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Popunder popup

Popunder popup is a plugin to load window behind the browser window of your website. or second smaller browser window upon clicking your website. This is a best plugin to show ad that is automatically displayed in a second smaller browser window upon clicking your website. This window will open, if users click somewhere on your web site.

Live Demo : Click somewhere on this web page to view live demo, Only for the first click it will open pop-under window. To view the demo again, please refresh the page and click somewhere.

Plugin Features

  • Easy to configure
  • Lightweight JQuery
  • Unblockable popup
  • Once per browser session
  • Option to display random URL
  • Supports localization

Installation instruction

1. Download the plugin popunder-popup.zip from download location.
2. Go to Plugins and Add New menu in your website dashboard.
3. Select upload link (top horizontal link menu).
4. Upload the available popunder-popup.zip file and click Install Now button.
5. Finally click activate plug-in link to activate the plug-in.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to add pop-under popup on all posts and pages?

Go to your Dashboard and click Appearance and Editor menu. Select your website theme on the dropdown box (top right) and click Select button. It will list all the PHP file for your theme. From that list select footer.php file and add below PHP code in your footer.php file and click Update button. Please watch my video tutorial for more info.

Use the below PHP code to display particular url in pop-under window.

<?php pp_popup_id( $id = "1" ); ?>

Use the below PHP code to display random url in pop-under window from selected category.

<?php pp_popup_cat( $cat = "Category1" ); ?>

Use the below PHP code to display random url in pop-under window.

<?php pp_popup(); ?>

Q2. How to add pop-under popup only on home page?

Use below PHP code in your footer.php file.

<?php if(is_home()) { pp_popup(); } ?>

Q3. How to add pop-under popup on all pages except home page?

Use below PHP code in your footer.php file.

<?php if(!is_home()) { pp_popup(); } ?>

Q4. How to add the popup on specific page or post?

Plugin have short code option to display the popup in specific page or post. Just copy and paste the plugin short code into specific posts or pages to display the Pop-under popup.

Use the below short code to display specific url in pop-under window.

[popunder-popup id="1"]

Use the below short code to display random url in pop-under window from selected category.

[popunder-popup cat="Category1"]

Use the below short code to display random one url in pop-under window.

[popunder-popup cat=""]

Q5. Is this plugin supports widget option?

NO, Widget option is not required for this plugin. You can use plugin Short Code or PHP code for all the requirements.

Q6. How to setup pop-under once per session?

Go to your dashboard and plugin admin. There you can find Session Setting page to configure once per session option. If you select YES on once per session option, popup never appear again if user navigate to another page.

Q7. How to display random url in the popup?

Use the below PHP code in footer.php to display random url in pop-under window.

<?php pp_popup(); ?>

Q8. How to setup auto expiration for pop-under window?

You have Start Date and Expiration Date field on the popup admin page. You can use these two fields to set expiration date for your pop-under window.

Plugin official webpage


Download link


Video tutorial



  1. Nice plug-in. I installed the code in my footer so it is on every page and it works when I click once the only problem is that it pops another window on every page I visit.

  2. Hi there,

    The popunder works great in Firefox but for some reason in Internet Explorer, the new window doesn’t load underneath the current page. It loads on top of it. Can this be changed?

  3. Hello, the pop up is not working. I just want the very basic pop. I followed the directions in the video but nothing happens. Was I suppose to install code somewhere?

  4. How do you manage the “browser session” ? I would like to open the popup only one time per visit. And i think i´m only seeing it once per day or something like that… 😉

  5. whem I use my ipad with Safari or Google chrome the popunder is instead of it a popforward! The page which I want to be a popunder, is now a new page that opens than.
    The page which is under the menu I clicked is not on the screen but one page back!
    On a pc all is going well!
    Can you give a solution for this?

  6. Hi,

    we have your plugin in use. It works on other sites we are using very well, but on one site we have the problem, that the popup is still blocked. Do you have a solution for this ? We are using the current version 1.3


  7. Hi.. thanks for the plugin. Did u think it safe for adsense or related ptc program ? Just need some advice. Because, i wanna put adsense code on pop up page.

    Thanks in advance..

  8. Actually I think this plugin is good, if only the popup size can be resized. I wonder can it be really under the window? So that people don’t realize that they open a new window behind it?

  9. Hello, i have big problem with your plugin.

    It make the site speed very slow and when disable or delete the plugin then site don’t have photos and crashed the half site.

    When i install again all its ok.

    Please help me, tell me what can i do.

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