Scroll popup html content ads

This Scroll popup html content ads WordPress plugin allows you to build and show a scrolling pop up using HTML div. You can locate the scrolling pop up in a corner of a web page and choose the scrolling direction (i.e., left-to-right or top-down). and we have separate content management page to manage the popup content. using this plugin we can show our ads and special information to the user. this is the unblock-able popup and tested on IE and Mozilla.

See the live demo on the bottom right corner. also you can find four different popup plugin into this website. check the plugin list. Refresh the page to show the demo again. Click here to watch video demo

Installation instruction

Method 1

  • Download the plugin from download location.
  • Unpack the file and extract the folder.
  • Drop the scroll-popup-html-content-ads folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.
  • In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  • You should see your new scroll-popup-html-content-ads plug-in listed.
  • To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Method 2

  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Search scroll-popup-html-content-ads plugin using search option.
  • Find the plugin and click ‘Install Now’ link.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Method 3

  • Download the plugin from download location.
  • Go to ‘add new’ menu under ‘plugins’ tab in your word-press admin.
  • Select upload link (top link menu).
  • Upload the available file and click install now.
  • Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin configure

1. To load the popup into particular page, use the page short code.

2. To load the popup into all pages in the website, use the given PHP code. copy the php code and paste it in the footer.php file. watch video for more info.

Plugin short code

[scroll-popup-html id="1"]

scroll-popup-html : This is the default text.
id : This is content ID, Check plugin content management page for the short code. If we enter 0, it display random 1 content from the available list. example if you have 5 records.

[scroll-popup-html id="0"] : This pick and display random one records.
[scroll-popup-html id="3"] : This will always pick the 3rd record for the popup display.

PHP code

<?php if (function_exists (sphca)) sphca(0); ?>

Use this PHP code in the footer.php file to show the popup into all the pages. In the PHP code zero(0) refers to pick random 1 from the available list. also you can specify the exact ID. example.
<?php if (function_exists (sphca)) sphca(3); ?>

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can not see the close button in the popup window?

Open “scroll-popup-html-content-ads.js” the javascript file and check the close button link. It should look like :

Q. Can make this pop-up only for the first visit ?

Yes, Option available in the popup setting page.

Q. How to enable popup on all the pages?

Activate the plugin, and add the PHP code in the footer.php(This file available in the theme folder) file.
<?php if (function_exists (sphca)) sphca(0); ?>

Q. How to add the popup only on one page?

[scroll-popup-html id="0"] Add this short code into the page.

Q. I cant find the solution for my problem?

Please visit plugin video demo. and feel free to post your comments and doubts.

Q. How to change the popup window border-color/background color?

Need little bit CSS knowledge to do this. open the file “scroll-popup-html-content-ads.css” in your plugin folder location and update the color code and other CSS changes.

Download location

Video Demo