Drupal Module Horizontal Scrolling Announcement

This drupal module scroll the content from one end to another end like reel, internally it use jQuery marquee script to do the action. You can use this module to scroll the text in drupal block layout. Example if you want to create scrolling text in breadcrumb you can place this module in breadcrumb block layout.

Features of this module

1. Easy to customize.
2. Easy styles override option.
3. Configurable scroll amount.
4. Option to update scroll delay.
5. Option to update the scroll direction.
6. Option to pause the scroll on mouse over.

Module Live Demo available in this page. You may also be interested in cycle news display Drupal module.

Live Demo

Demo : Horizontal scrolling text.

Module installation steps

Step 1 Download the module:
Download the module (horizontal_scrolling_announcement.zip) from the below mentioned download link and check the module version, it must compatible to your drupal.

Step 2 Extract the files:
Extract the available compressed file into your local drive and find the folder horizontal_scrolling_announcement

Step 3 Upload the folder:
Using FTP, Upload the folder (horizontal_scrolling_announcement) into your drupal website. You should upload the file into yoursite.com/modules/ this directory.

If you don’t know how to upload the file using FTP, follow the below 2nd option to install your horizontal scrolling announcement module.

Drupal module horizontal scrolling announcement install new module

Step 1: Go to your drupal administration page and open Extend page.

Step 2: In the Extend page click Install new module button. if you cant find the link, enable the Update manager module from your module list. now you can see the Install new module link in the page.

Step 3: Use browse button and upload the downloaded ZIP file to install the module.

Module configuration

1. Go to Admin >> Extend page and check the Enabled check box near to the module Horizontal Scrolling Announcement and then click the Install button at the bottom.

Drupal module horizontal scrolling announcement enable module

2. Go to Admin >> Structure >> Block layout page, there you can see button called Place Block near each available blocks.

3. Go to Admin >> Structure >> Blocks layout page and click Place Block button to add Block. If you want to add Block in your Breadcrumb, click Place Block button near your Breadcrumb title. It will open Place block window. In that window again click Place Block button near Horizontal Scrolling Announcement.

4. Now open your website front end and see Horizontal Scrolling Announcement module in the selected location. go to configuration link of the module and update the default text message. see the below screen.

Block configuration

Drupal module horizontal scrolling announcement block configure

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to update scrolling speed/scroll direction?
In the Block Configuration page we have option to change Scroll Speed (this will make the scroll faster) and Scroll Delay (amount of delay in milliseconds). Also there is an Radio button available to change the scroll direction.

Q2. How to add link to the scrolling message?
In the announcement text area we have option to enter link. Please find the format below.
[Your announcement text]-[When someone clicks on the announcement, where do you want to send them]
Example : [Congratulations, you just completed configure]-[http://www.gopiplus.com/]

Q3. How to add HTML content with inline style attribute?
Yes, we can add HTML content in the text area. Please check below example.
Example: <span style='color: #993300;font-weight: bold;'>Gopiplus.com wordpress plugin</span>

Q4. Is possible to add images in the scroll?
Yes, we can add images in the scroll, Please check below example.
Example : <img src='http://www.gopiplus.com/work/wp-content/themes/GTheme/images/gopiplus-logo.png' />

Download location


Official Page with Live Demo