Random image display with light box

The Random image gallery with light box module which allows you to simply and easily show random image anywhere in your website with on-click light box effect. You can upload the original images directly into the folder or you can set the existing image folder location; this module atomatically generate the perfect thumbnail image based on the mentioned width.

This plugin is very useful to display images randomly to user. What is Light box script? Light box is a simple, modest script used to overlay images on the current page. click and see the demo you will get understand.

Features of this plugin

  • Simple and easy installation.
  • This will create thumbnail image.
  • Display one image on random order.
  • Light box effect on mouse click.

Module Live Demo available below (below image) and sidebar image. click on the image and see the light box effect. Refresh this page and see the another random image on sidebar.

Module installation instruction

  • Download the module Random image with light box from the download location.
  • Log into the Administrator section of your site.
  • Go to Extensions ==> Manage ==> Install menu.
  • Click Browse button and select the downloaded ZIP file.
  • Click Upload & install button to complete the installation.

Joomla menu for extensions module

Creating a new module instance

In your Joomla admin go to the Modules (Extensions ==> Modules in your admin menu). You should see the module Random image with light box listed among the others. Simply click on the module name to open the module editor.

If you cannot find an instance of your new module, click the new button. The new module should be listed among the types available, select Random image with light box which will create a new instance.

Module admin screen

Navigate to below link in your Joomla admin to set up the module parameters.

Extensions ==> Module Manager ==> Random image with light box (See below screen)

Random image display with light box

Set up the module parameters

Image Folder: Path to the image folder relative to the site URL
Width : Width of the display thumbnail image in px (e.g. 300)

Joomla parameters

Title: It is essential to set a title for the module.
Position: The position on the page where the module will be displayed.
Status: The module needs to be published in order for it to display.
Module Assignment: Assign the module to all pages.

Download location