Moving image slider Joomla module

Moving image slider Joomla module moves the image within the fixed frame. This script will create an attractive image slider on the page and get the user attraction easily. We can easily set the random effect “zoom-in” or “Zoom-out” or “Pan Up” or “Pan Left” to add flare in the slider, with an optional description […]

Marquee Image Crawler Joomla module

Marquee image crawler is a continuous scrolling image module for Joomla. This module crawls the images left or right. Instead of automatic scrolling, the image can optionally be mouse-driven, so the location of the mouse cursor dictates which direction for the image crawl to go and at what speed of the crawl. In the module […]

Horizontal scrolling announcements Joomla module

Horizontal scrolling announcement Joomla module lets scroll the content from one end to another end like reel, it is using JQuery Marquee script for scrolling. This is the simple way to create scrolling text on your website. In the administrator section, we have the option to update scroll speed and direction. Features of this module […]

Tiny Carousel Slider Joomla module

This is Jquery based image horizontal slider Joomla module, it is using Tiny Carousel light weight jquery script to the slideshow. It was designed to be a dynamic lightweight utility that gives web designers a powerful way of enhancing a websites user interface.

Popunder popup Joomla plugin

Pop-under popup is a plugin to load window behind the browser window of your website. or second smaller browser window upon clicking your website. This is a best plugin to show ad that is automatically displayed in a second smaller browser window upon clicking your website.

Joomla cycle news Joomla module

Cycle news is a simple module to show the text news with cycle jQuery. Display one news at a time and cycle the remaining in the mentioned location and this module have separate CSS file to manage the display style.

RSS title slider joomla module

RSS title slider is a joomla module to show the RSS title with cycle jQuery script. This module retrieve the title and corresponding links from the given RSS feed and setup the RSS slider gallery in the website. It display one title at a time and cycle all the remaining title in the mentioned location.

RSS marquee Joomla module (XML RSS Feed scrolling)

RSS marquee is a simple module to scroll the rss feed title in the joomla website. Basically this module reads the given rss feed and display the title with simple HTML marquee(scroll) in the selected location.

Photo text slider Joomla module

This is the Joomla version of Wp photo text slider 50 wordpress plugin. It uses the Jquery for the sliding effect. With this module we can create the beautiful slider optionally contain heading, image and content.