Graphical statistics report

This plugin will create the graphical report about monthly user registration, monthly post, monthly comment, category wise post count in the admin. All the statistics will be display with the help fusion char. This is very useful plugin to trace your website statistics.

Drop in image slideshow gallery

This drop in image slide show gallery is your regular image slideshow plugin, except each image is dropped into view. this effect that works in all major browsers. The slideshow stops dropping when the mouse is over it.

Vertical scroll recent comments

This plugin will scroll the recent post comment vertically (bottom to top) in the widget. This is the best and stylish way to show the recent comments to user. We have option to show avatar images along with comments.

Vertical scroll recent post

This plugin scroll the recent post title in the widget, the post scroll from bottom to top vertically. This is the best and fashionable way to show all the latest post to user.

Vertical scroll recent registered user

Vertical scroll recent registered user wordpress plugin create the scroller in the widget with recently registered user avatar, username and date. its scroll like a reel.

Deal or announcement with countdown

This plugin will display the announcement, deal, offers with countdown timer. admin can add N number of deal at dashboard, only one active deal will display at website front end with countdown timer.

Vertical scroll image slideshow gallery

This plugin lets you showcase images in a vertical scroll style in the WordPress widget. Single image at a time and push one by one continually. The speed of the image movement is customizable.

Vertically scroll rss feed

This plugin will create the scroll news in the website widget. We can provide the rss feed as a input for this scroll. This plugin read the given rss feed and create the vertical scroll with rss feed title.

Announcement and vertical scroll news

Announcement and vertical scroll news plugin will create a vertical news scroller into your wordpress website, we can embed this in to site sidebar. This plugin uses JavaScript to do this scroll.

Constant contact wordpress plugin

This plugin adds a constant contact widget signup form to your website sidebar. Very easy and no need any coding knowledge to use this plugin. Once the widget is ready, entered emails are automatically stored into your constant contact account.