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Vertical marquee plugin

I have created this simple plugin because of the user request, You can use this vertical marquee plugin to make your text scroll upward or downwards. This plugin will work all leading browsers except old Netscape browsers. In this plugin i used simple HTML marquee tag to scroll the plugin and it loads very fast, and it is pure HTML so no java script required. admin option available to change the text style and marquee speed.

Plugin live demo available on the sidebar. Please have a look and post your comments

Features of this plugin

  • Light weight
  • Loads very fast
  • Pure HTML tags

Admin management

Scroll Amount : This is used to organize the speed of the scrolling, only integer allowed and higher value provides a faster speed

Scroll Delay : This is used to reduce the speed of the scrolling, only integer allowed.

Plugin configuration

Drag and drop the widget : Go to widget menu and drag and drop the Vertical marquee widget to your sidebar location.

Short code for pages and posts : Use the below short code in the pages and posts.

[vertical-marguee setting="1" group="group1"]

Add directly in the theme : Add the below PHP code in your theme PHP file, for example if you want to add this slider in your website footer, just activate the plugin and add this code in footer.php file.

From version 1.0 to 4.0

<?php verticalmarquee(); ?>

From version 4.0 onwards

<?php vmarquee( $setting="1", $group="widget" ); ?>

Download location


Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is Scroll Amount, Scroll Delay?

Scroll Amount : This is used to organize the speed of the scrolling, only integer allowed and higher value provides a faster speed

Scroll Delay : This is used to reduce the speed of the scrolling, only integer allowed.

Q2. Can you explain the short code?

[vertical-marguee setting="1" group="widget"]

Vertical-marguee : Default text

Setting: We have three setting options in the admin, add any one.

Group : We have ten groups in the admin, add any one.

Example: if you want to scroll the GROUP1 messages with setting 2, use the below short code.

[vertical-marguee setting="2" group="group1"]


  1. Great plugin! If only it could inherit settings from the main theme. That would be my only recommendation for this plugin. Currently, The title of this widget takes the default setting. If it would give an option to choose the title style from what’s available in the plugin, it would be great. Thanks for your work!!

  2. i have a problem accord in marque. there is no any space to separate each other..
    please give me solution.. also there is only show 2 marque but i have submitted 4

    • Hi Sameer, If you need extra space between two message you can add this HTML “<br />” text at the end of each message. in the admin please check your GROUP name of the each message, based on the GROUP name it will display in the frond end.

        • more details for what? I’m trying to give author level permissions so authors can add notes to the marquee. You mentioned what lines but I can’t figure out what code to add in or change to adjust the user roles privileges.

        • one more thing, how can we set it to have a space between messages or a line break? Do we have to manually enter it in ever message or do we need to put our message in a <p. tag or add a line break to the end of them all?

          thanks, Rob

  3. Hi,
    This is a great plug-in and the addition of the expiry date makes it even better – thanks for providing it. I have a problem though in that I am getting this message on my site now: “Please check your short code, no records available.”. Nothing has changed on my site – no changes to the short code used and no changes to the scrolling text. It was working fine before!

    Any ideas would be great. Thanks.

    • I found the problem – the expiration date defaulted to 0000-00-00 when I upgraded – I assumed that this meant it never expired.

      All OK now – thanks again for the plug-in.

    • [vertical-marguee setting=”2″ group=”group1″]

      If this is your short code and your getting “no records available”. it means in the admin there is no records with the group name “group1” or all the records expired for this group name.

  4. Hi Gopi,

    Is there a way that i can change the behavior of the scroll just like in “scroll-post-excerpt”.

    Can it pause once each post reaches the top?

  5. Hello – I LOVE your plugins! I am trying one for the first time and have a question.

    I am using the vertical marquee. I have set up content that is vendor logos and everything works beautifully but I need to make one adjustment and don’t know where to go.

    The marquee goes all the way up the right side of the page. It starts to populate at the bottom and scroll upwards. Is there a way to have it start where the content populates at the top and then starts to scroll upwards? the way it looks now there is nothing in the box but at the bottom the logos start to appear and then it takes quite awhile (because I need the box so big) for them to get to the top…

    I am going to try to change it in the meantime to start at the top… but it’s not really what my client wants.

    Can you just direct me to where I can maybe change that?

    Thanks again… and I can’t wait to try out your other plugins in some other sites! Great job!


  6. can i get this plug-in to pull from existing posts or must i manually add text each time i want to update the contents of the marquee??

    • Hi Judy, You can check “Post title marquee scroll” plugin for horizontal scrolling. we will create the new plugin for vertical marquee.

  7. Hi Gopi,

    I have used this plugin in widgets.Its works fine.But,the marquee information is showing by underline,I dont want underline. how can i overcome this issue?

    • Hi Praveen, This may be because of your theme css, we dont have any separate css class to control this widget. So please please arrange your css class in the theme css file.. You can find style. css file in the theme folder.

  8. Hi, i love the plug in and its just what I want however I cant seem to find anywhere that enables me to align it. I basically removed the META widget from my website and replaced it with yours, now the META widget aligns perfectly, but yours does not, its position in too low and to far left, I would really appreiciate it you could tell me how to align the widget and where I need to look.

    Many thanks in advance

    Dresses 2 Impress U

  9. Dear all,
    I have created a travel blog (************.com) and i would like to add Ads from the clients that flash like the ones you have on this site. How do i go about this.


    • You can add your own text in the admin page of this plugin, if you want to scroll the post title please use the plugin Vertical marquee post title

    • hi this is mohan babu from beautifuldesigns
      and you can use tag where you want to insert the marquee effect at your header.php page , it should be in division tag only after wards you can apply css styles to that tag for more details contact me

      my mail is mhvbab@gmail.com

  10. Can you please tell me how is text sorted 8ascending,descending), what is the method of sorting items: by expiration date or text inside the item? I want to sort items in particular order…

    • file name : vertical-marquee-plugin.php
      add target blank for anchor tags (Line 56, 63, 123, 130).

      if($link != "" && $link != "#") { $vsm = $vsm . "<a href='".$link."'>"; }


      if($link != "" && $link != "#") { $vsm = $vsm . "<a target="_blank" href='".$link."'>"; }

  11. How do I get the setting I want in a widget? I edited the php file and commented out the two settings I did not need, but that did not work ;-(


  12. Hi, is there a way to format the text ie centre it and bold and increase size of text? I want to use this plugin to scroll a headline. is this possible if not do you know of a solution?

    many thanks

  13. sir,

    very very thanks you and your site both are great plese send me all the plugin update
    at my email id .thanks a lot for giving these all plugin

    thanks and regard
    mirza sahabaj beg

  14. I love this plugin. I am trying to add 2 marquees within the same side bar with different information. Do you have information on how to do this? Also where do I find the short code within the WordPress control panel?
    Thank You

  15. What a great plugin, thanks for creating this!

    Have a quick question and request if possible. Can you allow more groups? We continue to find that we have tasks needing more than 9 areas to categorize so additional groups would be ideal.

    Same with settings, more setting options would be great.

    Thanks much!


  16. Hello
    (sorry, for my english, I’m Frenchy)
    In first time, your plugin is perfect, great job!! Thank
    is it possible to add photos in the widget ?
    Thanks much

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