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Email subscribers wordpress plugin send email newsletters

This page is to send newsletters to your subscribers. In this page you have options to select newsletter subject, subscribers group and subscribers email.

1. Select newsletters subject which you created on compose page. Only Static Templates are displayed in this page.
2. Select Mail Type, If you have lots of email address, I strongly recommend you to use “Send mail via cron job” option to send your newsletters. In this option plugin will not send a mail immediately instead it will send whenever your cron URL triggered.
3. Select subscribers group. In this plugin each subscriber’s emails are stored into particular group. Default group is Public.
4. After you selected subscribers group you can find all the subscribers emails with a check box option. If you don’t want to mail any particular subscriber(s), you can uncheck the email(s) on this list.
5. Finally click Send Mail button to send a newsletters.

Optionally you have alphabetized batch sending. If you have lots of subscribers in your blog, you can select alphabets to display email address.

Email sent reports

This plugin offers a new option to view sent newsletter details with mail preview. Also in that page you have options to check newsletter status whether your newsletters are being read or not. Click Sent Mail menu in your dashboard to view the details.

Click Optimize Button in this page to delete old records from your database. It will delete all old records except latest 10.

Video Tutorial


Download Link


Official Page with Live Demo



  1. Hi, I recently downloaded your plugin. I am in the testing phase and noticed that duplicate emailes are being sent to all subscribers when I send an Email? Is this a known fault, how do I correct? Thanks Kristina

    • No issue in the plugin. You may submitted the email many times unknowingly. Also please check the email list and confirm no duplicate emails in your subscriber list.

  2. When I am sending mail Using “Send EMail” I can send mail succsfully to subscriber bat at that time I(admin) also get 1 mail Which mail subject is “Newsletter Sent Report” and how to change that mail body content?
    thank you

  3. When I compose a static mail and send it out to one or more subscribers, this mail is received twice by the receipient.

    Any idea what I do wrong or what I should do?

    Regards, Frans

  4. I created a static template where the email contents is in html with some div (css contents) and images. I send it now to subscribed email (my email account for testing purposes) and then it successfully sent. Then I checked my email inbox and saw that the email content is blank. I received the subject email but the contents of it didn’t display. What is the problem with this? Is there any html codes am I missing?

  5. There is an problem occur while sending more than 2000 mail same time from “send mail” option, can anyone help me at this problem

  6. I am trying to send an email to a subscriber list and I keep getting an error of “Security check failed”. What does this mean and how do I fix it?

  7. I am trying to send an email to a subscriber list and I keep getting an error of “Security check failed”. What does this mean and how do I fix it?

  8. Whenever I send out a newsletter to a specific subscribers group (with not more than 20 email addresses) it is successfully sent. However, I have a group that contains more than 100 email addresses, when I try to send the newsletter to this group I get an error message “Security Check Failed”.

    Can you please direct and advise how to have this error corrected.


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