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Email subscribers wordpress plugin subscription box

Email subscribers plugin have subscription box and it allows users to publicly subscribe by submitting their email address. You can add subscriptions box to your sidebar (using widget). posts (using short code) and theme file (using PHP code). If you wants to add group selection in the subscription box, please use my Advanced Form add-on plugin.


To add Subscriptions Box widget to your sidebar, go to your Dashboard. and then click on Widgets menu. You will see a widget called Email subscribers. Click Add Widget button or drag it to the sidebar on the right.

Short Code

This can be used in any page or post within your blog. When your blog encounters text formatted in this style and recognizes it as a subscription box.

[email-subscribers namefield="YES" desc="" group="Public"]

PHP Code

Copy and past the below mentioned php code to your desired template location (i.e in theme PHP file).

<?php es_subbox( $namefield = "YES", $desc = "", $group = "" ); ?>

How it looks in the front end?

Live email subscription box demo available in this website. Please click here to view the demo. When visitors submit their email address, in a few minutes they will get a confirmation email. If they click confirmation link in the email, they will receive a welcome mail for successfully subscription.

Advanced subscription box

If you wants to add group selection in the subscription box, please use Advanced Subscription Box Form add-on plugin.


Video Tutorial


Download Link


Official Page with Live Demo



  1. Hi–

    Thank you for creating such a neat widget. I was wondering whether I can reduce the size of the email input box. I am trying to squeeze it in a rather narrow “container” and right now I have horizontal scroll due to the email box. Thank you!

  2. Hi there, thanks for this great widget! I have a similar problem to Andrea, but that I’d like to make the email and name input boxes, as well as the Subscribe button a bit wider, is this possible? Thanks very much!

  3. I would like for the subscribers to be able to choose their group on the widget. For example, I group my subscribers by location/city etc. Is there a way to allow this option?

  4. Hi, The plugin is great! Only one question: how can I change the button “subscribe”? I would also like to change “name” into other language.

  5. Hi,
    i have used your plugin with shortcode and php code in the header and footer and it works great.

    I have an issue with using the shortcode in a popup i created.

    The subscribe widget in popup even after entering a valid email address throws email validation errors.

    Please suggest.

    • I have the same issue with the short code when i put it into popup with fancybox. when i enter in a name and email it is telling me to enter the email..

      I already have it installed as a widget on every page but I want to add this as a pop up as well when a new user comes to the site.

      How do i fix the short code so it will recognize an email that is entered in the popup

  6. Hi, how do I go about adding a “Postcode” field for people to have to fill out when they subscribe? Ideally I would like the fields to be:


  7. Hello Gopi Ramasamy
    Po file to translate the Portuguese, but in many places still show English text. See the HOME Name, Email, Subscribe confirmation messages etc..
    What do you suggest?

  8. Hi Gobi,

    Im sorry but I still dont receive the subscription validation link email …

    I downloaded the SMTP pugin as you suggested, but nothing works…

    Please help out


  9. Hi
    Looks like a great plugin. I just have Problems with the code for the subscribe box.

    Could you please provide a HTML Version of it?

    Thanks in advance.

    And one question: Is there any restriciton regarding the number of subscribers?

    Cheers from Germany


  10. Thank you for this plugin! I’ve read through the comments and do not see a solution to my issue. Is there a way to have the subscription form have checkboxes for the user to select to designate which group they would like to be in when the subscribe? example:
    two groups listed with checkboxes for each and the option to join both: Practice, Social, All.

    Using the shortcode I see that you can have multiple subscription widgets to handle each group, but that is not practical. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for the great plugin. One thing. When I add the Email Subscribers to one of the footer widget areas, the field descriptions don’t show. I don’t use the sidebar because I have a full-width site. They are there, I can take my cursor and highlight them. They don’t show as if they were blending in with the background. Thanks for any help!

  12. Thank you for a fantastic tool that keep readers connected. Is there a way to make the Plugin available on the backend to WordPress Roles other than Administrator? Ideally, I would like an Editor to have access. You had mentioned to use a Menu Manager, but adding Email Subscribers menu option to Editors does not work! Do you mean make the user an Admin then restrict their access using a custom backend menu?

  13. Gobi, your plugin is fantastic! Thank you for doing such great work! I have a similar requirement to Lisa and Hansjörg Leichsenring above and I am hoping you can help me. My site is focused on Event Registrations and need the proper html code that would allow me to place a checkbox at the bottom of each event form, that when checked, would add the registrant directly into a “Subscriber Group”. Like your short-code, I would change the “Subscriber Group” as needed for each event. Because the name and email address is already collected in the form above and there is a register button on the event form, the short-code won’t work. I need the “name”, “email” that is already on the form placed in the proper “Subscriber Group”. I would be happy to compensate you for helping to provide me with the code needed to do this. Thanks so much!

  14. Hello,
    until now the plugin was working fine.
    A new problem occurred yesterday (or longer, just got the info yesterday): new subscribers get a message error => Oops.. Unexpected error occurred.
    Thanks for any help!

  15. Hi, a great plugin, thank you.
    There are two things which would be great to be able to do which i can’t find how.
    1. to automatically create a wordpress user for the subscription (optional)
    2. to be able to add a couple of user-defined fields e.g. to capture additional data on registration e.g. how
    did you find out about us (ideally to be included in the export file)

  16. hi,

    thanks for the your plugin. But i want to show both Subscriber and Unsubscriber button below the email text field. please can you help me

  17. hi. Thanks for such a great plugin. I want to change “Name” label and “Subscribe” button’s value. Where is the shortcode’s file location in the plugin?

  18. Hello and thanks for the great plugin.

    I’m trying to insert the subscription box widget into my website, and I want all the elements of the box to be in one signle line (Texte + TextField + Button).

    I tried to edit the widget CSS or HTML files, but no luck.

    Any help please?

    Thanks a lot!

  19. Hello,

    I’m trying to change the contact form language from english to spanish (Box area on sidebar).

    How can I do it?



  20. Hi! Do you have an option for a pop up subscription box? Once users are on your site for 10 seconds a box that pops up, prompting them to subscribe?

  21. Hello, I am using this plugin. But i want to add placeholder and want to change the button text subscribe to join. I just can’t see any option or in file that where i can change those. Which file contains these options?

  22. Hello, I am new to creating a blog, I have just used this plugin with my GMail for Business EMail id for sending mails, but it is nowhere asking for password of that mail account to send the mail from system. How to setup the Mail server provided by Google in this plugin?

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