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Email subscription box for Email posts to subscribers plugin

This plugin have subscription box and it allows users to publicly subscribe by submitting their email address. You can add subscriptions box to your sidebar (use widget). posts (use short code) and theme file (use php code).


To add Subscriptions Box widget to your sidebar, go to your Dashboard. and then click on Widgets menu. You will see a widget called Email posts to subscribers. Click Add Widget button or drag it to the sidebar on the right. a

Subscription Widget

Short Code

This can be used in any page or post within your blog. When WordPress encounters text formatted in this style and recognizes it as a subscription box.

[email-posts-subscribers namefield="YES" desc=""]

PHP Code

Copy and past the below mentioned php code to your desired template location (i.e in theme PHP file).

<?php elp_subbox( $elp_name = "YES", $elp_desc = "" ); ?>

How it looks in the front end?

Live email subscription box demo available in this website. Please click here to view the demo. When visitors submit their email address, in a few minutes they will get a confirmation email. If they click Confirmation link in the email, they will receive a welcome mail for successfully subscription.

Email subscription box

Video Tutorial


Plugin Official Page



  1. I added the Short Code to one of my pages, but it doesn’t seem to work. A message appears saying ‘Please enter email address’ after I’ve entered an email address. Can you help?

  2. the short code is not work …. what can i do .
    i paste this [email-posts-subscribers namefield=”YES” desc=””]
    at the text and at the visual and is not work ….

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