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Cool fade popup

Cool fade popup wordpress plugin create a popup message to the WordPress website with customizable html content. Sometimes it’s useful to add a pop up to your website to show your ads, special announcement and for offers. Using this plug-in you can creates unblockable, dynamic and fully configurable popups for your blog.

This popup ads are very effective advertising tools for your website since they won’t get automatically blocked by popup blocking tool.

Refresh this page to see the pop-up again.

Features of this plugin

  • Easy installation.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Unblockable.
  • Session option to show the popup only first time.
  • Option to display random content.
  • Show popup window based on timeout after page load.
  • Supports localization.

Installation instruction

Option 1

  • Download the plugin cool-fade-popup.zip from gopiplus.com download link.
  • Unpack the cool-fade-popup.zip file
  • Extract the /cool-fade-popup/ folder.
  • Drop the ‘cool-fade-popup’ folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.
  • In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  • You should see your new ‘cool fade popup’ plug-in listed under Inactive plug-in tab.
  • To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Option 2

  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Search ‘cool fade popup’ plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ link.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Option 3

  • Download the plugin cool-fade-popup.zip from gopiplus.com download link.
  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Upload the available ‘cool-fade-popup.zip’ file and click install now
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin configuration

Method : 1

Go to widget menu and drag and drop the “cool-fade-popup” widget to your sidebar location.

To configure the plug-in go to : Administration (Dashboard) → Settings → cool fade popup

This method will create the popup on all the pages (In the above link option available to configure this)

Method : 2

Add the give short code in page/post to open the pop-up into that particular page/post.

Short code (from version 1.0 to 5.0) : [PopUpFad=GROUP=widget:RANDOM=YES:SESSION=NO]

In the above short code:
GROUP=widget ( “widget” is the name of the group )
RANDOM=YES ( Display random content from the group name “widget”)
SESSION=NO (Session option not enabled so all time it show the popup)

Short code (from version 6.0 onwards) :

[cool-fade-popup group="widget" random="YES" session="NO"]

Version history

Version 1.0 : First version

Version 2.0 : The user raised problem “After closed the popup; not able to click the links under the popup” is solved in this version.

Version 3.0 : This version is completely different from version 2.0. please take your existing HTML file for backup. In this version separate content management page is available for popup content. We can add the N number of content in to db and can display one at a time with random option.

Version 6.0 : Tested up to 3.4.2. Slight change in the short code, Please find the new short code for your popup

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to enable popup on all the website pages?

Drag and drop the “cool fade popup” widget to your sidebar location. and go to configuration page to update the setting.

To configure the plug-in go to : Administration (Dashboard) → Settings → cool fade popup

Q2. How to enable popup on particular page?

Use given short code in to the particular page.

Q3. What is group name in the form?

Group name is to group the content. for example if u want to display one random content from some set of content. That content will fetch based on this group.

Q4. Suppose if i have more then one content can we display any one random?

Yes, This is possible. In the popup setting form, enter the “group name” and set “random order” is to YES. In the front end one random content will fetch based on the group to display.

In the short code we have same option.

Q5. Is possible to add HTML content?

Yes, you can HTML content in the content management form.

Q6. How to arrange the popup style?

You can update the above CSS file for style.

Q7. Can make this pop-up only for the first time visit ?

Yes, This is possible, In the popup setting form set “Enable Popup Session” value to YES. and the same option available in the short code.

Q8. My theme does not support widgets. How to enable popup on all the pages?

Add the below PHP code in the php file to generate the popup for all the pages.
<?php if (function_exists (PopUpFad)) PopUpFad(); ?>

Q9. Is possible to set the expiration date for popup?

No, At present this option is not available in the version 3.0

Download links



1. Tamil (ta) – Gopi
2. Spanish (es_ES) – [Maria Ramos, mariar[at]webhostinghub[.]com]


  1. Add this code into pages/posts :


    In the above short code:
    GROUP=widget ( “widget” is the name of the group )
    RANDOM=YES ( Display random content from the group name “widget”)
    SESSION=NO (Session option not enabled so all time it show the popup)

  2. i’m very like this plug in. please visit my site to see your plug in working on http://www.izuee.com

    by the way, i have 1 suggestion, how to make this plugin scrollable. i mean, when user scroll my site, this plugin will follow the page until the user close the plugin windows by self.

  3. Hi Gopi – this is the only plugin that has worked for my purposes so far but I can’t figure out where to set it so that it only pops once. So, if someone “x”‘s out of it, it won’t come up again.

    Can you help? Thanks!

  4. I am interested in changing the timing it appears. How do you adjust the code to allow more time before it pops up? Also interested in it only showing one time as others above commented.

  5. I would like the pop up to appear on a page only when the link to it is clicked so they can see more information regarding that paragraph. How do I do that?

  6. I don’t see how to configure what the pop up says or how to get it to be a subscription button or to change the message at all.

    All I’ve got in the Admin/Settings are fields that ask yes or no.

    There’s no where to write or to put a link.

    What am I supposed to do with it?

    • Administration → Plugins → Editor → Select “cool fade popup” → Select “popup.html” and update this HTML page.

  7. hi! thanks,
    i actually tried but without any positive response…
    can you tell me where and what to write please?

  8. I am trying to use it with WP 3.1.
    It doesn’t show anywhere nor on homepage, pages or posts.
    It is installed using add new plugins function and activated. When I go to the editor it says – inactive.

  9. can seem to affect the position of the pop-up on my homepage. tried changing ‘position’, ‘top’, ‘left’ and ‘right’, but only ‘top’ seems to be working…please help.

  10. A weird problem which exists on this site also. After you click the close link, any links that were under the popup are now no longer clickable. Note that any part of the link that was visible outside the popup is clickable, but for that same link, any part of it under the popup is now not clickable. Any idea what’s going on there? I’m viewing both my test site and your site in Firefox and Chrome, same problem. In IE8, there is no close link (for the popup on this page), so I can’t test it.

  11. Just adding that your WordPress Popup plugin on this site doesn’t stop the clickability of links on Firefox. Hope that helps track it down.

  12. OK, just did more testing of this page in IE. IE7 pops up a blank window when you click the close link, IE9 throws up an Internet Explorer Script Error dialog:

    An error has occurred in the script on this page.
    Line: 34
    Char: 15
    Error: Object expected
    Code: 0
    URL: http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2011/01/08/cool-fade-popup
    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? Yes/No

    Please make no mistake, I love this plugin and it has the most options and does almost everything I want. It just has that weird link behaviour and minor problem with the close link in IE.

    Cheers and thanks!

  13. Hi Gopi,

    Something very strange happed to me. I activated your plugin and placed the widget on my homepage and since then all my jQuery stuff seem to have disturbed. My slideshow and news ticker (running with jQuery started malfunctioning.)

    Please help me as it is very imp for me to fix this asap

  14. Great plugin! Well done, I owe a big thanks, I’ll see if I can use a piad plugin where possible.

    See it used and styled here> http://www.frankfoodandme.com

    Only thing it needs is a cookie to make it visible only once per session. I tried to make it work like that and failed with my poor js skill (I have none).


  15. also, is there a way to put an image in the background instead of a plain html color?
    and if so, what code and where should I put it?


  16. I am doing a site for a client and have used your pop up which I think is excellent! As with others on here, I wish it would just open once per session. I went online to try and find a solution and found this page: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum21/2006.htm and wondered if this could help to solve the problem and also wondered if admin aka Gopi would try this out first to ensure that it works. If it does, would you mind letting us know how we can implement this code into the plugin and where etc. Many thanks.

  17. In the HTML file u can add the google javascrip code. best as per google terms and condition popup is wrong way to publish the ads.

  18. New version 3.0 available with separate content management page. in the we can add html content and multilingual content.

  19. The plugin is interesting but does not fit exactly my needs. I’ve looked all the WP plugin repository without luck. The most similar plugin is your own.
    I need different popups for hinting users what o how to do things in the my web, like a contextual help.
    I need it to be activaded via a link, for example : [gopi-popup id=”thecontentid” title=”Click here to see a nice popup” class=”mylinkclass” ] and then it generates a link.
    If you could add this feature, and let disable the page-load-popup, I think it will be very good, because there is no one popup in the entire repository which is nice, clean, and easy to use (with content management as your own).

    Let me know your anwers, since your comment form has no ‘subscribe to comments’, i’m very interested.

    I can help if needed, but I have never developed a plugin for wp.

    • Already we have short code option for this plugin.

      Create the content with unique group name and use the short in each page.

      For ex: [PopUpFad=GROUP=widget:RANDOM=YES:SESSION=NO]

      If the above is your short code, u should have at-lest one content for the group widget.

  20. hello is it possible that someone tell me or show me how to center the popup and make it over the amazon carrousel ?

    thx for youe great help.

  21. Hi , just can not make it run no matter what I do. Followed all instructions. It just does not appear. Placed Widget on a side bar, created group, updated text….nothing. Any ideas what is wrong? Thanks

  22. Steps to set popup only on Home page

    1. Activate the plugin
    2. Drag and drop the cool fade widget
    3. Ggo to plugin management area. (Cool fade popup link under setting menu)
    4. In that make On Home is YES and all other to NO
    5. Open your front end and check the plugin.

  23. Hello there,

    Would like to ask for some help. I am currently using your plugin on my site. However, there are two small issues I am having.

    1. It will not run on the home page
    2. I don’t know how to center it on the page. I looked at the css page, but I cannot find anything in there to change the

    element style It is currently at left: 791.5px and I need it at 591.5px or in that area.

    Just not sure how to center it.

    Can you please take a look.


    you can see the popup on the Tickets and Showtime page


    But I cannot get it to work on the home page and that is really where I prefer it to be… Thanks!!!

    Kind regards,

    I could really use your help asap. This ad is over come Friday.. Thanks!

  24. Great Popup.

    One problem. I can’t get it to pop up with Internet Explorer ver 9.

    It does work fine on your page (this page), but not on mine.
    FireFox works fine on my page and yours.

    Is there a setting I’m missing?

  25. Hello,
    nice plugin, but i need one thats show the popup “on click”, not automatically. Means, the user click on a banner or link, and then the popup will be open first.

    Is this possible?


  26. Hi Gopi,

    I tried to use your powerful Cool fade popup plugin but my theme is not supported widget, so i just added one link in main header,

    This is working , but this is not considering any thing related to session and group.

    How i should use this per session, via html code
    Thanks Gopi.

  27. Hi Gopi;

    I have added this line

    in index.php and footer.php, do i need to remove from index.php and add in header.php

    Please help, I am not a techie.


  28. Hi Gopi,

    Do i put this code

    this php portion of code. I am confused. Tried both but did not worked either of.

  29. here’s the solution to change the with and then center the popup box. First change the width in PopUpFad.css file and then open PopUpFad.js file and find a line:

    “function PopUpFadLft() {
    var w = 160; // set this to 1/2 the width of the PopUpFad div defined in the style sheet
    // there’s not a reliable way to retrieve an element’s width via javascript!!”

    and change the 160 value to about a half of what you set in width in css file. It works for me!

  30. I tired to enter popup message, select a display status and a group but it would always return “No data available, use form below to create!” What’s wrong with this? Thanks for your help!

  31. I want the pop up to appear when you click on a link. The popup would then appear letting you know you are going to be leaving the site. It would then need a continue button to continue following the outside link. How do I make this happen?

  32. Hi : )
    Thanks for your plugin!

    Is it possible to make the background transparent? I’d like just a pop up image but it’s round and I want to be able to see the page content behind it.

    Thanks for your help!

  33. Hi 😉

    Great plugin

    My theme didnt support widget, u already mentioned how to embed the code

    But how can we customize it, if we want to display different group in the theme…


  34. Hi Gopi,

    I am using this plugin on infonary.com, using the template code in the footer. Everything except the session part is working fine and the popup is being displayed on every page view.

    How can I solve this issue.

  35. Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing. The clarity in your post is just excellent and i could assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the rewarding work.

  36. Is there a way to have a delay on the pop up? I want the user to be able to read some of the content before the lightbox fades in.

    Also, is there a way to darken the site itself so the popup is more noticeable?

  37. Hello, I’m so happy this plugin works with my blog ! But I have a problem yet : when I clic the “close x”, my index page is loading on a new window… how to six it ?

  38. hi i am using your plugin , i have set every thing for the plugin as your given steps but there is problem i am facing the Enable Popup Session option i have set yes but i does not work at all can you tell me how to set it up i am using template code ?

  39. Hello Goppi, would you tell me how can I insert in html text 2 buttons: I agree, Not agree. The first would close the popup, the second will redirect to the home page’ to close the popup, because redirecting I understang by my self.

    Tank you very much”

  40. Hi,

    Thank you for this plugin, but the session doesnt work. How can I make it work using this

    Please help

  41. Hi Gopi,
    first of all, amazing the work u have done, congratulations.
    Now a question i do not know how to improve, and hopefully u could help me with any tip`,
    i am trying to adpat this super plugin just to show the popup when a user read a post which has been marked in an specific category, i mean, an editor creates and categorized a post and afterthat a user reads this post, so teh popup should appear if an specific category (for example, the category special deal) has been selected. Is there any way to put it into the code?
    I have just checked the possibility of selecting the “pages” but manually, and i am wondering how to programm it to be done automatically.
    tnx in advanced,

  42. Gopi,

    I know I’m doing something wrong, but in the last 3 weeks of trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, I still cannot figure it out – maybe you can point me in the right direction.

    I have a list of chat sites (we call them homes) that should rotate through your popup in RANDOM order – but they don’t.

    Set up:
    On Home Page = YES
    On Posts = YES
    On Pages = YES
    On Search = NO
    On Archives = NO
    Group name = homes (came in with the group name = widget, and when it did not work, I changed it)
    Enable Popup Session = NO
    Enable Random Option = YES

    The popup works in the sense that I get a banner that pups up just fine. The problem is that I have RANDOM = YES and it is not Random – it is always the same banner.

    I looked at your code and it is correct, you check to see if the $PopUpFad_random is not blank and since the RANDOM is set to YES, I’m assuming the popup is getting the message to grab a random entry in the database, and display it.

    if(@$PopUpFad_random “”)
    $sSql = $sSql . ” Order by rand()”;

    I don’t know how you are passing the flag but I take it is part of the form to set the session variable and that lets’ the Cool Fade Popup know it’s getting a random database entry.

    So far I have that figured out; what I can’t figure out is: Why does it not work?

    I’m getting the hits I want, I’m driving people to the “home” that I have active, but I cannot get it to rotate through the list. Right now it’s not a problem because only 3 homes have sent me banners, but in the next month I expect to get about 20 of them, and I need the RANDOM action to work.

    Can you tell what I’m doing wrong from what I listed? Can you help me out – this is a great plug-in, but the best feature (the RANDOM) for my application is not working.

    Help!!! If you can


  43. Hi,

    This plugin is great! I want to ask is it possible to make popup window disappear automatically after 2 or 3 seconds?


  44. Hi Gopi,

    I like your plug in and using the same with some customizations.

    One error I found is sharing here. In the line, split(‘[=.-]’, $PopUpFad_session_main);, [=] is enough. [=.-] is giving an option between the three characters.

    Many thanks,

  45. This plugin seems to work but when I put a link in the content it shows the link in a very small font. The font looks right in the plugin options but in the actual website popup it’s small. Is this a bug?

  46. I also like very much this plugin but I also, like Argos (see above), have a problem with the RANDOM function.
    It doesn’t work and I’m not able to figure why.
    Perhaps the option LIMIT in cool-fade-popup.php?
    I’ve tried to set it on
    $sSql = $sSql . ” LIMIT 1,2″;
    instead of the original
    $sSql = $sSql . ” LIMIT 0,1″;
    and in other ways, but it changes nothing 🙁
    Can you help us?

        • And now I’ve tried to insert new contents… I’m sorry, but now the plugin isn’t able to save data 🙁
          I can’t see any data in “Content management”, and the plugin displays this awful message: “No content available in the db with the group name . Please check the plugin page or in the admin to find more info. ”
          Not a good upgrade 🙁

        • How did I work out the problem?
          Disinstalled and deleted the new version, reinstalled the version 5.0… all tables were there! I’ve just lost all changes to style. Nevermind 😉

  47. Gopi,

    I have a number for pop-ups that I wish to come up randomly; however even though I see where you as for Rand() it still does not come up – I’m running the latest version of Word Press and your latest version and it still does not work

    Any help / suggestions / ideas (helpful prayers, lol)


  48. Gopi R congratulation, this is magnificent pluggins, the fade in effect is amazing, but I suggest for improvement and next automatic update of pluggins That has to fade out after spending 3 seconds or more, this is amazing pluggins and With This incorporation will be better . will be a guaranteed success.

    Once again congratulation and hope that get my suggestion.

  49. This is a very simple but awesome plugin and I started figure out how to customize it to my needs, but it would be great include these capabilities in future versions (or please post here a hack to do it right now if possible):

    1.- Dimmed faded full background (black, white or any color)
    2.- Load once for session.
    3.- That´s enough ;.)

    Thanks again.

  50. By the way, I just figured out how to configure this plugin to show any image or html content box properly aligned:

    1.- Edit the PopUpFad.css file to desired splash box width and top distance in pixels

    width: xxx;
    top: xxx;

    2.- Edit PopUpFad.js file in order to configure the horizontal position of full splash box:

    function PopUpFadLft() {
    var w = 160; <== (change this value to the half of desired width box as entered in .css file, i.e. if the width of splash image is 600px change this value to 300px)

    Thats it! You get a proper centered splash image with top distance you defined.

  51. Hi,
    I’m not getting the popup on my home page….I did the following;

    1. Followed Option 2 for the installation process (the plugin is active)
    2. Used Method 2 for the rest of the process
    3. When I drag the widget to the sidebar is states there is no options for the widget
    4. I have enabled the popup up settings; popup sessions=yes, homepage=yes and all others=no, group name is “widget”, and I have a new title of “I’m changing my website address!”
    5. My content is “I’m changing my website address!”I am planning a move to my new domain name http://www.MostabearNewfoundlands.com, sometime in the next month. Please make note of this new address so you will be able to access my website during the changeover. The old http://www.mostabear.com domain name will be forwarded to our new name but that process does sometimes take a few days to complete, the old domain name http://www.mostabear.com will be retired after a year, RIP”. “. The display=yes, and group name=widget.


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  53. We had this plugin installed and it worked fine – now – it no longer pops up and I do not have a menu item in the admin panel to make adjustments. Please help! Site is above.


  54. Hi Gopi,

    I was wondering if it is possible to set the popup to a time delay so it pops up after 30 seconds instead of immediately when the page is loaded?


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