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Fancy Image Show

Fancy Image Show WordPress plugin is a simple image rotation plugin. The image rotation happens with five different fancy effects, so it is named fancy image show. We can create many galleries in the same posts and pages. In the admin we have option to enter the image folder location.

See the fancy image show live demo below. In the sidebar you can see all my WordPress plugin. many different slideshow plugin available in the sidebar.

Available fancy effect

  • Zipper Effect
  • Wave Effect
  • Curtain Effect
  • Fountain Top Effect
  • Random Top Effect

Live Demo 1

How to configure the plugin?

First upload and activate the plugin (See the Installation instruction below).

Configuration Option 1:

Drag and Drop the Widget : Go to widget page under Appearance tab, Drag and drop Fancy Image Show widget into your side bar. its very easy.

Configuration Option 2:

Add the gallery in the Posts or Pages: Copy and paste the given short code into pages or posts. short code available below

Configuration Option 3:

Add directly in the theme:

From version 1.0 to 6.0

<?php if (function_exists (FancyImgShow)) FancyImgShow(); ?>

From version 6.1 onwards

<?php FancyImg( $gallery = "GALLERY1" ); ?>

Frequently asked questions

Q1. I installed the plugin but can’t see it. What’s wrong?

Ans: Make sure the directory name is entered correctly on the admin page(Enter as per the example).

Q2. Where to upload my image?

Ans: wp-content/plugins/fancy-image-show/gallery1/
Also you can change the location via widget configuration. (Best practice is don’t upload your original image into this default folder instead you change this default path to original path)

Q3. Why my image gallery out of range?

Make sure all images in the folder are in same size. this should equal to your gallery width & height.

Q4. How the slide show manages the order?

Ans: The file names are returned in the order in which they are stored by the file system.

Live demo 2

Plugin short code

[fancy-img-show gallery=”GALLERY1″]

GALLERY1 : This is name of your gallery (Option available in the admin)

Admin screen

fancy image show

Download location



  1. If I use the short code to insert this gallery on a page, does anyone know how to enable text to wrap around it?

    Right now, the plugin just shows whitespace to the right of the image and interrupts the flow of text.

  2. @Bernadette:

    To change the text above the gallery, click “EDITOR” under Plugins menu bar section.

    Then, select the Fancy Image Viewer plugin to edit.

    Finally, you make sure the fancy-image-show/fancy-image-show.php file is being edited. Scroll down the text until you find add_option(‘FancyImg_Title’, “Fancy Image Show”); and add your text instead of fancy image show.

    Save the file, and refresh the page to see your changes!

  3. @Bernadette & Paul R

    After you have tried the plug-in one time, the code will not come across the setting of the Title ‘Fancy Image Show’

    So you can change the title as Paul suggests, but this will not change the title.

    To fix this, use this line of code:
    1 edit the file ‘fancy-image-show.php’
    2 find the line:
    define(“WP_FANCYIMGSHOW_TABLE”, $wpdb->prefix . “FancyImg_plugin”);
    3 Below that line, insert this line:
    { update_option(‘FancyImg_Title’, “My New Fancy Text”); }
    4 Save the file.

    After you have change the title.

  4. Exactly what I’ve been looking for:
    – Very simple settings
    – Multi galleries on one page
    – No PHP necessary, only a plugin short code.

    BUT I have a suggestion to make it PERFECT: maybe that Fancy Image Show could give a less fancy transition effect option, like “fade”.

    Would be the perfect match for me.

    Thanks for that cool plugin.

  5. Hi this is working great but my friend who own the site doesn’t like the fancy transitions. Is there a way to make a standard fade? I’ve tried adjusted the timing using the wave setting but it still doesn’t work very well for them. Nice plug-in!

  6. Hi there, very nice plugin. Simple question, how to rename Widget Title instead of Fancy Image Show. I tried to edit on add_option(‘FancyImg_Title’, “Fancy Image Show”); didn’t work and I tried to insert { update_option(‘FancyImg_Title’, “My New Fancy Text”); } as per Marco VDB-IT info cause fatal error.

  7. @ Marco VDB_IT

    This is the error message when I insert { update_option(‘FancyImg_Title’, “My New Fancy Text”); } below define(“WP_FANCYIMGSHOW_TABLE”, $wpdb->prefix . “FancyImg_plugin”);

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/indocru1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fancy-image-show/fancy-image-show.php on line 34

    can you help me?

  8. @ Muji

    When you insert the line, be sure to change the quotation marks ( ‘ ) & ( ” ), the ones you get when you copy and paste (those “curly” quotes) cause the error.

    Also, delete the brackets { }.

  9. Thanks so much for this plugin, I love it! One question. I am using the code: to plug this directly into some pages I created manually (not through wordpress) This defaults to gallery 1. is there a way to have multiple galleries using this code?

    thanks again,


    • I dont know how others do this, but normally i add the above php code in the sidebar.php file and set IF condition for particular page.

  10. Hi, I’m using your Fancy image show plugin with Random image set to No and the images are still out of order eventhough they are named 1-1.jpg,1-2.jpg, 2-1.jpg, 2-2.jpg etc so the file system would order them.

    Any suggestions why this might be happening?

    Thanks in advance!

      • I have the same problem. I tried different things; I did rename the files, I copied them with time difference… but the sequence is not in the wanted order. How to do this? How to manipulate the ‘file system order’?

  11. This is great except the transitions are so tacky that the product is unusable. Fade and fade time is all anyone n eeds. The people who u will say like this plugin or “who have no complaints” are stupid morons. Why would you leave fade out as a transition? frustrating that talent like yours is wasted.

  12. I like what I see up to now. Just trying to add my own images, but looking at all the questions, there are no answers coming….
    This could be a big problem if there is no support to all these above 🙁

    • you can place youre own file of images in the plugin itself angd call it “GALLERY#” for exa’
      and then you need to delete all the not nessesery others

  13. Perfect for my needs — a very elegant and user-friendly interface. Simple short code – thank you.

    @Joe — are you a sock puppet for a competitor?

  14. It’s been running great for weeks but suddenly it’s showing the images in a stack one above the other on the screen.
    Can’t relate it to a specific change. Any suggestions?

  15. Trying to get the text to wrap around the slide show, but cannot seem to do it. Tried to insert a table as suggested, but it doesnt seem to read the shortcode within the table.

    Any other suggestions?

    Great plugin, other than this minor hiccup?

  16. Hello!

    You got really nice plugins here 🙂 Great work 🙂 I Just don’t understand why your demo in as I would like to have. So question is why when all pictures goes around first time then in one image is like six same image and so on? Hope you understand what I tried to explain.

    People donate some money. I will 🙂

  17. check http://www.brezplacnaspletnastran.net/

    Size of image is not OK but this is not a problem. Look to the slide show. There are three images display in slide show. After slide show display this 3 images then strats to diplay like six of more of same image in one image…if you look the link and wait a for a few second you will understand what I tried to explain…

    Thank you

  18. Hi.
    Very nice, but few very basic options are missing on settings, Like align left/center/right, custom gallery name, & ability to choose photos from WordPress Media with auto size proportions.
    Thank you for all nice work & efforts 🙂

      • I am new to Wp… could you please give a little more details on how to position FANCY-IMG-SHOW:GALLERY1 in the center using the table strucure.

        • Oh.. one more thing ..I noted that i can only dimply jpeg images, but not .png. I would have prefer .png as i can save .png with clear background.

          thanks again.


  19. The plugin would be perfect if it can also display a caption with each picture.when i load the pics in the gallery i have an option to enter the caption for each picture.why can’t it be displayed along with the pictures as the information is already there in the gallery.

  20. I wanted to use this plugin to display random images in my header, but the random function does NOT work. The images display in the same order each time the page is refreshed, regardless of whether I set the Random Image Display parameter to YES or NO. So, it’s broken — and I have to move on to a different plugin.

  21. Hi. I just installed your great plugin.

    One problem that I’m having is that it is only showing 2 of the six images that I have in gallery1.

    Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks so much.

  22. Gopi,

    Such nice and elegant pluggin! I’m now fan of your WP contributions. I’ts really simple and easy and all fancy transitions improve any site.

    I love how it is working on my site, but I found something weird: Slide doesn’t load at first time, I need to reload the page in order to see images. this happens everytime I visit the page I have with this slideshow.

    Any idea would be apreciated,


  23. Hi,

    Can you tell me how I can get this working on the home page of a WordPress theme (small biz). The short code works fine on any other WordPress page but just not on the home page.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  24. Hi Gopi

    I recently updated this plugin. Noted that the plugin is not visible in my list of available widgets.


  25. Hey Gopi,

    Your new version 4.0 does not work within the Weaver 2.2.8 Theme. Version 3.0 worked just fine and 4.0 works if I use the Twenty Eleven theme. Under Weaver, rather than cycling through the images they are just tiled. Please let me know if/when you resolve this. As for now must revert to 3.0


  26. Hi, i have a problem with mine. I would like to change the title fancy image show to Photo Gallery. I followed the instruction above but it won’t work. thanks

  27. Hello, I love this plugin and I was going to use it on a new site I’m developing. However the latest update you made to version 4.0 killed all the Javascript functions on my site. So I had to deactivate it.

    I’m using this theme, Eventor: http://themeforest.net/item/eventor-event-management-wordpress-theme/2437242?WT.ac=search_thumb&WT.seg_1=search_thumb&WT.z_author=themeskingdom

    I’m sure it was a conflict that broke all the JS on the page, however I don’t know specifically the cause. If there is anyway to fix it that would be great, otherwise I need to find another slideshow plugin.

    Thanks for your help.

    • i will upload the previous version soon.. and can you give the download link for your theme “Eventor”. bcos i i have tested the version 4.0 in all default there and not found any issue. if possible pls send your theme download link using my contact form.

  28. I have trouble getting the pictures in a specific order. I tried different things; I did rename the files, I copied them with time difference… but the sequence is not in the wanted order. How to do this? How to manipulate the ‘file system order’?

  29. Really liking this one,
    I am using the widget for one widget area, but now it’s not showing up in the widget area anymore. Can we only use it one time??!

  30. Thanks for this plugin. It seems like a great idea, however, i can not get it to save data in the settings page. Every time I click on insert message the form clears itself. There is no “save” button. I am sure it’s just something dumb that I’m missing.
    I am using adventure journal theme and the latest version of wordpress. The shortcode is on the page I want to use it on, and the images are in the gallery1 folder. But it won’t save data on the settings page. Any clue what I am missing here? Thanks for any help.

    • This is interesting. I added your horizontal carousel image slideshow and it does the exact same thing. When I try to save data in the settings page it just clears the form. The carousel works but does not display any of my images. It does display the first image which is from your website. What am I missing here?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated because at this point I can’t figure it out. It’s probably a simple thing somewhere that i am overlooking. Thanks

  31. It looks like my plugin got hacked. I looked at my site and I had an extra gallery created and new images replacing my old. I was using Gallery1 though.
    How can I prevent this from happening again?

    • Hi Carlos,

      When ever you update the plugin, it update all the file in the plugin folder. so don’t upload your images in to plugin folder.

  32. We have the plugin setup and ran the update recently, and now shows multiple versions of the gallery photos we had setup. Smaller versions of the same photo with multiple layouts of 12 photos etc. This is on our homepage, please help.

    We just want this to be a clean gallery of about 6 images that rotate and would like to also get your setup you have for the above demo 2 as well, since that is perfect for our needs.

    Thank you

  33. I cannot enter a width greater than 999 Could you please fix this so I can enter a 4 digit number like 1024 or 1200…thanks or tell me where I can change the code.

    Can you please add a fade from one pic to another on the next version.

    Great plugin, very easy to work with.

      • I found it…
        go to plugins
        edit fancy-image-show/image-management.php

        fine the line
        <input name="FancyImg_Width" type="text" id="FancyImg_Width" value="” maxlength=”3″ /> (Ex: 250)

        maxlength=”3″ to maxlength=”4″

        do now reads
        <input name="FancyImg_Width" type="text" id="FancyImg_Width" value="” maxlength=”4″ /> (Ex: 250)

  34. The picture gallery shows up and there are transitions but on top of the pictures, there is an error code:

    Warning: is_dir() [function.is-dir]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(..) is not within the allowed path(s): (D:\Inetpub\vhosts\****.com\httpdocs\) in D:\Inetpub\vhosts\****.com\httpdocs\wp-content\plugins\fancy-image-show\fancy-image-show.php on line 112

    If disable that line 112 code, it doesn’t show any pictures anymore.

    Please help!

  35. Any suggestions for scaling down the size of the images for iPad? The slideshow looks good on my website and iPhone but overlaps my sidebar on the iPad.


  36. Hi

    A very simple question, since I can not find the answer. I wish to let act your nice plugin as a background imaging in my theme. In your help info it is said that a short code can be added in my theme. The problem I have is that I do not know in which file should it be added.

    Thanks for the answer in advance

  37. Hi,

    I found a problem in Fancy Image Show, in that it did not work when I moved WordPress to its own subdirectory (as opposed to having it in the site root). The ‘is_dir()’ call failed.

    My fix was to edit two calls – is_dir() and opendir() – and use the installation directory (ABSPATH) rather than the site_url. See diff below. It works for me, but I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily the only or best solution.

    Lennart Bonnevier


    $f_dirHandle = opendir($FancyImg_Extra1);

  38. the plugin does not provide alignment of the image in the sidebar.
    Thank you kindly advise me how to proceed.

    Thank you for your help

  39. Hi! I’ve been using your excellent plugin frequently on my blog. However, I can’t seem to make the pictures smaller. Therefore, the sequence goes over other text (on the sidebar). How do I make the show a little smaller? Thanks for the hint!

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