Video tutorial for Email posts to subscribers plugin

Video: How to Install Email posts to subscribers plugin in your blog? Video: Steps to do after plugin activation? Video: How to configure Mail in email posts to subscribers plugin Video: How to schedule auto emails in Parallels Plesk? Video: Hosting doesn’t support cron jobs? Your hosting doesn’t support cron jobs […]

Error handling in Email posts to subscribers plugin

Getting error any error in the Subscription Box? 1. Open JavaScript file from below mentioned location. wp-content\plugins\email-posts-to-subscribers\widget\widget.js 2. Go to line 70, 71 3. Remove the comment for that two lines. From //alert(xmlHttp.readyState); //alert(xmlHttp.responseText); To alert(xmlHttp.readyState); alert(xmlHttp.responseText); And try it again, now you can see the actual error in the alert box. How to update […]

Steps to do after installing Email posts to subscriber plugin

Step 1: Checking Templates After installing Email posts to subscriber plugin on your blogs, verifying a template would be your first step, because design is very important for newsletters. Go to Templates menu and preview the default templates. If you think the default templates are not interested, click Add New button to create your own […]

Email posts to subscribers wordpress plugin download link

This page contains the download links for all the versions of Email posts to subscribers WordPress plugin. Select the plugin version to get the download link. Change log Version 1.0 First version. Version 1.1 1. Security fix, removed all wp-config.php file direct include. 2. Minor text changes in all PHP files. 2. Added options to […]

General settings for Email posts to subscribers plugin

To modify general setting, go to Settings menu in the plugin admin. there we have option to modify Sender Email, Mail Content, Mail Type. etc.. 1) Sender of notifications : Choose a FROM name and FROM email address for all notifications emails from this plugin. 2) Mail type : Option 1 & 2 is to […]

Schedule auto mails (cron jobs) for Email posts to subscribers plugin

There are two options available in this plugin to schedule your CRON jobs. First option is let wordpress handle your scheduler (Set YES for wordpress CRON). and second option is configure the scheduler (Set NO for wordpress CRON) in your server. 1. First option (Let wordpress handle your scheduler) This is new option introduced in […]

Newsletter templates for Email posts to subscribers plugin

This is the first step to take with this plugin. Before sending mail to a user, you first need to prepare the mail template, using this module. Once you have prepared your template, it will display automatically on the Mail Configuration page. In default this plugin comes with 10 newsletter templates. You can easily modify […]

Mail Configuration for Email posts to subscribers plugin

This is a important section in this plugin. In this module you have to configure your newsletters. Just one time configuration, the newsletter will be generated automatically based on this mail configuration. it contain 3 part; Template Selection, Post Details and Mail Setting. Go to Mail Configuration in the plugin menu and click Add New […]

Email subscription box for Email posts to subscribers plugin

This plugin have subscription box and it allows users to publicly subscribe by submitting their email address. You can add subscriptions box to your sidebar (use widget). posts (use short code) and theme file (use php code). Widget To add Subscriptions Box widget to your sidebar, go to your Dashboard. and then click on Widgets […]

Subscriber management for email posts to subscribers plugin

To view subscriber details, go to your plugin admin and click Subscriber menu (Refer Screen). In default it will show only emails start from A,B,C. To view all the emails, click ALL button in the top. We have import, export email address facility in this page. Click corresponding button to import or export your email […]

How to setup auto emails (cron job) in Plesk for Email posts to subscribers plugin

The following article explains how to create a auto schedule (cron job) for email posts to subscribers wordpress plugin using cPanel or Plesk. Set up scheduled tasks (cron jobs) in Plesk 1. Login to your Parallels Plesk. If you don’t have login information, please contact your hosting and get one for you. 2. After you […]

Email posts to subscribers

The aim of this plugin is One Time Configuration and Life Time Newsletter to subscribers. This plugin generate a newsletter with the latest available posts in the blog and send to your subscriber.

Email newsletter wordpress plugin video tutorial

How to install and activate the plugin? How to compose mail and send mail? How to setup subscription box? How to configure Opt in? How to update opt in alert message? Plugin Configuration General information How to compose newsletter in this plugin? How to send email? How to Export & Import email address? How to […]

Email newsletter

Email newsletter plugin have option to send HTML Mails/Newsletters to registered user, Comment author, Subscriber and Users who contacted you. Sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of communication. Email marketing has proven very successful for those who do it right. This plugin is very useful those who need to send Newsletters to […]