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Email subscribers plugin import and export email address

To view subscriber details, go to your plugin admin and click Subscriber menu (Refer Screen). In default it will show only emails start from A, B, C. To view all the emails, click ALL button in the top. We have import, export email address facility in this page. Click corresponding button to import or export your email address. also we have options to resend confirmation mail to subscriber.

Add new group

Click Add New from the above screen (i.e admin view subscriber page). There you have option to create new GROUP for subscribers. After you created new group you can use it in the widget setting.

Bulk Update for subscribers group

From version 1.4 we have bulk update option for subscribers group in admin view subscribers page.

1. Select emails to update subscribers group.
2. Select Update Subscribers Group from bulk action drop down.
3. Select new subscribers group name.
4. Finally click Apply button to update subscribers group for selected emails.

Export email address to csv format

This is a new option that allows you to download all users into a formatted text file (CSV) for later import on another site of yours, or for using particular emails of it in your ordinary mail client, or for migrating your WordPress site to another server.

Import email address

Click Import Email button to import/upload the emails into this newsletter plugin. In the upload page we have options to upload the email address in the CSV format. As per the below screen shot create the CSV file and use it in the upload page.

Click Browse button in the page to select the CSV file and finally click Upload CSV button to upload the emails.

Video Tutorial


Download Link


Official Page with Live Demo



  1. I am able to import email address in the csv format without a problem. Is there a way to include the group name in the csv file, so that I don’t need to manually go through and select all for bulk updating of the subscriber group?

    • Default subscriber group has been fixed in the import module. you can modify the below file to change the value. I will consider this requirements in the next plugin update.

      File : subscribers/view-subscriber-import.php
      $form[“es_email_group”] = “Public”;

  2. Like Kendra, I created an Excel CSV file. Email in A1 and Name in B1. There are 2,230 emails to import. I do not have a name for all of them. Some of them are in all caps. The system loads about 19 emails, claims 41 others are invalid and stops. It looks like it’s not recognizing the comma delimited properly. (Running emails and names together instead of loading as an email and name, then another email and name.)

  3. I went in and added a generic name to each row in the spreadsheet that was blank and it’s still not pulling the data in properly.

  4. Hey, I figured out the issue, Kendra. For me, the CSV file was saved on a Mac. The PHP isn’t fully understanding the Mac line endings. If you can save from a PC and try uploading it then, it should work.

  5. I am finding my way into your plugin, and am appreciating it a lot…

    And seeing three things that would be really helpful…

    To select/filter by group, so all of a certain group can be listed…

    To be able check a selection and then hold the shift key, similar to the WP media library for instance, and check a box multiple lines down and have all of the intermediate boxes also check…

    And that the selection for how many emails to display hold whatever was last selected, rather than defaulting to 1-200 every time the page reloads…

    I believe these these would make what is already a wonderful plugin even more wonderful…

    Kind Regards.

  6. Not sure it is clear so I’ll add that the selecting/filtering and checkbox possibilities I mention above would be most helpful if they functioned in both the send email window as well as the subscriber window…

  7. Hi, is there a way to customize the subscribe form? Or is there a direct link to my list that I can add to my own html code?


  8. All options work fine but I get the following warning when I click the “Email Subscriber” option in the main Admin sidemenu:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘es_admin_option’ not found or invalid function name in /…/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 470

    How can I fix this?

  9. Hi

    I’ve had email confirmation that users have subscribed to my blog but they don’t appear in my subscribers list. Do I need to add them manually?


  10. It would be good to allow subscribers to subscribe to more than one group (so that a user could receive different sorts of notifications, or a user could be sent custom emails but not post notifications).

    It would also be useful to be able to create groups without having to create a new user, in order to assign a new group to an existing user.

  11. Hi,
    Nice plugin.. I have a question. How can we manage sending bulk emails if I have more than 1000 subscribers. Is it managed in this plugin?

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thank You,
    Biju Subhash

  12. Hi,
    I want to use your plugin with multiple subscription groups per user.
    But it blocks the addition of multiple users with the same email address.
    So how can I disable this email check?

    Thank you, Felix

  13. If you are using MAC the plugin may not recognize the CSV file. I used a PC to re-save the file and the import worked.

    I first saved the CSV on MAC, it did not work. I then took the same file, resaved it on my PC, and it imported just fine.

  14. I have installed email subscribers. Before installation I have 50+ subscribers, but these do not sho up in the email subscribers list (though they are there when I click on users list). Is there a way to get email subscribers to recognize existing subcribers?

  15. The advanced forms plugin causes nonce problems, cannot save as draft or update drafts while in the post screen, you have to publish and exit, then quick edit to change to draft.

    Deactivating your advanced forms plugin solved this issue.

  16. Hi,

    New subscribers don’t appear in my list also I’ve had email confirmation that users have subscribed to my blog.

  17. Hello,
    I have over 18,000 email subscribers that i send a weekly email to. I currently used constantcontact.com for this. Can your plugin handle this many emails? If so, how long will it take to email a list that size each week? Thanks!

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