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For plugins and modules doubt, Please post a comment to the appropriate plugin’s page.

Joomla module list

  1. Article title slider
  2. Joomla cycle news
  3. RSS title slider
  4. Rss marquee joomla module
  5. Photo text slider
  6. Random image with pretty photo zoom
  7. Fancy Image Show
  8. Horizontal carousel image slideshow
  9. Fade in fade out text
  10. Fade in fade out rss feed
  11. Information reel
  12. Scroll article excerpt
  13. News xml rss feed scroll
  14. Random image display with light box
  15. Random image with fancy zoom
  16. Random youtube video fancy zoom
  17. Fade in fade out article title
  18. Up down image slideshow gallery
  19. Left right image slideshow
  20. Drop in image slideshow gallery
  21. Horizontal scrolling slideshow
  22. Translucent image slideshow
  23. Vertical scrolling images
  24. Vertical scroll recent article
  25. Superb slideshow joomla module
  26. Superb transition slideshow
  27. Continuous rss scrolling

Drupal module list

  1. Continuous rss scrolling