Horizontal scrolling announcement wordpress plugin video tutorial

This horizontal scrolling announcement wordpress plug-in let’s scroll the content from one end to another end like reel. Please find the plugin video tutorial below. Video tutorial Live demo http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2010/07/18/horizontal-scrolling-announcement/ Admin screenshots http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2013/08/24/horizontal-scrolling-announcement-screenshots/ Download location http://www.gopiplus.com/work/wordpress-plugin-download/

Scrolling down popup wordpress plugin video tutorial

Scrolling down popup plugin create the popup window with drop in scrolling effect. With this plugin we can confirm that particular content on your page gets attention to user.  To display important announcement, an advertisement, or a promotional offer we can use this plugin. Features of this plugin Simple popup plugin. Easy customization. Scrollable popup […]

wordpress plugin vertical scrolling images slideshow video tutorial

Image vertical reel scroll slideshow wordpress plugin will create the vertical scroll slideshow on the website. This will create the slideshow like reel. The images will scroll one by one from bottom to top. Each slide can be optionally hyper linked; also we can configure the order of the images and hyper-linked target option (i.e. […]

Continuous announcement scroller WordPress plugin

Continuous announcement scroller WordPress plugin create an announcement widget in the website, it’s not a simply message display instead the message will scroll vertically from bottom to top like roller and many message display at the same time. This plugin will support multilingual content. There is separate text management page available in the dashboard to […]

Vertical scroll recent comments WordPress plugin

This plugin will scroll the recent post comment vertically (bottom to top) in the widget. This is the best and stylish way to show the recent comments to user. We have option to show avatar images along with comments.

Announcement and vertical scroll news

Announcement and vertical scroll news plugin will create a vertical news scroller into your wordpress website, we can embed this in to site sidebar. This plugin uses JavaScript to do this scroll.