Announcement ticker highlighter scroller WordPress plugin download link

This page contain the download links for all the version of Announcement ticker highlighter scroller WordPress plugin. Select the plugin version to get the download link.

Change log

Version 1.0

First version.

Version 2.0

Changes in JS.

Version 3.0

New JavaScript to support both IE and Firefox.
Now Multilingual support enabled, so you can add all languages,
To post announcement in other language, simply copy and past the other language content in announcement text area.

Version 4.0

Tested up to 3.0

Version 5.0

Tested up to 3.2.1

Version 6.0

Security fix, only admin can see the plugin link in the dashboard.

Version 7.0

Tested up to 3.3

Version 8.0

Tested up to 3.4

Version 9.0

Tested up to 3.4.1
New demo link.

Version 9.1

Tested up to 3.5

Version 10.0

Tested up to 3.6

Version 10.1

Change in admin layout.
Added some security feature.

Version 10.2

1. Tested up to 3.8
2. Now this plugin supports localization (or internationalization). i.e. option to translate into other languages. Plugin *.po file (announcement-ticker.po) available in the languages folder.

Version 10.3

1. Tested up to 3.9
2. Restricted direct page access.

Version 10.4

Tested up to 4.0

Version 10.5

Tested up to 4.1

Version 10.6

Tested up to 4.2.2

Version 10.7

Tested up to 4.3

Version 10.8

1. Tested up to 4.3.1
2. Text Domain slug has been added for Language Packs.

Version 10.9

Tested up to 4.4

Version 11.0

1. Tested up to 4.5
2. Sanitization added for all input value.

Version 11.1

Tested up to 4.6

Version 11.2

Tested up to 4.7

Version 11.3

Tested up to 4.8

Version 11.4

Tested up to 4.9

Version 11.5

1. Tested up to 5.2
2. Uninstall option added. All plugin reference and plugin table will be cleared during uninstallation.
3. Converted admin JS alert message into WP class file.

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