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Superb slideshow joomla module

Superb slideshow joomla module is a strong, cross browser fade in slideshow script that incorporates some of your most requested features all rolled into one. Each instance of a fade in slideshow on the page is completely independent of the other, with support for different features selectively enabled for each slideshow.

Live Demo available on the sidebar. Do you want scrolling slideshow? use my vertical scrolling images module and horizontal scrolling slideshow module.

Features of this plugin

  • Fade in effect that has the current image fading over the previous one.
  • Automatic slideshow.
  • Slideshow can be set to stop rotating after N cycles.
  • Each slide can be optionally hyper-linked.
  • Each slide can have an optional description associated with it.
  • Descriptions can either be set to show on demand or be always visible until explicitly dismissed.
  • Joomla cache option available.
  • Slideshow automatically pauses on mouse over.

Installation and configuration

  • Download the module from the download location.
  • Log into the Administrator section of your site.
  • Go to Extensions ==> Module ==> Install.
  • Browse and upload the downloaded ZIP file.
  • Install module by pressing Upload & Install button.

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Creating a new module instance

In your Joomla admin go to the module menu (Extensions ==> Module in your admin menu). You should see the module superb slideshow listed among the others. Simply click on the module name to open the module editor.

If you cannot find an instance of your new module, click the new button. The new superb slideshow module should be listed among the types available, select superb slideshow which will create a new instance.

Module parameters

Image type: Type of image PNG/GIF/JPG etc. (the default is JPG).
Image folder: Path to the image folder relative to the site URL.
Image link: A URL to redirect to if the image is clicked upon.
Slideshow width: Width of gallery in pixels. Should reflect dimensions of largest image.
Slideshow height: Height of gallery in pixels. Should reflect dimensions of largest image.
Random: Display images in random order, Every time it display different order.
Pause: Pause time between images.
Fade duration: Fade transition duration (milliseconds).
Cycle: Number of cycles before the slideshow stops in automatic mode.
Description panel: This option dictates the style of the description panel.
Unique id: This is used to display more then 1 slide in the same page.
Cache: Remember last viewed slide and recall within same session?

Joomla parameters

Title: It is essential to set a title for the module.
Position: The position on the page where the module will be displayed.
Status: The module needs to be published in order for it to display.
Module Assignment : Assign the module to all pages.

Module admin screen (Joomla 3.6.x)

Superb slideshow joomla module

JQuery Setting: This module using jQuery for cycle news, If you have JQuery include in other module, and you don’t want to double include, choose NO in this option.

Frequently asked questions

Q1) How to arrange the width & height of the slideshow?

Go to Module ==> Superb slideshow ==> Slideshow Setting, in this page you can find the option to update slide delay.

Q2) How to change the slide fade duration, pause, cycles?

Go to Module manager ==> Superb slideshow ==> Slideshow Setting, in this page you can find the option to update slide delay.

Download link