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Email subscribers wordpress plugin notifications settings

As mentioned, this plugin have option to send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published into your blog. In this page you have to configure the notification settings. When you activate the plugin, it will create default notification with existing categories. Whenever you create a new category in your bog, you need to add that category into notification setting, if you need to send email when posts published for that category.

Also in this page you have option to select email template which you have created on compose mail page and option to select subscriber group. It means, whenever new posts are published to the selected category, selected email go to selected subscriber group.

Email subscribers wordpress plugin view notifications settings

Email subscribers wordpress plugin add notifications settings

Video Tutorial


Download Link


Official Page with Live Demo



  1. Hello
    I have installed the plugin setup using the inline code on a page on WP as opposed to the widget. On the backend, I have it configured to send a dynamic template notification email to the new post that is scheduled to go live everyday. The post is published at 4am; but the notification email is not sending. I have both the posts and the notification set to the the subscriber group. All subscribers are confirmed and in the same subscriber group. I can send a manual email to all, which is what I have been doing but I want the dynamic notification to go out at 4am. Help?

      • Thank you for your reply. It might be helpful for others if you specify that. Your features state “Send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published to your blog” but doesn’t say it does not work with posts scheduled to be published. It jsut would have been helpful to know that in the beginning…unfortunately, I’ll have to find another plugin that does. Other than that, this plugin works great.

  2. Is there a delay or specific time that post notification emails are sent or are they sent immediately after posting? I made a post about an hour ago and still have not received a notification email and have checked my spam folder. Thanks!

    • Its immediate email. Is confirmation mails are working properly in your blog? if only notification emails are not working, Please check you notification admin setting page.

  3. Respectively sir

    I added your plug in in my site but hosting site inactivate this plug in bcoz they told this software sending huge emails when i post each time . In 1 day i post 10 post , so it send 10 times my post to subscribers and there server was down. I want this plugin send all my post once in a day . kindly tell me what should i do for this ?

  4. Dear sir

    But i want to use your EMAIL SUBSCRIBER PLUG IN . if i add cron job then this software publish my post once in a day instead of immidiately publishing ? is it possible?

  5. Hello, I have installed your plugin to send out notifications for new posts. I have added ###POSTLINK### which only sends out the link through the email. I do not understand programming. what I would like to send out in the email is the preview of the post and not link. Also I would like to change subject of the email as the post title. Where do I change settings for that?


  6. Is there a way to edit this sentence on the notification email?

    The incorrect sentence reads: No longer interested email from netWORKed?. Please click here to unsubscribe

    The correct English sentence should read: No longer interested in emails from _____? Please click here to unsubscribe.

  7. After I add a new Post to my blog it will send email notifications out to all my subscribers, but the email is empty. It’s noting in there. What Am I doing wrong?

  8. When the notification email goes out to subscribers, the body of the email is totally blank even though there is text built it that should be there. I have looked at everything. I can’t figure out how to fix it. HELP!

  9. I am setting up a new website. We want our subscribers to receive all new posts when they are published. It appears from limited testing that it is working. Now we would like to reformat the message that is emailed when new posts are published. I do not see that text under “Settings”. What file is the template for new post emails?

  10. Hi,

    I’ve downloaded and installed the plugin successfully. When I post, I post multiple times a day, as you can see from my site (www.thecraigslistcollective.com). I assume this would be annoying to get 10+ emails every time I post something. Is there a way to adjust the settings so subscribers will only get one email each day that I post?


  11. Hi Gopi,

    Really like the Email Subscribers plugin, all has been functioning as expected so far, I have been looking at the potential to send new post notifications regardless of what category the new post is assigned too, as when my authors create a new category it is not included by default in the notification settings and subscribers miss out.

    I have poked through your code a bit hoping to find a useful Hook or Action that i could intercept but have been unable to find any.

    your help would be appreciated



  12. Hi,
    I have installed the Email subscriber plugin on my website but i can not send bulk emails to my subscribers. I sent the email in more than 72 hours but it has still not been sent. Please help me.

  13. I have a food blog in which we post recipes. When we post a recipe, it automatically posts to our blog page. Is there a way to set it up so the automatic email sends when the recipe is created?

  14. Hi, I keep receiving the error message, “Security test failed” when attempting to send my post to a list of selected subscribers. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

  15. Hi Gopi

    Email Subscribers plugin working great – notification emails sent and received.
    When I compose an email and click compose button, nothing happens – I have follow step and video.
    Any Ideas please.

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