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This page contain the download links for all the versions of Email subscribers wordpress plugin. Email subscribers plugin has options to send newsletters to subscribers. It has a separate page with HTML editor to create a HTML newsletter. Also have options to send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published to your blog.

Change log


First version


1. Subscriber admin page, Check ALL & Uncheck All bug fixed.
2. Updated Help documents.


1. Widget translation issue has been fixed
2. PHP warning message from Subscribers Export page has been removed.


1. Fixed small error on mail compose page.
2. Added check for Already Confirmed emails. This is to prevent user clicking optin email link multiple time.


1. Scheduled published posts issue has been fixed (From this version onwards, Notification emails will be triggered for scheduled posts)
2. Bulk update option for subscribers group in admin view subscribers page.


1. Bug fix on admin notification email for new subscribers.


1. Bug fix on Send Mail/Notification warning message (i.e Call to undefined method issue has been fixed)
2. Call to undefined method es_cls_common::es_sent_report_plain() – Fixed
3. Call to undefined method es_cls_common::es_sent_report_html() – Fixed


1. Bug fixed on individual subscriber delete option.
2. Bug fixed on individual subscriber resend confirmation mail option.


1. Bug fixed on Double Opt-In welcome mail check (Previously it was not checking admin setting for welcome mail).
2. Tested up to WordPress 3.9.2


1. New option added in admin setting page to update Sent Mail Report Subject/Content. For each newsletter mail and notification mail, plugin will send one report mail to admin with default content. Now with this option, admin can update that default mail content.


1. Tested up to WordPress 4.0
2. In view subscribers admin page, new option added to filter the email address based on status.
3. Paging option added on view subscribers admin page. In default it will show only first 200 emails, you have drop down box to navigate another page (i.e. 201 to 400 emails etc..).
4. Warning message fix on email address import page (i.e Strict standards: Only variables should be passed by reference) – Fixed


1. In view subscribers admin page, Filter option and paging moved to the top right corner (Previous version it was in bottom).
2. Plugin tested for multisite installation blogs.


1. Warning message issue has been fix on notification mails. previously $post object was submitted to notification mail method without filtering post_id.
2. Added new keywords ###POSTLINK-ONLY###, ###POSTLINK-WITHTITLE### for notification mail content.
###POSTLINK-ONLY### – Use this key word to add post link in the mail content (Post link cannot be clickable)
###POSTLINK-WITHTITLE### – Use this key word to display post link with title (Clickable post title)
###POSTLINK### – Use this key word to display clickable post link.


This warning issue has been fixed (Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘es_admin_option’ not found or invalid function name)


1. Tested up to 4.1
2. Fixed special character bug on Sender of Notification FROM email name.


Now plugin supports custom post type. i.e. With this plugin, you can able to send automatic newsletter/notification emails when you publish custom posts.


Added new option in the Email Import page to select Email Status and Email Group. with this option you can select (or create) group name and emails status when you import the email address.


Up to plugin version 2.6 only administrator level users can manage this plugin in dashboard. From this version I have introduced new feature called Roles. The user role can be selected using this Roles Menu. For example, If you want to give Send Email feature to Editor. Go to plugin Roles menu using administrator login and select Editor role to Send Email Menu, So that your Editor level user can access plugin Send Email menu to publish newsletter emails.


* Tested up to 4.2
* Fixed warning message bug on Roles page
* Sync Email option has been added in the subscribers admin page. with this option all newly registered email address will be synced automatically into the plugin subscribers group.


1. Tested upto 4.3
2. Option available to add same email address to multiple group name
3. Cron Mail option added. With this option you can schedule cron jobs for newsletter and notification emails. Using this cron option you can schedule mail (example 100 mails per hour)
4. Group Name added in the export list.
5. Mail Type option has been added in the Send Mail admin page. With this option you can add the mails into cron job or you can send the mail immediately.
6. Notification Status option has been added in the notification setup page. With this option you can add notification mails into cron job or you can send the mail immediately when new post is published.
7. Group name filter has been added in the subscriber admin page.


1 Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and a potential SQL injection.

Video Tutorial

Plugin official Page with Live Demo