Email download link wordpress plugin download link

This page contains the download links for all the versions of Email download link WordPress plugin. Below Send download link form is created using this email download plugin. Select the plugin version to get the download link.

Change log

Version 1.0

First version

Version 1.1

1. Download link creation validation issue has been fixed.
2. HTML content allowed in mail description.

Version 1.2

Tested up to 4.6

Version 1.3

1. Tested up to 4.7
2. Option added to export email address.

Version 1.4

Version 1.3 design issue fixed.

Version 1.5

Tested up to 4.9

Version 1.6

1. Version 1.5 bug fix
2. WP Cron option to refresh download link
3. Group option in download form to group the download links

Version 1.6.1

Version 1.6 bug fix

Version 1.7

Google reCAPTCHA option added in the plugin. reCAPTCHA helps prevent bots from adding fake or malicious email addresses to your list.

Version 1.8

1. Tested up to 5.0
2. Typo error in Download Form is fixed
3. “Updating Failed” error message when adding plugin shortcode in Shortcode Block is fixed

Version 1.9

Tested up to 5.1

Version 2.0

1. Tested up to 5.2
2. New keywords (###NAME###, ###EMAIL###, ###TITLE###) added for download link email subject
3. Feature added to set the position after form submit.

Version 2.1

1. Tested up to 5.3
2. Option added to NOT SAVE name and email address. This will be useful those who don’t want to save their downloader name and email. Save downloader name/email option at plugin setting page. This option is useful for GDPR privacy policy.

Version 2.2

1. Changes in the download forms, Ajax submission introduced to stop duplicate email.

Version 2.3

1. Bug in the uninstall.php is fixed.
2. Direct download link is added in the download page.
3. Admin option added to update form successful submit message (Go to setting page in the admin dashboard to find the option).
4. Download history (Name and Email) will be deleted automatically after N number of days. (Go to setting page in the admin dashboard to find the option to set number of days).

Version 2.4

1. Option added in the setting admin page to SHOW or HIDE direct download link in the download page.

Version 2.5

1. New admin layout for settings and security menu.
2. Added security option in the download form submission (Option to block the submission by Domain, IP).
3. Throttling mechanism is added to protect spam submission.
4. Option added to filter bad word in the download form name.
5. Plugin date and time format is changed in the admin display as per default format of the blog.
6. New default template design is added in the plugin template section.
7. Option added to enable/disable GDPR checkbox in download form.

Version 2.6

1. Bug fix – Email not send if GDPR checkbox is not checked.

Version 2.7

1. Phone number input box added in the download form. (New parameter in short code)

2. HTML tag added for the download box caption. Now we can hide Name and Email caption in the download form using below CSS class.

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