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3. Fade in fade out post title

4. Information Reel

5. Tabber widget plugin for wordpress

6. Email subscribers

Email subscribers

Email subscribers plugin has options to send newsletters to subscribers. It has a separate page with HTML editor to create a HTML newsletter. Also have options to send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published to your blog. Separate page available to include and exclude categories to send notifications. Using plugin Import and Export options admins can easily import registered users and commenters to subscriptions list.

Email subscribers plugin Live Demo available on sidebar. Enter valid email to get demo welcome mail. We don’t send any newsletter to your email.

Plugin Features

  • Send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published.
  • Option to schedule mail (Cron job option).
  • Subscription box (Widget/Shortcode/PHP Code).
  • Double opt-in and single opt-in facility for subscriber.
  • Email notification to admin when user signs up (Optional).
  • Automatic welcome mail to subscriber (Optional).
  • Unsubscribe link in the mail.
  • Import/Export subscriber emails.
  • HTML editor to compose newsletter.
  • Send newsletter.
  • Alphabetized list in send mail page.
  • Sent mail status and when it was viewed.
  • Support localization or internationalization.
  • Ability to control user access (Roles and Capabilities).

Plugin Modules

1. Subscription Box

2. Subscriber Management

3. Compose Mail

4. General Settings

5. Send Newsletters

6. Roles and Capabilities

7. Schedule mail (Cron job)

Main advantage of the plugin

1. Send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published to your blog.

2. Create a HTML newsletter and send manually (Or Schedule) to subscribers.

3. Auto generate a newsletter with latest available posts in the blog and send to your subscribers via cron job. Click here for this option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to install and activate the plugin?
Q2. How to setup subscription box widget?
Q3. How to import and export email address to subscriber list?
Q4. How to compose static newsletter?
Q5. How to add subscription box in posts?
Q6. How to modify the existing mails (Opt-in mail, Welcome mail, Admin mails) content?
Q7. How to send static newsletter manually?
Q8. Where to check sent mails?
Q9. How to configure notification email to subscribers when new posts are published?
Q10. How to update default alert message from subscription box?
Q11. How to add new subscribers group?
Q12. Is plugin contain bulk update option for subscribers group?
Q13. Is Mail not working on Email Subscribers wordpress plugin?
Q14. How to install and activate Email Subscribers on multisite installation blogs?
Q15. How to schedule auto mails (Cron mails)?
Q16. How to schedule auto emails for Email subscribers wordpress plugin in cPanel?
Q17. How to schedule auto emails for Email subscribers wordpress plugin in Parallels Plesk?
Q18. How to add Group Selection in front end subscription box?

Video Tutorial


Download Link


Official Page & Live Demo


Problem on Send Mail



  1. Great subscription plug-in. I would like to include ###POSTIMAGE### of a specific size in the Post Notification. Could you please inform me of the correct HTML syntax for this configuration. TIA

  2. Great plugin, thanks. Is there any way of mass importing subscribers? I have about 1000 subscribed users to my existing website built up over the last year. But because I have only just installed your Email Subscriber plugin and widget I do not have any of my existing subscribed users attached to it. Many thanks,

  3. I think I may have misunderstood what ###POSTIMAGE### refers to. I would like to include the first image of a post prior to ###POSTDESC###

    What I am getting is a blank space instead of the image with the following syntax when receiving new post notifications:

    Hello ###NAME###,

    New post available on abzu2. ###POSTTITLE###

    You may view the latest post at ###POSTLINK###

      • I have the latest version of your plugin. Despite the fact that I have a selected feature image, the image is posted at random on notifications. Recently it has not been attached to any notifications. Notifications continue to be sporadic. Sometimes they are sent and sometimes not. Have tried different scenarios (scheduled and non-scheduled), computers (MAC+PC) and browsers (Safari, Opera, Chrome). Nix.

      • Hi, so I’ve added the ###POSTIMAGE### keyword to my dynamic template for notification email. I always set a featured image on my posts, but it never appears on the notification email that my readers receive. How can I fix this?

        Thank you

        • In the plugin we are using get_the_post_thumbnail() wp method to load the images. newsletter not show the images, if you don’t have image for this method. Please check codex link for more information.

  4. Great PlugIn! It works great in all functions except the Admin doesn’t receive an email when new people signup to be on the list. I’m using standard setting with Single-Opt-In.

    Thank you!


      • I am having an issue with this as well. My Setting is set to “yes” with my correct email address. Everything else is working fine.

      • I am having an issue with this as well. My Setting is set to “yes” with my correct email address. Everything else is working fine.

        It’s a brand-new installation here. I’ve tried single and comma-separated admin email addresses (from various domains) that all work as expected when used from the Linux shell of my server. I also tried various ‘Mail type’ settings – all did work well with all the other mailings.

        Again: all other mailings are working fine except admin notifications for new subscribers. Looks like querying the YES setting has been intentionally disabled.

    • Me too, I did not get any notif whenever new people signup. Do you know how to fix it? I’ve set my control to “yes”.

      Thank you

  5. I was testing the subscription box that I placed in my sidebar via the widget. After entering my name and email and clicking Subscribe that was the error message that I received.

    • 1. Open JavaScript file from below mentioned location.

      2. Go to line 71, 72

      3. Remove the comment for that two lines.


      And try it again, now you can see the actual error in the alert box.

    • I have verified the given URL. And understand that, server variables are not working in your server.

      Please do this, to solve this issue in your server.
      file : job/es-subscribe.php
      Comment this IF condition.
      if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], get_option('siteurl')) !== false)

  6. Please could you help me ,
    After I put email on subscribe form , I could not receive subscribe link in my email box in order to confirm it . I have made settings of Plugin as it is. Please could you help me , what kind of problem might have ?
    Thank you

    • As per your comment, you’re getting email but confirmation link is not available in the mail. Check plugin Setting page and confirm link keyword (###LINK###) available in the mail content or not. you need to add this keyword in the mail content to add confirmation link.

  7. Hello Gopi, I have the “Mail to Admin” set to Yes as it is by default but I still don’t receive notification to my admin email address when people sign up. (all other functions are working normally) Also, I have checked the spam folder, etc.

    Thank you,


  8. Hi Gopi,
    I am having the same issues as Brian did previously (Oops….Unexpected Error Occured.) and also tried changing the code on line 71 and 72 as you directed, and also commented out the IF condition further on, but its still not working. Can you take a look at our site at http://dnjfc.com and the subscription widget is on the sidebar right.

    Appreciate your time and assistance…

    • Hi Garry, I have verified your site and found that your not getting Oops….Unexpected Error Occured this error message. your error message is different (There was a problem with the request). you will get this error message if you don’t have this file (http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-content/plugins/email-subscribers/job/es-subscribe.php). it looks you have configured wp in diff folder structure ( You have folder called test in the URL), thus ajax submit is not working in widget.

      To fix the issue, add folder name test in the submit URL.
      File : es-register.php
      Line : 153
      onClick="return es_submit_page('<?php echo $url; ?>/test')"

  9. Hi guys
    i just installed this plugin but it seems, that the subscribed emails isnt showned under subscribers?
    Also if I enable that users need to confirm their subscribe the link donsnt show in the email?

    help please

    • In default it will show only emails start from A, B, C. To view all the emails, click ALL button in the top. Please check subscriber management module for more information.

  10. Hi Gopi, thanks for the advice around the folder structure and adding the /test to fix the issue….I am still having problems unfortunately…..

    I uninstalled the plugin completely and started again from scratch to try and see if I could resolve the problem but still no luck….any further advice would be appreciated.


  11. Hello,

    The widget works great! However, is there a way to change the color of the input text where one adds their email and name? Currently, the text field is white and the input text is white (I want to change it to black so they can see what they’re typing. Also the “Subscribe” button text is white. Any way to change all to black without a global change in the css? Thank you!

    • In the plugin we have separate CSS file to modify widget style. You can easily modify this using admin dashboard plugin editor menu.
      File : email-subscribers/widget/es-widget.css

      • Hi, I cannot change the color of the button no matter how i edited the css file. I noticed that all the file says (Inactive) in the editor although the add on is activated.

  12. Hi,

    How can I add text into the textbox? And I would like to put the button next to the textbox, and change the button to ‘Ok’ instead of ‘Subscribe’

    I have changed the width already is the es-widget.css, but can’t find how to change the other things.


  13. Hello, Unfortunately an e-mail is not sent when I post new content and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do to change this. I have the “send e-mail when new posts are published” option in the Notification page. I’m pretty new at this so your help is greatly appreciated.

  14. Hi,

    3 problems make me (I am French!) that this plugin does no works (or wrong) :

    1) impossible to import email through ‘import file’ in csv format even in respecting format you shown us in help pages. I have tried to export a file and create an import file on same format without success

    2) all eMail I send to subscribers that I have entered manually go directly to their spam folder

    3) After customized an email in French (based on localization or internationalization features) with accents and special characters, the result I received is as I have used American (no accent but hieroglyphs)

    Could you help me?

    Regards, Michel

    • 1. Are you getting sent successfully alert message after hit send mail button?
      2. Is records available in sent mail admin page?
      3. Is your server have ability to send mails? did you checked your spam folders?

      • Thanks for writing back. There is a problem on my server. i will check with hosting. Thanks

  15. Hi,

    I came across this plugin and I’ve to say it looks very promising, has everything I need.

    However, I’m wondering if and how could I translate the subscription box fields (name and email fields), because my site has several languages and some users might get thrown back if they see those fields not being translated.


      • How do you apply these languages files? Would you be kind to explain? I want to translate a file into Swedish. But I haven’t been able to change to Deutch either, simply by renaming the files.

  16. Hey Gopi,
    Thanks for the app,
    I want to send emails to the subscribers via my own email so I can add images with links etc, is there a generic link that I can add as an unsubscribe option?

  17. Hi,
    i wanted to add another field in the subscribe widget to include categories where users can select a preferred category to receive posts,is there a way of doing it?

    • In the widget setting page you have option to configure category (i.e. Group). Meaning, In which category email address to be saved.
      At present we don’t have option to add extra field in the widget (Front) form.

  18. I installed the widget, but the confirmation email never goes through. Any suggestions how i can make sure the confirmation email is received?

    • Send Test mail using Send Mail link from your dashboard. and in General Setting admin page we have mail option (WP mail, PHP mail). change the mail option and try again.

  19. Hi Gopi,

    I have your plug-in installed but unfortunately am having no luck. I can’t get emails to send at all. I wanted to ask, I have my site as a child theme and wondered if this creates a problem in the behaviour of the plug-in? I saw a few posts up the thread that you mention the plug-in uses it’s own CSS so do I need to copy any files from my parent theme folder to make this work?

    I’m new so any help you have would be most appreciated 🙂

  20. Hi Gopi,

    First of all thanks for this great plugin for wordpress. I have two questions.

    1. What does ###POSTDESC### actually do?
    2. When a user subscribes for a notification of a new post it’s only registrated in “Send mail” how can I remove email addresses if the email address is typed wrong by the user? (with single opt-in). Because they are not in “subscribers” were you have the option to delete them.

    Thanks in advance,

    • 1. It is a key word, it load post description in that place.
      2. From this plugin, you cannot delete registered user. Use WordPress options to edit/delete registered users.

  21. HI,

    Thanks for providing such a nice and helpful plugin .Its really good in functioality only one problem i am getting whatever mail i am sending all mails are going into spam folder what should i do to overcome this issue.Please suggest me i will be highly thankful of you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Mohd asif

  22. I have done what you suggested for Brain so I can get a better error code, but what I’m getting doesn’t really mean much to me. Can you please check out the issue? I can tell you that everything was working when I originally installed the plugin. It stopped working when I moved my WP blog from the /wordpress subdirectory to the root of my web server. Subscription doesn’t work, but for existing subscribers they are still getting mail.


    • As discussed via email, there is a problem in the Ajax submission for plugin subscriber box. Thus please update the correct website URL in the plugin file.

  23. Hi!
    After receiving recommendations, I have installed recently this plugin and have been testing it subscribing myself with my different email accounts. Unfortunately I have not received the confirmation email in none of my accounts, even after resending them from the subscribers section. Everything is, of course, activated, I have even customised the messages.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    • 1. Verify spam folder.
      2. In setting page two types of email option available, try both separately.
      3. Install any SMTP plugin and try again both the email option.
      4. Finally check email with diff domain, gmail, yahoo. hotmail.

      • Hi,

        Thank you very much for your answer. I tried the different types of email options in the setting page, and it works perfectly with the PHP Plain Text Mail.

        Thanks again for your help!


  24. Notification does not seem to work when new posts are published via XML RPC newPost method.
    Is there a way to fix this?

    • Notification mail will be triggered only for the manually publish (and if posts updated from Draft to Published). I will consider this requirement in future plugin release.

  25. How can I make it add new categories automatically? When I make a post in a new category it doesn’t sent it, so you have to add the category manually in the Notification field.

    • When you install the plugin, it will include all available categories into notification list. After that, if you add new category, you have to add that category manually into notification list. I thought adding category into blog is not a regular job. Thus this process is not automated.

      • Hi first of all this once is a great plugin 🙂 but some problems with the category i have an online Magazin with lot of categorys, but some of them i can’t check to the email notification? can u help me? bye

  26. Hello. Where can I find a list of my subscribers? I have a new blog suchawanderlust.com but I am not able to locate those who have subscribed to my blog. Thanks

  27. Hi!

    I’ve just installed this addin and it works a treat! However, when it sends the mails (WP HTMLMail) , it’s adding a lot of blank lines between paragraphs. Any way to fix this?

  28. Ah Darn!

    I’ve also found that if I have a post scheduled to go out, it won’t send a notice when it publishes? Is there a way to change this?

      • Is there a way to override this? The addon is otherwise perfect for our notification needs. We’re using WP to notify our users of system outages, and send out reminders. Unfortunately I need to be able to schedule notices in advance and have them go out when they’re posted. For example, I might have an outage in two weeks, but I don’t want the notice to actually go out until a week before the outage, and then a reminder going out the day before.

  29. For some reason, my new posts are not updating to subscriber emails. The reason I know is because my personal email is on a list (to test and make sure emails are received.) Typically, as soon as I update a new post to the site, a notification email is sent out to subscribers immediately. This has worked many times before, since I have posted over 30+ articles. All of a sudden this is not working. Any fix for this? Please be advised, I am not familiar with modifying code, since most of what I do is within the realm of using plugins.


  30. Really nice plugin – thanks.

    Can I ask, I have 2 blogs on the same website, each from different staff members. Is it possible to have separate subscription groups so users can subscribe to the blogs individually?


    • Go to Admin ==> Subscribers ==> Add New. There you have option to create new GROUP. After you created new group you can use it in the widget setting.

  31. Hi,
    Can you tell me how a registered user unsubscribes from the notifications? Also, how do I change the “Subscribe” button text to read “Notify”


    • Only import via CSV file is available in the plugin. otherwise you can add one by one in Subscriber Add New menu. If you are familiar with database, you can directly import emails in the plugin table (es_emaillist)

  32. Really nice plugin. All the features I could dream of. Only one problem: I would like to let the user choose the subscriber group he wants to be in, so I put multiple subscription boxes on one site via short codes with different groups assigned. Unfortunately only the first one works – the text boxes of the following ones are ignored, as all buttons use the text boxes of the first widget. Is there any way to fix this?

    • Hi Freifunke,

      At present this plugin is not support multiple short code (subscriber form) in the same page. I consider this option in the future release. Thanks

  33. Hi,

    I wrote awhile back because I am not receiving administrative confirmation emails.

    Today I tried my first mailing and that also failed. I have tried both HTML formats available.

    Can you assist?


  34. I can’t get the newsletter feature to send out to my subscribers. It never shows up in the sent mail area and no emails are received. I tried sending them again today and selected the “public” option and it still doesn’t work. Please advise.

  35. I just tried sending again and noticed there is no notification that the email was sent successfully at the top.

  36. Please check Subscriber Management page in the above post to create new Group. Available groups automatically display on the notification setting page.

  37. Is there a way to allow a user to subscribe to several different groups? Currently, my site says email already exists when I try to subscribe to another group within my site.

  38. Hi,

    I have installed your plugin and today I posted new blog post.
    Your plugin displays that it has sent all mails but most of them are not delivered to receipients.
    Can you help?



  39. Hello Gopi,

    great plugin.

    Is it true, that the mails are created only by a new post. And Is there a possibility to sent a mail, if a comment has been created.

    Best regards

  40. I have the same error problem as stated above. i get an OOPS error. I have made changes accordingly to lines 71, 72 and added the “if” line of code you have stated above as well. All it has done is change the error to “Please try after some time” it also pops up windows with 1 then 2 and lastly 4. If you are able to check, the subscribe box is in the footer.

  41. Gopi…

    Stellar plugin. Love it. Does everything I need and a whole lot more.

    Keep up the good work.

  42. hi gopi,
    using your email subscribers plugin, great stuff! just one question: i only want to send the new post notification, but not the newletter subscription. can i turn off the newsletter subscription? how would i do that?
    thanks in advance, cheers, maria

  43. Hi ,
    Thanks for your support,Is it possible to differentiate user or admin based on roles .After login One user cannot see other user mail ids or mailing list or admin mailing list or other option present in plugin as subscriber group.Presently either subscriber list or sent mail list anyone can see either its user or admin.I have requirement to differentiate based on role.Admin can access all.User can see only his subscription list not other user.Please suggest me some solution i will be highly thankful of you.


  44. Great stuff!!! Love it. My only question is when used another language (instead of English), it would show some weird words. Any solution to fix this problem? Thanks

  45. My subscription emails are finding their ways into peoples junk box rather their inbox, is there any way to fix that?

  46. Hello. I wanted to ask, how can I change the names of the labels “Name” “Email” “Subscribe” in subscription widget?

    • Please check “languages” folder in plugin. There is separate language file available for each languages. If you want to change directly in the PHP file, Please check the file es-loadwidget.php and search the word. Thanks.

      • Hi,
        I’m changing some of the words in the Turkish language from the language file. But it does not change the homepage. He seems. How do they differ?

        Adınız / YourName

        EPosta Adresi / EMail Address *

  47. Great plugin! One question, is there a way I can add tracking code to the links in notification emails? I want to have something like this – ?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=blog at the end of the link, but when I add it in, it’s not clickable.


  48. Absolutely fantastic plugin – works a charm! One Question – is it possible for my editors to have access to the plugin? Currently only I can access it (admin) but would really like my editors to have full access as well.

    Many thanks

  49. Hello

    Great plugin but I have 2 questions …

    1. I have many subscribers already, how do I automatically get them onto your plugin so I can send them newsletters? I dont want to add them one by one.

    2. I just did a test signup after installing your plugin. The new user does not show up in the list and the new user does not get an email opting in.

    Most people who use this plugin have many subscribers already and want an easy way of sending them all newsletters. It would be great if there was an easier way of adding all site members to your plugin easily as soon as its installed. You can then send an email to all asking them to click a link for them to opt-in. It would be a lot easier.

  50. Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_var() in *****/docs/wp-content/plugins/email-subscribers/query/db_subscriber.php on line 122

    It happens when I cleck to activate the plugin

    • This is PHP server issue. filter_var function has been included in PHP since 5.2. You should ask your web host why this function is not available to your blog.

  51. What a lovely plugin!!

    2 questions:

    Is there a way to prevent the notification email from being sent on “Update”? I’m concerned that my client will be prematurely sending notifications before they are really done creating their blog post.

    In other words, the default is that when you click “Update”, the notification email is sent to all subscribers. Can that be changed so that the user has to specifically indicate that “NOW I want to notify my subscribers”?

    2. My client wants to make a donation for your fine plugin. 😎 Where can she do that?

    Thanks so much!

  52. I put ###POSTIMAGE### in my email notification, but whenever a notification is sent, the featured image is not included – it’s only a blank space. How do I add the featured image to the email notification?

  53. Hi, how could I translate the subscription box fields :
    – name and email fields
    – Confirmation mail
    – Text to display after email subscribed successfully
    – Subscriber welcome mail content

    I need to translate in french, english, chinese et japan


  54. Sorry – the HTML tage haven’t appeared! Try the following:

    Great plugin, but I’ve got a problem that makes my emails appear very messy.
    I use a <table> to arrange the content, and in the Compose Mail page, the HTML code seems OK in the Text tab and the contents are arranged properly in the Visual tab.
    However, when I’ve sent the email, the table is distorted, and I find, on viewing the source code of the email that every HTML tag has had a <br /> inserted after it.
    What’s happening?

    • Please check plugin Setting page. there we have option to sent HTML/PLAIN mail. If you have selected PLAIN mail, HTML tag display as it is. Please change to HTML mail and try again.

      • This is not the problem – I have it on HTML mail, and all the HTML elements have a break element inserted after them so that the layout is totally wrecked (no HTML tags are displayed).
        I have tried to place all the code on one line (thinking that it is inserting breaks where there is a CR/LF in the editor), but this makes no difference. In fact, the next time I open the message in the editor, the elements have all been placed back on separate lines again.
        What is going on?

  55. Hi Gopi,

    I have installed plugin and modified my settings etc but I do not have the subscribe box on my website?

    The plugin is activated and showing in my dashboard with options etc but it is not on the site?

    Thank you,

  56. hi sir,

    under the website i applied for this plug in, when try to use the send mail function …admin can get the email but the user ca’t get any of the email tried using yahoo and gmail all fail to receive mail only admin get the email. please help.

    thank you

  57. Hi,

    I love this plug-in!!!! thank you! a quick request is there a way to customize the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button, I want this to be changed to ‘REQUEST ACCESS’ or something like that instead of SUBSCRIBE.


  58. Hi
    Thanks for email subscriber plugin. I have need a modification in this plugin actually it did not send wp video central plugin video category I am stuck how that is possible kindly help me also please tell me can you make this functionality. Thanks

  59. Hi.
    I don’t know why, but when I use ###POSTTTILE### or any other ‘###’, it appears me, literally, as “###POSTTITLE###”, instead the title of the latest entry.
    Anyone can help me?
    Thank you.

  60. Hi! The plugin works fine.
    It’s just the REPLY-TO field in emails the user receives is really messy.

    Like this:
    Reply-To: “\”Кухонный философ\” @web237.default-host.net

    I tried everything in the settings, including changing ” FROM name and FROM email address”.

    When I try to reply to this kind of notification email, I get:
    The email address “”\”Кухонный философ\” @web237.default-host.net” is not recognized. Please fix it and try again.

    Is there any fix for this?

  61. I fixed it!

    I had to go to the Settings and in “Mail type” I’ve set “3. PHP HTML MAIL”.
    Now the header in reply-to is clean!

    Thanks again!

  62. Dear Gopi
    Thanks for the plugin. It hasnt sent notifications for my last 12 blog posts but with the latest plugin update this problem was fixed – yay! 🙂
    I’m including my full blog post in the email but there seems to be a problem with the caption to an image. So the whole HTML code appears instead of just the image text. How can this be fixed?
    PS Does ###POSTIMAGE### mean the thumbnail for the post? Please ignore this question if it has been answered elsewhere.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  63. Feature Request:
    Thank you for this great plugin. I would like to request a new feature – for subscribers to be able to choose which categories to subscribe to. I know there is the “groups” function but this requires a new widget to be created for each category – not feasible. If users could just choose with a dropdown or checkboxes which categories they want to subscribe to, that would be great.
    Thank you for your excellent work.

  64. Hi!

    I would not autmaticly send my subscribers an email when i post a new blogpost. How can i disable this mainoption of the plugin?

    I just don’t wanna send an notification email to my subscribers when new posts are published to my blog.


    Job Keupink

  65. Hey great plug-in. I use it on all my sites. Just wondering how I can re-size the button because right now it says:


    and that looks pretty silly.

  66. Hi – Great Plugin!

    I sent out an email to all subscribers today for the first time. I selected the group and hit send. Email was sent out twice for a reason I don’t understand. Can you please help? Otherwise it all looked and worked great!


  67. Hi!. I have the 3.3.1 WP version and the 7.0 email newsletter installed. I would like to know if it’s possible to install this plugin with this version of WP.


  68. Hi! Would it be possible to disable the email tracking feature for some or all of my subscribers? In html/text only view of some emails’ recipients there is an unsightly “image” text at the bottom replacing a 1×1 image. This does not appear in the preview of the newsletter, how can it be edited/removed/disabled?

  69. Hey, I love this plugin… we really needed the ability to style the emails our subscribers were getting and this works great… a few small, small questions:

    1) How can we remove the proxy from the images… some seem to be not showing up every now and then?
    2) There seem to be inserted on the email that aren’t in the post (above the header image in the email that I put in).
    3) There are random exclamation points in the emails… location changes every time! How can I stop this? I don’t mind digging into the plugin itself.

    Thank you SO MUCH!

  70. Hi. In your other plugin for emailing posts to subscribers, the description states that you can send the subscribers an email about the posts, daily, weekly, or monthly. Is this feature available in this plugin, and if so, how do I change it to send out an email with all posts per week?

    If not available, can I make a request for the possibility of adding it in, in a future update? It would be greatly beneficial as we don’t want our readers feeling like they’re being spammed with all the posts we create. A weekly newsletter notification with all posts in that week, would be great.
    Thank you.

  71. Hi Gopi, thanks a bunch for the plugin. Is there any limit on the number of subscribers that it supports? Is there a limit on how many users can be imported/exported through a CSV file? Sorry I didn’t see this elsewhere in the FAQ & comments.

  72. I do not get – when subscribers will receive a notification and how to configure it?
    Specifically I am interested if
    a) subscribers would receive if custom post type would be added?

    b) subscribers would receive if new Page would be added (even if it some “helper’ page like Front Page) and what to do if I do not want this to happen?

  73. Hi Gopi, thank you for this great plugin. I was struggling with Jetpack subscription plugin until I found yours – clean and simple. Works great! How do I change the font type and size of the following, in the subscription form.

    “Please enter your e-mail address below”



    Subscribe button

    I also want to change the background color of “Subscribe” button to blue. Please advise which file I need to look at?

  74. I looked at email-subscribers/widget/es-widget.css but unable to figure out how to do what I want. Please guide.

  75. Gopi,
    I have 19 subscribers when I look in my “users” tab; however, when I go to the “email subscriber” tab I don’t see these subscribers and my subscribers aren’t getting e-mail notifications when I post a new blog entry. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks very much!

  76. Hi,

    How would I translate ‘loading’, it appears after you submit your name/email.

    Also a pop up box saying “You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter. You will…….”

    Both don’t seem to be in the .po .mo translations files or the admin section?

  77. 2 Issues:
    1) Is it possible for the email message to display the Post EXCERPT instead of the ###POSTDESC### or ###POSTFULL###?
    2) in the Edit Notification screen, one of my categories (Pastor’s Reflections) always shows as unchecked even if I check it and save it, when I come back it is unchecked. However, in the general Notifications screen, the category “Pastor” shows up. Any idea why?

  78. Excelente plugin, me gusta mucho, lo usaré para suscribir mis usuarios.
    Gracias por su tiempo dedicado al diseño de esta aplicación.


  79. My unsubscribe link keeps returning an error. I copied the URL exactly as it was–any insight into why it’s not working?

    No longer interested in receiving emails from the Pointe of View Blog? Please click here to unsubscribe

  80. How do we stagger the mail out into say groups of 500 as I have a contact list of nearly 4000 and my ISP provider says the 4000 emails in one hit loads the mail servers and will need me to go to a fixed IP. address etc and thats a cost I don’t want.

    And bounced mail is there a facility to know what email addresses bounce so we can deal with them inside the mailout plugin

  81. Is there any posibility of altering the looks of sent mails, notifications and subscribe messages… i can’t find the templates, and i need to add at least my logo.


  82. when users add email to subscription box it says “Subscribed successfully.” but I can’t see the email added to my subscribers list. Even I can’t add email manually (after adding it doesn’t again appear in subscribers list but I had “Email was successfully inserted. Click here to view the details”). Also the settings page I filled doesn’t hold any info, refreshing the page results unfilled setting page.

    can you help to fix this issue? thanks

  83. when users add email to subscription box it says “Subscribed successfully.” but I can’t see the email added to my subscribers list. Even I can’t add email manually (after adding it doesn’t again appear in subscribers list but I had “Email was successfully inserted. Click here to view the details”). Also the filled settings page doesn’t hold any info, refreshing the page results unfilled setting page.

  84. Hello Gopi, I have 2 questions:

    1. how can I link my call to action (on Home) to your subscription form WITHOUT the boxes/widget on Home (it looks weird). I would like a box opening with the fields name/email/subscribe

    2. I’m getting new SPAM user registrations but not with the left and layout from your plugin. Do you know how this is possible and how to solve the problem?

    Thank you

  85. Is there a limit of subscribers? I have around 4000 and sometimes emails are sent and other times they aren’t… Thanks for your help 🙂

  86. How can i add just all the current user’s(about 45) email to the subscribers list… is there a way to bulk import that, or can you plugin grab the email address currently in the database?


  87. Hi! Really great plugin with a lot of options. Thank you! but 1 question: as I understand this plugin cannot automatically send emails to subscribers, right? You wrote that Email posts to subscribers can do that, but it sends the old posts too as I understand. What is the main difference between these plugins then? Why you created two instead of one?

  88. Hello,

    great Plugin, I used the email-posts-to-subscribers Plugin. When I have subscribed to it, I get a double message with the same content two times. In the Backend I set up only one content. Could you tell me where I could find the messages in die Plugin to change it?

  89. Second questions: The Cronjob works perfect, but is sending every hour the same mail and not only when a new post is published. Where could I change this? I want the the Cronjob only sends Mails when a new post is publish.

  90. Hi,

    I tried to use the plugin and added my content HTML in the compose part. But when I preview, it is adding about 9-10 tag on the top of my code due to which my HTML is getting pushed down the screen. The same tags then go in the mail also.

    Pls help


  91. There is an problem occur while sending more than 2000 mail same time from “send mail” option, can anyone help me at this problem

  92. When I made a new post, the email triggered to subscribers had a truncated message. How can I alter the code to show the full text of the post in the the email to subscribers?

  93. Hi Gopi,

    I’m very happy with this plugin, but not so happy with those error alerts. Can you apply a nice validation above or below the field?
    Next request would be an option to send new posts notifications to subscribers in customizable portions, e.g. 10 subscribers every minute to prevent Google (gmail) won’t consider them as spam. My host would be happy too!!!
    Thanks thousand times. (The Italian way).

  94. Hello, I would like to add a checkbox field for the users to accept the privacy policy and show and alert message if they don’t check the checkbox.
    So I tried to insert in es_register.php the following code:
    Acepto el aviso legal
    At line 157.

    The HTML5 required option didn’t work, so I tried to do the following in the file es-widget.js:

    es_avisolegal = document.getElementById(“avisolegal”);
    alert(“El formulario no puede ser enviado si no acepta el aviso legal”);
    return false;

    But it didn’t work.

    Can you help me please?


  95. Hello, I would like to thank you for making such a good plug-in. I’m sorry if this question has already been asked and answered but I have read all the comments and viewed your video’s and am still looking for answers.

    I have an email html template that has a header and footer, with a background images and responsive floats for images and content. I would like to know if I can use this template, as it features the theme of my website.

    For example Opt-in-mail content, can I just add the template to the text box with links to my images in my media uploads folder so that works off the bat or will I have to go into the js. or php temlpate files to add the appropriate code, so that the formatting is picked up from there.

    Once again a fantastic plugin, well done for all your hard work and support.

  96. Great plugin! I want to send someone directly to the Subscribe box from my main website. Is there a direct url I can use for the subscribe box widget or some subscribe web page?

    So in other words, “Click Here to Subscribe to our Blog” and it goes directly to a subscription form instead of the blog home page.

  97. There is an problem occur while sending more than 2000 mail same time from “send mail” option, can anyone help me at this problem

  98. the plugin is great working fine i have put the widget in the sidebar i don’t want name=? field i just need the email field .so is there any option to remove the name field

  99. Thanks for the great plugin!

    I agree with the other replies here that it would be useful to have more unsubscribe functionality, either through:

    1) A generic unsubscribe link
    2) An unsubscribe form

  100. Hi Gopi,

    Great plug in.

    I was wanting to edit a couple of bits, if you could guide that would be great.

    1) How do I change the “Subscription Success” text colour/location/font when someone first subscribes? This is presented just above the email address box.

    2) Can I edit the success page the user is served with once they confirm their email, on a double confirmation? I’d like to show a specific url and change the time before redirect.

    Many thanks

  101. I’m also having emails sent twice to every subscriber. For example, if I go to Send Email and select the “Hello World newsletter”, uncheck all subscribers and just send to 1 test email account, that email account receives the message twice.

  102. I’m also seeing the “Newsletter Sent Report” twice to my admin account. Everything that is sent from this plugin (newsletters, post notifications, and admin reports) are all being sent twice.

    Any ideas on whats going on?

  103. Hello the plugin looks great but how to syncronized people in the wp_users table who are subscribers and people who are in the wp_es_emaillist?

  104. Hello, I added your plugin to my site while I was working in localhost environmentr. After I transferred my site to a live domain, I tested out the subscription form. When I receive the email asking me to confirm my subscription it links to the old localhost URL and not the new live site. Is there a file I need to edit in order for it to link to my live site?


  105. Hi. I have over 500 members on my subscription site. I’d like to use your email programme, but I can’t find a way of importing these members into your plugin. I’ve even installed a CSV exporter, but I can’t seem to export the members in a format your plugin recognises. Pleas get back to me asap, as this has become an urgent matter. Thanks ever so much.

  106. Let say, a user is trying to subscribe using same email address. Is there a way that we can prompt the user that the email address he/she is using has already in the database. Thanks! More Power

  107. Larry I have created and tested exactly what you are looking for.

    First create an html file on your main WordPress site that has this plugin enabled.

    The HTML code needs to look like this:

    Subscribe to get posts & information in your inbox.


    Email *

    Replace all areas of the file where http://yourdomain.com is shown. Save the file as an html file. I called mine test.html for this example.

    Next go to whatever other site you are wanting the form on.

    Enter in this code where you want the form to show up.

    Make sure that in the iframe src= you use the correct path. If your site controlling the main subcribtion form is https, then use https. IT WILL FAIL if you try and use http instead. If you are not using https, then just use http.

  108. Larry I have created and tested exactly what you are looking for.

    First create an html file on your main WordPress site that has this plugin enabled.

    The HTML code needs to look like this:

    Subscribe to get posts & information in your inbox.


    Email *

    Replace all areas of the file where http://yourdomain.com is shown. Save the file as an html file. I called mine test.html for this example.

    Next go to whatever other site you are wanting the form on.

    Enter in this code where you want the form to show up.

    Make sure that in the iframe src= you use the correct path. If your site controlling the main subcribtion form is https, then use https. IT WILL FAIL if you try and use http instead. If you are not using https, then just use http.

  109. hi Gopi,

    recently i have downloaded your plugin and i have an issue with the plugin,
    in the widget part, we are looking for the firstname and lastname and email address to subscribe to the blog,

    but when we send email to subscribers , just want to greet the customer with firstname instead of fullname.

    is this you could help me with.

    please reply me asap.

    Kind Regards

  110. Hello

    People are able to subscribe fine – I just want them to receive an email when a new post is published – I have set this in ‘notifications’ BUT it won’t let me select the categories – when I hit save the categories uncheck?

    Please can you help?


  111. Hi,

    I am a web designer and I am working on a client’s site. I love this plugin so far. I would like to add one subscribe box to the sidebar and another to the footer. So far it is not working. Have you added this feature yet? I’d really love to see it!!

    Thank you!!!!

  112. Hi! I’m the author/developer of a brand new website. I noticed that my new email subscribers have the words “Unconfirmed” as the status of their email address. Does a “confirm your email address” email get automatically sent to them once they sign up? Or do I have to do that manually?

    I want to start sending them emails as soon as possible but I don’t know if I can do that when their status is still unconfirmed.

    Please let me know if there’s anything I need to do on my end to make sure my subscriber emails are “confirmed.”



  113. Howdy! Thanks for releasing this plugin! I was getting the “Oops.. Unexpected error occurred” message when attempting to use the widget.

    In /job/es-subscribe.php , I had to change:
    $samedomain = strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], $homeurl);
    $samedomain = 4;

    It is now working. Is this change safe? What are the ramifications? Would you recommend a different solution? Thanks!

  114. Hi, great plugin. I habe a doubt. I have Email Subscribers ok (create a pt_PT mo files) but when i search how to do automatic newsletter send, the link goes to another plugin. What plugin to use? Email subscribers can’t use the cronjob utility?

    Nelson Matias

  115. Hi, nice plugin! Is it possible to have the featured image ###POSTIMAGE### display at larger size in the emails that are sent?

  116. Good afternoon. Can not delete a subscriber. By clicking on the delete button in the Subscribers nothing happens.

  117. Hello,
    until now the plugin was working fine.
    A new problem occurred yesterday (or longer, just got the info yesterday): new subscribers get a message error => Oops.. Unexpected error occurred.
    Thanks for any help!

  118. Hi I am having issues with the images in my posts not showing up in the emails that are sent to my subscribers. What could cause this and how do I correct it? Also is there a way to allow readers to choose which category posts they would like to receive emails about?
    Thank you Kindly

  119. How do i change the send from address? I don’t want it to show my server email when the confirmation email gets sent to the customers.

  120. Instead of having the widget generate the text for the “subscribe” button, how can I change it to pull in an image for the button?

  121. Hi, Gopi!
    Thanks a lot for a great plugin. However I have a problem with it. Whenever I publish a new post i recieve an email that a notification email about a new article was succesfully sent to all subscribers. I can also see an email that supposedly has been sent in the “sent” folder. But email is not getting delivered to anyone. It also isn’t present in the spam folder. The weird part is that before I translated the notification email to Spanish it was sent and delivered succesfully, I didn’t toggle any of the files in the editor.
    Can you please help me with this problem?
    Thanks a lot in advance,

  122. Thank you so much for adding custom post types! Now we can go ahead and implement it on our website and keep our members fully informed.

  123. Hi Gopi,

    Have you thought about supporting sub-domains for your subscriber plugin? It seems that the widget breaks under sub-domains that point to the same WordPress public directory because of CORS. I had to monkey patch the code assigning the $url value in email-subscribers/classes/es-register.php from home_url() to “http://”.$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]. Please tell me your thoughts on this..

    • For example, my domain name is solepop.com and my home_url() is also solepop.com. I have subdomains such as startup.solepop.com, development.solepop.com, etc which represent specific categories on my blog. The home_url() though is still solepop.com regardless of the subdomain I use to visit my blog (this is because of wordpress). When I try to subscribe to the blog through one of my subdomains i get a Cross site error. My fix solves the problem.

  124. Hi! Thanks for this plugin. First Q, is it possible to automatically generate subscription lists importing form registered users of a site? And second Q, is it possible to send a given post manually? Thaks!

  125. Hi, I have this plugin installed and working perfectly, I have built up a large subscriber base and am now upgrading my site from a local .co.za to a .com address. With all that I will be migrating my wordpress over. How do I get my subsciber base over aswell? Many Thanks, Taryn

  126. Hello Gopi:

    Suddenly, after Email Subscribers has been working perfectly, I also am getting that “Oops.. Unexpected error occurred.”

    I followed the directions you gave above and un-commented lines 71 and 72, but nothing changes.
    I also tried reverting back to my backup of the previous WP version with the working Email Subscribers, but still makes no difference.


    However, in file job/es-subscribe.php
    the following line does not exist…

    if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'], get_option('siteurl')) !== false)

    Looking forward to a fix.


  127. Hi, how can I edit the email for subscriber I would like to include my website logo for every notification..

  128. Hi, great thanks fro this plugin, it works great.
    I have one question – I use two sunscribe forms on one page and I have problem with it((
    If I want to add email on the second form – it submitted the first form, could you, please, explaine how to use several subscribing forms on one page ?

  129. Hi!

    Love the plugin. Nice and easy to use. I’d like to give my subscribers a free download when they first complete sign up – is there a way to do this please?



  130. Hi,

    After I upgraded my wordpress to the latest version, Email subscribers stopped sending my news letter!
    Any ideas why would this happen?


    Yalla Kompis

  131. Hi, there —

    Is there a way to give subscribers more than one option when subscribing — and to assign these to different databases? Such as:

    Get emails about:
    __ Everything
    __ New books only

    Thanks. Marie

  132. Hi Gopi,

    I have a problem with email plugin which is not picking the dynamic template which i have created.

    when i post on the blog, the, email subscriber plugin needs to send email to subscriber which picks up my dynamic template and send to the subscribers.

    but here that is not happening please could you help me in solving this problem, as iam working on this about two days but its not solved.

    Many thanks in advance

    Kind Regards

  133. Hi,

    I’m using this plugin and it’s very cool 🙂 But all Newsletter mails send out twice! can you help me to solve the Problem?


  134. Hi,

    i am using your plugin and it’s great. I was hoping to add some google tracking to the button. I was trying to add [onClick=”ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Newsletter’, ‘SignUp’, ‘name’);” ] to [onClick=”return es_submit_page(”)”]. I figured if I added the ga(…) inside the onClick quotes it would work.

    Have you come across this question before, if it’s an easy fix I would love it you let me know how to do it.



  135. Dear Gopi,

    Thank you for your widget and explanations. I’ve been through the videos and it actually was what I was already doing but still the button doesn’t appear on my website. Could you help me fix this ?
    I’m using the Peak theme from wordpress.

    Best regards,


  136. Hi there,
    thanks, I’ve been using your plugin for some time.
    I want to change my website to membership protected content. I’m already using woocommerce to sell a couple of products. I want to sell membership access to my site.
    But I want to use single user signup for both the membership and email subscribers. How do I do this with your plugin?

  137. Hi. I have been using the plugin for a while, but now I have been receiving returned e-mails saying that I passed the limit of 200 mail per hour.
    How can that be fixed?

    P.S. Great plugin by the way…

  138. Hi,

    I have well installed and activated Email Subscribers plugin.

    Widget of the plugin works great. However, I have created an index.html page and insert the code for the Email Subscribers into this page. It displays all well.

    (((((((HOWEVER)))))), when name and e-mail is input and Subscribe button hit, the message reads “loading…” and the page does not submit nor do I receive a notification of my e-mail being added to the subscription list. It is just stuck in there without any action. I do not receive an e-mail either as I have selected double opt-in option.

    Please guide me through how to enable the Subscribe button to submit successfully and send the double opt-on e-mail.


  139. Hi

    I just install the email subscriber. however, the new subscriber can not get any confirm email or any email. I tried resent and its still not working. Can you fix this?>



  140. I added your plugin last night and tested it with a different email address, couple things I am not seeing:
    1. Any signup with a gmail account, does not seem to get an email to validate signup. It has happened on 4 folks already including my own. It has worked for my other email accounts/domains.
    2. Not getting notifications in admin account email inbox
    3. On the button it wraps the word Subscribe because the button is too small, anyway to fix this (either change to Join or widen the button)

    Settings are setup as Double Opt-in, Yes on all notifications.

    I want to stick with this plugin as I love it otherwise

  141. The subscribe button is too small causing the word “subscribe” to wrap. Where do I increase the size of the button. This is happening on the widget and on the page when using the shortcode.

  142. I had modified the email-subscribers.po file so that the fields name, email* and the button Subscribe would appear in French (Nom, Courriel* and Soumettre) on my client Web site and it was working fine. But now its back to the original language. Has anything change recently? What should I do?

  143. I think that is because I’m using the plugin “qTranslate X” and it adds a “/es/” at the end of website URL (i.e. http://www.mysite.com/es/).

    I tried to add it manually in the text field “Email Subscriber > Settings > Opt-in link (Confirmation link)”, but this section does not allow me to save this modification.

    Any way if I manage to modify it, it will work just for one language.

    Can you suggest me how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

  144. I am using LH Login and Email Subscriber in my webpages :
    It seems to be doing something right on log in, but none of my friends can log in and subscribe. I think Email Subscriber is working but I don’t know about LH Login since there is no documentation whatsoever for it.
    I thought from the Email Subscribe that there was a registration function, but there isn’t.
    Can anyone tell this 70 yr old newbee how to register and log in new users, as well a send email notifications when there are new posts.
    I appreciate your feedback.

  145. Hi Gopi,

    I have a small problem.

    I can receive emails when I subscribe. But i could not receive mails while I add new post. Please help.

  146. Hi

    I have just updated the default alert message as per your YouTube video, but now the subscriber form does not work?

    Also this file seems to be showing as ‘inactive’?



  147. I added your plugin last day and tested it. Very nice, but..
    I added 3 subscribers with the same group (Public). Then I created an email and a notification for this group and also a new post. The group (Public) received the notification of a new post. FINE! 😉
    Then I moved one subscriber in a new group (group2). I created a new email and a new notification for group2. The subscribers group2 received the email from group Public. WHY?? Is this a bug? Have I not something observed? Can someone help me please?

    Thank you, Jörn

  148. Great plugin so far. I’m phasing out a paid plugin that was nothing but trouble, and already I’m seeing good results.

    Can I politely suggest something? Please find a native English speaker to go over the default text for outgoing messages. The grammar is all wrong, and in running a site for a US university correct English is very important!

    Yesterday I activated it on 20 blogs in a multisite installation and had to laboriously update every field on every blog.

  149. Hello, this is Erik. Great plugin I use it for my church. But now I have a question.. I cant figure out if I can add more then one group to a subscriber. Some people get 2 newsletters where others only get one of them.. Is this possible? Thank you Very much

  150. Hey,

    works perfect so far. I have my site in English and German and use WPML to manage the translations. The strings are perfectly translated but not the Mail-Content.

    I wish I could manage two group of subscribers for the two different languages and then send the mails in the correct lamngue to each of them. Is this somehow possible?


  151. Hi!

    I have found a problem with multiple templates for different users (but for one category). The plugin uses only the first template within the database, so all users will get the same mail. I have fixed it within our installation:

    File classes/es-sendmail.php
    Function es_prepare_notification

    $notification = es_cls_notification::es_notification_prepare($post_id);
    //echo count($notification);
    if ( count($notification) > 0 )
    // new loop over all templates for the category
    foreach ($notification as $notify) {

    $template = $notify[“es_note_templ”];
    //echo $template . “\n”;

    $mailsenttype = $notify[“es_note_status”];
    if($mailsenttype == “Enable”)
    $mailsenttype = “Instant Mail”;
    elseif($mailsenttype == “Cron”)
    $mailsenttype = “Cron Mail”;
    $mailsenttype = “Instant Mail”;
    $subscribers = array();
    $subscribers = es_cls_notification::es_notification_subscribers(array($notify));
    if ( count($subscribers) > 0 )
    //echo “have “.count($subscribers).” subscriber\n”;
    es_cls_sendmail::es_sendmail(“notification”, $template, $subscribers, “notification”, $post_id, $mailsenttype);

    So, the new loop statement will send different mails for every template.

  152. Hi, I want to use your plugin to send emails to around 500 people and I was doubtful about dreamhost blocking it. Can you please below support email from dreamhost and tell me if I will be fine?


    Thank you for contacting DreamHost support!

    “I wanted to know if there will be any issues with this. If the emails
    sent to the subscribed people will be blocked.”

    I am glad you asked this question! DreamHost has a policy against you
    sending emails using the web server.


    As long as you setup your plugin to use a mail SMTP server to send out
    the email you will be fine! If you have email an email account setup here
    at DreamHost just let me know which one it is and I can give you the SMTP
    settings to setup the plugin.

    Should you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please
    do not hesitate to contact DreamHost support!

  153. Hi Gopi, I want to do some corrections in my posted comment. Please consider second (this ) Comment of mine.

    Hi Gopi, great plugin and thanks for plugin.

    But I have some queries as follow:-

    For ‘Double Opt In’, When user confirm email address from his email account, success page after it showing just a blank page with success confirmation message like ‘Thank You, You have been successfully subscribed to our newsletter.’ and after some time duration it is redirected to root url of my site.

    Its looking really bad to take pause on blank page with just a success confirmation message.

    Can I display that message on root url or home page Or any page of my site?
    Just Because of this, I am shifted to use ‘Single Opt In’ option , as there is no confirmation required and no redirection url after confirmation.
    But I would really like to use ‘Double Opt In’, so please suggest solution.

    But oops!, I got one point in ‘Single Opt In’ option also.
    When I started to use ‘Single Opt In’ option, I have observed that It does not validate Newsletter form for already subscribed emails. In ‘Double Opt In’ option, when already subscribed email is entered in a form, it returns back with validation message ‘Email already exists’. But for ‘Single Opt In’ option, it does not check for duplicate emails. It always shows message ‘Subscribed successfully’ either email already exists or not. Is there any reason for this? and is there any solution to resolve this?

    Please, suggest how to fix this.

    Waiting for any solution.

    Thanks in Advance.

  154. Hi Gopi,

    I have posted my comment containing queries and doubts on 26-Dec-2015. But, still there is no confirmation from admin Or there is no reply or email with reason for discarding comment.

    were my doubts are wrong or anything else?

  155. Hello Gopi,

    Thank you for this excellent plugin!

    I have four questions for you:

    1. How to correct the ‘sent from’ email address? I configured the settings so that it would be the valid email address: subscribe@mydomain.com, but instead it was sent from: mydomain@box####. myhost.com. How can I change this?

    2. There is a popup notice when someone subscribes from my website, but this notice is not accessible from the plugin – I am unable to edit it. How can I fix this?

    3. Is there a way to customize the page that the link goes to in the 1st confirmation email? Ideally it would be a page on my own site. If not this, then is it possible to add a logo to the interim page?

    4. Is there a way to change the link in the 1st opt-in email into a button instead?

    Thank you for your time!


  156. Hi Gopi,

    Great plugin! Three questions…

    1. Do you accept donations? Your plugin is worth it.

    2. Would you consider adding a “double opt-out” option so that clicking the link in the email does not instantly unsubscribe the person?

    3. Would you consider adding an admin email notification option when someone unsubscribes, similar to the currently available notification when someone subscribes?

    Thanks so much! By the way, I traveled to India last February and loved it! We visited Delhi, Varanasi, Kolkata, a few places in the Rajasthan region, and Mumbai. Your homeland is a wonderful country!

    Best regards,

  157. Wonderful plugin thanks, a lot for your work. For a free plugin I must admit everything works ok.

    Hard work to be a developer I don’t have your infinite patience to answer again and again the same thing people don’t wanna search using a simple CTRL F and your name…

    Thank you.

  158. Hi Gopi,

    First of all thank you very much for such great plugin.
    Secondly, I have faced an issue. I sent several emails via your plug in. now when I wanted to import more emails from csv file, records can be inserted but in sending email option while I want to sort it based on any criteria such as group i get “Security check failed.” and I am not able to send emails to the group that I want. Would you please advice me how to solve it ??

  159. When a new subscriber fills in information and submits, they get the confirmation message box that pops up an says that an email will be sent within 15 minutes, but the email is not being sent.
    If I look under the “subscribers” in admin, I see the input waiting for confirmation. I even try to manually send confirmation email again, but nothing goes out. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

  160. Is there an option to disable the Tracking image?

    Each sent image contains a hidden 1×1 pixel image. as defined in the code of “classes/es-sendmail.php”:

    This hidden image triggers the spam filters of many mail servers. I am fully aware that those hidden images are used to detect the read/unread status of the emails.

    As i have seen, there is no option to switch that behaviour off. Is there a plan to add a setting to switch off this behaviour to avoid spam detection?

    Another spam protection would be if the plugin would (wen set to HTML) not only send html content but both HTML + TEXT. That would redure the spam score as well a lot.


  161. Hi Gopi
    Does Email Subscriber AUTOMATICALLY send a Post Alert to my subscribers whenever I publish a new Post?
    I have been manually sending an email Alert to all subscribers after each Post and my subscribers are receiving TWO alerts.
    So I presume my webmaster has set up EMAIL SUBSCRIBER to automatically send an alert???

  162. Hi,

    Great plugin. I am using the widget twice – once in the header and once in the footer.

    The header one is working beautifully, but the footer one asks me to enter my email address even though I already have.

    Is there some conflict because I have used the widget twice on one page? Any assistance appreciated! 🙂

    With thanks,


  163. Hi,

    Thank you for such a wonderful plugin, i started using it on my one of website and working great!

    Currently i have placed subscription form in sidebar using widget. I would to show subscription form in Popup as well, is there anyway to do it with this plugin? Can i use any other plugin to show form on popup after visitor spend certain time on my website?

    Thank you again and keep rocking!

  164. Hi Gopi,
    First of all, congrats for your great plugin: I’m using it and works really fine.

    I usually publish in my website two types of contents: blog posts (news) and portfolio updates (custom type post).

    I only have a question: in the same way that I can select the different categories for the blog post in the notification window, is it possible to select the CPT filter? Is it possible to modify it anyway in order to show and make functional the CPT filter? I’m asking it because my website is bilingual and I send the correct translation of each portfolio update for the two language groups of subscribers…

    Thank you very much!

  165. Would be nice if the plugin will be working, but more than the message “Security check failed.” you cannot expect. Maybe the programmer is masturbating by teasing users.

  166. Thank you for the plugin. Why are images not showing up in an email notification of new posts? Thank you.

  167. After getting the above working, and sending a plain text, the POSTLINK and POSTTITLE do not insert in the email.
    I don’t understand.

  168. hi, great plugin! very simple to the user.
    how can i create a new design to the subscription form?
    that is the codes that i need to give to the desginer that it will be connected to the plugin?

  169. Is anybody answering in this forum??

    Three issues:
    1) Double opt in doesn’t seem to work at all. I’m getting immediate notices of successful addition when I test it with my own alternate emails.
    2) How do I make the Name field required?
    3) Can I add a Captcha?


  170. When i am using it with PHP. i.e,

    Its throwing this error: “Uncaught ReferenceError: es_submit_pages is not defined”

    Please help.

    Thank you

  171. Dear Gopi,
    Need your help. I am a huge fan of your plugin, but recently I’ve had this annoying issue: I’m not receiving my own new post notifications! Heaven knows how many more people get nothing. When I look in the reports, I see some do read the email.
    So what could cause messages to be blocked for some recipients? They are not in spam, either.
    What shall I do?

  172. The ###POSTIMAGE### that is sent in the emails is cropped, I would like it to be the complete image and not a cropped thumbnail. Is there a way to tweak the plugins code to change this so the image in the email is not a small cropped thumbnail?

  173. I am using the plugin to send new posts to my email lists using cron jobs (easy cron). Posts are scheduled to post at 11 each day. the cron job picks them up and runs at 11:15. I get a message (and the logs in your plugin) show that the emails have been sent, but they are not being delivered and in the “Sent Mail” area it shows that the emails are “in queue”. Easycron says the cron job is working and it is an issue with the plug in. Help.

  174. Hello.

    Inside my website post there is image and content with some spacing and in the email notification there is no spacing and no BR but when the email is received and it showing a lot of spacing (br). I inspect it and its coming from the post.

    The plugin is striping out the above content (that’s fine) but adding custom br which make the spacing in the title and the description in emails.

    Is there any way to fix this. I have tried using css but no use. In plugin settings HTML email is selected. All other emails are working fine but i want to fix the spacing issue in new post notification email.

Comments are closed due to heavy spam. Please use contact form if any help is required.