RSS marquee joomla module

RSS marquee is a simple module to scroll the rss feed title in the joomla website. Basically this module reads the given rss feed and display the title with simple HTML marquee(scroll) in the selected location.

Photo text slider joomla module

This is the Joomla version of Wp photo text slider 50 wordpress plugin. It uses the Jquery for the sliding effect. With this module we can create the beautiful slider optionally contain heading, image and content.

Fancy Image Show joomla module

Fancy Image Show Joomla Module is a simple image rotation plugin. The image rotation happens with five different fancy effects, so it is named fancy image show.

Horizontal carousel image slideshow joomla module

This Joomla module is a good DHTML JavaScript plugin for the showcasing of images on your site. It display images in a 3D, carousel fashion. Slideshow can be set to either slide in from right to left, or the reverse.

Fade in fade out text joomla module

This Fade in Fade out text joomla module we create the super fade in text gallery with our own text. In the admin we have option to enter our own text.