WP iframe images gallery

iframe images gallery is a simple wordpress plugin to create horizontal image slideshow. Horizontal bar will be display below the images to scroll. With the help of the horizontal bar user can scroll to see the entire image. Please check the below demo. Features of this plugin Simple image gallery. No java-script. Manual scroll to […]

wordpress plugin vertical scrolling images slideshow video tutorial

Image vertical reel scroll slideshow wordpress plugin will create the vertical scroll slideshow on the website. This will create the slideshow like reel. The images will scroll one by one from bottom to top. Each slide can be optionally hyper linked; also we can configure the order of the images and hyper-linked target option (i.e. […]

Pixelating image slideshow gallery

Pixelating image slideshow gallery wordpress plugin is the normal hyper linked image slide-show, but in IE the added images are pixelated into view.  And it’s good cross browser script (ordinary fade in effect in Mozilla browser). No need any coding language to customize this plugin. just drag and drop the widget into your sidebar and […]

Space gallery

Want to display images as a slideshow in the page or post? Then use space gallery WordPress plugin. It’s just another image slideshow show gallery. Click on the below images to see it in action. Space Gallery is a JQuery based slideshow plugin that provides smoky out of the fantasy effect to images. Bring in […]

Vertical scroll slideshow gallery v2

Vertical scroll slideshow gallery plugin will create the vertical scrolling image slideshow gallery on the wordpress widget. Image will scroll one by one on the widget. the live demo available on the sidebar widget. this plugin show only on image at a time and scroll one by one. Plugin feature Easy installation. Widgets, so you […]

Horizontal motion gallery

Horizontal motion gallery WordPress plugin create the motion image gallery in the pages and post.. The user can direct both the image scrolling direction and speed just by placing the mouse on either side of the image gallery. Clicking on an image will target new link and optionally hyperlink each images. This is an XML […]

Horizontal scroll image slideshow

Horizontal scroll image slideshow lets you showcase images in a horizontal scroll like fashion, one image at a time and in a continuous manner, with no breaks between the first and last image. Feature Simple, simple, simple. Easy installation. Widgets, so you can add pretty much anything. Easy slideshow size (width & height) override option. […]

Excellent transition gallery

Don’t just display images in the WordPress website, showcase them in style using this excellent transition gallery plugin.This is an image slideshow gallery that brings each image into view using 1 of 15 randomly chosen transitional effects in IE browsers. For other browsers that don’t support these built in effects, a custom fade transition is […]