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How to schedule auto mails (Cron mails) in Email subscribers wordpress plugin?

This plugin provide option to schedule newsletter/Notification mail. In Send Mail and Notification Setting page we have option to set Mail Type. If you want to schedule mail you can select Send mail via cron job option. If you selected this option, plugin will not send a mail immediately instead it will send mail whenever your CRON URL is triggered. You can easily trigger this URL automatically using your hosting server. If you have Plesk control panel click here, If you have cPanel click here. Contact your hosting support If you don’t have control panel login.

There is a text box called Mail Count available in the Cron Mail admin page. 50 is a default value in this text box. It means it will send 50 mails whenever cron url is triggered. Also plugin will send one report mail to admin whenever cron url is triggered.

Steps to note

1. Contact your hosting and find How many mails you can send per hour? If they said you can send 50 mails, Set 50 in Mail Count text box.

2. Login to your server and schedule the cron job. You can schedule cron once every hour.

How to schedule auto emails (cron job) for Email subscribers wordpress plugin in cPanel?


How to schedule auto emails (cron job) for Email subscribers wordpress plugin in Parallels Plesk?


Hosting doesn’t support cron jobs?

If you don’t have cPanel or Plesk account and your hosting doesn’t support cron jobs. Don’t worry, Lots of vendors available for this action. I recommend EasyCron! The easiest way to configure advanced scheduled tasks.

What is EasyCron? What service does it provide?

EasyCron is an online cron job service provider. You may register free and add cron URL of your plugin into EasyCron system, and it will trigger your cron URL at specified time or by time interval according to the setting you made.

Where to find my cron URL?

1. To find your cron URL. Go to Cron Mail menu in your plugin admin. In this page you can easily copy your URL from the Cron Job URL text box.

email subscribers cron page

How can I check if the scheduled cron jobs are properly executed?

Plugin will send one report mail to admin whenever the cron job is triggered successfully. Check the above screen, there is a option available to change the mail content.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to use the email-subscribers plugin, to notify people when there is a new post. Immediate notification works fine (so I know the subscribers are entered correctly), but I cannot – after many, many hours of trying – get the cron notification to work. It does email me to say the cron job is scheduled, and that does appear in sent mails with a status of “In queue” and type “cron mail”. But the emails are never sent to the subscribers by the cron (and the status never changes_. Amongst other things, I have:

    a) Removed and reinstalled the plugin (though even after reinstallation, the original settings were retained – not sure how to get rid of those so it is a totally clean install).
    b) Made sure my crontab is actually executing by adding in a line where it just emails me a hello message. This uses wget and is in the same folder as the plugin, job, and it sends successfully, so both the cron job, and the wget command, are working.
    c) Tried both the link given in cron mail (replacing ‘mydomain’ with the correct domain name of course), http://mydomain/?es=cron&guid=spwcfu-sdvzwx-rualcg-xjgznk-hjgwvn, and also tried giving it the full path, http://mydomain/wp-content/plugins/email-subscribers/job/?es=cron&guid=spwcfu-sdvzwx-rualcg-xjgznk-hjgwvn
    d) I also did wonder if it should be es-cron, rather than es=cron – since the former is the name of a php file in the job folder. I did try that, but that made no difference.

    The plugin is ideal for what I need, but I have to use cron jobs because of email limitations by my ISP. I’m really at a loss as to what to do next, and would be extremely grateful for any suggestions!

    Many thanks,


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