Getting No Image Directory error in gopiplus plugin?

In some servers peoples getting no image directory error in gopiplus joomla module. They are getting this error due to different server configuration. You can easily fix this issue by updating 2 line in your module file. Please find the steps below.

Error sample 1

Image not exist in the folder "\home\satrekk\www\\joomla\modules\mod_superb_slideshow\images\startseite"
NO IMAGES modules/mod_superb_slideshow/images/startseite

Error sample 2

No directory \home\connec86\public_html\modules\mod_horizontal_scrolling_slideshow\images
NO IMAGES modules/mod_horizontal_scrolling_slideshow/images

Steps to fix this issue

1. Open helper.php file from your module folder.
2. Change the below line.

$dir = str_replace(‘/’, ‘\\’, $dir);
$dir = str_replace(‘\\’, ‘/’, $dir);

3. Save the file and try again.

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