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RSS title slider

RSS title slider is a joomla module to show the RSS title with cycle jQuery script. This module retrieve the title and corresponding links from the given RSS feed and setup the RSS slider gallery in the website. It display one title at a time and cycle all the remaining title in the mentioned location. and we have option to arrange four different cycle effect left to right, right to left, down to up, up to down.

Plugin features

  1. Simple installation and customization.
  2. Option to add any rss feed.
  3. Four different cycle option.

Module installation instruction

  1. Download the RSS title slider module from the download location.
  2. Log into the Administrator section of your site.
  3. Go to Extensions ==> Extension Manager.
  4. Click browse button and select the downloaded ZIP file.
  5. Select the ZIP file then click Upload & Install button.

Live demo 1

Live demo 2

Creating a new module instance

In your Joomla admin go to the module manager (Extensions ==> Module Manager in your admin menu). You should see the module RSS title slider listed among the others. Simply click on the module name to open the module editor.

If you cannot find an instance of your new module, click the new button. The new module should be listed among the types available, select RSS title slider which will create a new instance.

Joomla 1.5.x to Joomla 2.5.x

The right hand column displays parameters that are specific to your module RSS title slider, use below mentioned parameters to customize the module.

Admin screen

RSS title slider

Joomla 3.1.x

Extensions ==> Module Manager ==> RSS title slider ==> Then navigate to Options Tab. Please find the below screen.

JQuery Setting : This module using jQuery for cycle news, If you have JQuery include in other module, and you don’t want to double include, choose NO in this option.
Scroll Setting : In this tab we can modify Slider direction, Speed and Timeout.

Admin screen

RSS title slider

Module parameters

RSS Link: Enter the rss URL in the box.
Slider direction: This is to set the slider direction.
Speed: This is to manage the slider speed (Only number)
Timeout: This is to manage the slider delay (Only number)
CSS class: This is to define the display style, already we have 10 different type of CSS style.

Frequently asked questions

Q) How can I change the display style?

The plug-in have separate CSS file and that css file contain 10 class, each class is for one setting. that is, in the admin we have 10 settings and each settings have individual CSS class which is defined in this style sheet.


Q) How can I change the slider direction?

This option available in the admin setting, please refer the above screen.

Download location



  1. I have some question:
    First of all, what did I wrong, that it shows all rss-titles at the same time.
    The cycle-option is not working.
    Changing the css will not change anything.
    Using Joomla 2.5.9 and template with T3. Installed is the latest 2.5 version of your module.

    The third question is, can I integrate several rss-feeds in one Module?

    Maybe the last question: is there any possibility to get rid of displaying wrong symbols for umlauts (german specifics ä,ö,ü) In some feeds, it is working properly, but in some othters, the umlauts are showing as terrible eye-hurting signs.

    Thank you so much for your patience!

  2. Gopiplus I really appreciate your work, but will you be so nice and professional to put some css styles for Rss Title Slider, like these showed as Live Demo 1 and Live Demo 2, for us with modes knowledge of css language.

    Me and a lot of other users would surely appreciate that. Thanks.

    • Hi, Already we have separate CSS file for this module, you can easily change the style by updating class in the CSS file. Please find the FAQ section.

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