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Drop In image slideshow

This Drop In image slideshow drupal module is your regular image slide-show module, except each image is dropped into view. this effect that works in all major browsers. The slide-show stops dropping when the mouse is over it. In the admin we have option to set the image folder location. the module generate the slideshow based on the folder images. you have to upload your image into your folder location.

Features of this module

  • Easy to customize.
  • Support all browser.
  • Automatically pauses on mouse over.
  • Random order option available.

Module live demo available on the sidebar. In this website the same Drop In image slideshow module available for WordPress and Joomla content management system.

Installation Steps

Step 1 Download the module: Download the module(dropin_image_slideshow.tar.gz or dropin_image_slideshow.zip) from the below mentioned download link and check the module version, it must compatible to your drupal.

Step 2 Extract the files: Extract the available compressed file into your local drive and find the folder dropin_image_slideshow

Step 3 Upload the folder: Using FTP, Upload the folder (dropin_image_slideshow) into your droupal website. You should upload the file into sites/all/modules this directory.

If you don’t know how to upload the file using FTP, follow the below 2nd option to install your continuous rss scrolling module.

Step 1: Go to your drupal administration page and open module page.

Step 2: In the module page click Install new module link. if you can’t find the link, enable the Update manager module from your module list. now you can see the Install new module link in the page.

Step 3: Copy the below link and paste Install from a URL text box and click install button.

Module Configuration

1. Go to Administer >> Modules page and check the Enabled box near to the module Dropin image slideshow and then click the Save Configuration button at the bottom.

2. Go to Administer >> Structure >> Dropin image slideshow page and enter the number 1 in the Number of blocks text box and click the Save Configuration button at the bottom. it means we are going to create one slideshow block into the website.

3. Go to Administer >> Structure >> Blocks page and find the Dropin image slideshow blocks. Set the corresponding drop down box to the desired location(i.e. Sidebar Left, Sidebar Right, Footer First) click the Save blocks button at the bottom.

4. Now open your website front end and see the Dropin image slideshow module in the selected location. At first it use the default images to display the slideshow, go to configuration link of the module and update the default module setting. see the below screen.

Block configuration

Drop In image slideshow

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to arrange the width & height of the slideshow?

Ans: Go to Administration » Structure » Blocks Click configuration link next to module name, it will redirect to block configuration page. there we have option to set width, height of the slide show.

Q2. How to change the drop delay time?

Ans: Go to above mentioned configuration page and change pause value (For widget).

Q3. Where to upload my image?

Ans: Go to above mentioned configuration page there we have text box to enter image folder location. later you upload all your images into this directory.

Q4. Is possible to load images in the random order?

Ans: Yes, Option available in the same configuration page.

Q5. How the slide show manages the order if random option is NO?

Ans: The file names are returned in the order in which they are stored by the file system.

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