Email newsletter wordpress plugin Settting

Widget Setting Navigate to Dashboard —>> Email Newsletter —>> Setup Widget Use this page to setup Email Subscription Box. In this page you have option to update subscription box short description, Button text, TextBox caption and many display setting. [GOPIPLUS-ADS=AD1] Email Setting Navigate to Dashboard —>> Email Newsletter —>> Setup Email Use this page to […]

Email newsletter wordpress plugin Compose Mail module

This is the first step to take with this plugin. Before sending mail to a user, you first need to compose the mail message, using this page. Once you have composed your mail, it will display automatically on the send mail pages. How to compose mail? Navigate to Dashboard —>> Email Newsletter —>> Compose Mail […]

Email newsletter wordpress plugin Send Mail module

Send Mail to a Registered User Navigate to Dashboard —>> Email Newsletter —>> Mail to Registered User Use this page for sending mails to registered users. On this page you find the email addresses of all registered users listed with a check box option. If you don’t want to mail any particular user(s), you can […]

Email newsletter wordpress plugin Export & Import email address

Export email address Navigate to Dashboard —>> Email Newsletter —>> Export Users to CSV This page allows you to download all users into a formatted text file (CSV) for later import on another site of yours, or for using particular emails of it in your ordinary mail client, or for migrating your WordPress site to […]

Email newsletter wordpress plugin admin screens and Installation instruction

Admin screens [ssg-superb-slideshow=newsletter=630=400=2500=500=0=YES] Installation instruction & configuration Method 1 Download the plugin from download location. Unpack the file Extract the /email-newsletter/ folder. Drop the email-newsletter folder into your ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder. In word press administration panels, click on plug-in from the menu. You should see your new email newsletter plug-in listed. To turn the […]

Scroll popup wordpress plugin video tutorial

This Scroll popup html content ads WordPress plugin allows you to build and show a scrolling pop up using HTML div. You can locate the scrolling pop up in a corner of a web page and choose the scrolling direction (i.e., left-to-right or top-down). and we have separate content management page to manage the popup […]

Email newsletter wordpress plugin video tutorial

How to install and activate the plugin? [GOPIPLUS-ADS=AD1] How to compose mail and send mail? How to setup subscription box? [GOPIPLUS-ADS=AD2] How to configure Opt in? How to update opt in alert message? Plugin Configuration General information How to compose newsletter in this plugin? How to send email? How to Export & Import email address? […]

Scrolling down popup wordpress plugin video tutorial

Scrolling down popup plugin create the popup window with drop in scrolling effect. With this plugin we can confirm that particular content on your page gets attention to user.  To display important announcement, an advertisement, or a promotional offer we can use this plugin. Features of this plugin Simple popup plugin. Easy customization. Scrollable popup […]

Translucent image slideshow gallery wordpress plugin video tutorial

Translucent image slideshow gallery WordPress plugin will create a image slideshow on the website and the widget. It’s not a simple image display.  Images are animated in from the left edge, with a translucent effect applied during the process. Each image can be optionally hyper-linked. Features of this plugin Easy installation. Easy slide show size […]

New simple gallery wordpress plugin video tutorial

New simple gallery WordPress plugin; Want to display images as an automatic slideshow that can also be explicitly played or paused by the user? New Simple Gallery rotates and displays an image by fading it into view over, with navigation controls that pop up when the mouse rolls over the gallery. Show images either as […]

News announcement scroll wordpress plugin video tutorial

News announcement scroll wordpress plug-in create a vertical scroll news widget for your wordpress website. This is very easy to use, no coding knowledge required to customize this plugin. after activated the plugin, drag and drop the widget into the sidebar. also we have short code to add this announcement into posts and pages. watch […]

WordPress plugin wp photo text slider 50 video tutorial

Wp photo text slider 50 this is an another JQuery based slideshow plugin for wordpress. We can create the beautiful slideshow with this plugin the slider optionally contain heading, Image and content. Four different slider option available Left to Right, Right to Left, Up to Down, Down to Up. This slider supports all browsers. Click […]

wordpress plugin vertical scrolling images slideshow video tutorial

Image vertical reel scroll slideshow wordpress plugin will create the vertical scroll slideshow on the website. This will create the slideshow like reel. The images will scroll one by one from bottom to top. Each slide can be optionally hyper linked; also we can configure the order of the images and hyper-linked target option (i.e. […]

Constant contact wordpress plugin widget tutorial

This Constant Contact WordPress plug-in adds a constant contact widget signup form to your website sidebar. Very easy and no need any coding language knowledge to use this plug-in. Once the widget is ready, entered emails are automatically stored into your constant contact account. WordPress constant contact plugin demo available on sidebar, Enter your email […]