Horizontal scroll google picasa images wordpress plugin video tutorial

Horizontal scroll Google Plus images plugin is created to retrieve images from particular google plus album (Picasa album), and display the images using Tiny Carousel light weight jquery script. It will scroll your Google Plus images in a horizontal scroll style. PHP Code and Short Code options are available for this plugin. Plugin official webpage […]

Email Subscribers wordpress plugin network activation for multisite installation.

When you click Network Activate for this plugin, it will create plugin table only on your main website. also the plugin work only on your main website. and in the sub websites it will show the plugin menu in sidebar however the plugin not work on the sub sites. Thus, I strongly suggest you to […]

Mail not working on Email Subscribers wordpress plugin?

Mails (Confirmation Mails, Newsletter Mails, Notification Mails) not working on Email Subscribers plugin? Follow the below steps, You can solve yourself easily. 1. Check your mail box spam folder. Every recipient server is different and may apply different spam filtering criteria for the messages being received. By following some simple steps you can reduce the […]

Tiny carousel horizontal slider plus wordpress plugin video tutorial

This is Jquery based image horizontal slider plugin, it is using Tiny Carousel light weight jquery script to the slideshow. This is similar to my Tiny carousel horizontal slider plugin but it contains option to add Link, Alt Text to the images. In the plugin admin, you have options to add image URL, Link, Alt […]

Popunder popup wordpress plugin Video tutorial

Pop-under popup is a plugin to load window behind the browser window of your website. or second smaller browser window upon clicking your website. This is a best plugin to show ad that is automatically displayed in a second smaller browser window upon clicking your website. This window will open, if users click somewhere on […]

Email subscribers wordpress plugin how to install and errors fix

Plugin Installation Instruction Option 1 Download the plugin email-subscribers.zip from download location. Unpack the *.zip file and extract the email-subscribers folder. Drop the folder email-subscribers into your wp-content/plugins folder. In word press administration panels, click on Plugins from the menu. You should see your plug-in listed under Inactive plug-in tab. To turn the word presses […]

Email subscribers wordpress plugin General Settings

Go to your Dashboard ==> Email Subscribers ==> Settings page to modify the plugin default setting. In this page you can modify optin, welcome mail content. admin email and newsletter sender emails etc.. 1) Sender of notifications: Choose a FROM name and FROM email address for all notifications emails from this plugin. 2) Mail type: […]

Email subscribers plugin import and export email address

To view subscriber details, go to your plugin admin and click Subscriber menu (Refer Screen). In default it will show only emails start from A, B, C. To view all the emails, click ALL button in the top. We have import, export email address facility in this page. Click corresponding button to import or export […]

Email subscribers wordpress plugin notifications settings

As mentioned, this plugin have option to send notification email to subscribers when new posts are published into your blog. In this page you have to configure the notification settings. When you activate the plugin, it will create default notification with existing categories. Whenever you create a new category in your bog, you need to […]

Email subscribers wordpress plugin compose HTML emails

This is the first step to take with this plugin. Before sending mail (Newsletter or Notification mail) to a user, you first need to compose the mail message, using this page. Once you have composed your mail, it will display automatically on the Send Mail and Notification page. How to compose Newsletter Mails and Notification […]