Simple contact form WordPress plugin download link

This page contain download links for all the versions of gopiplus Simple contact form WordPress plugin.

Change log

Version 1.0

This is the first version.

Version 2.0

Now 2 way to use.
1. Drag and drop the widget to your sidebar.
2. Copy and paste the given code to the desired location.

Version 3.0

Captcha/Security code

Version 4.0

Tested up to 2.9

Version 5.0

Tested up to 3.0

Version 6.0

Email option available(This is optional, admin can set on/off for email).

Version 7.0

Now this plugin has been integrated with Email Newsletter plugin, It means admin can send the Mails/Newsletters to those entered emails via my another wp plugin(Email Newsletter plugin
Tested up to 3.2.1

Version 8.0

Tested up to 3.3
JavaScript & Style sheet has been added as per WP standard.

Version 9.0

Tested up to 3.4
Java script loaded by using the wp_enqueue_scripts hook (instead of the init hook)
Admin option to delete multiple records at a time.

Version 10.0

New demo link,

Version 10.1

Tested up to 3.5

Version 11.1

1. Changes in admin layout.
2. Paging option in admin.
3. Added some security feature.

Version 11.2

1. Tested up to 3.8
2. Now this plugin supports localization (or internationalization). i.e. option to translate into other languages. Plugin *.po file (simple-contact-form.po) available in the languages folder.

Live demo