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Anything popup

This is a simple plug-in to display the content in to unblockable popup window. this popup window will open by clicking the button or link. we can place the button or link on the widget, post and pages. in the admin we have HTML editor to manage the popup content. also in the admin we have option to choose the width and height of the popup window.

Popup windows are generally new web browser windows to display the content. but this is the CSS based modal popup window.

Plugin advantage

  • Easy to configuration.
  • Unblockable.
  • Movable popup.
  • HTML Editor.
  • Short code option.
  • Option to add multiple pop up on single page.

Live Demo 1

    Click to open popup

Live Demo 2

Installation instruction

Method 1

  1. Download the plugin anything-popup.zip from download location.
  2. Unpack the anything-popup.zip file and extract the /anything-popup/ folder.
  3. Drop the anything-popup folder into your wp-content/plugins folder.
  4. In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu.
  5. You should see your new Anything Popup plug-in listed.
  6. To turn the word presses plug-in on, click activate.

Method 2

  1. Go to Add New menu under Plugins tab in your WordPress admin.
  2. Search Anything Popup plugin using search option.
  3. Find the plugin and click Install Now link.
  4. Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Method 3

  1. Download the plugin anything-popup.zip from download location.
  2. Go to Add New menu under Plugins tab in your WordPress admin.
  3. Select upload link (top link menu).
  4. Upload the available anything-popup.zip file and click Install Now.
  5. Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Plugin administration

Dashboard → Settings → Anything Popup

Use the above admin page to manage the popup content.

Popup Window Width: Enter width of the popup window, only integer vale.

Popup Window Height: Enter height of the popup window, only integer value.

Header Color: Enter the popup window header color (Example: #CCCCCC)

Border Color: Enter the popup window border color, preferred same as above header color (Example: #CCCCCC)

Header Font Color: Enter the popup window title font color.

Popup Title: Enter the popup window title.

Popup Link Text/Image: Enter the text to display in the page. (once the user clicked this text it will open the popup window) also we can add the image button instead of text.

Add the below text in the the Popup Link to load image button
<img src="http://www.gopiplus.com/work/wp-content/plugins/anything-popup/button.png" / >

Plugin configuration option

Drag and drop the widget: Go to widget menu and drag and drop the Anything Popup widget to your sidebar location.

Paste the PHP code to your desired template location: Copy and past the below mentioned code to your desired template location (ie in PHP file).

From version 1.0 to 3.0

<?php AnythingPopup('[ANYTHING-POPUP:1]'); ?>

Version 4.0

<?php AnythingPopup('1'); ?>

Introduced new parameter called Popup ID (Use this Popup ID in the widget and PHP code), In the admin page you can find the popup ID for your popup content.

From version 4.1 onwards

<?php AnythingPopup( $pop_id = "1" ); ?>

Short code for pages and posts: Add the below short code into posts and pages.

From version 1.0 to 3.0


From version 4.0 onwards

[AnythingPopup id="1"]

Frequently asked questions

Q1) Problem on the popup window positioning?

This plugin automatically manage the popup window open position based on the given popup window width and height. however some themes are not support this positioning, so in that case please update the JavaScript manually to set the position.


Go to line 32, 33 , 35, 36

Comment the line 32 and 33.

Uncomment the line 35 and 36. and in this line set the window left, top position manually.

Download location



  1. I am trying to have more than one popup on the same page and it opens the first one I clicked over and over. never pulls the other popup;s content.

    • i am trying…

      But my page load only “[ANYTHING-POPUP:3]” :s

      any solution?

      • Hi Leandro,

        At present this plugin not support the short code option, only widget option available. or you can call the PHP method from theme PHP file.

        • I can’t find the exact PHP file to enter the code. Is it located in the Theme directory?

          But which file is it? I just need to modify one page and not the entire site. This is something that I can’t figure out with WordPress. I hope the ShortCode gets done soon because that would be a great time saver.

  2. sorry i am forgot to say.

    Header Color and border color i am put “87abd6” and the color im my page is Black and white!

    Any solution?

    • In the admin we have option to change the header color. and please enter the color code with # symbol example “#4D4D4D”

  3. this pop up plugin doesn’t work….it just keeps on showing the first pop up msg. all the time . even though i created multiple pop ups and called it from my page….any solutions ??

      • I have the same problem as Leandro and Surez. I am trying to put multiple popups on the same page. If I put multiple short codes in the widget, it still calls up only the popup linked to the first short code.

        I may be trying to do this incorrectly. I am going to edit page area, then inputting where I want the reader to see the popup link. But I notice in your explanation, you say:

        Copy and paste the below mentioned code to your desired template location (ie in PHP file).

        Is the PHP file something different from the edit page? Where is this PHP file? I assume the PHP file shows the text of the page so I can insert the code where I want it. Also, am I correct to input multiple short codes in the widget for all the popups I want on my blog? Or is there some way to have multiple Anything Popup widgets? If so, I can’t figure out how I can have more than one Anything Popup widget.

        Sorry I’m such a beginner. Hope you can help me. Thank you.

  4. I’ve got the popup appearing where I want it, but my php code in the popup content is not being resolved – it does in other content. Any thoughts please?

      • hi there,
        i have problems with the plugin. As soon as i activate it, if i try to save a new post, i get a blank page, When i disable it, then everything works fine. How can i solve this?

  5. A very quick question. Like this popup and it was great to start with but now positions way down the page out of view. I know you have mentioned above about going to lines 32,33,35 and 36 in the anyhting-popup.js. My problem is I dont have a line count in the wordpress update area, so which is it and as a novice, what do you mean by comment and uncomment. Any chance of typing what I should be looking at pre and post change. Thanks

    • Line 32 : formdiv.style.top = pt.y + “px”;
      Line 33 : formdiv.style.left = pt.x + “px”;

      Line 35 : //formdiv.style.top = “200px”;
      Line 36: //formdiv.style.left = “550px”;

      • Hey.

        I have got the same problem as morris. (11.June, 2012)
        But you did not answer his question ??

        “what do you mean by comment and uncomment. ” ?

        And what are the value PX, for keeping the popupwindue in the center of the screen ?


        • Hi, Kent.

          In anythig-popup.js adjust this:


  6. Any idea when the shortcode option will be available. I need to have multiple pop up’s on a page, but right now you only get the first shortcode to pop each time. Love the plugin, just wondering when this might be available.

  7. Yes – AGREE! I just spent a lot of time getting this plug-in working exactly how I want it and now I find out that it doesn’t support the shortcode option.

    This is very upsetting. I would have spent time on another plug-in had I known that up front.

    Do you know when this feature will be available? It’s worth $$ if it had that and maybe a couple other features (such as background image selection, bgcolor, etc.)

      • Not working properly for me. If I have the following on the same page/post


        The pop up for #1 shows for both. It is the same problem as everyone else above. Is there a fix for this?

        • Well, yeah kind of figured that one out. My question is will it ever be possible to have more than one on a page? If not, it should be mentioned on the description page.

          I know this is free and beggars can’t be choosers, but would love to have more than one on a page. It’s kind of useless to me with only one per page and sounds like many others want the same. Promise I’m not trying to be a jerk. 🙂

        • That’s exactly the issue. I have a page that I absolutely need more than one code per page. This is the problem i’m having — the plug-ins that support more than one code per page, do not support clickable text. And I see this plug-in is the opposite.

          Is there any plans to support more than one code per page? If so, when? I desperately need this type of plug-in…

        • One code per page? This is a joke? What do you think, why we want to use popups on a page? Because lots of them…

          My recommendation:
          – make a popup message dispatcher php file
          – the javascript download the popup content over this php, when it opened (ajax) (you can add fancy loading icon too, when loading is more then 0.3 sec)
          – javascript instance store only popup id (oo javascript)

          and finally until it’s not done: wrote this “little” limitation somewhere, because i worked days, to integrate this component to my site, fixed up your buggy positioning code, wrote my generator, fill out 3 form, and after i found this…

  8. Absolutely Excellent/perfect in a post, either short code or php.

    But doesn’t appear to function in a page, sidebar-widget or in a template.

    • Apologies. Plugin actually works very well when you calibrate the javascript file ( wp-content/plugins/anything-popup/anything-popup.js) as explained above in Q1) of FAQ.

      Thank you

  9. Impressive plugin…I like the js/html5/css implementation.

    Like other comments I really need the in-page shortcode to be functioning before I can really use it.

    I would also like to be able to define the popup content in a post or page and be able to specify the post/page ID as an option in the setup rather than including content in Settings/Anything-popup.

    Great work

  10. Great plugin, but i have the same problem as the many people above. I really really need to be able to put several shortcodes with different content on one page.

    Would pay for this option!!!

  11. I’m trying to put the necessary code of the “anything popup” into a sidebar that I use for several pages containing image galleries. So, when any of those pages are selected, the sidebar shows the ClickOn words that the viewer would click to bring up the popup message.

    Can this be done, and how would I insert the code?

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I’m a newbie at working with WordPress.
    The website is underdevelopment. Please use the following page of the website to see an example page: http://dev.gvcameraclub.org/?page_id=13

  12. Hi, can anybody give me an example about making this work with a image rather than link to open the popup? I can’t see what files to edit.

  13. Hi, first of all a great plugin so thank you! I have only one problem, I try to use de popup functionality in plain text. So if you click on the link you will get de popup. The only problem is that I get a “next-line” before and after the popup link…

    Is there a way without the extra “next-line”?



    Code looks like this:

    Op basis van onze [ANYTHING-POPUP:1] zetten wij bewezen methoden en technieken in zoals LEAN, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Klantarena’s, Duurzame Klantreizen, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Touchpoints en ECHTE Co-creatie.

    Result (with the “next-line” before and after the word “visie)”:

    Op basis van onze


    zetten wij bewezen methoden en technieken in zoals LEAN, Kaizen, Six Sigma, Klantarena’s, Duurzame Klantreizen, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Touchpoints en ECHTE Co-creatie.

  14. Hello! Thanks for a great plugin. I’m trying to get it to work with an image instead of text link but any time I put in an image the link breaks. I’ve tried my own image and using the code you have above and both times the extent of the link is:


    And it’s kaput. Any thoughts on how to make this work?


      • I’m sticking to the format in the instructions. If I just do text the link works fine. If instead I put in:

        The link breaks. When I view source the link is all there, but when I hover over the image I get that shortened link. Is there a fix I’m missing somewhere?

  15. I’m seeing the error, just not how to fix.

    When I use text only, the lead in to the javascript is:

    a href=’

    When I use an image, the lead in is:

    a href=”

    Which causes an error when it sees the first ” before the javascript kicks in.

  16. the content is empty. may content is wrapped in a table, it has to be coz I need rows and columns. How can I show the content, your plugin doesn’t work with tables. thanks

  17. Hi,

    I totally love this plugin and thank you for building it! I have a question and I haven’t seen anything related to my issues. It seems that the when people using Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and up the plugin is not working at all… Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? I am worried because I spent 12 hrs updating every single post on my site with your plugin and 65 % of my traffic use IE. Please let me know

    Thank you

    • So the plugin is not working in Firefox or IE 9, only working in Chrome.

      Timestamp: 8/25/12 1:27:07 AM
      Error: SyntaxError: syntax error
      Source File: javascript:AnythingPopup_OpenForm(
      Line: 1, Column: 23
      Source Code:

      This is the error that is received in Firefox…. Anyone got a clue on how to fix this?

  18. Hello, as everyone else has said great plugin. I have the same problem as everyone else in that I want to launch the popup from a link on a page. Could you please tell me when you expect to release a version that allows this?


  19. Hello. I can’t implement shortcode. Can you tell what code should I use to make it without widget? I don’t have sidebar on my homepage, and I want to call popup without putting a widget in the sidebar. How can I do that?

  20. Hello,

    This is exactly what I am looking for EXCEPT I can’t close a popup after opening it. I’ve tried the Esc key and the only thing that works is reloading the page. This is happening is multiple browsers and platforms.

    Any thoughts?


  21. It is a very good plugin, but i have a problem. I cannot change the position of the pop up window!

    I tryied to update the .js file…..but is not working.

    In my website the position is out of view, on the right side, down-bottom…….

    I need to move this in the middle of the page.

  22. Me…..again!

    It will be very hard for you to tell me what values I have to insert in :

    formdiv.style.top = pt.y + “200px”;
    formdiv.style.left = pt.x + “550px”;

    to move the pop up window somewhere in the middle of the page?

    I am asking that because i Tryied a lot of values…..without any kind of luck….

    Pleeeeeeese, I need your answer!

  23. I install the widget with the short code and it works just fine.. But once it is saved there is not another widget in the dashboard to insert in to the widgetised areas… where has it gone I was hoping to use this one on top of another to show terms, copy right etc… Any fix for this otherwise can someone sugest a similar plugin…

  24. I think “anything” is a bit misleading as it simply does not allow me to input php or shortcodes in the text area. I am trying to get a contact form to show by use of a shortcode, and it just literally displays the shortcode!!

    I can put any php inside it and it just shows what I type, it doesn’t produce the output as it should.

    Is there a fix for this or do I need to find some other plugin?

  25. Hi, thanks for your plugin
    i have a problem with Persian fonts when i write in Persian font after saving any thing convert to “?????” but not massage only link and title what should i do?

  26. Hi,
    Great plugin, but there’s an annoyance.
    On the page http://deltatower.com/products/accessories/, choose *product info* popup link.
    In this popup there’s an unordered list.
    In between the items, something is inserting tags. I’ve managed to hide them using line height, but this is not a great solution, and there are still extra tags between the heading and the first list item.
    This is NOT an issue with the twentyten theme as it doesn’t happen anywhere else, so I think it’s generated by the plugin script.

    What can be done to stop it inserting tags in List items?

    Many Thanks

  27. OK before the word tags, it’s taken out the code for breaktags.
    So its breaktags that are being inserted inbetween list items.


  28. not any answer?
    Hi, thanks for your plugin
    i have a problem with Persian fonts when i write in Persian font after saving any thing convert to “?????” but not massage only link and title what should i do?

  29. Gopi – your reply doesn’t help me eliminate breaktags that get inserted between list items when in the popup box.

    How can I stop this happening?

  30. Every time I try to create a popup, I press the Insert Message button but nothing happens .. screen continues to show “No data available! use below form to create!”

  31. Hi Gopi.

    Thanks for the awesome plugin.

    I updated it to 4.0 an hour ago. It broken my contact form! Does using other plugin shortcodes in the Anything Popup breaks the plugin in 4.0?

    It was working in the previous version.

    I use

    [contact-form-7 id="839" title="Contact form 1"]

    in the Add The Popup Content (Use below editor):


  32. I am trying to add the pop up to a slider image so when the image is clicked a form will open in the pop-up. I am using the Nivo slider. Is there any documentation on that anywhere or is it possible?

  33. Hi i was wondering if your plugin support a shortcode? what i meant is if i create a contact form and i copy that short code and paste it into anything popup would it work?

    and also does it work with embed coded like youtube videos or tweet ?

  34. any one can resolve my problem please

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_editor() in /home/vijay129/public_html/wp-content/plugins/anything-popup/content-management.php on line 121

    thank you

  35. I am trying to display a live streaming video in a popup. This part works perfectly. My problem is that the video is loading and playing in the background even if the user does not click on the popup link. Is there a way to prevent this?

    Here is the link I am trying to display in the popup.

    Thank you

  36. It was not your tag it was mine! however the plugin did add additional white space below the link. The solution was to edit the tag so that the content divs were placed just before the tag, the style was added to the header (rather than in line) and the link just held the java script.

    Of course this means the content can no longer be edited through the console but I can live with that.

    Let me know if you want more info.

  37. Have manage to update the plugin to support multiple pop up in single page.

    Please contact me on dannycsz @ gmail . com if you need help.

      • Hey Sudd – I got it to work and here’s what I did:

        – I opened up “anything-popup.php”, “anything-popup.js”, and “settings.js”.

        – Open the edit window of the plugin in wordpress

        – Copy and paste the code from the new files into their appropriate file in wordpress

        – Save and bada-bing!

        This at least worked for me – hopefully this helps you some.

        • dropdead, I am having the same issue and was wondering if you could be more explicit about what you did. You said you copied and pasted the code from the new files (what are those files you are referring to? (are they the anything-popup files)) What are the appropriate files you in wordpress? Would you care to share? I would love to have it working soon and hope you would not mind sharing.

        • Sure, up above “DANNY” shared a file. Within this file you should open the “anything-popup.php”, “anything-popup.js”, and “settings.js” in your preferred text editor – I use “TextMate”.

          In WordPress after you install the original plugin go to your plugins dashboard, find anything popup and click “edit”. On the right hand side you see the different files. Open “anything-popup.php”, copy the content from the same file that DANNY provided and paste it into the wordpress editor. Repeat this step after saving for the other two files.

          Hope this helps! Sorry I didn’t see this sooner.

  38. Thanks Danny the files really works in making the multiple popup on single page/post. Save lot of time in searching the solution…. great work.

    Although the Author have made the great plugin but you have added the code which really make this plugin of more worth. Also suggest the Author to update the plugin with your given code. Again good work for both.

  39. Hi admin, thanks for such a great plugin. i have a small request i dont know whether it works in this plugin or not. i would like to keep a buttons in place of just a text link with the help of CSS. so is that possible with this. if yes can you please let me now how to do it.



  40. Hi
    Could someone tell me how I could use this plugin together with a Nextgen gallery. I mean how to make the gallery thumbnail images act as buttons to load the pop up window.
    many thanks

  41. Hi, I really like this plugin! However, it is creating extra lines between links, so when I put them together, instead of being


    It looks like




    Please help!

  42. I’d love to make another widget popup. Is it possible?

    Specifically I’m using the SenPress plugin which generates a opt-in contact for by using the short-code:
    [sendpress-signup listids=’1′]

    When I get this into the a Anything Popup element ([AnythingPopup id=”1″]) and call it, I do not see the sendpress form but the text: “[sendpress-signup listids=’1′]”.

    Any help would be awsome

  43. this plugin does just what I need it to, however, it’s leaving extra white space after the pop-up link, so I can’t use it in a paragraph. I’ve tried changing the divs in the plugin’s php page to spans but then the popup doesn’t function. Any ideas?

  44. I have the same issue as “cross” – extra spaces between links. Is there a way to remove extra lines in between links?

    Btw, thanks for the excellent plugin!

  45. Hi,
    I’m running a plugin called “WordPress Toolbar” on my site. With this, every external link on my site opens in an iframe with a toolbar from my site at the top with some buttons. Now I want some of those buttons to open popups. I thought, your plugin would be perfect. But there is a lot of html-code in the other plugin-php-file to create the toolbar, always starting with $html .= It’s easy to show some buttons or text there using html, but how can I insert your plugin there? (shortcode?). Please help, thx.

  46. im trying to make multiple pop ups per page, however the link some times stays above the pop up like its a z index issue.. ive tried changing z index till the cows come home but each pop up has 1 thing that some how ends up higher on the food chain and is visible

  47. Hi,

    I’ve got two problems that were already mention above:

    1 – it’s leaving extra white space after the pop-up link. (i figured that if using only 1 line in the popup that doesnt happen^)

    2 – Trying to put a Contact Form 7 “form” in the popup, however, it just puts the short code in it.

    Any solutions or help?

  48. Hi,
    We’ve used the plugin for one of our client’s sites. It works really well but if you scroll to the bottom of the page and activate the popup it displays off the bottom of the page so that only half the popup box is visible.
    Is there anything I can do to make the popup show in the center of the page all the time?

    • Hi, I posted a question in February and am still waiting for a response. Could you please look into this issue and get back to me? I would appreciate a quick reply.

  49. Hi there,
    thanks for this really nice thing!!!! very cool very easy…

    short question…
    i have now 14 shortcodes with popups. today i want to chang in one but it dosen’ t save that. When i click on “update message” is the same as like before. Or when i get a new one – fill out all fields …. nothing save. its not possible to make more as 14 or not possible to change in on of them and refresh?? I think it must go or it’s on me …. pssssst: little stupid ???? 🙂


  50. Hi,

    I’m using this plugin just like Live Demo 2 (above) image and popup when click on it. Would you please show me how to put more than one image in the same row, right now I can add one image only in a row. Thank you

  51. The plugin seem to do what I want, but some behaviour is not expected and unwanted:

    the plugin breakes the line after the shortcode.

    This is a [link] that is in the middle of a sentence

    Results in to:
    This is a [link]
    that is in the middle of a sentence

    How can this be fixed?


  52. This looks like a great plugin, but there is an issue when using Multisite, WP 3.5.1, and plugin version 4.1. When I go to add new (or edit the sample) I get a message that says:

    “Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party.

    Are you sure you want to continue sending this information?”

    After this, if I click Yes, I am redirected to the WP login page, I login again, and find there have not been any updates. Any suggestions?

  53. I am trying to use your popup as a contact information window for about 40 individuals on a single page. Everything works fine in Firefox. However, in IE 9, the popups work fine up to the 17th shortcode reference. After that, the popups no longer work. Instead, they open in the table cell by simply expanding the cell.
    I have checked everything, including the data in the MySQL database for that page. I can find nothing different about any of the shortcode references, table cells, page layout, etc.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  54. this plugin should be renamed as it doesn’t seem to popup anything.

    I have tried all sorts and i can not seem to get it to show [shortcode]

    has anyone solved this issue ?

  55. Great Plugin !!

    Works like a charm…

    Just wanted to ask one quick question, how can we use it in a simple HTML format. Ex: a href=”@”…

    And not using shortcode…

  56. It works perfectly in windows (firefox, i.e., chrome)

    In MAC – Safari, the code changes do not respond ( anything-popup.js, lines 32-33-35-36). The window is always showing in the upper part of the page and cannot be closed or moved.

    I must be doing something wrong. Can you help me ?

    By the way, this is a great plugin !!!!

  57. Hi I noticed someone else had this problem but could not see a solution?

    The plugin works great except the popup appears behind active items such as sliders and menu buttons , text, etc. How can I fix this?

  58. hey admin here is some problem in this plugin maybe positioning issue it is in not showing properly some time it show on end of the page i think it need to display in center may be you have some solution for it if you have so please help how i can make it to show in the center of window.

  59. Is there a line of script that can be added that will stop a YouTube video when the “close” link is clicked? I’ve embedded a YouTube video in a popup, but the YouTube continues to play when “Close” is clicked on the popup.

  60. Hi. I’m trying to create a popup displaying the Jetpack email subscription form when readers click on a button. When I enter the shortcode for this form ([jetpack_subscription_form]) as the content for the window, it just displays that as text instead of the subscription form. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you!

  61. Hi,

    Nice plugin, btw. I set up a button, but I notice that they seem to always populate to the left. Is there a way to modify the position of the button/text? I played with modifying the child theme css but was unable to affect any change. Is there a way to modify the HTML that the plugin uses to apply an ID to the button IMG itself?

    Thanks in advance!

  62. Hi there-
    Same problem as the Weary Chef – using Visual Form Builder.. which gives a shortcode or php for the form – does not display within the Anything Popup.

    Any way to allow shortcodes within the popup content.??

    *Otherwise getting very good use of this plugin – thank you! 🙂

  63. Hello,

    I’m trying to Shortcode your popup in a sidebar widget. So that I can insert the popup link inside a styled element with other links and information. I’ve tried inserting the PHP code into the widget too and I’ve also tried using both PHP and Shortcode – none of this works.

    Could you please help me by telling me what I’m doing wrong?

  64. Hi,

    I’ve resolved the issue that I posted myself. I simply downloaded a plugin that allows Shortcodes to work within widgets.

    Many thanks for your plugin it works great!

  65. Hello – I am using version 4.1 of your plugin and for the most part it works wonderfully, great job!
    I am having one bit of trouble though. If I use the pop-up widget the pop-up comes up as expected and displays the message but the text appears as though it is white with a black outline.
    I am using this on WP v3.51 with the Noteworthy theme (v 1.21)

    Thank you

  66. Hi there, OK, I’ve got this to work perfectly well on a PC but the theme I am using is responsive and when I view the site on a phone the popup is not visible and appears to retain the sizes specified in the setup options.

    Is it possible to make the popup responsive and size dynamically? Also popup placement? I have commented/uncommented to allow me to specify the position but as we are restricted to actual pixel placement I’m stuck.

    Grateful for any assistance in this.


  67. Am having issues with the PopUp Title as well. Seems to be something in the styling that makes it look blurry….Someone suggested that the plugin isn’t UTF-8 compatible. I don’t know exactly what that means, but would love to see a fix for it!

  68. Hi,

    I was used this plugin on my (testing) site and it worked fine for my home page image however it wont work on my site (it wont pop up) and the version of WP, Theme, other plugins are the same nothing is different. Can you advise me on how to fix this please?


  69. Hello.
    I tried to customize this great plugin and could not understand why I can’t see a result of setting “Header Color” parameter/
    Some minutes later I found a little typo-mistake in code.

    File: “anything-popup.php”
    $pop = $pop . ‘#AnythingPopup_BoxContainerHeader’.$pop_content_id.’ {‘;
    $pop = $pop . ‘height:30px;’;
    $pop = $pop . ‘background:’.$pop_bordercolor.’;’;

    Replace “$pop_bordercolor” to “$pop_headercolor”

    That’s All.

  70. I’m trying to get this radio player to Pop-up in a separate window the size of the player. Can this be done with this plug-in?

    [html5radio radiolink="http://www.classichitstoledo.com:8010/listen.pls" radiotype="shoutcast" bcolor="000000" image="http://classichitstoledo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/playerlogo1.jpg" title="Classic Hits Toledo" artist="Jeff Lamb"]

    I’d sure appreciate any help resolving this problem!


  71. I am wondering if there is a way to make this popup box able to be moved on the page when it is opened- on various size browsers sometimes it opens with portions of the popup off the page or invisible. as I have signup forms in my popups, sometimes the submit button or the scroll bar is invisible- would be lovely if the plugin could simply be dragged around the page by the user, so the could move it to a position that functioned better for them based on their screen size.

  72. what is strange is that the demo you have on this site, top of page/ red button, does what i am asking for, but it does not behave that way on my site

  73. I love this plugin. It provides a clean and simple, good-looking pop-up and works really well in a desktop browser.

    However, it’s not so great on a mobile device, specifically an iPhone. When zooming into enlarge the text, because of the relative positioning, the pop-up moves off the bottom right hand corner of the screen. There doesn’t seem to be any way to drag it back into view. I’ve tried fixed positioning and this helps a bit but it’s still not perfect and it makes it less effective in a desktop browser.

    I’d love it even more if it could be made to behave differently on a mobile device. Perhaps there could be setting to force the pop-up to fix it’s position in the top left corner of the page or perhaps open in a new page entirely on a mobile OS?

  74. Hi, this works great. Some initial hazzle to position the popup on the page so it would also fit on mobile screen, but I think we got it to work OK.

    Question: Seems that either the text OR the button image can be clickable. Right now I have clickable images, but not obvious enough so would want the text under the button to be clickable also. Check it out to see shat i mean: http://www.gardio.se/villalarm/


  75. Hello,
    I have got the problem which mentioned abov.
    I’ve got two problems that were already mention above:

    1 – it’s leaving extra white space after the pop-up link. (i figured that if using only 1 line in the popup that doesnt happen^)

    2 – Trying to put a Contact Form 7 “form” in the popup, however, it just puts the short code in it.

    Any solutions or help?

  76. Hi there are using WordPress for your blog platform?
    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own.
    Do you require any coding expertise to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

  77. Plugin breaks in IE8 and 9 – pops up show up at the bottom of the page after inserting the 14th or 15th popup.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  78. The popup link text does not show as a link. How do I display it so it shows that the popup is a link and not just text?

  79. I am having the same problem as Don in that after the 14th popup the pop ups show at the bottom of the page and locks all the previous pop ups so they can’t be moved. With less than 15 pop ups everything works fine. This occurs in Chrome as well.

    Help/solution would be appreciated.

  80. Hello Team,

    Here you should change , so that we can also insert the shortcode in anything content area.

    You don’t write the function ‘do_shortcode ‘ so please add this function .

    function AnythingPopup( $pop_id = “1” )
    global $wpdb, $wp_version;
    $ArrInput = array();
    $ArrInput[“id”] = $pop_id;
    AnythingPopup_shortcode( $ArrInput ); => plugin code
    // echo do_shortcode(AnythingPopup_shortcode( $ArrInput )); => my code

    replace my code on plugin code so you are able to use the shortcode also.


  81. I would like to know if it is possible to have to popup enabled and to be able to click (or do any operations) on the underlying site. It seems that the underlying site’s functions are disabled.
    Is this possible?

  82. Update to my problem outlined in message of July 16th. It is not the number of popups that is causing my problem but scrolling the web page is causing all popups to become locked in position. If the web page is not scrolled then all popups can be moved around the screen. Any ideas?


  83. Hi,
    I just have a quick question on the plugin. Im looking to use the pop up with an image but I dont know how to do that. in the settings of the plugin i put the url of the image in the “Popup Link Text / Label / Image” box but that dosnt work the url link ends up appearing and working as a pop up.
    Any help would be much appreciated.


  84. Hello Gopi,

    Why is the plugin always go down when clicking on the same link. Can it be fixed at a height from top and dont move down if page scrolls.

    Please advise

  85. Yo resolví el problema del ajuste pop centrado así:

    formdiv.style.top = pt.y/2 + “px”;
    formdiv.style.left = pt.x + “px”;

  86. Hi Gopi,

    when I call the Shortcode from an function it gives error SyntaxError: syntax error at the start of

    how can i call the anything popup from custom function without clicking on link/text?

    Thanks in advance

      • Hi,

        I want to call the Shortcode inside the Javascript Function in WordPress site. so when the function gets called the popup should open to show the message. the function will get called from .swf file with a parameter passed to the function.

        Could you help me in this regards.

        Thanks in Advance.

        • file : anything-popup.php
          method : javascript:AnythingPopup_OpenForm()

          Please check the above line of code from the plugin file. You can use this JS method to call the popup. You can find anything-popup.js file in the plugin folder for popup JavaScript. This is only hint; you may need to modify the CSS and JS file to call from your flash.

    • I have tested the plugin in mobile view not from the mobile device. it should be mobile browser version issue. please let me know device and mobile browser version to find more details.

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