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1. Constant contact

2. Announcement and vertical scroll news

3. Vertically scroll rss feed

4. Vertical scroll image slideshow gallery

5. Deal or announcement with countdown

6. Vertical scroll recent registered user

7. Vertical scroll recent post

8. Vertical scroll recent comments

9. Drop in image slideshow gallery

10. Graphical statistics report

11. Twitter real time search

12. Send link to friend

13. Simple contact form

14. Translucent image slideshow gallery

15. Graphical admin report

16. Horizontal scrolling announcement

17. Random image gallery with light box

18. Random image gallery with fancy zoom

19. Announcement ticker highlighter scroller

20. Super transition slideshow

21. Message ticker

22. RSS scroller

23. Vertical carousel slideshow

24. Superb Slideshow

25. Youtube with fancy zoom

26. Excellent transition gallery

27. Horizontal scroll image slideshow

28. Horizontal motion gallery

29. Vertical scroll slideshow gallery v2

30 New simple gallery

31. Space gallery

32. Continuous announcement scroller

33. Continuous rss scrolling

34. Woo superb slideshow transition gallery

35. Email newsletter

36. Superb slideshow gallery

37. Pixelating image slideshow gallery

38. News announcement scroll

39. Cool fade popup

40. WordPress popup

41. Information Reel

42. WP fade in text news

43. Left right image slideshow gallery

44. Up down image slideshow gallery

45. Fade in fade out xml rss feed

46. Wp image slideshow (Drop In Effect)

47. Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow

48. WordPress plugin random post slider

49. Image vertical reel scroll slideshow

50. wp photo text slider 50

51. Scrolling down popup plugin

52. WP iframe images gallery

53. Fade in fade out post title

54. Post title marquee scroll

55. Marquee xml rss feed scroll

56. Scroll post excerpt

57. Horizontal carousel image slideshow

58. Image slider with description

59. Fancy Image Show

60. Onclick Popup

61. Random image gallery with pretty photo zoom

62. Onclick show popup

63. Jquery Accordion Slideshow WordPress Plugin

64. Content text slider on post

65. Scroll popup html content ads

66. Poll one wp wordpress plugin

67. RSS slider on post

68. Rss news display

69. Wp cycle text announcement

70. Wp anything slider

71. Popup contact form

72. Tell A Friend popup form

73. Anything popup

73. Tiny carousel horizontal slider

75. Easy image slideshow

76. Vertical marquee plugin

77. Scroll rss excerpt

78. Vertical marquee post title

79. Tabber widget plugin for wordpress

80. Tabs widget popular posts and latest posts

81. Twitter tweet horizontal scroll

82. Tabs recent posts vs recent comments

83. Popup with fancybox

84. Jquery news ticker

85. Email posts to subscribers

86. IFrame popup

87. Google Map With FancyBox popup

88. Email subscribers

89. Popunder popup

90. Tiny Carousel Horizontal Slider Plus

91. Horizontal scroll google picasa images


  1. hi, i loved loved your random video widget and until recently it worked perfectly but now it only shows one video then completely stops. i dont see it on your list any longer, did you pull it? will it come back? kristina

  2. Hi there,

    I installed the plugin “simple contact form” and it appears in widget correctly. The only problem is that when I try to send a message appears “Invalid security code” and I don’t know why. Can you tell me please?

  3. Hi Gopi, I installed simple image widget, once i change the dbdetails in config.php as per client new domain, simple image widget, not working.its not shows the widget in sidebars,how can fix this.

  4. Dear Admin!

    Really your are a great wordpress developer dear. I checked your plugins, that’s great and no need to any work hard for more plugins which u have developed.
    I pray for u to more development.

  5. Hello,

    First I’d like to thank you for providing us with so many great plugins.

    I would like to download plugin No.53, but the download link is not working. Maybe you can look into that and provide us with alternate download link, I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you again for your wonderful work.

    Kind regards,

  6. Thanks gopi.
    all are amazing plugins thanks for upload
    i have request to post plugin like ticket system which is used in website hosting area..

  7. hello,

    the vertical post was downloaded for my website, however i have found the announcement scroll to be more useful. However, i am having a hard time downloading the plug in. please help…thank you. great plug ins.

  8. All download links again go to respective plugin’s description page and ‘download link’ is linked to download page so I can not get any files at all.

  9. i need a plug in like .net slider control. but in wordpress slider means showing differenet results. pls tell me the control name which acts as .net slider control and its plugin location….

    pls replay as early as possible

  10. i need a plug in like .net slider control. but in wordpress slider means showing differenet results. pls tell me the control name which acts as .net slider control and its plugin location….

  11. I’m looking for the Announcement and vertical scroll news plugin, the old one not the one that is at now. The new plugin adds the page url to urls in the announcement box. The old plugin did not do this and allowed you to put links in that were clickable.

    Does anyone have a copy???

    The download section here only has the new one…

  12. how can i download this showcase plugin you use in the video the one in wordpress is NOTHING like it and its a pain in the ass to add new pictures in it so whats the deal here

  13. i was used the send email using smtp hard code from address. but i need if click the send button open the gmail compose mail email send via gmail . It’s posssible r not ? possible means send php code or link ..

    Thank you,

  14. hello

    I just came across your pluging I’m looking for a while.
    I on the same site as in xoops module.
    the problemme is that I am looking to download the plugin vertical, but each time it makes me sending the same place and I do not see the link.
    Can you help me find it?
    thank you

  15. Just updated website to wordpress latest version 3.5 and your latest version of woo super slideshow v6.0.

    I added a new image set, included in a post but it is including photos from previous image sets.

    Any Ideas????

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