difference in the path of image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.js
    My site has double splash in path, yours doesn’t.
    Could this be the problem?

    How to correct it?

    Thank you: Attila from Budapest

  61. Hi there,
    Thanks for a great plug in! I am having issues with the slideshow showing in Internet Explorer. There is a red border around it only on IE all other browsers work fine. Please have a look: http://sectionmedia.co.uk/
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you,

  62. Hi there,

    I’m making a responsive grid website and I would like to be able to use the shortcode method to insert the slideshow. However, I noticed that the plugin only allows for defining width with px, not percentages.

    How can I adapt this plugin so that it fills its fluid container?

  63. Hi!

    I downloaded your useful plugin, but I have one “big” problem: when i add a hyperlink to one of my images in the Images Menagement panel, the slideshow – inserted in homepage by shortcode – disappear. I have tryed to reinstall the plugin, but the same problem happen.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advice.

  64. Hiya
    Is it possible to make the plugin go right, not left,
    that the direction it moves is relevant to the position of the mouse…

    My client wants the plugin to only move on hover over (which I did), but also to hover a different direction dependent on mouse position.

  65. Wow, what a great plugin! I got it to work fine on my blog except for one thing: After the last image scrolls off screen there is a second or two of white space before the first image pops back up and the scroll repeats. Any idea on how I can fix this so the scroll is continuous like it is on your demo page? And one minor thing: I have the “random” function set to yes but the images are not showing up randomly… they show up in the same order each time.

  66. Is it possible to use the shortcodes with the php option and if so can you give an example of what the correct code would be? I’d like to insert this into my header so the slider is 955px wide, 200px high and images show in a random order. Thanks!

  67. Hi.
    I installed the plugin after installing another plugin calles “audiobar”.
    Once I remove the audiobar plugin, the image stop scrolling.
    I guess the plugin used the JS of the audiobar and once I removed it it didn’t have the JS…
    How can I make it work?

    Thanks 🙂

  68. Merry Christmas and thank you for the wonderful plug-in.

    I am a novice and am having trouble with accessing the correctly sized image in the slideshow [into Post on wordpress twenty-ten theme] .

    Here is my code:[HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=VeganUrbanite:W=600:H=370:SPEED=3:BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF:GAP=5:RANDOM=YES]

    And here is the post page:http://www.veganurbanite.com/2011/04/10/the-vegan-urbanite/

    The images appear to there but are too large for the frame even though I have reduced them to fit.

    Any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated.

  69. I put 5 images in gallery1 and it will only display one of the images (shows it twice back to back). I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  70. Dear Admin

    I used your plugin and have some issues: (please look at my website listed above)

    1) Some images are getting placed lower than others

    2) The space between the images are not consistent

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you for your help.

  71. Hi Admin,
    Great simple and clean plug-in. I just have a few questions regarding use….

    1. Where can I add images? I am not seeing an “add” option as mentioned above. Please see screen shot of my admin:

    Link to site is: http://www.lovefixexperience.com/media/photo/

    2. How can I disable the hovering all-together? I’ve read through some of the other questions and saw that putting a # sign in the link box works, but it still shows a hand when hovering and links back to the same page, rather than no hovering at all.

    3. Can it be set up to scroll in either direction based on where the cursor is placed?

    Thank you in advance for your time!

  72. hi.. i got the plugin all well and very useful also..

    I want to decrease the period between the end of one complete round of images.
    What i mean is the last image of the gallery appears and then after a long time the first image of the gallery starts again.. i want to decrease that wait period…

    Please help

  73. Hi,

    When i adding the shirt code into a widget from my theme, the reel does not work. I just see the short code. While when using the widget it works perfect.

    Im using a Theme form ThemeShift, Decanto. And they ahve a widget where you can add code or text or pics. And shortcode works normally perfect but not in this case. I copied pasted your code.



  74. Hi, I really like the slideshow, but as a wordpress novice I cant get it working!! Is there a blow by blow guide to follow, I want to add this into the main page of my site.
    I have looked at my fuction.php but to be honest I am not too sure where to add the shortcode (anywhere?).

    I see people mention using widgets, but I dont really want to use sidebars. any help anyone on this, even links elsewhere will be helpfull. All I have found is many assumptions that everyone has played with shortcodes and as such not much information if explained.

    • Hey Tony,

      I was able to put this into my main page in “index.php”.

      If you’re familiar with HTML then it should be clear where to put it in there – just like a normal div.


  75. I have this plugin installed on a clients website, and everything works great. The issue we are having, is the images seems to stutter when scrolling.

    Is this due to the animation of such large images (1024×520)?
    If so, any recommendations when using large images to preserve smooth scrolling?

  76. Hai …
    i am try to use this plugin. I am insert the short code into page.. here images are displayed but the there is no slideshow…. how i get the slide show… can anyone help me

  77. Hello,
    You have a great plugin and I have used it in the body of the site but I’m trying to add it to the header.php file and images
    are not appearing.

    I added it here in my Panorama Theme:

    Is there something wrong with my context or is this correct?
    My short code for the same gallery isn’t working so I’m not sure where else to check to see why images aren’t appearing.

    Can you assist please?


  78. I am having the same problem as the guy on May 17, 2011 at 10:30 am

    He was saying that “when i fill the image target and …. after that i click on insert message nothing happend 🙁
    i don’t know what should i do”

    You answered “Its looks some problem in the table creation. just check in the DB(table available or not). This plugin table available or not. In default it will create one table in that database. and all contents are stored into that table.”

    Sorry Shahab, but I don’t understand the answer. How do I access the DB? What am I checking for? What would I change it to?

    Thanks for your help,

  79. Dear Gopi,

    Great plug-in – thank you!! I have put 20 images in the Image Management. I placed your short code into the home page. If I use RANDOM:NO, only the first image shows twice. If I change code to RANDOM:YES, only the last image shows twice. Can you tell me why all 20 images are not scrolling across?

    Thank you,

  80. I wish to use the images that are of my products and have alreadt been uploaded to my WP gallery. How do I do this.
    Thanks. Looks great with the images that came with it.

  81. Hi,

    I want to show Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow under the text box on home page. I have tried to add this through appearance>editor>index.php page writing the short code but only shows the text. can u plz tell me how to do this. its very urgent. Thanks

  82. Is there any way I can improve the smoothness of the scroll? I have set the speed to 2 which is the perfect speed but it appears to load an image or 2 then go very slow then speed up again and repeat continuously. I just want a smooth flow…Any ideas?

  83. Also the white background of the banner is conflicting with the footer text below this plug in and making the text all white behind it also! Any idea why?

  84. Is there a way to make this plugin compatible with multisite? I’ve inserted it on the theme level, and am unable to configure the images on any subfolder sites… It works and looks great on the main site!!!

  85. I resolved the white text issue – was something else!

    But, I’m finding that on every browser, this runs at a decent speed when on 2 but on Internet explorer, runs very very slow (slower than speed 1)

    any ideas?

  86. Hi. The images are scrolling horizontally but on top of one another rather than side by side. Can you please advise? Many thanks

      • Hi,

        many thanks but nothing seemed to work so I just made it one long image and it is fine now.

        One other thing – where are the styles? I want to remove border, remove padding and stop hover over colour. Help much apprecitaed.

        Great little plugin.

  87. Do 1 or 2 ab workouts after each workout. Your work out ought to consist of compound movements very first so you end up burning up more calories from fat. Do efficient ab exercises like swiss ball sit ups, reverse ab crunches, and hanging knee raises. These will not just work your ab muscles but additionally your core so your body will understand to build muscle a lot faster instead than heading correct for that pounds bench.

  88. Is it possible to put the slideshow in the wordpress footer?

    Basically I want it to show all the supports logos on all pages, so I’d like to put it in the footer, but if you put the short code in the footer it just displays the actual short code and not the slideshow. I’ve tried adding and around it but that doesn’t work

  89. i am using Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow plugin in my website on place (over blog). the images i placed in slide show have unequal size. thus slide show does not looks good

    I needs help regarding auto-sizing of images those i placed in slide show to dimensions the slide show. is this possible????

    please reply me on my email ID.
    if u need to see my Plugin setting than i will send saved web-page through email to you if you needed.

    please reply soon….

  90. Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow seems to have just stopped working in Chrome. It’s okay in IE, but not Chrome. Any known issues?


  91. I have download the plug in and it was working in the beginning, but when I included more images to it stopped working.

    Any idea why?


      • Hi Gopi,

        The scrolling was working fine and I have no idea why when I include the code it doesn’t appear anymore.

        The code I’m using is [HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=sponsors2:W=600:H=150:SPEED=1:BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF:GAP=5:RANDOM=YES]
        and I have just re uploaded the images.

        Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you,

        • I tried to remove the widget and install again, but when I reinstall, the old settings are there and continue to not work.

          Hope you can advise me . Thank you.

  92. Hi,
    I have installed the plugin, was able to set everything, my images and my gallery, but when I insert the short code into my post, I just doesn’t appear…


    any help ?

  93. I can eliminate the background color simply by replacing the #FFF with NONE. It’s left transparent. Yay!

    BUT, I can’t get more spacing between the images. Changing the number in GAP does not work. Has anyone solved this problem?

  94. Hello Gopi,

    First, thanks for wonderful plugins. I been looking for this for so long.

    Just want to ask how align center the Widget title?

  95. Hello,
    i would like to say that the plugin in perfect! But i am experiencing a liitle problem.

    Although is slides the gallery once, it takes some time to load the gallery for the second time as the slideshow goes on and on. As a result, i am getting a space at the right side of the slide show.

    Any solution for this???

    Thank you in advance

  96. Hi there.
    Just wondering if there is a way to completely remove the gap between images. I’m putting 0 in the set up but it’s still showing a small gap.


  97. Hi,

    i like the plugin and its exactly what i was looking for.

    But i got a problem when i insert the short code in a page the slide show only shows me the first picture out of 4 and that picture is shown twice. The pictures url’s are right so i don’t know where the problem is and why not all pictures are shown in the slide show.

    I hope you can help


    • Pls check the image extension. take the page view source and see any special character.

      if cant find, pls let me know the link.

      • I have the same problem as Manuel and Sven (April 1st) and have a little bit more info. The other images are actually shown, but they are lined up vertically instead of horizontally, but because Manuel and Sven probably set the height of the slideshow area the same as the images, they don’t see the other images below the first one. So you are not actually seeing two of the same images next to each other but two complete slideshows next to eachother with all images lined up vertically.

        • figured out what the problem was. there was css code that made all img tags display as block and therefor the images could not be on the same line. i added extra css as follows:

          .Ihrss_widget img { display: inline-block; }

          and now the scroller works fine. thanks for a great plugin.

        • just add it to the “custom css” field if your theme has this, otherwise add it to the style.css file in your theme directory.

  98. dear gopi,

    how to create a popup on image in horizontal image slideshow plugin……..just like a lighbox,facebox,

    plz snd a code & where i can put the code…plz suggest.


  99. Two things. I am using the short code to insert on a page.

    1. I am finding that when I change the value for the GAP, it doesn’t change the space between.

    2. When I change the background value, only the space between the images changes, the padding around the slide show doesn’t.

    Any suggestions regarding these two things?

  100. I have the same problem as Manuel (Post from March 27th)

    I entered 6 pictures and put the widget into the footer. But is displaying me only the FIRST picture, and this picture Twice.
    All the other ones are not shown.

    I dont have any special characters in it. The path to the images is correct (Copy and Paste from Mediathek).

  101. is it possible to have text next to the photo stream? as you can see in my site (www.yourpoolman.net) The text only shows up below the photos. I would like to fill the space between my photos and the sidebar.

  102. Thanks for plugin but unfortunately i am not able to make it work. After activating the plugin and pushing widget to sidebar, edited widget.xml file but after that nothing is happening. Images are not moving horizontally. They are just still.
    Any ideas??

  103. Admin,

    I was having old version so downloaded new version 5 and installed/configured it.
    Used “Image management” to add images and can see that image path/link updated in mysql DB as well. BUT still it’s showing default images that comes with twentyeleven theme not the one i updated with “image management”. And ofcourse these defauly images are alno not moving horizontally

    Please suggest any pointers 🙁


  104. Installed plug-in, added code to home page. Only 1 image appears (need to change the size of the image, but that’s irrelevant).

    Also, what is the GAP setting? Pixels? EMs?

  105. Why are “target link” and “target link option” required fields? I don’t want to link my photos to anything. Please make them optional.

  106. we have a slideshow scrolling across the bottom of the homepage for this site: http://www.mcesshow.com
    When the photos have a link set in the image coding for the slideshow that links within the mces site, then the slideshow works, but if we use a link in that coding to another site, then the slideshow does not appear. I have some screenshots I can send that might explain also, if you send me an email address.

    • Tried putting this code in various places in the header.php file, to get the scroll to show up higher on the page, but no effect:

      also hoped if it did work then it might resolve the linking issue. Still hoping to hear a comment back from you…

        • the php code would not paste, but it was the if (function_exists (Ihrss)) Ihrss(); to see if it would paste into the header, which it does not. The second issue, to get href to link to another website, without the leading current website, none of the fixes seem to do this but rather disable the entire webpage. I mostly tried to manipulate these two references in the php file:
          $Ihrss_package = $Ihrss_package .”IHRSS_SLIDESRARRAY[$cnt]=’ a title=”$Ihrss_title” href=”$Ihrss_link” rel=”nofollow”>’; “;

        • Maybe this is important: your plugin works fine with Elegance 1.6, but not on the site with 1.9 and hten 2.0 crashed completely. Any ideas whether this is a bug in your code or some incompatability that can be handled by css in the theme?

  107. Hi, your plugins are great. I have a question though. I want to use it permanently in a widget (below header) with a group of photos (let’s say group a) and I want to have a post with another slideshow with photos group b. Is it possible??

  108. Hello Admin
    I am using Your pluging. I am facing problem that is “I have to use two slide show at a page i use short code for first slide show:[HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=gallery1:W=600:H=170:SPEED=1:BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF:GAP=5:RANDOM=YES]
    and for second slide show:
    [HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=gallery2:W=600:H=170:SPEED=1:BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF:GAP=5:RANDOM=YES] in different row of table but the second slide show replace the first one..? ”
    Do you have any type of solution for my Problem…?
    Thank You…

  109. thanks great plug in, I have added the php code to the header of this website, but it resizes the images to 950px wide, per image, when it should be 231px wide per image

  110. Hello,

    Thank you for the pluggin. It’s fine for me.

    Do you plan to include php code that will manage automatically the image size or we will stay on arranging the size by ourselves? This possibility would be very usefull as we’ll only have to manage the Width and Height just once, without caring about the image size we upload on the links.

    Let us know please…

  111. No matter what i do it only shows the same image over and over again. i have 3 images and its only showing 1 image repeately.

  112. I have activated the plugin and added three images to test. I don’t seem to be accessing any of the images. Can you help me find the problem?

  113. Hi! Great plugin… i have a tiny problem though.
    Everything is working fine although it is creating a border around my entire plugin with a bit of a grey background.

    Is there anyway to eliminate the border around the plugin… i tried to access the plugin’s CSS but there doesn’t seem to be a file to edit this.

    I appreciate your time!

  114. Hi,
    I installed the plugin and i’m trying to add images (jpg format).
    It seems that i cannot add any images. I entered the full image url, a # for the target link, _new as the target option, xxxs as the alt text and retail1 as the gallery type. I put display status on yes and the order on 1. Then I hit the insetr message button… and the emty form comes back without the image being added.

    What’s wrong???


  115. I have a Bug when I used this plugin in my theme.
    Instead of my scrolling bar images it only show the shortcode [HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=Services:W=920:H=70:SPEED=1:BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF:GAP=0:RANDOM=NO]
    Here what the Premium Theme author say about this plugin.
    “It honestly sounds like the author may have not setup the shortcode correctly. The one major difference from the last update to now is that the theme no longer uses the_content filter on elements of the layout builder. It applies do_shortcode directly.

    The syntax for your shortcode is not normal. For WordPress’s shortcode API works by passing in variables like this [shortcode thing1=”whatever” thing2=”whatever”]—So I think the author of that plugin did not create a true shortcode, but they instead simulated a shortcode by putting some kind of custom filter on WordPress’s the_content() which generally wraps the main content of a standard page or post.

    Although, I’m just speculating. I have no idea how the plugin works.”
    Can you help me!

  116. I’m using the short-code right from the website. When I enter it into an existing page, that has a title, the title words are showing up in the scrolling (e.g., image, image, title word, image , image) you get the point.

    How do I get the title words out without having to take them out of the title?

  117. Hi All,

    In the short code we have option to for GAP width..
    In the short code it wont display the title, but in the widget it ll display the title. to remove the title from the widget, we need to comment the PHP title variable from the plugin main PHP file.

  118. Hey Admin,

    I like, 2 others, am having the image size issue. I could not find the answer in the comments above. I uploaded the images at their full size, 2272 × 1704. In the slide show set to 600 x 170 only the top 600 x 170 of the image is shown zoomed in. How do I correct? Please view.


  119. I can not find out why the images have a border aroung them. Can you tell me if their is code in your script for this border or is it my theme.

  120. I am debating using your plugin…perhaps this question has already been answered and I missed it, but is there an option to resize images in this gallery. Say I wanted them to be about 300×600 px?

  121. Please how do I expand the size of the reel? I’m using the following short code: [HR_IMAGE_SHOW:TYPE=portfolio:W=600:H=170:SPEED=1:BGCOLOR=#FFFFFF:GAP=5:RANDOM=YES]

      • Hi Admin, thanks for your response. But I’m having the deprecated error using the split() function. On trying to replace the split function with the explode() or preg_split() functions, it affects the size of the reel, no matter what I do… Help pls 🙁

        • Ok, figured. There were some default settings in the code. That’s where it was getting the dimension from.


  122. In W3 validation the page fails due to the data in the scroller returning the following validation error:
    ‘document type does not allow element “a” here’

    Any ideas what has happened?

  123. I love this plug in and its working great, however I have different sidebars and have added the widget to one of them and now it isn’t appearing on my widget list to add to any other sidebars.

    I tried adding the shortcode to a text box instead, but it does’t work. Any tips?


  124. i am unable to add a new image to my existing images using the Image Management. After I fill in all the fields for the new image, it does nothing?

  125. Hi,

    I am going to try and use your pluging and see how it fares. Ideally I want to try and use it to display testimonials on a like a reel on the homepage and in the sidebar widget. If I am unsuccessful, I will try and get back to you for guidance.

    Of course thank you for the hard work.

  126. I have inserted the shortcode in the same page twice but it is not working. I have referenced two different “types” but when I put them in the same page the first one inherits the seconds one’s properties and then nothing is displayed on the second one.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  127. Images overlap on IE. Works correctly on other browsers (Firefox, Chrome). Any ideas what the problem could be?

  128. Hello, thank you for an amazing widget!
    Please can you help, how can I change the size of the photos I’m using in this reel? They are too big and you can see only the top of people’s heads scroll past when it’s actually a full body shot!

    Also is there a way to take out the zoom in from top right corner feature and have it strictly as a horizontal reel?

    Thank you for your time.

    • This is a reel slideshow, so we need to maintain all the images in the same size. In the short code and admin setting we have option to set the width and height of the display.

  129. Hi, I dont understand why it is not working on my website.

    My widget is 960 x 80. and all my images are 100×80.

    I uploaded 3 photos but i dont see them working.


    • Looks like the shortcode syntax and name has been changed in a recent update, and some code left in place in the plugin to automatically convert old shortcodes to new ones. Wasn’t working for me — I was just seeing the old shortcode text where my slideshow used to be.

      So I dug around in the plugin and found this format for new shortcodes:
      [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery1″ w=”600″ h=”170″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”5″ random=”YES”]

      Switched mine over to that format, and now it works.

  130. When I click some pictures the plug in shows me this error message:
    and says “Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help” but the target link is OK!
    What does it mean?
    Where is my mistake?
    Thanks for your help!

  131. I would like to know if it is possible to make just a few images a link. I am going to be scrolling a list of sponsors but they don’t all have web sites. I would only like to link the ones that do, not the ones the do not. I love the plugin but think the linking should be a option. Or am I missing something.


  132. Just upgraded from 7.0 to version 8.0. The update deletes the contents of the image folder and restores it to the default 4 images 🙁

    • Hi Marc,I hope instruction available in the admin, “Dont upload the original images into any of the plugin folder”

  133. Hi Gopi!

    I LOVE this plugin, thanks! However, I am having issues–for some reason, when I have more than 4 images to a gallery, it stops working. No error messages or anything, just white space. When you look at my website, it’s located at the bottom of the homepage. Is there a reason why this happens and how can I fix it? Thanks in advance!


      • It’s now just a blank space–there are no images (you can see what I mean if you go to my website at the bottom of the homepage below Sponsors+Partners). I made sure to update to 8.0 shortcode and it worked for a bit but then stopped working. Do you know what’s causing this? And how can I fix it? Note that I am not a developer, just someone who knows basic coding. I will LOVE you forever if you can help me! 😀

  134. I have added the code to my theme file and done everything as directed, however, I can not see the images.

    I installed version 9.

    Any problem with it? What should I do?

    Please help!


  135. The gap spacing between my images does not work. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Current shortcode used is: [ihrss-gallery type=”clients” w=”895″ h=”60″ speed=”2″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”1000″ random=”YES”]

    Obviously, the gap isn’t working.

  136. Hi, this is a cool plugin, however i have more than 5 images to scroll but it only picks one at a time, it shows another when i refresh, I expect all images to scroll horizontally just as in your demo. What am I missing out? It’s located right under the navigation bar.

    Site is – http://daraju.com, I have just today to set this up, I hope I can get a response ASAP.

  137. Hi
    I am using wordpress-plugin-image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow on http://handlebarmarketing.com/dev/

    It works fine in all browsers but i chrome the problem is that every first image will come smaller to larger view.

    Please check and reply the needfull, it is very urgent.


  138. Using WP and your plugin works fine.

    Is there a way to set the slideshow to a dynamic width (i.e. 95%) instead of a fixed width?

  139. Hi,

    Plugin is exactly what I am looking for but I am having one problem with it….

    The slideshow will only show 1 image.

    I have checked all instructions and settings and I’m sure I have set everything up properly and this is either a bug in the plugin or the plugin has a conflict with my theme. (Your plugin is the ONLY plugin I am using).

    Any idea you know what is going wrong?

    • a lot of people have asked this question and still no answer. the gap width setting only affects the gap when the slideshow starts again, not between the images. please help.


    I am building localhost so no URL to share, sorry however in the past few days the slider has been showing very strange behaviour. I’m using the bar to display logos and after a few minuets a second set of logos fly over the first set (at a different speed) this looks very messy!

    Any ideas? I have disabled any plugin added and cant figure out what could be going wrong

    somebody anybody got any suggestions,

    other that that I love this thing!

  141. Hmmmm, I think i may have it sorted, the speed i have changed to 2 and it now works fine,

    I had it on 1.4 and i dont think it likes having partial numbers

  142. Great slider! One question…I put images in my slider and linked a page to each image. When clicking the image, a new tab opens in my browser…is it possible to click the image on the slider and have the page delivered without a new page opening in a new tab? If so, how do I do this?

  143. I can’t find out how to control the border and gap around the actual slideshow. Is there something in the slideshow files I can alter, or is it in some default css in the WordPress theme? I want to get rid of the border and the spacing around the slideshow at http://simianwebworks.com/draftwin/?page_id=459 – I notice many people have already posted this question. It would be nice to know if there is an answer or not – if it’s not possible, I can stop trying! Thanks.

  144. Great plugin – simple and does exactly what it says.

    I had a problem – the plugin loaded fine, the images showed up exactly where they were supposed to, but the scrolling didn’t worked. It looked like a static image. The scrolling worked fine in IE, Firefox, and Safari, but not in Chrome (either java 1.6x or 1.7x).

    Found out one of my Chrome extensions was causing the problem. For me, it was the MeasureIt extension but I suppose there could be others that cause a conflict.

    No need for the plugin owner to respond, just sharing what I found in case others have a similar problem.

  145. Excellent plugin thank you :).
    I was wondering if there is the possibility to assign unique classes to each image from the admin so that I could address a rollover effect with css (i.e. grayscale image turn colored when hovered). Please le t me know, thanks.

  146. How do I make the image link open in a pop up window?

    I’ve got the widgetkit from YOOTHEMES installed so to have a image open up in a pop up window I would simple use it like this

    How do I get this scroller to act like when clicking a image?

    Tanks in advance

  147. I wanted to completely remove the gaps between the individual images and also the gap that appears when the gallery restarts (there’s a bug in the code that made a gap appear every second rotation). I couldn’t see it in the comments so far so I thought I’d share:

    Changes to do this:
    1) This fixes the bug causing a gap between the last and first image every second rotation. In image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.js line 54, update to:

    2) To completely remove the gap between the images as they scroll (when using a shortcode or widget), edit image-horizontal-reel-scroll-slideshow.php line 66 to read:
    var IHRSS_IMGGAP = “”;

    and line 288 to read:
    $Ihrss = $Ihrss .’var IHRSS_IMGGAP = “”; ‘;

    Oh, and if you want to make the images not link anywhere you can set this as the link: “javascript:void(0)” it’s not ideal but it doesn’t make the page jump like using # does.

    • Thanks for the great plugin. Integration with my theme went quickly and smoothly. However, I can not change the distance between the individual images. Only I could changing the distance between first and last frames in a block. How do I solve this? I tried to update line 54 as “Farrow” recommended but no affect.

  148. Farrow, thanks for the share.

    As you stated in your previous comment to make the images not link anywhere set the link: “javascript:void(0)”

    So where exactly do I find this line of code. I’ve been trying to make the images open up in a lightbox effect but I cant seem to find out how so I want to remove the link completely and make the images non-clickable.

  149. I know everyone is asking for a light box effect, but to be honest, this plugin works great but kills my lightbox functionality in my NextGEN galleries. Is there anything I can do to get around this incompatibility?

  150. The scrolling gallery works great! Thank you! How do I link each image to an external website? WordPress automatically inserts the domain in front of the target link.

  151. I’ve installed the plugin, and uploaded some images to try out. what I get is two sets of my images: one’s aligned to the middle, and one is aligned to the top – which looks very weird. Any idea why it happens, and how to solve it?

  152. The client I’m using this plugin for wants it to scroll across the entire width of the page. Is there anyway to add scaling code so that it fits the entire width of the screen no matter the size of the screen of if the user changes the width of the browser?


    • Please check the plugin download link in this website. you can find the different version of the plugin.. and it is updated frequently.

  153. To set the gallery to a 100% of the screen:

    In your css, make the containers div equal 100% and overflow: hidden and set the gallery width settings to 3000px.

    div.container .footer {

  154. great slider – thank u!
    is there a way to add a delay to the beginning of the slider…so that the images would remain still for a few seconds before beginning the slide left?

  155. Hi, Its super plugin..thank you.

    But i have one error. its affected another tabber tab widget.Using your plugin that widget disabled..How to fix this issue?

  156. Hi man,
    Thanks for this plugin – I have a interesting behavior: when the images loop, they “zoom in” to the size I want to instead of appearing at that size from the beginning – any idea why? – see in the slider

    Any help appreciated,

  157. My image scroll was working perfectly for at least a month and now shows broken image links while continuing to scroll. I believe this happened after a plug-in update. Can you please advise? Also can you please let me know where the images should be placed?

  158. My scroller doesn’t work anymore with Google Chrome browser on Mac ?
    I think it has something to de with the Chrome update for OSX, working fine in Safari.

  159. Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow if i put into my website front page its not show mean only that place is blank by white color because i put gallery setting color code white .But i there don’t show the image i don’t understand why .First i install than i activated also and than I put the php code my Main Index Template(index.php) it come but blank .before I use Image vertical reel scroll slideshow but that one is worked .but I don’t know why its not work.What adjectivally installation process /configuration process /uploading image tell me. May be I have problem with gallery setting .

  160. At first thanks Lot to gopiplus for nice plugin

    i want to use Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow 9.1
    i type in my page
    it s cant work properly .only one image show
    I want to know is it change for new version ? i was use 6.0 version
    now i upgrade to 9.1 version
    so what is short code for direct page theme page ?
    plz help
    waiting for reply

  161. I just got this plugin. I like it, but have one problem. My format for the page is full width and the slideshow is only spread across a section of the bottom and I’d like it to stretch fully across. Can anyone help?

  162. This plugin looks pretty good but unfortunately I am unable to use it properly. I installed the plugin and entered code : in theme. Did some settings like bgcolor, width and height (nothing changed instead of these 3 settings.) but unable to see images scrolling. It should show at least 4 default images.

    I deleted the plugin and re-installed it but even it is not working. Please help if anyone has any idea why it is not working for me.

    My site is: http://www.ncrclassifieds.in
    I want to see images in images in orange ribbon.

  163. Hi, thanks for a great plugin!
    Though, I would like to have the slider on my static front page only, and not on every sub-page too…how can I control where it is shown? The theme I’m using is this: http://wptheming.com/2010/07/portfolio-theme/

    For the moment I sorted it by having the subpages in full width, but it doesn’t look quite as good. I would rather be able to control which pages to have the slider show on.

    Perhaps that’s rather a question for the theme-maker (and widget-maker)?

    Anyway, any little idea is welcome!

  164. Hi thanks a ton for a lovely plugin,

    I am using the latest version 9.1 of this plugin and its amazing. But I noticed that it stops after a time and need page refresh to work again, sometimes more then 2 -3 refreshes.

  165. Hi,
    Is that possible to add more images to the slide? Is there a limitation on how many images once is allowed to add. What I can see is only 4 images are allowed and I want to add more, is there a way to work around it please? Thanks


  166. Hi,
    I’ll start by saying that this is a great, handy little plugin; particularly if you are moving away from using Flash.
    If possible, I would like to add similar functionality to the vertical scroll slideshow, where it displays (say) 2 images at a time, pauses for a bit, then scrolls to the next 2 images and so on.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  167. When I moved my site from USA host to China host, the Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow quit working.

    The Image Management page always shows this message. “No data available! use below form to create!”

    But when I use the form to create it doesn’t hold onto anything. I fill in all the blanks, and when I click “Insert Image” all the blanks go empty again and no image is created.



  168. THANK YOU!
    This plugin is fantastic and so easy to use!
    I’ve been searching for something that I can use on my website and none of them have worked, however, this one is perfect!
    Great for displaying images, ads and more.
    Very happy 🙂

  169. This is the shortcode I am using
    [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery2″ w=”1050″ h=”85″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”5″ random=”NO”]

  170. Hey there! This is a great plugin. 🙂

    I wanted to change the gap between individual images, but changing the Slideshow gap only changes the space between the first and last image.

    Is there a way to manipulate the space between all images?

    (I configured the plugin by putting it in the homepage php)

  171. Hi,

    I’ve been trying to get the plugin to work. I’ve put this image reel on my homepage (www.welinq.nl), but it seems only one image (of the four demo images) is being displayed twice. I’ve tried to add other pictures of mine, but then it also shows one image twice. This image scrolls from the left to the right from the middle of the page, not from the outer left. How can i fix both problems? In all demo’s I see multiple images being scrolled and it seems pretty straightforward, but i might miss one little thing here… Could you please help out? Thanks.

  172. I installed the plug in, set it up and it worked perfectly (used short code on a page). I recently updated the theme (Mantra) and now the slideshow won’t work no matter what I do. Do you know what changed to make it stop working?

  173. This is the short code I am using:

    [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery1″ w=”1000″ h=”300″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=” #000000″ gap=”10″ random=”NO”]

    As I said, it was working until I updated the theme.

  174. A lot of people are asking about how to increase spacing BETWEEN images rather than the GAP which is between the beginning and end of the carousel.

    Wrap your short code in a div with an ID like so:

    short code goes here

    Control it with your own css:
    (edit the wordpress style.css and add this)

    #my_id_name a { padding: 5px;}
    (make sure to include the “a” which identifies that you are padding all links within the div.

    If you decide not to have links and have somehow disabled links in your plugin code, simply apply to any img inside the div like this:

    #my_id_name img { padding: 5px;}

    The point of this is to create a container you have control over and adjust the css while knowing everything else on the website is protected.

  175. I noticed in my comment above that list won’t allow html so it left out some of my tips. 🙁

    Where it says “short code goes here” you need to make a div with an id= and name that div to match the css you’re applying.

    Make sure the div surrounds the short code. I’ll try without html..

    div id=my_id_name (short code) /div

  176. Hi, i need to display 2 image groups(products1,products2) in home page where i’m manually writing PHP code to insert your carousel, but only one shows-up and the other wont work.

    so i need php code(or other code changes) for both to execute in same page.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  177. Hi,

    I’m not able to add more than one (image horizontal carousel gallery) in same page.

    Please let me know how to add multiple instance of carousel on same page.

    Many Thanks !

  178. Hi Gobi,

    I’m trying add to child theme (enterprise theme) of genesis framework but it’s not works (internal server error). Would you mind help me check it?

    Thank you.

  179. Hello there,

    I had this working fine until I went through all the images and updated the URL from # to http://www.urlofsupporter

    Is there anything to be mindful of with the URL and Target ? Worked fine with # as the URL and now that they have links it does not work at all.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

    – Michael

    • Hi Michael,

      I think you should to contact your hosting/ Gopi because your website/ plugin has malware. Or you can try remove plugin, scan your website by sitecheck.sucuri.net, clean your cache browser and install plugin again.



  180. Hello,

    Thanks for the plugin it’s very nice. One question, when my slideshow loops for a second time the first slide seems to have some animation effect on it where its grows from small to the correct size.

    Could you let me know how I can just keep it at the correct size and lose the effect?

    The website is http://awsa.icukdev.com/ the slideshow is on the bottom left of the home page in the sidebar and the slide is Team Army on the second loop.

    Thank you,

  181. How do I get rid of the border? The code does not show up to edit the PHP or CSS and am assuming that is where I need to edit that. Also, before I upgraded the version of Word Press I DID see the code but there was an error editing it, it would not let me.

    Easy way to remove the border?

  182. Great plugin!! Though it works well in IE and Firefox, in Chrome, the pictures scroll in correct size for sometime, then they get very small and gradually increase in size while scrolling. Is there any fix to this problem? Really urgent 🙁

  183. Some time image scrolling is not working properly. I have checked for the errors with Chrome browser and I get the following erros mor than 1000times. “Uncaught ReferenceError: slideleft is not defined”

    That error is not coming all the time but when it comes image scrolling stops.

    Could any one here tell me how to resolve the problem.

  184. I have another question. When I go from one page to another the image scroll starts from the beginning. Somehow could it be possible that after page transition or page refresh it starts from the previous state (by adding some extra code to the plugin)?

  185. Thanks for an amazing plugin.
    As it is, is nearly perfect.
    I have two requests to make it perfect: a field to control the space between the images, and second, I would love this plugin to have the movement control your horizontal motion gallery has.
    Is it possible?

  186. Is there a way to import the gallery from this plugin into another one of your slideshow plugins? I would like to avoid having to redo 23 slides that are already in place and use them in the superb slideshow gallery plugin.

    Awesome plugins by the way!

  187. Hi, thanks for this great looking slider gallery.

    I’m having a problem… everything seems to be fine except I’m not seeing my images. I up loaded the plug in using Wp plug in loader, I inserted the short code in my home page HTML text . I used the Image management page to insert the URL for each image from the WP media library. I think I’ve set up the Gallery settings correctly. I’ve tried many combinations, but nothing seems to help. I’m not good with code, I’m just stumbling along here.

    Trying to follow all the directions.

    • Hi Dana,

      After installed plugin. can you able to set the gallery with default images? did you tested that?

      Please check your image path.. always use full url for all the images. please check the gallery with details images.

        • This is so weird, I didn’t change anything at all.

          I was working on another part of the page when the slider just started to work. It’s working great now. I love it. I can see now I must use all the same height images. Thanks so much.

          I appreciate all that you do.

        • Weird again. As I said I was working on another part of the page, what I was doing didn’t work, so I changed it back. Now the slider isn’t working again.

          I am using jcolumns, could that be causing the problem with the slider. The slider is above the area where I am using jcolumns.


  188. I bet you get tired of people like me trying to use your wonderful free product and really don’t have a clue.

    I know others have had this same problem, but the answers you gave them meant nothing to me, and they seemed to know what you meant right away. If you give me code, I must know exactly where it goes and exactly how to insert it. I can do copy and paste.

    Thanks again,

  189. Hi, thanks for plugin. Everything work perfect 🙂

    But have a question: I need 4-5 slider gallery on same page. Can that work with different galleries? Prepare all images and does not work.

    Tnx for answer.

  190. I’ve tried added the php code () in my header.php but it doesn’t work…

    Only one image appears, multiple times and it’s sized incorrectly 🙁

    • I have a similar problem in that only one image scrolls by and a moment later it scrolls by again as if it had shown the other images but they never displayed.

  191. I put two different galleries on one page. In what format should be put into the field TYPE gallery setting? for example, when I put it in the following TYPE: Gallery1, Gallery2, shows I visit, only one gallery.

  192. Hi, i see images appearing one on top of the other. I have three images same high. And I adjusted the height of the slider.
    appreciate your help

  193. Hi!
    I need multiple widgets for different pages to insert in the left bar…I have already 2 groups of images and I need to display different images on each page; with the short code is very easy but I don’t want display gallery in page, but only in the sidebar….how can I do this??
    Thank youuuu!!


  194. Really like the plugin. Works great mostly. I have loaded just over 100 pix to the reel. The slide show starts over after about 40 slides are shown. In the source viewer, it is loading all the slides. I looked at the js. Does the 9000 px set the size of the reel? At approx 600 px a slide, 40 slides would pretty much max out the reel. Am I on the right track? Didn’t want to mess with the code without some small knowledge. Thanks in advance for your response.

  195. Changing the value in line 23 of js (from 9000 to 20000) did nothing. Obviously, I don’t understand how this works. Any help would be appreciated.

  196. Hello,
    I was just wondering if you could help me. I installed the scroller and added the shortcode to my page but it doesn’t seem to be working. I didn’t change any other settings other than the background color. Any ideas why it’s not working?


    Thank you!

  197. I should also note it works fine in my sidebar on the interior pages, but just doesn’t work on the homepage. Any ideas why it wouldn’t work on the homepage? Thank you!

  198. Hi, I downloaded your plugin. I have a problem with adjusting the gap between slides. I’m trying to remove the gap completely. I have put zero (0) in the plug in settings and in the code. And nothing.
    Thanks for help

  199. I have two sets of galleries, one is filled with 9 auto insurance companies and the other with 3 auto manufacturers — I plan to add many more manufacturers.

    If I only use the top shortcode, all looks correct. When I add the second shortcode, only the text for the second gallery appears.

    This is how I have the shortcodes:

    Click Logos to Learn More About Recommended Auto Insurance Companies:
    [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery1″ w=”940″ h=”29″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”10″ random=”NO”]
    Click Logos to Learn More About Auto Manufacturers:
    [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery2″ w=”940″ h=”29″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”10″ random=”NO”]

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  200. hi

    the shortcode doesn’t work.

    as a widget it works fine. great plugin.

    but when i put the shortcode in a page there’s a blank space where the scroller should run, but there’s no scroller.

    i use the new code, from your site:
    [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery1″ w=”600″ h=”170″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”5″ random=”YES”]



  201. Hello, great plugin. The Only issue I am having is in Chrome the First image sort of flies in every time it is displayed, I would like to turn this off completely, I am not having the flying in effect in any other browser. Any ideas? All my images are the same size.

  202. Hi,

    I installed the plugin and using it as a shortcode. The plugin works with the demo images. I have not been able to

    1) Create a new gallery
    2) Add images to even the existing demo gallery
    3) Help button is not working

    Quick response will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

  203. Hi – Love the plugin; however, it won’t display correctly in IE, but is fine in Google Chrome, Firefox and all other browsers. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

  204. Realy nice plugin, love it.

    Have a request, is it possible to get the alt name under the picture?
    Tried to make an ul list and div around it but it just breaks the plugin.


  205. Another issue I noticed was that when the first set of slides ends, there is a huge wide gap (approx. 300px) before the 2nd set comes in. When the gap is filled, about 4 thumbnails all come in at once.

  206. What does this mean? upgraded WP to latest now I get this error…

    Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

  207. Help, the plugin stopped working, I’m running the latest version of WordPress and Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow version 9.2. I’ve tried everything I can’t get it working again.


  208. Hi Gopi,

    When testing this out I found a few issues.
    1) When activating the original 4 images look good for their size and effect. When I add more images only your images show in the scroll and my images are background color. The cursor stops but the image link does not work.

    2) When I re-size the scroll bar to half its width, the image is not re-sized. You should find a way to re-size or force the re-size of the image.

    3) When deactivating the plugin. And then reactivating the plugin, it reinserts the code you have with the original 4 images over again. If this happens several times the plugin could end up showing multiple copies of the images in the table you created. Place a check box to see if there are entries in the table before inserting the images.

    4) Mostly 4 images can show up in the bar as I said before. I would like to have same height and different width for each image scroll across the top of my header with a link to the image location. Is there any fixes coming soon that could allow me to do this feature. What I want is to make this banner at the top a sponsor banner with their place of business in the scroll and a link to their website if not show a page with their information.

    I would need to have the images of different widths and all of them show.

    5) On the settings page, offer a directory of the user choosing and place all the images in the database table. Read this directory and write them to the table for the user. Then on the image page, list the table with the pre-built directory link of images where we can add the links and update the table with links and check box which can be displayed or not for bulk processing. Also, a date range when to display or not could be useful as a holiday banner and images for each holiday can stream across.

    What do you think?

  209. Dear Gopi,

    Thank you for the plugin.

    I have a quick question that noticed was asked earlier. How do you incorporate having 2 scrolls on the same page.

    When I add the following code:

    [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery1″ w=”600″ h=”170″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”5″ random=”no”]

    [ihrss-gallery type=”gallery2″ w=”600″ h=”170″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”5″ random=”no”]

    Only the second gallery appears.



  210. Im sure Im missing something. I am putting in the image URL for the pics I want and am not sure what to put in the other areas? None the less I see that it replaced the original pics but they are not showing up. help 🙁

  211. hello

    hy it seems my website doznt slide i went checked the html coding in web browser. so it seems it is able to read images. so y iznt it sliding!!

    any solution

    n thanx 😀

  212. Figured it out. Sort of. This plug-in does not like Genesis Responsive Header plug-in. When I deactivate Genesis Responsive Header, the slider works. Any idea why?

  213. Do you have plans to make this work with the WordPress native [gallery] shortcode? I want to change a site to use this.


  214. one more request…. is it possible to add arrows so the user can use the arrows to control how fast they move through the images?

  215. This is the closest I’ve found to what we need but it needs is a reverse arrow. So the user can scroll back and see something again. And using the native WordPress gallery would make this plugin perfect.Thanks.

  216. Could you explain better how to define the “type”, that is, which gallery, what is all the code to make the “” work correctly. Because, as it is mentioned, it doesn’t work. Thank you in advance. Love your plugin otherwise.

  217. rcApril 27, 2013 at 5:02 am #
    Could you explain better how to define the “type”, that is, which gallery, what is all the code to make the <?php if (function_exists (Ihrss)) Ihrss(); ?> work correctly. Because, as it is mentioned, it doesn’t work. Thank you in advance. Love your plugin otherwise.

  218. I have the short coded embedded on a page and have confirmed the URL for the images in the gallery work. But when I view the page all I see is white, there are no images loading and or scrolling. The same happens with the widget and not using short code. Any idea what is causing this or better, how to make it work?

  219. The slider on our homepage keeps using some sort of zoom in effect. Is there a way to stop this? I can see the image I added for a second then it zooms out of the frame.

    I have seen others asking about this but there has been no answer to this question yet.. if anybody has figured out how to stop this from happening please let us know!

    Homepage: dynamicdraintechnologies.com (slider is below the past clients)

  220. Shortcode does not work.

    Widget does work.

    I think it’s clear that the developer has abandoned this plugin, as he has not responded to any questions/comments in nearly a year.

    All in all I would say give this plugin a try, but do not expect any support. If you cannot get it to work the way you want, find another plugin. Don’t waste too much time on getting this one to work.

  221. Hello everyone,

    I had used this plugin it is really easy to use this.
    but the thing is that when i embbed short code in my code then in output images are shown in demo.
    how to dispay the images which i uploaded

  222. Hi there! I am using very well your plugin.
    The screen of the mobile phone, I cracked the screen of a cell size is not change it rather than different?
    For some reason? Is there a way?

  223. Hi,

    I’ve added the widget and maintained the settings perfectly, but still don’t see the images scrolling. Can you help.

  224. Hello,

    I appreciate your plugin and seems like it could be valuable. However, I’m having issues with its display. Firefox and IE on Windows works great, but Chrome on Windows and Safari on Mac show the image as very small and growing until full size instead of scrolling as intended.

    Is there something I can do to correct this?


  225. Hi,
    On my W3C website validation I got this:
    The language attribute on the script element is obsolete. Use the type attribute instead.
    …> var IHRSS_WIDTH = “1150px”; var IHRSS_H…

    The language attribute on the script element is obsolete. Use the type attribute instead.

    Wich field should I edit to fix this with a better implementation.
    Thans in advance

  226. Got a question – anyone???
    All loaded and working great – except the order is not showing correctly…I have marked NO for random.

    Any help?

  227. Howdy community. I’m using version 10 of the plugin with WP 3.5.1. I don’t see an image management button referred to in other posts. I deleted all samples. I have added full image paths and 2 images are added to group1. I’m using Weaver Pro theme and have added shortcode to Header Widget area 940w x 117h which is the size of my portraits. I have adjusted height in settings to match picture heights.

    No pictures or error messages display. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance for your assistance!


    • In this version, you can find the button Add New (Image Management button replaced with Add New button) Please check your gallery group(Type) in the short code.

  228. Short code I’m using is:

    [ihrss-gallery type=”GROUP1″ w=”600″ h=”117″ speed=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” gap=”5″ random=”NO”]

    2 photos in GROUP1, both assigned to GROUP1 AND BOTH 117 high.

  229. Hi there!
    I’ve been using (and loving) your plugin for some time, but the recent update put things in a tailspin. I still have my old “type” showing, but the new types that are now the options are not showing.

    I embed the widget directly in my homepage, using the code you gave for that.


  230. I’m not able to get the ‘display’ toggle on the images to remove the image from the slider. The image still appears with ‘Display’ is set to ‘No’. I’m using version 10.0

  231. I updated to version 10, and now the images no longer scroll. They are doubled, one atop the other, and the bottom images “twitch” as if they are trying to scroll, but don’t. The top row of images doesn’t move at all.

    Any suggestions?

    • Hi KHM,

      What plugin version you used before? please share your screens and page link, so that i can find more information about this issue.

  232. The site was previously using version 9.0, and it was functioning correctly under WordPress 3.5.1.

    The site is using the scroller in a widget on the home page, and should be fairly obvious where the plugin should show up. I currently only have 2 images in the scroll, but they are doubling, as I mentioned.

    The link is:


  233. Hi,

    I would like to know how do I specify the Group in “method 3” php insertion. The way it is it’s just saying: “No images available in this Gallery Type. Please check admin setting.”

    Thank you!

      • First off, a great plugin! Thank you so much

        Can you please elaborate on this? I am facing the same issue and not able to add slideshow via method 3. What changes needs to be done to enable this?

      • I found the solution to this on a WordPress forum (I had the same problem): go to the Widgets settings, add GROUP1 (or whatever) in to the Enter Gallery Group box and it suddenly works for Method 3.

        It’s obvious once you’ve done it, but to begin with, I assumed that the Widgets section was only relevant if you wanted to use the Widgets method.

        Many thanks for a very good plugin – it now seems to do just what I want.

  234. You hero. You absolute hero.

    Everyone and their wife are making overblown bloatware plugins that promise the earth. All I wanted was a simple scroller and here it is.

    You hero.

  235. It looks like this widget cannot handle too many photos? I have about 15 photos, and it doesnt work. How many photos it can handle per group? The Group name i put in the settings is not appear in the selection? I am using WP 3.5.2

  236. I am having issues with the IRSS short code on my site ( http://www.nourishnow.org/ ). I have organized all the pictures (15) I want in the slideshow, however when trying to add it to a page (Food Donor Network) the shortcodes listed in the instructions at the top of this page, either nothing shows up on the page or the shortcode text displays.

    I am wondering if Pinpoint and Swiftpage Builder are getting in the way of the code.

    Anyone have experience with this?

  237. Hi. Hello there. I’m sorry to disturb everyone her. Just wanna ask assistance on how to upload image using this plugin.


  238. Hi. Hello there. I’m sorry to disturb everyone ***here***. Just wanna ask assistance on how to upload image using this plugin.


    • This plugin dont have separate image upload option. instead use below wp menu to upload your images. and then use the image link into this plugin.

      Dash Board — > Media –> Add New

  239. hi,

    Nice plugin by the way.. But i only have one small issue with it.. i cant seem to adjust the gap or padding bet id=”test2″ and id=”test3″ to be equal with the gap for the rest of the images..

    pls help me. thanks

    test2 test3
    | | | | | | | | | |

    it seems that after a complete cycle of images, before it shows the first image again, a gap of space seems to be different from the rest. is there a work around or a fix?

  240. Hi Gopi, liking this plugin a lot

    One question my client has asked, on some sliders like this you might see arrows on the left and right edge, allowing the viewer to manually scroll left and right.

    Does this plugin support that, or if not do you have another that does support this kind of thing?

    I don’t think it will be a deal breaker if not, just thought I would ask



  241. Hello..

    I had use this plugin for logo slideshow, and now i want to use the plugin in sidebar for advertising slideshow. It’s possible ??
    Because i had try and it’s show notice like this “No images available in this Gallery Type. Please check admin setting.”
    How to fix this problem??


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